Best Stunt Scooter Ramps

Stunt Scooter Ramps For Kids


Are your kids crazy about learning and practising new stunts, jumps, hops and tricks? Then having a scooter / skateboard ramp is a must. Check out our top picks of scooter ramps for kids, enabling beginners to increase their confidence when they are hitting the ramps at the skate park.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Scooter Ramp

1.) Size - make sure it can fit in your garden (or anywhere else you wish to use it) so that there's enough space around it for tricks. The bigger the ramp, the more landing space you'll require. You may also need to think about where you are going to store the ramps.

2.) Portability - if you require the ramp to be portable, ensure it's light enough to carry and transport. If you wish to take it in the car to transport make sure it can fit in easily too.

3.) Stunt scooter ability - beginners will probably prefer mini ramps which are smaller and more portable. Small ramps are also easier for beginners to get to grips with and increase confidence. Intermediate and advanced scooter riders may prefer a large ramp.

4.) Weatherproof - can you leave the ramp outdoors in all weather? This will depend on the type of material it's made out of.

5.) Level of use - ensure that it's designed for the level of use that you require. Mini ramps that are made of lightweight moulded plastic are great for beginners and smaller riders but for an intermediate, taller rider you may require something stronger. Larger ramps are able to withstand impact from greater weights.


Most of the ramps featured in this article are from Rampage. Rampage is the biggest selling ramp brand in Europe and has quite a few different types of ramps to choose from.

There are other manufacturers of ramps suitable for stunt scooter use that are featured towards the end of the article.

Rampage Single Mini Launch Ramp

This small ramp is perfect for scooter riders who are beginners at stunts. Ideal for building confidence before trips to the skatepark.

It measures 56cm (1) by 39cm (w) and 15.5cm in (h).

At 1.3kg, it's lightweight and easy to carry wherever you need to, from the garden to the front of the house to play with friends or to the park.

It's made from high impact polyurethane and is designed to withstand impacts with a maximum weight load of up to 90kg.

It can be left outside without any worries of being damaged as it's resistant to hold and cold temperatures.

Ready to use with no assembly required.


Rampage Unisex Double Mini Ramp


A double ramp has two opposing ramps so kids can scoot up one side and then scoot down the other.

The double ramp features has the following dimensions 81cm (l), 39.4cm (w), 15cm (h).

Like the single ramp it is designed to portable, so perfect for use in the garden or on flat ground anywhere safe.

Rampage Mini Airbox Launch Ramp Set

Box jumps are two ramps with a flat surface in between them, and the offers a lots of opportunities for different kinds of stunts and tricks.

The rampage airbox, is a mini styled box jump which is perfect for use outdoors in the garden.

It's easy to put together, takes just a few minutes to assemble without any tool.s

It's fairly compact, measuring 135cm (l), 39cm (w) and 16cm (h), and lightweight so can fit in most people's gardens or use for anywhere else wth a flat surface. Easy to transport from the back garden to use with friend's in the local partk.


JumpStar Large Skate Stunt Ramp

Looking for a single stunt launch ramp that is a little bit bigger than a mini ramp but just as affordable?

Then check out the Jumpstar.  It's a large launch ramp measuring 99cm (l), 71cm (w), 31cm (h) and has 135º transition to easily launch and land stunts

It's bigger so weighs a lot more than the mini ramps at 10kg but it's still portable so can be taken from the garden to the driveway or wherever you can transport it.

It's made of high impact pp (polypropylene plastic). It has anti-slip grip strips to adhere to multiple surfaces to prevent ramp sliding around.

The maximum user weight is 100kg and it's suitable for ages 8 and up.

Rampage Mini Four-Way Fun Box Launch Ramp Set

A mini sized ramp with lots of opportunities for action.

The Rampage mini four way box ramp measures 151 cm (l) x 119 cm (w) x 16 cm (h).

Like all the rampage ramps, it's high impact injection moulded and made from polyethylene (a type of plastic). It can withstand weight loads up to 90kg.

It's ready to use, only two minutes tool free assembly to put it together.

Icebreaker Ramps

Check Price on ebay(#affiliate link)


Another manufacturer of ramps made of high impact plastic is the Icebreaker range.

They make a number of different sized and types of mini ramps including single launch ramps, double ramps, 2 and 4 way box jumps with varying dimensions.


Stunted Mini Scooter Ramp

Another option of mini scooter ramp is the stunted ramp. Its easily portable and comes with anti-skid pads. It's robust and hard wearing and made with high impact PP material.

Easily portable, it features anti-skid plates for easy and secure positioning. It's single-moulded and there are no parts to assemble or attach.

The dimensions measure 56.5cm x 39.5cm x 15.5cm.

Best Scooter Helmets For Kids

Best Scooter and Bike Helmets For Kids

Safety is always the number one priority when kids are riding a scooter. A helmet provides protection for kids and peace of mind for parents. But buy the wrong one and you will encounter a whole host of problems. Firstly it won't offer the right protection and secondly it's likely your child will refuse to wear it.

It's therefore important to make the right choice. We're here to help.  Find below a comprehensive guide on picking the right helmet for your child as well as lots of helmet suggestions to suit all budgets.

What to consider when buying a child's helmet?

1.) Choose the right size - this is important for obvious reasons. A helmet which is too tight is uncomfortable. A helmet which is too loose will move around and not offer the protection needed.

When buying a helmet, take a head circumference measurement from your child to help you choose the right size.  Here is how to measure your child's head:

  • use a fabric measuring tape to take a measurement around your child's head. Measure 1 inch above the eyebrows.
  • Keep the measuring tape level around the head to get the full measurement.
  • If you don't have a fabric measuring tape, use string. Mark the string and then measure it against a ruler.

This measurement is a good starting point, but to ensure the helmet fits correctly it should have about a gap of an inch between the eyebrow and the helmet. If the helmet is too big, it will move around too much. If it is too small too much of the forehead may be visible.

2.) Dial adjustments, straps and pads - most helmets come with straps and pads so you can adjust the helmet according to the size of a child's head and as they grow.

Lots of helmets also have dial adjustments at the back of the helmet which can be easier to use and give an excellent fit.

Some helmets come with a range of inner pads which are interchangeable to help achieve the best fit for a child.

The adjust straps should form a tight v under a child's earlobes. The strap should securely fit underneath a child's chin (snug but not too tight). They should still comfortably be able to open their mouth with it secured.

Foam pads and / or a dial at the back can also adjust to the size of your child's head. They may need adjusting to fit and as they grow.

3.) Ventilation and sweat lining - many helmets have holes for ventilation. This is to ensure a child's head won't get too hot and sweaty which may lead them to want to take it off. Sweat saver lining may be fitted into the helmet to absorb any sweat. Some sweat saver linings are treated with anti bacterial properties. Others are removable and can be fully washed.

4.) Safety - what safety standards does it meet? Helmets in the UK should meet European Safety Standards of EN1078.

5.) Comfort - many helmets have foam linings so the head fits well and is comfortable. It's also worth checking how heavy the helmet is. Lighter helmets will be much more comfortable to wear.

6.) Does it appeal to your child?  A good idea to make sure your child will wear the helmet is to get them involved in choosing it. What style would they like? Younger kids may be attracted to gimmicky helmets where older kids will want something more grown up. If you are buying in a store, take them along so they can try some on and pick the one which is most comfortable.

Terms You Might See

EPS foam - the interior of a helmet may contain EPS foam or an EPS shell. EPS refers to expanded polystyrene.

In-mould design / construction -  a popular helmet construction. The in mould helmet has a hard plastic outer shell bounded together with an inner shell with EPS foam to absorb impact. They design offers high levels of protection while cutting back on weight.

MIPS technology - MIPS stand for multi-directional impact protection system. The people behind MIPS realise that when people fall from bikes they tend to hit their head from an angle. So, whereas traditional helmets are designed to protect against a direct impact, MIPS technology is designed to produce better protection from angled falls and the rotational force that results from it.  It is the latest technology and does tend to cost more. There are arguments for and against MIPS. Some people believe it is a marketing gimmick but others are firm proponents that it offers increased protection from brain injuries.

Polycarbonate - polycarbonate is a type of plastic and is often a material used to make the outer shell of a helmet. It's very tough and therefore very hard to break!

Micro Scooters Helmets

Abus Smiley Kids Cycling Helmet


The  German company Abus are well known for making locks but they also specialists in making high quality cycling helemts for children as well as serious cyclists. Their kids helmets conform to EN 1078 safety standards and they make a variety of helmets for kids of all ages.

The Abus Smily 2.0 is a light, well fitting helmet. It comes in lots of different colors and designs.

Size - The small size measures 45 to 50cm and the medium size is 50 to 55cm.

Weight, Comfort - The helmets are super light, with the small size weighing just 240g. Kids are more likely to keep wearing a light helmet because it's more comfortable. Additionally, there are 8 vents to keep little heads cool.

Fit - one of the plus points of the Abus smiley is how it can be finely adjsuted to the size of a child's head. There is a dial adjustment at the back and straps that are easy for adults to adjust (little kids may struggle with adjusting the straps independently though).

Protection - The helmet has an in mould construction with EPS foam on the inner shell to absorb impact. There is also extended protection for the neck and face. The helmet has a visor like front edge for increased face protection and a deeply pulled down temple and neck area.

Micro Helmets

Micro are a well respected brand of scooter manufacturer who make helmets as well.

Size: The Micro helmets featured are sized for kids with a head circumference between 48 to 54cm. There is a rear sizing wheel and adjusable side straps to ensure a snug fit. The  rear sizing wheel also doubles up as a light to keep kids visible. Additionally the helmet features a quick release buckle.

Fit and Breathability: The helmet has a lightweight inner shell and EPS foam lining. There’s extra padding for comfort and a snug fit. Added air vents keep the head cool.

Safety: It conforms to safety standard EN1078 safety standard. Perfect for scooting or biking.

Micro also make larger versions of this helmet for kids with a head circumference of between 55cm and 58cm

Raleigh Mystery Helmet

If you're looking for an affordable helmet from a well respected brand, Raleigh mystery helmets are one to check out.

The eyecatching spiderman and pink floral helmets will appeal to superhero fans and kids who love pink!

Good ventilation: Not only do they look cool, they keep heads cool as well with 12 vents and air flow ventilation.

They have a flat back, which is ideal for kids sitting in child seats.

Fit: They come in two different sizes and are fully adjustable with LED dial fit adjustment, cam lock side strap adjusters and a nexus chin buckle.

Comfort: They have sealed inner pads for comfort. The integrated visor will help keep the sun off their little faces. The helmet with full in-mould construction weighs 225g.


Giro Children's Tremor Helmet

Giro is a well respected brand for making both adult and child's helmets, and is of exceptional high quality. So why does the Tremor helmet excel?

Firstly the fit. It has a very easy to adjust dial system. It's large dial with a rubber grip makes it easy to use, especially when it's on a child's head. As the dial adjustment system is so good, the side straps on the helmet won't need adjusting. One less thing to do on a fidgeting child! It features a standard buckle to connect underneath the chin.

It's lined with high end sealed pads made of high quality performance material to absorb any sweat. The 18 vents will keep heads cool in warm weather.

It has a visor which extends out quite far (much more than most helmets) so will protect children's face from the sun.

The helmet is an in-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner.

Finally it comes in lots of different colours to choose from.

Grit Scamp - A Top Choice For Toddlers

Looking for a perfect fit for a toddler or small child? The Giro Scamp is an ideal choice.

It has two sizes, an extra small (43-49cm) and a small (49-53cm)

What really sets this helmet apart from it's competitors is the easy to use adjustment system. It features an easily adjustable dial at the back. The side straps also adjust for an optimal fit. The under chin buckle can be securely fastened to keep it in place. Perfect when trying to fit the helmet on a toddler who won't keep still!

The in mould construction with polycarbonate outer shell and EPS lining is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The helmet has a narrower profile at the back and is well suited to trailer or bike seat use too.

Bell Sidetrack with MIPS Protection

If you're looking for a helmet with MIPS protection, the Bell sidetrack is a well respected brand and an excellent choice.

It features a mountain bike shape and boasts excellent head coverage with lower coverage of the back of the head.

There is a removeable head visor and ventilation is covered with 15 vent holes!

Construction is an in-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner on the helmet which fits a head circumference of 50 - 57cm

Easily adjustment with a sleek dial system for one handed adjustments. It's a smaller dial system than the tremor and no rubber grip, but it does the job! The sliders on the side straps can be adjusted to fit better  and the buckle clips underneath the chin.


Lazer J1 Kids Cycling Helmet


Lazer is a Belgian company who have been making helmets for over 100 years. They pride themselves on producing lightweight, adjustable, well ventilated and stylish helmets

The J1 kid's helmet goes big on style. There are many fantastic colour combinations to choose from

The helmet fits a head circumference of 52 to 56cm

The lazer advanced turnfirt retention system is excellent. it's easy to adjust to help you achieve the perfect fit

19 large vents maximize airflow around the head and provides top class ventilation

The in-mold I Piece construction helps keep the weight of the helmet low, it weighs 295g

LA Sports Junior Kids Helmet


LA sports have an affordable budget helmet option. It's sized at 49.55 to 55cm for kids around ages 3 to 8 (as a rough gudie)

It's constructed with an ABS outer shell and EPS inner liner to aborb impact. There is an adjustment dial at the back which is accompanied by an adjustable chin strap to achieve the right fit.

11 air vents keep the rider's head cool and comes in lots of different colours.

Skate Hut Helmet

Looking for a colourful kid’s helmet at an affordable price? The Skate Hut helmet be the perfect choice.

Size: There are 5 different sizes. The smallest measures 48cm to 50cm and the largest 58cm to 60cm. So there is a size for most kids and adults.

Construction: It features a high density, injection ABS outer shell and high impact-absorbing EPS inner and it’s tested to EN1078

Comfort and Fit: 11 vents to help keep kid’s head’s cool. For a snug fit, there is adjustable/removable inner foam padding. There are also adjustable chin straps.

Finally there’s a variety of Matt colour finishes.

Lazer Lil’ Gekko kids helmet

Another cool offering from lazer is the lil’Gekko  kids helmet.

Aimed at stylish little kids who have a head circumference between 46cm to 56cm

the bright colours on this helmet will ensure they look super cool

its visor helps keep the sun out for your child’s eyes

whats really good about the helmet is its features lasers auto fi retention system, the helmet will nstantly auto adjust to the riders head. The system adjusts each time you put the helmet on so its great fro growing heads, another top feature is the comfort buckle. It connects to the ear to prevent you accidentally pinching your child’s chin when securing the strap

12 large vents keep the kids head cool

How To Get My Child To Wear a Helmet

Many children are reluctant to wear a helmet. They resist and try to take it off. There are ways to help encourage them to keep a helmet on their hands:

1.) Lead by example. If you are riding a scooter or a bike, make sure you wear a helmet as well. Likewise, make big brothers and sisters wear their helmets too. Kids are more likely to wear a helmet if everybody around them is wearing one.

2.) Involve them in choosing the helmet. Encourage kids to look online or come with you to the shops to pick the design and colours they like.

3.) Talk to them. If they are hold enough, make sure they understand the reasons behind wearing a helmet and why it is important.

4.) Play hardball and be consistent. Let them know that it's their decision but they can't ride their scooters or bikes unless they wear a helmet. This can make it really simple as no arguments are actually needed. Just keep following the one rule.

5.) Reward them. If you prefer the carrrot rather than the stick, offer them a small reward for wearing their helmet.

6.) Make sure it's comfortable and it fits. This may be the reason behind why a child is reluctant to wear a helmet. It's not going to be something they want to do if it's uncomfortable to wear and doesn't fit correctly. Poor ventaliation can be another reason why children remove their helmet. Their head simply gets too hot and sweaty, so wearing it becomes uncomfortable.

iScoot Pro V2 Scooter – Review

IScoot Pro V2 Scooter Review

The iScoot Pro V2 is a 3 wheeled scooter aimed at kids between aged 3 and 12. It's an excellent choice for young kids and older children who prefer a 3 wheel scooter to a 2 wheel. Find out everything you need to know about the iscoot below (from it's specs, pros, cons and all the answers to the questions you can think of!)

Callum, Age 7 On His iScoot Pro



FeatureiScoot Pro v2
PriceCheck Price on ebay
(#affiliate link)
Age Recommendation
3 to 10 years
HandlebarsAdjustable 69cm to 94cm
Wheels120mm wheels
PU Tyres
Abec 5 bearings

Weight of scooter2.5kg
Max rider weight50kg
BrakeRear brake
SteeringLean to steer

What's To Like About the iScoot Pro V2?

A lot! The strengths of this scooter is that it offers a very smooth, effortless and speedy ride. It's height adjustable so it can be adjusted to the optimal height for each child. It's foldable so can fold down for storage or for a carrying. It's light so easy for children to handle and also for adults to pick up. It's an awesome scooter for tearing up the school run or for weekend blasts at the park.

Here are some of the stand out features:

A Super Smooth Comfortable Ride -  the 120mm PU wheels rollover surfaces seamlessly. The 120mm wheels are slightly bigger than standard 100mm and this has a lot of advantages. They will give a slightly speedier ride with less kicks. Bigger wheels absorb the shocks from bumps in the pavement more easily so it's a smoother ride as well. Bigger wheels also wear out less quickly. The high quality wheels is one of the biggest plus points of this scooter.

Longevity - the scooter has a height adjustable handlebar which adjusts from 69cm up to 84cm.  It can be set at any height within this range using the allen keys. This means that the scooter can be adjusted as children get taller and the scooter can accommodate them through all their growth spurts.

Lean to Steer - it's worth noting that the scooter is lean to steer. This means the kids lean to go left and right rather than turning the handlebar to change direction which his what you would do with traditional steering. Most kids have no problem with the lean to steer  steering (it's very intuitive) unless they have used the traditional steering method previously but even if they have there is just a short learning curve to get used to the lean to steer method.

Footplate - you will be able to see from the video of the iscoot (above) that the footplate is very low to the ground. This makes it a simple and comfortable to ride. A lower footplate is always a plus as it means the rider doesn't have as far for their kicking foot to reach the ground. The video also shows the footplate is able to accommodate two of the riders feet. The handlebar is set a little too high for the rider in the video, but he still manages the scooter well!

Foldable - the scooter folds, which is always a plus point. Fold it when you need to carry, transport or store it to take up less space.

Stable - it is a 3 wheel scooter but the wheel at the back is actually 2 wheels joined together so it could be considered a 4 wheel. This really gives kids a stability while riding.

Affordable - it is an affordable option of lean to steer scooter, when comparing against the big names. There may be some comprises on the quality and engineering of the scooter but overall it is an excellent scooter which does the job!

Check Price on ebay (#affiliate link)

Questions and Answers

Why Is It So Much Cheaper Than the Maxi Micro? How Does It Compare?

There are many differences between the iscoot and the maxi micro. There is no doubt about it, the maxi micro is of exceptional quality. It's a well designed, well built and durable scooter. It is more expensive because it's the crème de la crème of scooters and does score highly than the iscoot in many areas. This doesn't mean the iscoot is a bad scooter, it definitely is not but it isn't the same quality of the micro and here's why:

The Maxi micro is built to last. Each of the parts on the scooter can be repaired or replaced, keeping it out of landfill for a lifetime if it is properly looked after. If it is in good condition it can be given away or sold on second hadn't

It is made of high quality materials. For example the deck on the maxi micro is made of reinforced fibreglass material which is super strong but also really lightweight. The micro scooters are extremely well made, precision engineered with suburb attention to detail. You can notice this if you compare the scooters side by side. For example, the iscoot adjusts and folds but it just isn't quite as effortless and seamless as the same features on a micro scooter.

Another main difference is that the iscoot is heavier than the micro. The iscoot is about 3.8kg whereas the maxi micro is about 2.5kg.  So the iscoot is not as easy to carry and transport as the maxi micro. For older kids, a heavier scooter isn't as much as a disadvantage as it is for toddlers as they will be able to handle the extra weight but it does make a difference with portability.

Having said this, my son has ridden by a micro and an iscoot and they both give an unbelievably smooth ride. I have found it hard to tell the difference in terms of quality of the scooter ride itself. And the iscoot does the job!

However, the question is, does your budget allow for the extra quality and is it worth paying over double the price for the maxi micro? I think if your budget allows the go for the micro, the quality is just unbeatable. It's likely to last longer and you may not have to buy another scooter. But otherwise an iscoot offers a super smooth ride and really does the main job of having a quality scooter with comfortable ride - kids probably won't notice the difference on the road.

Is It Suitable For Adults?

In a word, no. The maximum weight is 50kg so the majority of adults will exceed the load capacity.

Can it Be Adjusted to Different Heights?

Yes, the lowest height setting is 69cm and the highest height setting is 84cm. The handlebar will click into place for the lowest and highest heights but you will need to use an allen key to adjust to all the heights in between. It is quick and easy to do. Here are step by step instructions:

1.) Loosen the handlebar clamp latch

2.) Raise the scooter to the desired height

3.) Use an allen key to tighten the clamp. Keep the clamp latch open while tightening.

4.) Finish by closing the handlebar clamp latch. It should be a little difficult to do if you have tightened the clamp properly.

Is It Suitable for an 8 Year Old?

Yes, the handlebar can be adjusted to a height which is suitable for taller kids.

Is It Suitable for a 3 Year Old?

Yes, you can adjust the handlebar height down to the lowest which is 69cm which will be fine for most 3 year olds. It's ideal for a scooter to be around waist height for it to be of optimal comfort to ride for a child.

What are the alternative to the iscoot Pro V2?

There are lots of 3 wheel scooter alternatives that are worth considering. They include:

Mini micro deluxe - a top of the range 3 wheel option for 3 to 5 year olds

Maxi micro deluxe - top of the range 3 wheel option for 5 to 12 year olds

3style scooter - a midrange 3 wheel scooter aimed at kids from 3 to 6 year olds.

3style scooter - a midrange 3 wheel scooter aimed at kids from 5 plus

La Sports V2 - similar priced scooter for kids aged 6 plus

Check out other 3 wheel scooters for older children and for 3 wheel scooters for young children.

Top 7 Best JD Bug Scooter – Street, Stunt and Pro Scooter Reviews

Top 7 JD Bug Scooters - Kick, Stunt and Commuter Model Reviews

JD Bug have been a popular scooter brand with kids and adults in the UK for many years.

JD Bug produce some of the most well designed, durable and well though out scooters available on the market today. Their kick scooters in particular are a grade above the rest. They tend to be very lightweight, speedy, easily foldable and strong but available at very competitive, affordable prices. There is little to compare them with in the same price range.

There are quite a few JD Bug scooters available with models availabe for kids, teens and adults. They include kick scooters, stunt scooters and commuter models.

Check out the top JD Bug scooters below.

JD Bug Junior Street Scooter

The Junior street scooter is a smaller kick scooter which has been thoughtfully designed for kids aged between 4 and 8. It's the most affordable stunt scooter that JD Bug do so is an excellent choice for the youngest child. Here are some of plus points:

✔️ Super lightweight - at just 2.3kg, this is one of the lightest 2 wheels scooters on the market. As it's so light, it makes it a breeze for younger children to learn to scoot on a 2 wheeler and is easy for them to control and manoeuvre. As it's so small and light, it's no problem to put in the boot of a car and take it with you wherever you want to go. Even take it on holiday. It's very light for parents to carry when needed too.

✔️ Small Footplate for smaller feet - the footplate is smaller than a standard scooter footplate at just 44cm in length by 9cm in width. A smaller footplate is again a lot easier for little kids to control.

✔️ Wheels - there is a 120mm wheel on the front which gives the scooter some extra power up front, making it easier for little kids to get places. The 86 A durometer PU wheels offer a smooth ride and are speedy too.

✔️ Height adjustable - the handlebar can be adjusted between 63cm to 84.5cm which is quite a range. The scooter really does grow with your child and will last them a few years if you buy it when they are young.

✔️ Foldable - easily folds when you need to store it somewhere compact or for carrying.

JD Bug Original Street Scooter

A step up from the Junior scooter is the original street scooter. This scooter is aimed at 6 plus years but the height adjustable handlebar goes right up to 94cm which means there is no reason that younger teens shouldn't be able to use this scooter.

✔️ Built in Shoulder Strap - the shoulder strap is quite unique to JD bug scooters but super useful. As the scooter is very light, it makes it easy to carry when needed. You could even take it onto public transport very quickly and easily without obstructing anybody.

✔️ Light - like all JD bug street scooters, this original is very light. It weighs just 2.8kg making it one of the lightest scooters for school age kids and teens out there. This makes the scooter ideal for travel.

✔️ Height adjustable - this scooter has an impressive height range with a miniumum height of 63cm and a maximum height of 95cm. The height range will suit kids of all ages so it really can last years.

✔️ Foldable - like most kick scooters, the scooter is quick and easy to fold.  The folded dimensions are 65cm by 19cm by 11cm so this scooter could fit in a bag or luggage of the appropriate size if needed. It could also fit under a school desk.

✔️ Wheels - the high quality 100mm 86a PU wheels give a super smooth ride.

JD Bug MS 120 Street Scooter

The MS120 Street scooter is similar to the orginal street scooter with two main differences:

✔️ Wheels - The wheels are slightly bigger at 120mm. Bigger wheels can be advantageous as they will go faster and get you where you need to be more quickly. The downside is that bigger wheels can add more weight to a scooter. However, they MS120 compensates for this by having a handlebar which doesn't adjust quite so high, so the weight of this scooter is actually slightly lighter than the original but the handlebar doesn't adjust as high.

✔️ Handlebar - The handlebar adjust from a miniumum of 64cm to a maximum of 87cm, so there is not quite as much growing room on this one as on the original street scooter.


JD Bug Street Pro Scooter

This is an excellent recreational kick scooter which has excellent build quality and is super value at an excellent price point. If you are buying a kick scooter for a child or teen, this should definitely be in your list of ones to consider. Like all JD Bugs it has some brilliant features:

✔️ Wheels - the scooter features 100mm / 90A  wheels with black strengthened hubs. The 90A measurement refers to the durometer (or hardness) of the wheels. The durometer measurement on scooter wheels is always a number followed by an A. On scooter wheels you will normally see a number between 84A and 90A. The higher the number the more hardwearing the wheels are. The lower the number the softer the wheels. Harder wheels are more durable and generally faster, whereas the softer wheels absorb some more of the shocks from the road. So, the 90A durometer wheels on this scooter are extremely durable and will last. They will also give a speedy ride.  Reviewers report the wheels give a quiet and smooth ride

✔️ Light - approximately 3kg, easy to carry and transport.

✔️ Height Adjustable - the handlebar adjusts from 63cm all the way up to 97cm. This is quite tall - even adults can adjust the scooter for their own use. So there is tons of growing room and this is a great choice of kick scooter for teens (unless they would prefer a model with bigger wheels)

✔️ Strong - everything about this scooter has been designed to be strong, durable and to last. The scooter has been upgraded from previous models to include  black double collar clamps and a reinforced fork (JD Bug pro series fixed fork). It's been constructed from aircraft grade aluminium so it's frame is strong but light.

✔️ Other Features - it's foldable, fully foldable handlebars and a removable carry strap - so it's super portable. It also features a spring loaded brake. The scooter has also been awarded several safety awards, it's simply one of the safest folding scooters in Europe.

✔️ Verdict - this is an excellent kick scooter with no much else that compares with it in it's price range. The only reason to get something different is if you would prefer a scooter with bigger wheels or need a stunt scooter as the scooter is not designed for use at the skate park.


JD Bug Novato Pro Stunt Scooter

JD Bug have a lot of stunt scooters perfect for beginners and entry level riders. The Novato Pro Stunt scooter is one of their excellent entry level range. It's the ideal option for kids who want to try out a few tricks on the street or at the skate park.

✔️ Bars - one piece t bar measuring 79cm in height by 46cm in width.

✔️ Wheels - the wheels are 100mm with a resin core. This resin core is okay for an entry level scooter but intermediate riders would want a stunt scooter with an alloy core.

✔️ Weighs - just 3.2kg which is very light for a stunt scooter, perfect for younger kids to manoeuvre.

✔️ Deck - a lightweight alloy deck measuring 48.5cm by 10cm which is a nice size for beginners. A fully printed anti-slip grip tape covers the deck.

✔️ Fork - a threaded steel fork for maximum strength.

Verdict - a nice strong but light scooter perfect for younger kids doing entry level stunts.

JD Bug Pro Stunt Scooter


The JD Bug Pro xtreme t is a good entry level / beginner scooter aimed at the 8 plus age group.

✔️ Design - it has an aircraft grade aluminium frame, meaning that it's strong but lightweight and it has a threaded steel fork for maximum strength. This is a strong scooter for beginner level stunts at the skate  park.

✔️ Wheels - it features 120mm wheels with a resin core, which is a good entry level scooter wheel. The 120mm wheels are bigger than the standard 100mm wheels. Many stunt scooter riders prefer bigger wheels as they are faster but it comes down to a rider preference. Bigger wheels also get you from a to b more speedily, so fab for a kick scooter as well.

✔️ Scooter Dimensions - the scooter is 80cm high by with a bar width of 46cm. Ideally stunt scooters sit a bit lower than a kick scooter would with the handlbars ideally coming to around hip height.

JD Bug Series 200 Commuter Scooter

This is an impressive commuer scooter, great for the school run or commutes to and from work. Quick, speedy, comfortable to ride and easy to fold up to take on public transport. All this at an affordable price. There are not many comparable commuter scooters in this price bracket.

✔️ Wheels - the big 200mm 85a PU wheels with ABEC 9 rated bearings will give you a super quick, smooth and effortless roll from a to b. Bigger wheels are advantageous on commuter scooters as they will always give you the fastest ride from a to b with fewer kicks. Therefore the rider doesn't have to expend as much energy on their commute.

✔️ Comfortable To Ride - the scooter has a low footplate which is one of the most important features on a commuter scooter because it makes it more comfortable to ride.

✔️ Height Adjustable Handlebar - the handelbar adjusts from 74cm to 106cm so it can be adjusted to the ideal height for adults of all sizes as long as they are under the maximum weight limit of 100kg.

✔️Folds quickly and easily - there is a single lever that folds the scooter, making folding a breeze. Very convenient for taking on and off public transport.

✔️ Weight - it weighs just over 4.5kg which is very comparable to similar commuter scooters. Light enough to carry when needed such on and off the bus or train.

Verdict - this an solid, durable and well designed commuter scooter for teens and adults.


JD Bug Pro Commute 185 Complete Scooter

The JD Bug 185 is another awesome option of commuter scooter. JD Bug believe it's the best commuter scooter they have ever designed. Why?

1.) It has a new dual Bearing System for a Faster, Longer, Smoother Ride
2.) It features a new sleek Design taken from our popular e-Scooter range.
3.) An integrated stand.

Other great features include:

✔️ It folds! A single lever mechanism makes it easy to fold.

✔️Big and fast wheels. 200mm 82a wheels with speed hubs and chrome Abec 5 bearings

✔️ Ergonomically designed. Reduces stress on the lower back when scooting.

✔️ Height adjustable handle bars. Ranging from 74cm to a maximum height of 106cm.

✔️ Other Cool Features. 100mm soft foam grips with bar ends, full grip tape, rear flex fender brake to bring you to slow and controlled stop.

The Top 11 Fliker Scooters : A Guide and Reviews

Fliker Scooters - Are They Any Good?

What is a Fliker Scooter?

Fliker scooters (also known as tri, wiggle or carver scooters and sometimes spelt as Flicker) have been around for a few years now. They have two footplates instead of one.  Each foot goes on a separate footplate. The rider then shifts their weight from side to side or moves their hips to propel the scooter along.  Sometimes this looks like they are wiggling (hence the term wiggle scooter). The rider can also ride the scooter in a traditional way (pushing the scooter along with just one foot while keeping the other on the footplate). Or you can even do tricks on them by flicking them up on two wheels.

Why Get a Fliker Scooter?

Reason number 1 - they are fun! In an age where kids aren't getting outside enough for fresh air and exercise, the Flicker scooter is a novel way to encouraging kids to move and enjoy their time outdoors.

Reason number 2 - it's good exercise. It gets kids moving in a different way. Their friends will be desperate to have a go too.

What Age for a Fliker Scooter?

There are Fliker scooters for kids from around the age of five, although some five year olds may struggle to get used to the idea. It will really depend on the child, but most should be fine for age 6 or 7.

Y Flikers by Yvolution - the Original Fliker brand

Fliker scooters haven't been around for very long! This innovative scooter design came about from the well respected scooter maker and brand Yvolution. Yvolution created something that was very different from the other kids' scooters you see on the playground. And the fun factor of the Fliker design made the incredibly popular with children in a very short space of time.

Yvolution make various types of Fliker scooter. Beginners on the Flikr scooter will enjoy the Air series Y Flikers which are lighweight, sleek, sturdy, durable, great to learn on but also offer different challenges as their skills progress. Once kids have mastered drifting, they can move onto mastering tricks.

Yvolution A1 Air Y Fliker Kids Scooter

The A1 air scooter is the smallest of the fliker scooters, designed for kids aged 5 and up. It's an ideal first fliker for beginners and younger riders, as it's easy to ride and very safe.

What's To Like About This Scooter? 

With a smaller, lighter frame for smaller children, this is a great sized Fliker for kids who measure 113cm and taller. The perfect frame height and width for 5 to 7 year olds. It won't be long before they are drifting with awesome control. The A1's features have been designed with safety in mind, but this doesn't take away from the fun factor! Its features include:

A quick response handbrake - easy to use for younger riders.

Rugged anti grip footplates - offer superior grip and control

Performance rated PU wheels - Industrial designed super-grip caster wheels offer a smooth, comfortable and easy glide journey.

Twist and stow folding system - Simply twist and pull the folding knob and fold the handlebars to the ground. Suitable for neat storage in garages, storage rooms, or even for travelling in the car.

It's the smallest in yvolution air range of scooters. Frame size is 85 cm in height and 46cm in width.

At 6kg this is a lightweight frame for a Fliker scooter making it easier for younger ones to control and parents to pick up, fold and carry when needed.

Yvolution A3 Air Y Fliker Kids Scooter

The A3 Air Y Fliker scooter is from the makers of the original Fliker scooters. It's aimed for kids aged 7 and up and provides a reinforced frame, high grip footplates, quick response brake and a foldable handlebar.

What's To Like About This Scooter? 

With a bigger frame for children aged 7 plus with a minimum height of 128cm, it's big, smooth and super strong. It's a good size for children to learn to do their first Flikr tricks. Riders report a scooter that easily glides and is a pleasure to ride. Its features include:

The twist and stow folding system - it's ready to fold and go where you want to take it.

Biggest in yvolution air range of Fliker scooters. Frame size is 96 cm in height and 54cm in width

Quick response ABD handbrake, easy grip handlebars and anti slip footplate for safety and peace of mind

Maximum rider weight is 80kg

Performance rated PU wheels ensure smooth drifting capabilities

The scooter weighs 8kg

The Homcom Tri Scooters

The Homcom brand of scooters are branded and sold by a company called MHStar based in the UK. They are mainly sold via amazon and ebay and you can read lots of reviews of the scooters on these sites. The standout feature from the Homcom brand is the price. They provide a scooter an afforable option of tri scooter which has good reviews at a competitive price.

HOMCOM Kids 3 Wheels Tri Slider Scooter

The Homcom tri scooter is affordable with some impressive features. It's foldable, aimed at kids aged six plus. A fine option to go for when you just want to have a go and try this kind of scooter out.

Check Price on ebay

What's To Like About This Scooter? 

This is an affordable option of tri scooter for the younger rider. Its frame size is a good option for the 6 plus age group.

It can be folded down - convenient if you want to put it in the car boot and for storage.

Front handbrake makes it easy to control and slow down

Heavy duty steel frame. It has and adjustable height from 76cm to 100cm so will grow with your child.

With 125mm PU wheels, the scooter is designed for easy acceleration, drifting and turning.

Aodi Swing Scooter

Who's the Aodi swing scooter aimed at?

The Aodi has a height adjustable handlebar of 95cm to 110cm. This means that it can suit older kids - 9 to 12 year olds will particularly do well with this kind so height range. The maximum weight capacity is 100kg so there's no reason why adults can't hop on and have a go as well.

It features 145mm PU wheels and has a front handbrake.

Like many other Flicker type scooters, it can conveniently be folded for easy transportation and storage and works best on flat and smooth surfaces.

Lonlier Y Flicker Wiggle Scooter,

If you're looking for an affordable wiggle scooter for young kids aged 5 and up, the Lonlier Flicker also ticks all those boxes. The scooter is foldable and comes in several different colors.  This is good choice for younger kids especially if budget is an important consideration.

What's To Like About This Scooter? 

This has some excellent features for kids aged 5 plus (including a height adjustable handlebar) without the huge price tag. Probably a good fit for most 5, 6 and 7 year olds, depending on their height and ability.

It can be folded down - convenient if you want to put it in the car boot and for storage.

The handlebar  is height adjustable handlebar so will grow with your child. There are bigger tri scooters for older children which go up to 103cm or more so bear this in mind if you're buying for an older child.

The anti skid and wear resistant footplates measure 25cm (l) x 9.8cm (w), which is a nice size  for smaller feet!

The front handbrake makes it easy to control and slow down.

The heavy duty steel frame is durable

Additionally, the Lonlier tri scooter comes in a range of colours to suit different personalities and preferences.

The max user weight is 50kg which will allow most kids to jump on and have a go.

The Kidzmotion Tri Scooters

The Kidzmotion tri scooters are branded and sold by a UK company. These can be bought on amazon or direct from their website. Again amazon have many reviews of their scooters.

It's notable that Kidzmotion offer tri scooters designed for and aimed at the older child and teenagers.


Kidzmotion Wriggler 3 wheel Swing Scooter

The Kidzmotion Wrigger is a mid range scooter, with sizing and design perfect for the 5 to 9 age group. It's another top pick for a beginner with height adjustable handlebars and it's foldable too.

What's To Like About This Scooter?

An excellent option for beginners to learn drifting, master sliding and try wheelying.

A height adjustable handlebar for 78 to 87cm  ensures the scooter is set at the best height for each child. The width of the frame is 60cm.

The large 125mm PU rear wheels are designed to swing freely and ride smoothly

Wriggler is foldable for easy storage and features a cable front brake and twin rear brakes make it easy for young children to slow down stop.

The maximum rider weight 85kg so the load capcity will easily fit the age group required.


Kidzmotion Swagger 3 wheel Swing Scooter

The Kidzmotion Swagger is a mid range priced scooter, with larger sizing and the perfect design for the 10 to 13 age group. It's another top pick for a beginner with height adjustable handlebars. And it's foldable too!

What's To Like About This Scooter. 

There's not many flikr style scooters with the ideal sizing for the 10 plus age group, which makes the Swagger the obvious choice for the older child. It's geared up to be a comfortable, awesome ride for kids who are a little bigger and can handle more speed.

The handlebars on the swagger can be adjusted between 96cm to 110cm so reach incredibly high to adapt to the height of the tallest of children. The width of the frame is 60cm.

The 145mm PU rear wheels are bigger and will get kids a longer way in a shorter time.

The Swagger is foldable for easy storage and features a cable front brake and twin rear brakes make it easy for quick braking and emergency stops.

The maximum rider weight 100kg so even adults will be able to have a go on this thing.


Kidzmotion Shway 3 wheel Swing Scooter

Do you want an even bigger frame for a teenager? The Kidzmotion Shway is the choice for you.  It's extra large frame and extra large  wheels provide teens with a fast, fun blast of a ride.

What's To Like About This Scooter. 

This is the only self propelled Flikr style scooter designed with the teenager in mind. It's unique in that it has 200mm wheels which are the largest found on this type of scooter. Bigger wheels will glide more smoothly, so the Shway will be quick and rollover those bumps and cracks effortlessly.

The handlebars on the Shway can be adjusted from 110cm up to a whopping 117cm so teens will be able to find a comfortable handlebar height regardless of how tall they are.

The 200mm PU rear wheels will glide at a super speed giving teens the adrenaline they crave.

Like all other Kidzmotion self moving tri scooters the Shay is foldable and features a handbrake for ultimate control when stopping.

The maximum rider weight 100kg. There's nothing to stop adults within the weight limit joining in the Flikr fun with this socooter.


Yvolution Carver Series

The Yvolution Carver scooter are designed to take kids of all ages to the next tier of Flikr scooter. It works in the small way as the other Flikr scooters, shifting your weight to self propel along. But once you have used these scooters to get up to speed on basic drifting you can up your skills to the next level.

The scooters feature FLEX technology so you can open up even more options for carving, including 360-degree spins (while in motion) and powerful carves with maximum control.

The carver scooters are the perfect option for kids with a daredevil streak who like a bit of added adrenaline with their ride and are open to having a go at a few tricks.

The are 3 versions of the scooter, the C1 designed for kids age 5 plus, the C2 aimed at 7 plus and the C3 aimed a 9 plus. Check them out below.

Yvolution Flikr C1 Carver Scooter

The C1 is sized for the smaller, younger child with a daredevil streak. It's recommended for kids from age 5 and from 113cm tall.

What's To Like About This Scooter. 

This scooter is a good option for younger children who are beginning with a Fliker but want the option to progress to the next level of Fliker tricks.

The frame is sized at 85.5cm high and 54.5cm wide.

It's designed with safety in mind with a quick response brake for those urgent stops and rugged grips on the footplates, giving parents peace of mind when their young kids ride this.

It weighs 7.5kg and has a max rider weight of 80kg.

Awesome for tearing up the school run.


Yvolution Flikr C3 Carver Scooter

Aimed at age 7 plus, the C3  is super fun and perfect for trying out wheelies. Pick up some speed, then lean back and pull on the handlebars to lift the front wheel.

What's To Like About This Scooter. 

The quick response brake gives riders maximum control, quickly change direction and try out some impromptu spins.

Simple lean on the handlebars to pull off 360 degree spins and mega drifts.

The performance rated industrial caster wheels can really pick up some speed for more thrills and action. Ideal for racing and having fun.

It features reinforced steel tubing for an extra safe and reliable ride.

Like all carvers, it's foldable for extra portability.


Yvolution Flikr C5 Carver Scooter

The C5 is for serious fun at the skatepark for the age 9 plus crowd from 134cm (all the way up to adults) It's an extreme ride where you can power carve, make 360 degree turns, manoeuvre quickly round obstacles

What's To Like About This Scooter. 

The C5 offers a multidirectional riding experience. The Flex technology allows you to speed up quickly while maintaining balance. Have fun riding at speeds of up to 25 km/h or perfecting spins, fast carving and long sweeping drifts

The height of the scooter is 104cm so older kids, teens and the maximum rider weight of 100kg means that adults can also have fun riding this.

Like all the other Yvolution Flikers, this scooter has very responsive hand brakes for ultimate control and performance rated PU wheels for speed.


Yvolution Flikr Lift Scooter

The name of this scooter says it all! It's set up with a revolutionary patented lift system, which lets you pull off wheelies including sideways wheelies. The lightweight frame is geared up for insane stunts, spins and cool tricks.

What's To Like About This Scooter. 

This is the ultimate Flikr for kids aged 7 plus (from 128cm) to learn incredible tricks and have maximum fun.

Front and side wheelies, 360 degree spins, powerful carving and drifts are all catered for.

The patented lift technology means that kids can lean back and pull wheelies without going back too far.

It has performance super grip wheels for speed and a quick response brake for coming to an emergency stop

It can also fold quickly and easily with the twist and fold storage system.


More Flickr, Wiggle, Tri Scooter Questions

Where Can You Ride these Types of Scooters?

The scooters work best on flat and smooth surfaces. They don’t work well uphill or on uneven terrain. They are mainly used for fun than commuting.

Can 4 Year Olds Ride a Flikr Scooter? 

Some 4 year olds can ride a flikr scooter, although others will struggle. It very much depends on the child, so it’s not possible to give a yes or no answer. The main thing is if you buy a flikr scooter for a 4 year old, go for the smallest frame size possible and choose a tri scooter designed for a younger rider . On this page that is the Yvolution A1 Air Flikr Scooter.

Razor S Sports Scooter Review

Razor S Sports Scooter Review

Scooter Specifications

FeatureRazor S Sports Scooter
PriceCheck Price on amazon
Age Recommendation6 plus
HandlebarsFixed height
Wheels100mm wheels
Urethane wheels
Weight of scooter2.76kg
Max rider weight100kg
BrakePatented Rear Fender Footbrake
Dimensions60.96 cm x 29.21cm x 82.55cm
Other featuresFoam Handlebar grips

Plus Points

✔️ - Lightweight - the scooter only weighs 2.7kg, which is really lightweight for a kick scooter for older children. This makes it easy for parents to carry when needed as well as easy for young kids to control and manoeuvre. It also makes it a good scooter for travel. It will easily fit in the boot of your car and it's super lightweight to carry on public transport.

✔️ Easy to fold and carry - it's quick and easy to fold and when closed down, it's easy to carry too - thanks to it being so lightweight. It folds down to a compact size and can fit in a bag when folded. This again can make it easier to carry.

✔️ Weight limit is 100kg - this means that it can last children many years as they grown

✔️ Handlebar height - the handlebar height is fixed at around 82cm. This will mean that the scooter is a nice height for kids for kids aged around  6 to 10 years. The handlebar height isn't adjustable which may be seen as a downside for some. However a height adjustable handlebar adds weight to the scooter. One of the reasons the Razor S Sports is lightweight is because it doesn't have a height adjustable handlebar. Also some height adjusting mechanisms are prone to rattling.

✔️ Assembly - minimal assembly is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do stunts on the Razor S Sports?

No. The scooter is not strong enough to withstand the impact of jumps and tricks. One reason is because it has a folding mechanism. Stunt scooters will never have a folding mechansim as this is a weak point which might break when doing tricks.

Is this Scooter Suitable For An Adult?

Not really. The stunt scooter's handlebar doesn't really adjust high enough for an adult, although the weight limit for a rider is 100kg.

So, it may be okay for adults around 160cm or less and under 100kg.  However it is recommended for the 6 to 10 age group so adults would really be better looking for another scooter. Having said this, there would be nothing to stop an adult under 100kg from having a go on this scooter to try it out.

If you're buying for an adult, check out our top 14 scooter picks for adults. 

Is this Scooter Suitable for a 4 or 5 Year Old?

The scooter is aimed at kids aged 6 years and older. If they were as tall as the average 6 year old and they were confident on a 2 wheel scooter, it may be an option but it would vary from child to child.

Is this Scooter Suitable for an 11 or 12 Year Old?

The maximum handlebar height is around 82.5cm and ideally you want the handlebar height to come around waist height on a kick scooter. So it will probably be okay for most 11 or 12 year olds. However as it doesn't have a lot of growing room for them, so you might be better looking at other options as well. Check out this guide on scooters for 11 and 12 year olds.

Does This Scooter Turn 360 degrees?

Yes, it does

Are The Wheels Rubber Or Plastic?

The wheels are made out of urethane which is a common material for manufacturers to make scooter wheels out of. Urethane is a great material for scooter wheels because it's soft enough to give a smooth ride over bumps and cracks in the pavment but it also offers toughness and durability.

Does The Scooter Stand Upright Without Support

No, there is no kickstand so it doesn't stand upright without any support.

What Alternatives Are There to The Razor S Sports?

Razor is a mid range price scooter. There are cheaper scooters but they will most likely not be as well constructed as the Razor. The Razor is solid, durable and very portable which are great features in it's price range.

However there are alternative to consider. For example, there are more expensive scooters like the Micro Sprite. Micro Scooters are well known for their precision engineering, excellent quality and fact they are built to last but you will pay over twice the price for it.

If you can increase your budget just a little bit more,  there is the JD Bug Street Scooter which is a great kick scooter (there is little to rival it in the price range). Plus you get a height adjustable handlebar, carry strap, it's still super lightweight (2.78kg) and foldable too.

About Razor

Razor is the company that make the S sports scooter. It's always worth looking at the company that make the scooter to help decide if you want to buy their product. This is because some companies only make or sell one brand of scooter wheras others make many more and have a brand reputation to keep.

Razor makes many different scooters so have lots of experience in that area. They are a US company and have been establised since 2000. Their kick scooters have been on sale for many years so have stood the test of time. They are also well known scooters for their high quality. Razor have a reputation to keep up so their scooters are generally well made and durable.

Razor offers a full line of award-winning products, not just scooters that are sold around the worl. They also have products for other popular action sports including motocross and BMX, snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing.

Best Scooters for 11 and 12 Year Olds


The Best Scooters for 11 and 12 Year Olds

If you're buying a scooter for an 11 or 12 year old the best scooter will depend on the following:

What will the scooter be used for? Stunts, cruising along pavements, off-road use or all three?

Bang for your buck - the best features for your money.

Height of your child - the scooter should be the right size for your child to use. If you anticipate that they will have a growth spurt in the near future, can the scooter accommodate this?

Coolness factor - is this important to the child?

Read on for some suggestions of some excellent 1.) kick scooters 2.) stunt scooters 3.) three wheel scooters 4.)dirt scooters 5.) electric scooters for this age group

Top Tip -  If an 11 or 12 year old wants a scooter for stunts, tricks and jumps, it is vital to get a stunt scooter with a fixed (non-adjustable) handlebar which can withstand the punishment of doing tricks.  Check out some stunt scooters here.

Top Kick Scooter - JD Bug Street Scooter

The JD Bug is an excellent scooter for cruising along the streets, great from getting from a to b and fab for the school run. It’s not the right scooter for doing tricks. If he wants to take it to the skate park look for a dedicated stunt scooter instead.

JD Bug is one of the most popular brands of scooter in the UK, so it’s difficult to go wrong.

Height Adjustable Handlebar
The scooter can be adjusted from minimum height of 63cm to a maximum height of 95cm.

A handlebar is comfortable around waist height when scooting along, so this will accommodate most 11 and 12 year olds and even offer growing room.

Light, Foldable and Portable

It weighs just 2.78kg. If the rider needs to carry the scooter, it’s super light for them to pick up. This can be especially useful if they're taking it on a bus or train.

The scooter also folds which is useful for storing, for taking on public transport or for putting in the boot of a car. Additionally, it has a built-in shoulder strap, making it a breeze to carry.

✔️ Large or small wheels - you will see kick scooters with small and large wheels for 11 and 12 year olds. Small wheel scooters (100mm and 110mm wheels) are lighter, more compact when folded and easier to carry. Larger wheels (120mm and higher) are speedier and cover longer distances in a shorter time. Large wheels also offer a smoother and more comfortable ride as they ride over cracks and bumps in the pavement more easily.

Hudora Big Wheel Scooter

The Hudora Big Wheel scooter is ideal for older kids, teens and adults alike. Its big wheels are excellent for cruising along the streets.

Handlebar and Weight Limit

The handlebar is adjustable and the ideal size for 11 and 12 year olds. With a height adjustment range of between 79cm and 104cm, it will accommodate them into their teen years. The maximum rider weight is 100kg, so even adults can use this scooter for commuting.

The handlebar is foldable making it easy to store and carry. It weighs 4.7kg, so it isn't the lightest scooter but will be light enough to carry short distances.  There is also an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it easy to carry when walking and taking on public transport.


The scooter features extra big high-rebound 87 A PU wheels. 87a means they are solid wheels that are resistant to wear (the higher the number, the more solid the wheel). The wheels are 205mm and offer a safe but quick ride. The large, quick wheels make it a good commuter scooter, perfect for getting kids to school on time. The bigger the wheels, the quicker the ride and the fewer vibrations over bumps and cracks in the pavement. There is a rear friction brake on the back wheel for slowing down.

More Features

The scooter features a stand to keep it upright when not in use.

Besrey Kick Scooter

The Besrey Kick scooter is an affordable 200mm wheel kick scooter. Currently, it's one of the top selling kick scooters on amazon.

Height Adjustment

There are 4 height adjustments on the handlebar from 83cm to 106cm. The maximum handlebar height is extremely high so even tall adults can have a go on this scooter as long as they are under the 100kg weight limit.


The scooter is foldable and comes with a carry strap making it easy to take on the bus or other form of public transport. At 4.5kg, it's heavy for an 11 year old to carry for a long time but they should be able to manage to lift it for short distances. This may depend on how tall and strong your child is. The scooter folds down t0 84cm by 32cm by 12cm, which may fit in some school lockers or under a desk.  The handles also fold down which helps when storing in a compact space.

Quality of the Ride

The 200mm PU wheels offer a quick ride along the pavement. The scooter also features front suspension that contributes to a smoother ride as suspension absorbs some microshocks from bumps on the pavement. The downside with suspension is that it adds weight to the scooter. It can also add some extra rattles and sounds to the scooter as there are more moving parts.

Other features

There's a kick stand, rear fender brake and robust deck with a non slip surface.

Overall Verdict

For the money, this is a decent 200mm scooter. It's not going to last forever but it should be great for 11 and 12 year old kids who want to use it for some fun and a short school commute.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

This is a top-notch scooter for older kids and teens. It's made by Razor which is a well respected US brand of scooters. It's a great size for 11 and 12 year olds. With the bigger wheels, the scooter stands taller than other scooters. Its height adjustable handlebar allows them to have the scooter at the best possible height for them. The big wheels also ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for the older child.


The bigger urethane 200mm wheels with RZR pro bearings give a smooth, comfortable ride. Bigger wheels go faster, further which is appreciated by the older kids. They can get to their friend's house in record time and leave later to scoot to school!


One of the excellent features of the Razor big wheel scooter is that they have low to the ground decks. This is especially advantageous with a kick scooter as you don't have to bend your kicking leg as far to get to the ground when pushing along. This leads to a much more comfortable and more efficient ride. The Razor A5 Lux is only 6cm off the ground, so it really is an excellent choice for an enjoyable ride.

The deck length is 32cm by 10cm so a very nice size for 11 and 12 year olds.


The handlebar is height adjustable between 75cm to 97cm, so again a good choice for this age range.


The Razor A5 can be folded down and carried when needed. It weighs 4.2kg (so is very lightweight for a big wheel scooter). Its folded dimensions are 78ccm x 12cm x 31cm so it can be folded down easily to fit in a boot of a car, use on public transport and even put in a large locker if needed.

Other Features

The Razor has a rear fender brake for slowing down (although it's worth noting that in wet weather like with other kick scooters the brake is not as effective). It also has a kickstand for easy storage.

Verdict - overall this is a mid-range kick scooter with a quality build and design. It's sizing makes the perfect big wheel scooter for 11 and 12 year olds to whizz around with on the streets.

✔️ Portability - how portable do you need the scooter to be? Will it need to be carried on a bus, train or transported in the car boot? Will they have to carry the scooter up a hill or into school? If so, it might be worth considering how heavy the scooter is. Is it light enough to carry? Can it be folded compactly so it can be stored at home or school or transported in the car? Kick scooters range from extremely lightweight (under 3kg) up to around 5kg.

✔️ Height Adjustable Handlebars - adjusting the height on the scooter handlebar is important on a kick scooter. Ideally  you want to be able to adjust the handlebar to around waist height as this is the most comfortable position for riders. If you think about riding a scooter,  a handlebar which is too low means you have to hunch over to ride the scooter which is uncomfortable. Handlebars which are too high lead to a lack of control.

Micro Sprite Deluxe Scooter

The Micro Sprite Scooter is the ultimate high-quality scooter designed by the Micro company, a well-known Swiss brand, renowned for its precise engineering and durable scooters for all age ranges.

Age Recommendation

This Micro Sprite Deluxe scooter has an age recommendation of 5 to 12 years. The handlebar height reaches 98cm so would be great for the average 11 year old with some growing room. The height recommendation is between 110cm and 152cm. The maximum user weight is 100kg. Micro designed the Sprite to last for years. Each part is repairable or replaceable, keeping the scooter out of landfill. They hold their resale value well on sites such as eBay. Or pass it onto younger siblings or friends.


You can easily adjust the handlebar to at any point between the height ranges of 73 and 98cm to ensure the perfect handlebar height. The handlebar can be folded quickly and easily.


The wheels of the Micro Sprite scooter are made from 87o ShoreA polyurethane, which means the wheels are extremely solid. The higher the number, the more resistance the wheels have to indentation and wear. The Micro Sprite scooter wheels use ABEC 5 bearings, measure 120mm at the front and 100mm at the rear.

Lightweight and Convenient

The Sprite is super lightweight at just 3.3kg. This makes it easy to carry and easy for kids to control too.

Micro gave a Sprite Deluxe to my son Callum to try out! Read our indepth review here.

Globber Flow 125

Another excellent kick scooter for 11 and 12 year olds is the Globber Flow. It's appropriately sized for growing kids with 4 different height adjustments from 82cm to 97cm.  If you want a strong, sturdy kick scooter this could be just what you're looking for.

The 125mm wheels are slightly bigger than standard scooters, giving a fairly quick, smooth ride but ensuring that the scooter is still light. It weighs just 3.1kg so can be easily picked up.

On the downside, this version of the Globber Flow 125 isn't foldable. Globber's goal with the Flow 125 is a non-folding scooter which is more resistant and durable than kick scooters with a folding mechanism. It hasn't got the weak point that scooters with folding mechanisms do. So if you have a kid who is heavy handed with their scooters, a one piece non folding t-bar is a plus point. However, if you're looking for something that will fold you can check out the folding version (the Globber Flow Foldable #amazonlink) which is a little more pricey but just as good.

Another excellent feature for heavy handed kids is the triple deck structure. The aluminium supported and bi-injection composite deck with EVA soft foam grip tape offers both maximum sturdiness and comfort.

The non slip deck, long rear foot brake and durable handlebar grips ensure the rider is fully in control.

Overall this light and durable scooter which is competitively priced.

Micro Speed Scooter

Micro's step up from the Sprite, is the Micro Speed. It's aimed at kids from age 10 plus. It has bigger 145mm wheels, an extendable handlebar which goes up to 98cm (5cm higher than the Sprite).  It's well built with sturdy construction. It weighs only 3.75kg, which is light for a scooter with bigger than standard wheels.

Who's It For? 

This scooter has an age recommendation of 10 years up to adult (it will take up to 100kg) perfectly sized for 11 and 12 year olds. The handlebar adjusts at any height from 68cm to 98cm, so there is a lot of growing room and will last kids into their teen years and beyond. As it's light, you can easily carry it onto a bus or other public transport. You can also attach a strap (sold separately) to make it easy to sling over your shoulder. It is a good scooter for the school run and for short commutes.

A comfortable, enjoyable ride

The bigger 145mm wheels will go further, faster - taking a few minutes of the ride to school. A shock dampening system on the wheels lessens the impact from bumps in the road as you scoot along. Lightweight foam handles are comfortable on the hands. Rubber ends on the end of the handlebars means there is less impact on your hands and on the scooter if the scooter falls over. The aluminium deck is fairly wide for foot space when scooting. Grip tape on the deck stops feet slipping around.

Convenient Features

The Speed has several useful features, including a handy kickstand, so you don't have to leave it lying on the floor. The handlebars fold down easily and quickly for easy transportation and carrying. The handles also fold down, which makes it easy to store in a slimline space. Finally, the brake doubles up as a mudguard to keep dirt away from your trousers when scooting.


The Speed costs more than the Sprite, but you get a scooter that will last longer with bigger wheels for a quicker ride. As will all Micro scooters, the parts are replaceable and repairable so this scooter does not have to end up in landfill but can last for years.



Osprey BMX Scooter

The Osprey BMX Scooter is a cross between a scooter and a bike. With large air filled tyres and a hand brake, the scooter can handle light off road use such as canal paths, cobbles and dirt tracks with ease (unlike scooters with solid wheels).

Wheels - The scooter features a 20” front wheel and 16’ back wheel. The wheels offer more traction on wet surfaces than other scooters so are much better when it’s raining. The large wheels can pick up speed and go quickly so they work well over long distances too.

Additionally the tyres absorb the shocks from bumps and cracks in the pavement, ensuring a more comfortable ride. You won’t feel the vibrations from the road like you do on other scooters.

Adjustable - The handlebar is adjustable from 88cm to 96cm, so is a good size for 11 and 12 year olds with some growing room. This is a solid scooter, that’s aimed at both kids and adults who are under the maximum weight limit of 100kg.

The scooter is heavy (approximately 10kg) and it doesn’t fold. Therefore it’s not the best choice if you want a scooter to be able to carry or take on public transport.

Assembly- Some assembly is required. There is a video on YouTube to help with assembly. Some people have taken it into a bike shop to assemble for them.

Overall Verdict - if you’re looking for a scooter that can go off road, quickly and offers a comfortable ride - the Osprey BMX scooter is one to look at.







✔️ Scooters with Pneumatic Tyres - some scooters have air filled tyres. Pneumatic (air filled tyres) have advantages and disadvantages. Pneumatic tyres take more effort to push off and kick along on the pavement. They add weight to the scooter, making the overall scooter heavier to carry. However, they give better grip which is invaluable when it's raining or slippy. They offer more traction and better stopping power. Pneumatic tyres also give a more comfortable ride with cushioning over bumps and cracks in the pavement.

Dirt Scooters


If you looking for a more compact off road scooter for your 11 and 12 year old, consider a dirt scooter. Dirt scooters add an extra dimension of fun to a scooter, ride it down grass hills, along BMX tracks, through puddles, on woodland paths as well as on the pavement.

The Osprey dirt scooter is strong and solid.

Tyres - air filled 200 mm off road tyres with 3 to 3.5mm anti-skid tread depth offer excellent grip on a variety of surfaces.

Strong - an ultra strong chromoly handle bar with large rubber grips give a comfortable ride. The tough aluminium deck withstands the punishment from stones and gravel on dirt tracks. A stainless steel rear brake gives durable and reliable stopping power.
Fixed handlebar - the fixed handlebar is 97cm. This is a sufficient height to last 11 and 12 year olds into their teen years. Even adults can use the Osprey dirt scooter. The maximum rider weight is 100kg.
Overall Verdict - an agile scooter which handles off road terrain beautifully.

We Skate Scooter

The Weskate scooter is designed for older kids, teens and adults with 3 height settings to suit people from 120cm to 185cm tall so is an ideal sized kick scooter for the 11 to 12 age group. It's one of the most affordable kick scooters for older kids and adults in the same price range as the Hudora scooter (featured above).

The handlebar adjusts to three different height settings at 90cm for kids with a height of 120cm, 95cm for kids/teens/adults above 160cm and up to 100cm for teens/adults up to 185cm.

It has 200mm wheels, the bigger wheels are quicker for the school commute and getting to the park and friend's houses than smaller sizes.

The scooter also has a dual suspension system to accommodate a smooth ride.

Easy Folding
There's a 3 second easy-folding-carrying mechanism for quick storage and transportation.

Weight of scooter

Perhaps one downside of the Weskate scooter is it weighs more than similar scooters at 6.12kg. It should be fine if you will not carry it or take it on public transport a lot. However, if the rider is going to have to pick it up and carry it, there are probably lighter options to consider.

Other Features
There's a kickstand and a large aluminum reinforced brake pedal which is easy to use for quick and firm stopping.

Stunt Scooters

Many 11 and 12 year olds will want a stunt scooter which enables them to do tricks, stunts and jumps at the skate park. Stunt scooters are more expensive especially than street / commuter scooters like the JD Bug above ​ as kids get older and bigger as they need to be built the scooter to withstand the weight of the child and the impact it takes when doing jumps and tricks.

✔️ Size of Stunt Scooter - an important consideration is that the scooter is the right size. There are certain measurements that will help find the right scooter. Firstly the height of the bars. Many scooters for this age group have bars around 21.5 inches to 24 inches  (55cm to 61cm) and this is generally a good size for the average 11 and 12 year old.  If they are on the small side look for lower bars and if they are taller higher bars.

Also, bear in mind the size of the wheel. 100mm wheels are the smallest wheel size you can get, but may scooters have 110mm or 120mm wheels which will add a bit more to the height of the scooter.

Some scooter specs give the measurement of the entire height of the scooter, which is useful. For beginners, ideally, you want the bars to sit between hip and waist height for better control. As kids, get older and more experienced they may prefer bars which sit lower as many pro stunt riders prefer. Bars which are too high can cause more of a problem as the arm is at an uncomfortable position when riding and it's easier to knock the bars into your face on the ramps.

Most 11 and 12 year olds will be between the height of approx 140cm to 160cm and will be looking for a scooter with a total height of between 75cm and 85cm. We've featured a range of scooters with varying sizes to accomodate the various heights within this age range and preferences for higher and lower set ups. The most important thing to note is the bar shouldn't sit higher than the belly button when riding the scooter. But don't go too low as you might get some back ache!

Fuzion Pro X-5  Stunt Scooter

If you're looking for an entry level stunt scooter at a competitive price, the Fuzion Pro X-5 scooter could be the choice for you. It features some excellent features that only seen on pro scooters. It's strong and durable but also light (just over 3.2kg). A lighter scooter makes it much easier to learn and perform tricks.    

The overall height is just over 81cm. Obviously 11 and 12 year olds vary in size, so it's a good idea to measure how high the scooter will be when they're riding it. Ideally, beginner riders do best with scooters between waist and hip height. Having said this, many skate park pros do like their bars to sit lower (like the rider in the picture) so it comes down to personal preference.  It's important to note if you're expecting the bars to come up to waist height it is probably better to go with another scooter.


The premium 100mm PU wheels feature 5 spoke metal cores to withstand the impact of jumps and tricks. Metal core wheels are stronger than plastic ones and will resist the impact from tricks at the skate park for longer.

The 100mm wheels can be upgraded to 110mm wheels if your child wants to improve the scooter in the future. Bigger wheels are generally preferred on a stunt scooter as they last longer and they are faster and smoother too. So you can upgrade to 110mm wheels with alloy cores as your child's skills progress.

Overall, a robust beginner scooter with the option to upgrade the wheels if needed. However, if they heavy skate park users, you probably want to get a higher-end scooter. It's probably the best choice for a child who wants to have a kick scooter but still be able to use it at the skate park on occasion.

✔️ Budget Stunt Scooters Vs Pro Stunt Scooters - there is a huge disparity in price when it comes to buying a stunt scooter. Budget stunt scooters have their place. They are good for lighter kids who are just trying out a few tricks and stunts. However, if your child is serious about the skate park, it's worth spending a bit more money. Pro scooters are generally designed to be strong but lightweight. The lighter the scooter, the easier it is to control and do stunts but it needs to be strong to withstand the impacts of continuous landings.

Budget scooters may compromise on some of the features. Their wheels may have plastic rather than the alloy cores found on pro scooters. Wheels tend to be smaller so won't be as smooth or fast or durable. They may be strong but heavier so more difficult to control. Pro scooters are more likely to be made of strong but light material such as chromoly steel. It should also be easier to upgrade parts on pro scooters meaning your scooter should last longer.

The key is to weigh each scooter on its merits and price and the requirements for your child.

Bargain Beginner Stunt Scooter  - ​Two Bare Feet - Cipher Model

The Two Bare Feet Cipher model is dirt cheap. However, it's important to be realistic, a stunt scooter at this price point isn't going to be as durable and as well designed as a higher end pro scooter. You will be compromising on some features such as smaller wheels with plastic cores and some weaker parts.

However, for trying out a few beginner jumps and tricks, it's a good version to try before graduating onto something stronger. It does have good reviews, but it seems that most of the reviews are for people who use the scooter as a kick scooter rather than at the skate park.

It's super for smooth scooting along the pavements and / or if your kid is a little rough with their kick scooter. If an 11 or 12 year old wants to use the scooter mainly at the skate park it's probably best to get a stunt scooter with alloy core wheels which is a little more robust.

Bars - The bars measure 83cm from the floor to the top of the handlebars. They are 43cm in width which is on the narrow side (compared to some pro stunt scooters).
Deck - a 4 inch wide (10cm) deck. It's narrower than some other stunt scooters but still okay for beginners.

Weight - It's lightweight at just 3.5kg. A lighter scooter is easier to learn to do tricks and stunts on.

Wheels - The wheels are 88A, 100mm PU and offer a smooth ride along the pavements. The wheels aren't the strongest for skate park use.

Overall, this is a good, solid kick scooter. It will withstand a few tricks from younger and smaller riders. Bear in mind that heavier and taller riders are going to put a lot of pressure on the scooter for skate park use, and the scooter isn't really strong enough to withstand a huge amount of impact.

Chilli Base Scooter - Top Pick


The Chilli base scooter is a good looking, durable and strong scooter that is perfect for the beginner / intermediate stunt scooter riders of the 11 and 12 year old age group. Chilli Pro scooters are high-end scooters and parts but without the price tag to go with it. The Chilli Base features excellent high quality features at a very competitive price.

The scooter is 79cm in height - which will be perfect for many 11 and 12 year olds. As already stated, ideally you want the bar to come up between hip and waist height on your child. The wide handlebar gives kids optimum control. It's also light for kids to start trying their first tailwhips, jumps and tricks on the ramp.

Another area where the Chilli base scooter excels is the 110mm wheels. Normally on scooters at this price point, you'll find smaller 100mm wheels which are fine. However, 110mm wheels will last longer because there is more urethane. They also give a faster and smoother ride.

My son was given a Chilli base scooter to try out. You can read our indepth review of this scooter here. Currently, you pick up this scooter at both amazon and micro scooters.

My son Callum on the Chilli Base scooter

Chilli Pro Reaper Scooter

The Chilli Pro Reaper is a step up from the Chilli Base and is Chilli's offering for ambitious beginners and intermediate riders. It has a slightly higher bar with an overall height of 84cm so will suit 11 and 12 year olds on the taller side. This affordable all round scooter is great for both park and street.

One noticeable feature of the Reaper is the super wide 23" T bar (58.4cm), which allows the rider to whip the bars round quickly. The bar measures 23" in height.

The 110mm wheels offer a smooth ride and allow riders to gain a lot of speed at the skatepark.

The deck measures 19.6" by 4.5" so plenty of foot space and the scooter weighs 3.8kg

The Reaper also features a solid, triple clamp, integrated headset and HIC compression.

Another fantastic all-round stunt scooter at a great price.

Dominator Airbourne Scooter

The Dominator brand of scooters are highly regarded with high-quality, pro features, yet they remain competitive on price.

The Airbourne is the top of their line but  nicely sized for 11 and 12 year olds with bars which are 22.75" high and 21.5" wide. The full scooter height from top to bottom is 78.64cm.
One thing about this scooter is its strong throughout. Riders will love their oversized, strong steel bars.

The box-sized, flat bottom deck is wide giving plenty of foot space for riders. The deck measures 19.6" by 4.7".

It's a good choice of scooter to start out with. It looks and rides great, plus riders can slowly upgrade each point as they get more serious, like change the deck if they want or need to.

District style grips make the scooter extra comfortable on the hands. District are a well known, high quality brand for their scooters and parts. The Airbourne also showcases 110mm PU wheels by District run with a mini HIC compression, including a threadless alloy fork.

Perhaps one downside of the scooter is it's slightly heavier than others with a weight of approx 3.9k.

Overall, if you're looking for a quality and strong stunt scooter for a beginner or advancing rider at a competitive price, this is an excellent choice.

Rampage R3 Scooter

The Rampage 3 is aimed at the 10 to 13 age group who are intermediate to advanced riders,  so ideal for 11 and 12 year olds who want to hone their skills and master some harder tricks. It has some fantastic specs at an amazing price point.

Wheels -  the 120mm spoked alloy core wheels look amazing and also feature high rebound PU for a smooth and comfortable roll. Most stunt scooters offer wheels sized either at 100m, 110mm or 120mm. Bigger wheels that are sized at 120mm are faster at the skate park and offer a smooth ride when cruising the streets (cruising more easily over bumps and cracks). They also last longer as they have more urethane.

Deck: The box deck has plenty of footspace for this age group measuring 45cm by  (19.4" by 4.9") The wide deck is great for extra stability, balance and mastering tougher tricks.
Weight - the scooter weighs 3.78kg.
Bars - a standard size one-piece steel y bar which measure 58cm wide by 62cm high (22.8"(w) by 24.4"(h). The overall height of the scooter is 87cm.

Grips - comfortable and durable swirl grips

Overall a solid and  light scooter, excellent quality, perfectly constructed with a box deck

Crisp Switch

The Crisp Switch 2020 is a fantastic budget option that is great for beginner riders. It's well worth checking out.

This is another scooter that is nicely sized for this age group. The bars measure 22" in height by 20" in width. The scooter has a total height of 81cm.

The footplate is 19.5" in length with a width of 4.5".

This really is an excellent scooter for the price with top quality components. The 100mm alloy core wheels are smaller than some other scooters featured but are strong for skate park use.

The overall weight is 3.7kg, great for trying out new tricks.

At the price point, it's a real bargain and you can still expect good looks, IHC compression and an excellent solid build.

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Replica Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

This excellent scooter is designed and made by Nitro Circus and pro scooter rider Ryan Williams.

It's appropriately sized for the younger rider, approximately aged from 8 to 12 (for beginners and smaller riders).

The handlebars are 22" by 18". The total height is 80cm.

A super light deck 19" by 4". The deck is on the smaller side compared with most of the other scooters featured. So if you have a kid with larger feet, it may be better to go with another scooter with a larger deck.

Super light scooter at 3.4kg. For beginners, you are going to learn tail whips and learn tricks really fast on this scooter as it's so light therefore easy to manoeuvre.

Overall,  this is a great scooter for beginner riders or riders who want a low and light set up at a competitive price.

Blunt Envy Prodigy S8

The Blunt Envy S8 Prodigy is a super light scooter and looks amazing with an outstanding range of colours to choose from. The Blunt S8 series are well known and respected stunt scooters within the pro community. This scooter screams exceptional design, style and high quality throughout.

Summary - A really cool looking scooter for intermediate /advanced riders who want to progress with their skills. The scooter is easy to upgrade with higher end parts if you want to.

Design - cool colour choices which all aesthetically look great.

Deck - There is a cut out in the bottom of the deck with lips which have been moulded onto the underside of the scooter. This is your grinding surface and will mean less scratches and wear and tear to the bottom of the deck.

Bars - the aluminium reaper style bars effectively mean lightweight but high density - they are strong. No issues with snapping or bending. The bars are  (24.5" in height by 21.25" in width). The total scooter height is 88cm (which is the tallest scooter featured on this page). This is going to suit taller 12 year olds or riders who want a higher set up. The bar shouldn't sit higher than the belly button when standing on the scooter.

Brake - a really nice nylon brake, offers plenty of stopping power and is nice and quiet.

Wheels - comes with 120mm by 24mm, gap core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings.  Bigger wheels are better for a smooth ride and faster spin.  The wheels can be upgraded up to 125mm if you want even bigger wheels in the future.

Weight - at 3.4kg this scooter is light, especially for it's size, making it easier to control and perform.

Compression - IHC compression.

Double clamp - nice clean look

Deck - a lovely elongated deck which measures 19.5" by 4.72" (49.5 cm long by 12cm in width). The deck has nylon inserts on the back and front to protect ankles and other body parts from any sharp ends.

Fork - the exposed fork with a major cut out in the headtube is not only weight saving but also looks super cool.

Hand grips - soft comfortable, cool colours, 160mm long.

This is an ideal choice for any kid serious about working on their skills and spends their time at the skate park doing just that.

Slamm Strobe V4 Lazer Stunt Scooter

If there was an award for the best looking scooter, the Slamm Strobe V4 would be a contender. However, not only does it look amazing, it is also jam-packed full of premium components. This works well for kids of all abilities. One thing is for certain, you will stand out on the skate park with the fantastic looking scooter.

It's one of Slamm's top end scooters and it excels in many areas.

One area where the Strobe stands out is its larger deck. The heat treated aluminium boxed channel measures 20.75"by 4.8", so there is plenty of room for your feet. This is great for a comfortable ride when on the street or at the skate park.

If your kid also wants to use this as a kick scooter, the 110mm alloy core wheels offer a smooth, graceful ride. But more than that the wheels are strong and fast with ABEC 9 bearings for tricks and stunts on the skate park.

The reinforced steel riser t-bars is nicely sized for taller 11 and 12 year olds. The dimensions measure  H 24.5"x  W 23" (623mm x 585mm). The overall height of the scooter is 86.5cm and the ride height is 80.5cm (the ride height is the measurement between the top of the deck and the top of the bar grips).

It weighs 3.9gk, which is on the heavier side compared to some other scooters featured but with a larger deck and handlebar, it's going to be at this price point.

Overall the quality is excellent. The Slamm Strobe V4 is built to last. And it's finished with team grips with impact resistant bar ends and both front and rear deck blocks.


What To Look for When buying a Stunt Scooter

How much you spend and the features you look for when buying a stunt scooter will very much depend on the what the kid wants to use it for and how much they are into scootering and doing tricks and jumps.

Beginner / Low stunt level use

If they are a beginner and just want to start doing a few tricks. Or perhaps they mainly use their scooter as to get from a to b but may do a few jumps or bash it about a bit on the street than one of the beginner style stunt scooters from Madd gear, Slamm or Grit will be a good choice.

Intermediate Riders

If they are a regular at the skate park and are using their scooters a lot, it's worth spending a bit more to make sure the scooter lasts. Again the Madd gear, Slamm and Grit brands are some good choices. Other brands may include Lucky, District, Envy and Blunt.

Advanced Riders

An advanced scooter rider will probably have a clear idea of exactly what they want so it's worth consulting them.  Some scooters will start at around £200 plus but they will be designed to be lightweight with extra reinforcement. The detail on the design of the scooters will be find on the wheels and bars.

Scooter Essentials Explained

There are lots of things to know and look for when buying a stunt scooter. Here are some essentials explained:

Bar - Always make sure the bar is a one piece.

Wheels - Metal solid (alloy) core wheels are better than plastic core wheels. They will last longer. Alloy cores tend to be standard on all mid range stunt scooters.  The higher end metal end cores will weigh less, so it will depend on how much  you want to spend.  Also look for high quality PU wheels.

Bar height - the bar height on stunt scooters generally sit between waist and hip height.  Beginners should aim to start with scooter bars about waist height. As kids start to perform tricks they may develop a preference for lower bars or prefer a higher set up. It can depend on their style and what feels comfortable for them.

Decks - decks come in all different lengths and sizes. Wider decks are better for street riding. So if he / she likes to ride his scooter along the streets as well as do tricks a wider deck is worth looking out for.

Compression -  scooters for beginner riders will use a threaded compression system, which clamps the bars onto a threaded fork.  More advanced scooters will have different types of compression. Look out for HIC ( Hidden Internal Compression), ICS (Inverted Compression System) and SCS (Standard Compression System). All of these compression systems are different but offer more resiliance, robustness and performance when compared to threaded fork systems.

You can read more about what the different specifications on scooters mean in our guide to stunt scooters.

3 Wheel Scooter

There are many 3 wheel scooters available to suit older kids and adults who prefer them. The one featured below has an extendable handlebar height of 97cm making it a good choice for the older child / teen. But you can check out more 3 wheel scooters for older kids here.

Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter

If you're looking for a 3 wheel scooter for an 11 or 12 year old, the Maxi micro scooter is worth considering.

Age and Height Recommendation
It’s recommended for kids aged 5 to 12 years old. It aims to accommodate children up to 152cm, so if your child is nearing this height, it may be worth considering a 3 wheel scooter for adults such as the micro kickboard scooter. 

Height adjustable handlebar
The handlebar can be adjusted from 67cm to 93cm, so you can make sure it’s the right height for your child. The handlebars can be removed from the base for storage and transportation.

It uses a lean to steer steering mechanism.
The PU front wheels 125mm and the back ones are 100mm.
It is super lightweight at just 2.5kg, so easy to carry up steps, up steep hills, in and out of the home or car or whenever needed. . Check these and other ones out on the 3 wheel scooter for older kids page.

Electric scooter - Ripsar 24 V

The Ripsar 24 is an electric scooter, which can reach speeds of up to 10mph. The scooter features twist grip acceleration and has one continuous speed.

It has an adjustable handlebar with 3 different heights (85cm, 90cm and 95cm) which makes it an ideal choice for growing kids. It features a pneumatic front tyre and a rear urethane wheel. The air filled front tyres give some cushioning offering a more comfortable ride.

A handy kickstand is good to stand the scooter up instead of laying it on the ground. Comfortable handgrips are another bonus.

Overall a decent kids electric scooter which is fun to ride.

Find some more electric scooters for 11 year olds. 


Stunt Scooters for 5, 6 and 7 Year Olds

Stunt Scooters for 5, 6 and 7 Year Olds

There are more and more stunt scooters appearing on the market for younger children aged 5, 6 and 7.  However, it is important to note that although many scooters are labelled stunt scooters, they are quite often not designed to be strong enough to take repeated abuse at the skate park. Some "stunt" scooters may be fine for occasional stunt use, but for repeated use at the skate park it is important to choose a strong, durable scooter that can withstand the force from impact and jumps.

Stunt scooters tend to be more expensive than kick scooters as they have reinforced and more durable parts to withstand the abuse from the stunts but materials have to be light as well.  However, kids aged 5, 6 and 7 are lighter and smaller so the impact they make on the scooter with the jumps and tricks isn't as harsh as older, heavier kids and teens. Therefore,  stunt scooters for this age group are generally less expensive than for stunt scooters for aged 8 plus.

Find lots of options of stunt scooters for the younger child further on in the article.

The a few things to consider when buying a stunt scooter for a younger child:

1)  You want to look for is a scooter with a handlebar which will come up about waist height or lower on a younger child. If he handlebar is too high the scooter may be difficult to control.

2.) The scooter needs to be as lightweight as possible. Stunt scooters need to be strong and durable so they tend to have heavier parts, but a stunt scooter which is too heavy will be too difficult for a youngster to do tricks on.

3.) The deck length should ideally be shorter than a standard deck so that it's easier for young kids to manage.

4.) If you're buying for a young child some (not all) scooter bars can be cut down after purchase so this is another option to consider.

5.) PU wheels with alloy cores and fast spinning bearings are the best. Some scooters for younger kids do have nylon or plastic cores and these should withstand the impact required for this age group but alloy or metal cores are the superior quality.

It's also worth checking out the guide to stunt scooters for kids to find out what all the specification and technical terms mean.

Top Choice For Younger Riders

Find below 5 excellent stunt scooter choices for kids aged from 5 to 7 years. At the end there is a chart comparing the features and prices of all the scooters featured.

Madd Gear Mini Pro Rascal

This is an outstanding lightweight scooter aimed at kids as young as four, designed by scooter giants Madd Gear. It's the ultimate entry-level scooter for the younger rider. The recommended rider height for the scooter is between 76cm and 111cm (2'6" to 3'8").

It is the lightest of all the stunt scooters featured in this article, at just 2.94kg. Being super lightweight means that it will be easier for lighter and smoother kids to have total control. They will find it easier to manoeuvre the scooter when learning basic tricks and jumps and for their first time on the ramps.

The wheels are 100mm wheels with nylon cores and high-speed PU.

The bars are of a lower height of 18" (45.7cm) and smaller width 16" (40.6cm). Overall, the height of the scooter measures 68cm. The smaller bars give optimum control to smaller kids.

The deck measures  17" (43cm) by 4" (10cm) which is shorter than a standard deck again, making it easy for smaller kids to manage at the skate park.


Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Junior Replica Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Ryan Williams is one of the world's best scooter riders and he has recently launched his own scooter range.

As part of this, Ryan and his team have designed the Ryan Williams Junior Replica pro stunt scooter. It's an ideal first complete scooter for the smallest and youngest of riders.

The 100mm wheels have a spoked alloy core, which means they will withstand the impact of tricks and jumps (avoid plastic cores at all costs on a stunt scooter).

What makes this ideal for a beginner or young scooter rider? Firstly, it's super light weighing just 3kg. The lighter the scooter, the easier it will be for younger riders to use and manoeuvre. Awesome for your first tail whips and to start learning tricks. Yet, despite being so light, the junior replica is strong and durable with its steel threaded fork, steel Y bar and 3 point brake.

The steel handlebar measures 49.4cm (19 3/8") in height by 44.5cm (17.5"). The overall height of the scooter is 75cm. The super light deck measures 43.2cm (17") cm (l) by 10.2cm (4") (w). It's nicely sized for 5, 6 and 7 year olds. The smaller bar and deck sizes make it much easier for younger kids to manage. Soft feel bar grips make this comfortable for smaller hands to control.

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Replica Scooter

The Nitro Circus Replica is the next step up from the Junior Replica but it is still on the small side for a stunt scooter, so it also worth considering especially if your child is on the taller side for their age.

The bar height is 22 inches and 18 inches (55.8cm by 45.7cm) with a total height of 80cm.

It's still very light at 3.4kg, making it easier for small kids to handle. 110mm alloy core wheels ensure this is a top performer on the ramps.

The deck is slightly bigger than on the junior (19" long by 4" wide). Smaller decks are going to be easier for young kids to learn their first tricks. However, a slightly bigger deck is going to give more foot room and more growing room.

All in all, the sleek design, sturdy construction and smaller bars make this another fantastic first complete scooter for junior riders.

Dominator Trooper

The Dominator Trooper is a good beginner scooter that is nicely sized for the younger rider.

It has a smaller handlebar height than other stunt scooters (from the deck to the top it measures approximately 71.2cm which is a much smaller size than standard). The bar height is 18.5"(47cm) high by 20"(51cm) wide.

The deck is 17.1" long by 4" wide (48.3cm by 10cm). The deck size is smaller, making it a superb choice for younger kids' feet.

The 100mm wheels are made by the leading scooter brand District, so their quality is assured. The 100mm wheels feature an alloy core. As kids get taller and bigger, a wheel with an alloy core is essential on a stunt scooter to withstand the impact of bigger, taller kids doing tricks and jumps.

Blazer Pro Shift Mini Scooter

The Blazer Pro Mini Stunt scooter is another top-notch mini scooter at an impressive price point appropriately sized for the smaller scooter rider. It is a lovely colour and will look awesome at the skate park.

The deck is just over 17.7" by 4.5" (45cm by 11.5cm), so shorter but still quite wide. Blazer has kept the deck wide in order to give younger riders maximum stability for learning.

The bars are just over 19.68" by 18.1" (50cm by 46cm), which is a suitable length for younger, shorter riders. The total height of the scooter is 67cm.

Another excellent feature of the scooter is that at 3.27kg this is super light. This is going to make it much easier for kids to learn their tricks, jumps and hops.

100mm wheels with alloy core are great for taking punishment at the park.

Slamm Tantrum 8 Scooter

The Slamm Tantrum 8 scooter is designed for the younger rider with a lower handlebar. This makes it easier for younger kids to control. It's designed for kids aged 4 years plus.

The features include 100mm 88A PU cast wheels with a nylon core, ABEC 7 bearings and the quad clamp for extra strength to withstand the impact from a younger rider's tricks.

The scooter bars are 19.75" tall x 19.5" wide (H:50cm x W:49.5cm).

The ride height on the scooter (the measurement between the top of the deck and the top of the bar grips) is 68cm. And the total height of the scooter is 74cm.

The scooters are hand built by Slamm. A strong scooter that looks cool too.

The maximum rider weight is 75kg.

Grit Atom

The Grit Atom is a wonderful choice for the younger, smaller scooter stunt rider from around 5 or 6 years old. It is slightly less expensive than the other scooters in this list but forgoes some features such as the alloy core wheels.

What's unique about the new 2021 addition to this scooter is it comes with 2 bars, one at 500mm and the other bar is 550mm. This means you can switch from the smaller bar (total height = 72cm) to the higher bar (total height = 77cm) as your child grows. This means the scooter is an excellent choice for small kids who love going to the skate park.

The wheels are 100mm 85A PU Nycore Wheels. Nycore wheels aren't as strong as alloy core wheels. This type of wheel should be fine for small beginners who are starting with a few tricks. However, if they are going to the skate park a lot, it's probably worth investing in a scooter with alloy core wheels as they will last longer.

The scooter is light at 3.3kg, making it easy for young children to practice their tricks, jumps and moves.

The scooter features a threaded fork and a super coil spring brake.

Micro Mx Ramp Beginner Scooter

Micro is well known for their high quality, durable scooters. They are a highly respected brand, so you know if you buy one of their scooters it's well made and well designed. The Micro Mx Ramp Beginner scooter seems to be no exception. It's a great scooter for kids to learn tricks, hops and jumps - perfect for young beginner riders. It makes learning tricks easy.

Micro has designed the Ramp for kick scooting and occasional use at the skate park. If they want a scooter that will be solely used at the skatepark, it's probably best to go for another option.

The age recommendation is 5 to 12 years (who are of a minimum height of 128cm / 4ft 2in). It features a wide handlebar for optimum control. The deck measures 10.5cm by 33cm so is slightly smaller in width than other options. The handlebar height measures 74cm from the deck to the top of the handlebar and 81.5cm from the floor to the top of the handlebar.

The scooter weighs 3.7kg and has a maximum rider weight of 100kg.

Crisp Mini Switch

The mini switch is a perfect scooter for mini dare devils who want to do tricks at the skate park.
Featuring 100mm wheels with crisp super high rebound alloy cores, which will withstand the high impact jumps and stunts small kids can throw at them.

At just under 50cm (19.5") in height and 44.5cm(17.5") in width, it's ideally sized for smaller riders. The total height of the scooter is 71cm, so you can measure the height on your child and ensure it comes to around hip to waist height, so they will have the control they need when riding.

Other notable features for younger kids include a smaller sized than standard deck at 43.1cm(17") by 11.4cm(4.5").

The stylish scooter will definitely look amazing on the skate park. Weighing just 3.4kg, it's also light enough for smaller kids to develop their technique.

Micro MX Trix Stunt Scooter

The Mx Trixx scooter is the next step up in the stunt scooters from the Mx ramp (featured above) for young children in the micro range. It's designed as a beginners / intermediate level scooter for kids aged 5 to 12 so that they can do tricks, jumps and stunts.

It has a one piece aluminium deck and a triple clamp so is strong to withstand the impact of tricks.

The PU wheels are 87A in durometer and have a 5 spoke metal core so are also strong to withstand the abuse from jumps. They have ABEC 7 bearings and are a top quality bearing so they spin fast which is ideal for use on the skatepark.

The total weight is 3.8kg which is on the lighter end for stunt scooters making it perfect for the younger rider. ​

If you are on a budget this is an excellent starter stunt scooter. The handlebars measure approximately 68.5cm from the deck to the top which is a good size for a younger rider. Also, the deck is slightly shorter which makes it easier for 5, 6 and 7 year olds to control.

It should last for quite a few years and be suitable to be passed onto siblings so worth considering as an investment.

Comparison Chart

ScooterBar Height / WidthDeckWheelsWeight
Madd Gear Mini
Pro Rascal Scooter
45.7cm/40.5cm44.5cm - 10.1cm100mm
High speed PU
Nylon Cores
Nitro Circus RW Junior Replica49.4 / 44.5cm43.2 - 10.2cm100mm
PU alloy core wheels
Nitro Circus RW Replica55.8cm / 45.7cm48.3 - 10.2cm110mm PU alloy core wheels3.4kg
Dominator Trooper47cm / 51cm48.3 - 11.5cm100mm
PU alloy core wheels
Blazer Pro Shift Mini50cm/64cm45-11.5cm100mm
Alloy core
PU wheels
Slamm Tantrum VII50cm / 49.5cm48.25 - 11.5cm100mm
88A durometer
PU nylon core wheels
MX Trixx53cm / 45cm48 - 10cm100mm
87a shore wheels
Gritt Atom50cm / 46cm
55cm / 46cm
48.3 - 10cm100mm
PU Nycore wheels
Crisp Mini Switch50cm/44.5cm43.1 - 11.4cm100mm
Alloy cores

2 Wheels Scooters

Two Wheel Scooters - Top Picks

If you’re looking for a 2 wheel scooter we have a round up of some of top options for different categories. Whether you’re looking for something good with a tight budget, a top of the range option, some sparks for extra fun or one of the most popular scooter brands in the UK, there should be something to meet your needs below.

When looking for a 2 wheel scooter it’s also worth bearing in mind your child’s age and ability. We have scooter guides for all age groups. There is also a lot to learn in terms of scooter features including which is the best material for scooter wheels, the ideal handlebar height and how much the scooter should weigh. Check out our scooter buying guide for a lowdown on all the features you should know about.

JD Bug Jr Street Scooter  - Best Scooter for Younger Riders


This is the perfect option for young scooter riders who are ready to graduate onto 2 wheels. It is designed for kids from age 4 plus.

It has an adjustable handlebar with the lowest height setting at 63cm and the highest at 84.5cm. For the best control, a handlebar should come up to around waist height on a child. You can therefore adjust the handlebar to the perfect height.

The scooter is also lightweight at just 2.4kg. This will make it easier for younger children to control.

Micro Sprite Scooter - Top Of The Range

The Micro Sprite is an excellent recreational scooter designed for kids from around age 5 to 12 years old. It's recommended for kids between 110 to 152cm. This scooter isn't cheap but if you're looking for something high quality with a comfortable ride, that's light, foldable and will last, look no further.

Its height-adjustable handlebar will grow with your child. The telescopic handlebar allows you to choose any height you want within the height range (65cm to 95cm)

The PU wheels are sized and made to offer a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride. The front wheel is 120mm and the back is slightly smaller at 100mm. A bigger front wheel means the scooter goes over cracks in the pavement more easily and the smaller, lighter wheel makes it easier to control. 

What's really outstanding with the scooter is that it's extremely light and portable. Weighing just 2.7kg (about 6lbs), easily fold it up and walk away when you need to. The handlebars fold in so you can put it in a locker at school or fit it in the boot of your car. Take it into the classroom or onto the bus. You can also attach a strap (sold separately) and carry it over your shoulder. 

Additionally, it has a kickstand, so you can stand up upright. And the spring loaded brake is very easy to use. 

The Micro Sprite is made by the same people who make mini micro scooters. Their scooters are little more expensive but are well designed and made with high quality materials so offer a smooth, quick, quiet ride. Each part is repairable and / or replaceable. This means that the scooter can last for years making it an eco friendly choice. Pass it down to siblings and friends and save it from the landfill. 

Overall, if you're looking for a kick scooter that's light, durable, foldable and will last kids through their childhood - this is it!

JD Bug Street Scooter - A Great All Rounder!

JD Bug street scooter reviews are excellent, it's one of the UK's most popular brands and on paper, this scooter looks good as well. It's recommended from age 8 but I think it would be fine for some children who are a bit younger than that as well.

This scooter folds with a single action folding/ unfolding mechanism and has a carrying handle too. A great choice for parents of children who want a 2 wheel scooter but may want you to carry it from time to time.

It has 100mm / 86a clear wheels. The 86a refers to the durometer (hardness) of the wheel. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. Softer wheels absorb more of the vibrations of the road. Harder wheels are more durable.

​The scooter is made for aircraft grade aluminium.
The handlebar is height adjustable so will grow with your child. The minimum height is 63 cm and the maximum height is 95 cm. The footplate is 51cm x 10cm.
This is a great scooter for cruising. Great for the school run. It has a weight limit of 100kg so adults can have a quick zoom on it too.
Not sure whether to get the JD Bug Junior Street scooter for younger children or go with the JD Bug Original Street Scooter for older kids, then check out our JD Bug Junior Vs Original comparison 

Razor S Sports Scooter - Best Value


The Razor S Scooter is a good solid kick scooter, that is durable and designed to last at a midrange price. One of the great things about this scooter is that it's very portable. It's lightweight at just 2.4kg which makes it easy to carry when kids have had enough. The fixed handlebar is foldable so easy to store and transport.

The scooter has a 100kg weight limit so can take the weight of most adults but it's recommended for children between the ages for 6 to 10 years old.

It features 100mm urethane wheels which offer a smooth ride. It also offers a patented rear fender brake for speed control.

Best Budget Scooter (in Blue and Unicorn Designs)

If a low price is the top consideration, the Ozbozz scooters are one of the cheapest brands available. Ozbozz scooters have been around for many years and they are our top pick of the very cheapest scooters.

The Ozbozz two wheel scooters are aimed at kids from aged 5 plus (although some 4 year olds will manage the scooter too).

The design and flashing wheels make them very popular with kids. They feature two designs, a standard blue one and a pink unicorn option. The Ozbozz scooters are also foldable and height adjustable too.

Read an indepth review of the Ozbozz scooter.

Big Wheel Kick Scooter - Hudora 205 wheel

Big wheel kick scooter have lots of advantages of smaller wheel ones. The bigger wheels make it a much smoother ride over cracks and bumps in the pavement and they are also quicker too.

They make good kick scooters for older kids as they generally have handlebars that extend higher and they are speedier too. They are better for older kids as the bigger wheels tend to make them a bit heavier so not as easy for little children to handle.

The Hudora 205 kick scooter has 205mm wheels (hence the name!). The 87a PU wheels offer a smooth, comfortable ride along the pavements, scooting easily over any bumps on the way. The Hudora features a handlebar that extends from 79 to 104 cm. The scooter folds and has adjustable shoulder straps making it easy to carry when needed. It's suitable for kids from aged 8 up to adults. The weight limit is 100kg.

The low level deck makes it easy for kids to scoot along as there isn't as much distance for the kicking leg to reach the ground making it very easy and comfortable to ride too.

If you want even bigger wheels, the Hudora 230 scooter is one to check out. It makes a great scooter for getting from a to b quickly.

Micro Cruiser Big Wheel Scooter

The Micro brand has also recently brought out a big wheel scooter. Micro is well known for its high quality and well-designed scooters and this one is no exception. It is a 200mm scooter aimed at kids between ages 5 and 10 (height ranges between 110cm and 146cm).

The 200mm wheels mean that kids can go faster, smoother and further with less kick effort. The big wheels can also give a feeling of stability for the younger riders who are just graduating onto a 2 wheel scooter.

The low deck also adds stability, giving them a great feeling of confidence. The low deck makes it easy to get and off too.

Wider choppy handlebars allow kids to have enhanced control when scooting. They also give a retro look for extra street cred.

Micro scooters have replaceable and repairable parts, meaning that if something wears out you can replace it instead of having to buy a new scooter, keeping it out of landfill longer.

The scooter weight is 4.5kg, so it's on the heavier side. This is because of the bigger wheels which obviously will weigh more.

A kickstand is a great finishing touch to keep your scooter from looking untidy lying on a floor! The scooters come in a range of different colors to suit all personality types.

Best Scooter With Air Tyres for Kids

Air tyres will offer kids a smooth and comfortable ride over a variety of surfaces and are good at riding on wet surfaces when it has been riding. No worries about slipping around.

The Bikestar is one of the few scooters that offer air-filled tyres for kids aged 7 years plus on a scooter. The scooter is spring-suspended and well-cushioned for rides over sticks and stones.

Other unique features of the scooter include a hand brake, which is unusual on a kid's scooter (most will just have a rear foot brake). The hand brake has the advantage of offering extra safety and is also a great way to practice for riding a bike.

The scooter also has mud guards to protect trousers from the wet and dirt. There is also a side stand so it can be kept upright when stored or when having a rest. No need to get the handlebars on this scooter dirty.

It is heavier than other kids scooters which can make it go a bit slower so it's not the best choice for the speediest of riders. However, it still picks up some speed and is a great option for riding over uneven and rougher terrain as well as on wet, slippery surfaces.

Stunt Scooter

As they get older, kids move from crusing down the street on their scooters to wanting to learn to do tricks and jumps. If they want to try some stunts, it is important to get a stunt scooter. Stunt scooters are designed to be stronger to withstand the abuse that kids give it when attempting jumps. A kick scooter will eventually break under the extra duress it's put on to do tricks.
Buying a stunt scooter, can be a minefield as there are so many different features to know about and consider. Our guide to stunt scooters is a good starting point to understand the kinds of features you should look for.

 Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Junior Replica - Stunt Scooter For Kids Under 8

This is an excellent choice of first stunt scooter for younger kids under the age of 8.

It's made and designed by Nitro Circus and Ryan Williams, who is a famous a pro scooter rider.
It's appropriately sized for the younger rider. The deck 17" long by 4" wide (compare this to standard stunt scooters which have larger decks of approximately 19" in length and 4.5" to 5" in width).
The bars shouldn't be higher than the belly button area. Many pro scooter riders like their bars to sit lower. Therefore, a lower scooter bar is going to suit younger riders. The bars on the Junior Replica are shorter than standard and measure 19 3/8" by 17.5".
One thing to note about this scooter is that for a very reasonable price, you get a lot of high quality components. For example, the 100mm alloy core wheels are solid and ideal for first stunt scooter use. Many scooters at this price point will feature nylon core or plastic core wheels, but when you're doing stunts on the skate park you really want alloy cores to withstand the impact from jumps and tricks. These wheels will withstand this punishment and last longer.
The deck has R Willy grip tape on it to complete the package.
Overall, an outstanding scooter at a bargain price.

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Replica Complete Pro Stunt Scooter - Stunt Scooter for Kids Aged 8 and Up

There are many excellent entry level scooters so it's hard to pick out an overall top pick. However, a step up from the Nitro Circus RW Junior Replica is the Replica. in width but slightly bigger than the under 8 scooter.

The Nitro Williams Replica is a great beginner scooter for the 8 plus age group. It's appropriately sized for the younger rider with 22" bars in height and 18" and the total height of the scooter is 80cm. It features 110mm wheels, which are the preferred size on stunt scooters for many pros. Bigger wheels are going to spin faster and last longer because of more urethane. The wheels feature alloy cores so are super strong for withstanding jumps and tricks.

The scooter weighs 3.4kg which is super light. A light scooter is always better for beginners, as lighter scooters are easier to control.

The bright colours and sleek design are going to look great on the skatepark.

It also features a double collar clamp (2 bolt), steel threadless IHC fork and soft feel bar grips.

Chilli Base Stunt - Top Entry Level Stunt Scooter

The Chilli Base is a well designed stunt scooter for beginners at the skate park. Despite being for beginners it doesn't compromise on quality. It has excellent features and is made of the finest materials.

The 110mm wheels not only look cool but are smooth and quick on the ramps. Many stunt scooters of similar prices have 100mm wheels which are not as good for doing tricks and they don't last as long as there is less urethane.

Weighing just 3.5kg, the stunt scooter is very light making it easier for kids to learn to control the scooter when attempting their first tricks.

The handlebar measures 79cm from the floor to the top. Chilli recommends that the scooter should not come higher than belly button height when ther rider is on the scooter.

My 8 year old tested the chilli base scooter on ther ramps and you can read a full indepth review of the Chilli base scooter here. We have had the scooter for just over a year now and it's still going strong.

Razor Electric Scooter - Extra Fun!

There's lots to consider if you want to buy an electric scooter. If you do, it's worth checking out our buying guide to electric scooters. 

If you are looking for a scooter with a fun factor for your child or something that will get them to school quickly in the morning, consider an electric scooter.
The Razor E90 scooter is a great choice for the younger child.

The best thing about this scooter is that it offers up to 80 minutes of continuous use on one charge. It will reach speeds of up to 9mph.

The push button control and the front hand brake offer easy control functions for the younger child.

The maximum weight is 54kg so is definitely not to be used by adults.

If you are looking at electric scooters, it may also be worth checking out the E100 and E200 razor scooters. Although these scooters offer fewer minutes of continuous use (up to 40 minutes), they feature pneumatic tyres and go slightly quicker too, which may be better for older children.

A boy on a stunt scooter at age 9 and age 10

Best Scooters for 9 and 10 Year Olds


The Best Scooters for 9 and 10 Year Olds


So you're looking for a best kid's scooter for a 9 or 10 year old? It can be confusing to pick the perfect one when there are so many different types to choose from. A stunt scooter, kick scooter, electric or an off road scooter? What about 2 or 3 wheel scooter for an older child?

Looking at scooter descriptions can add to the confusion. What are PU wheels? Do I need a fixed handebar or adjustable one? Why can't I get a stunt scooter with a folding mechanism?

If you have questions like these and more, worry no longer. Read on for our ultimate guide to help you decide which is best scooter for a 9 or 10 year old.

 The Best Scooter In Each Category

Type of ScooterPlus Points

Best Kick Scooter

JD Bug Street Scooter on amazon

Smooth ride

Lightweight, height adjustable & foldable

Respected brand.

Best Stunt Scooter

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Replica on amazon
A perfectly sized scooter for this age group.

Great value price.

Solid construction with durable metal core wheels

Best 3 Wheel Scooter

Maxi MIcro on amazon
Robust and durable

Designed to last

Height adjustable handlebar


Best Off Road

Osprey Dirt Scooter on amazon
200mm pneumatic tyres
with aluminum cores.

Wheels have great grip
on uneven, rugged terrain.

Well tested.

Best Budget

Razor S Scooter on amazon
Razor - well known brand in US

Lightweight & foldable

Strong and durable

Which Type of Scooter?

The first question you will need to answer when choosing the best scooter is the which type of scooter your child needs. Here is a rundown of your options.

Kick Scooters  are used for cruising along paths and pavements and getting kids from a to b. They're great for the school run and park.  Kick scooters are often foldable with adjustable handlebars. They aren't ideal for doing stunts on as they aren't designed to withstand the impact of stunts and tricks but they do tend to be cheaper than stunt scooters.  If your child is interested in doing stunts, go for stunt scooter.

Stunt Scooter - are made of strong but lightweight materials so they are sturdy to withstand the impact of tricks but light enough to do them. Stunt scooters can also be used like a kick scooter to get from a to b. If your child is interested in doing any kinds of tricks at all, go for a stunt scooter. You won't find adjustable handlebars or folding mechanisms on stunt scooters as these become weak points and could snap under the impact of doing stunts and tricks.

Three Wheel Scooters -  most 9 and 10 year olds are confident on 2 wheel scooters but some prefer 3 wheels. There are many cool 3 wheel scooters for older kids including the maxi micro and the iscoot. 3 wheel scooters are also great for kids who have dyspraxia and physical disabilities.

Off Road Scooters - are scooters with pneumatic tyres which are designed to be used on uneven terrains such as in woodland and on bmx trails. Some kids also like to use offroad scooters to do stunts and tricks, much like the ones you see kids doing on a bmx.


Ethan age 9 using a razor pro scooter

Scooter Features Explained

Handlebar - on kick scooters height adjustable handlebars grow with your child. Ideally a handlebar should come up to around waist height on a child, this makes it more comfortable to ride. However stunt scooters never have adjustable handlebars, they are always fixed. A fixed handlebar is important on a stunt scooter as they are stronger to withstand the impact of jumps and tricks. Often a stunt scooter's handlebar will sit a little lower than on a kick scooter (between waist and hip height).

Wheels - most kick and stunt scooters have PU wheels which offer a smooth ride. Standard kick scooters have 100mm wheels which is a good size for 9 or 10 year olds to scoot along. The best stunt scooters have alloy wheel cores rather than plastic cores making them stronger to withstand the impact of tricks.

Foldable - folding mechanisms are popular on kick scooters and are great for transporting and storing scooters.
Stunt scooters never have folding mechanisms as they create a weak point which is more likely to break when doing stunts.

The Best Kick Scooters for Ages 9 and 10

Check out some great options of kick scooters below.

Top Choice - JD Bug Original Street Scooter


The JD Bug Street Scooters are one of the most popular brands of scooter at the moment in the UK.

They are robust and hardwearing and have lots of excellent features. The JD Bug Street scooter is great for the school run and for scooting along the streets. It's not designed for stunts.

The 100m wheels are hardwearing with ABEC 5 bearings and a durometer of 86A (the measurement 86A refers to the hardness rating of the wheel. 86A is quite a hardwearing wheel but still soft enough to give a smooth ride - softer wheels tend to absorb the shocks from the pavement better).

Check out the scooter buying guide for kids to find more out what it all this means.

The scooter comes in different colours and you can fold them. As it's foldable it's not recommended for tricks and stunts but to cruise along the street as the name suggests.

Adjustable Handlebar​
​It has an adjustable handlebar measuring 630mm to 950mm. This will suit most 9 and 10 year olds and give growing room too.

Long lasting
There are reviews of older teenagers using this scooter so it should last a few years.
The scooter is actually recommended for kids from 7 years to adult and has a weight capacity of 100kg. So most adults can have a go as well!

It weighs about 2.8kg so is fairly lightweight for a scooter for older kids. It also features a built in black shoulder strap so is designed to be easy to carry when not in use

Globber Flow 125 Scooter

The Globber Flow 125 scooter is nicely sized for 9 and 10 year olds, with 4 height adjustment settings so it should last them into their teenage years.

Handlebar - you can set the handlebar at 4 different heights between 82cm to 97cm, so you can find the best height for each rider as they grow.

Non-Foldable - one thing to note about the Globber Flow is that the handlebar isn't foldable. This makes it a stronger scooter as there is no weak point where they scooter folds. Ideal for kids who are rough with their scooters and will put it through its paces. However, if you want a scooter that will fold for storage and/or portability, check out the Globber Flow Foldable instead.

Light - at 3.1kg the scooter is light, which makes it easy to pick up if you need to

Wheels -the wheels are bigger than on the JD bug. At 125mm they will go that bit quicker, which some kids may appreciate. However, they aren't so big they are going to add a lot of weight to the scooter.

Deck - The strong triple deck structure has non-slip EVA foam grip tape giving riders maximum grip.

Control - Super wide handlebars give riders maximum control when scooting. Durable handgrips provide extra comfort. A long rear foot brake is not only great for braking but also prolonging the rear wheel’s longevity.

It comes in many colours at a competitive price point.

Razor Sports S Scooter

Strong but lightweight
This scooter features a robust steel t tube and aluminium deck which is designed to withstand frequent use, and be durable so that it lasts.  It weighs 2.76kg, so makes it easy to carry when needed.​

It's foldable so is great for storing and carrying.

The wheels are urethane and have smooth rolling bearings.
There is also a rear fender break to help with safety and control.

The handlebars are fixed and aren't height adjustable so this may factor in your decision whether to buy. From the floor to the top of the handlebars, the handlebar measures 82.5cm.

Age Recommendation
This can be used for kids and adults. The maximum weight limit is 100kg so there's nothing to stop older siblings, teens and adults have a go as well.

They come in cool bright colours including pink and green and it's reasonably priced too.

Hudora Big Wheel (205mm) Scooter

The trouble with many of the small wheel scooters is that there isn't a lot of growing room, so will last kids a couple of years but if they have a growth spurt when they are approaching their teens it may get too small for them very quickly.

Large Handlebar Adjustment Range

The Hudora big wheel scooter has height adjustable handlebars from 79 to 104cm so the scooter can accommodate kids, teens and even adults. You don't have to worry about kids outgrowing the scooter.


The bigger wheels will travel further distances more speedily and smoothly than scooters with smaller wheels. This makes it an awesome scooter for the school commute. Kids can get to their destination quickly.  The 87a durometer wheels are durable and give a smooth ride along paths and pavements.

Other Features

The scooter is foldable and has an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying. It's an excellent choice if you need to carry it up steps or up a hill. It features a rear friction brake and a kickstand.


A great scooter for growing kids, especially on the school run. Some reviewers mention it's noisy, but if you can forgive this, it's an excellent option.

Bike Star Off Road Scooter

The Bike Star kick scooter is a cross between a scooter and a bike. It has large 12” (30cm) air filled tyres which are fantastic for going off road. Take it on canal paths, dirt tracks, grass, stoney paths and other kinds of rough terrain.

The tyres offer a more comfortable ride than scooters with hard wheels as they absorb the shocks front the pavement (much like you’d find on a bike). Additionally they offer better traction on pavements when it’s wet.

The other difference between the Bike Star and other scooters is the hand controlled brakes. The sturdy brakes are easy to control and help you come to a smooth stop.

The Bike star has an adjustable handle which moves from 76cm to 90cm. It’s designed for kids between 120cm and 150cm.

It is on the heavy side, weighing 7.2kg. Plus it doesn’t fold. If you want a portable scooter which you can carry and / or take on public transport - this isn’t the best choice.

The scooter comes 90% assembled with 10% left to do. There’s an assembly video on YouTube to help. If you do have trouble with assembly, you can take it to a local bike shop to help.

Overall this is an excellent, sturdy scooter. Perfect for scooting everywhere, not just on smooth pavements.

Micro Sprite

The Micro scooters brand are known for their excellent quality, well designed and built to last scooters. The Micro sprite is no exception. It's a two wheel scooter aimed at older children between the ages of 5 to 12. Here are some of its main features.

Lightweight, strong and smooth ride
This scooter has been designed lightweight as possible while retaining extra features such as a kickstand and all the strength and durability required when being handled by children. It weighs 3.28kg (not as light as the JDbug but the sprite does have the kickstand so it can stand upright on its own, which will be one thing adding some extra weight)

Foldable and height adjustable
The sprite can be folded quickly and easily. The handlebar is also height adjustable from 63cm to 92cm

The wheels of the Micro Sprite scooter are made from 87o ShoreA polyurethane, which means the wheels are extremely solid. The higher the number the more resistance the wheels have to indentation and wear. But they are still soft enough to give a smooth ride.  The micro sprite scooter wheels use ABEC 5 bearings, measures 120mm at the front and 100mm at the rear.

Age Recommendation
The age recommendation is from aged 5 to 12 years. The maximum weight is 100kg so as long as you are under that teens and adults can have a go as well.

The Best Stunt Scooters

Age -  9 or 10 is a great age to get the first stunt scooter as most stunt scooter are designed with kids aged 8 plus in mind so, you don't have to worry about the stunt scooter being too big for them.

Strong - They tend to be heavier scooters with reinforced parts to withstand the impact from tricks and jumps.

Cost- Because they are made of heavy duty materials they tend to be more expensive than a traditional scooter.

Longevity and Use - Stunt scooters are likely to last a lot longer, potentially for years if you buy the right scooter. You can use stunt scooter for cruising the streets as well as doing tricks but you can't use traditional scooters for doing tricks as they are not designed to withstand this kind of punishment.

There are tons to great stunt scooters out there that are perfect for 9 and 10 year olds who are beginners to an intermediate level on a scooter. Some of the names to look for include Razor, Grit, Madd Gear and Slamm.

Top Choice - Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Replica Stunt Scooter

This is a beginner, entry scooter ideal for 9 and 10 year old kids. Fantastic for beginners to ride around and start learning tail whips and other tricks. It's smaller than a standard sized scooter which means it is lighter too. Younger riders aren't as strong as pro riders so a lighter scooter makes it easier to flip around and learn tricks. The gold deck is 4" wide and 19" long so it's shorter than on many stunt scooters but this can make it easier to learn tricks.

The steel bars measure 21.7" in height by 17.9" in width (45.72cm x 55.8cm) and are super durable with a double clamp, standard headset and strong steel forks. The total height of the scooter is 80cm.

Other notable features are the 110mm wheels which are light but strong with alloy cores. Alloy core wheels are a good choice for kids who are serious about doing jumps and tricks at the skatepark as they will withstand the impact needed from these kinds of moves. The scooter also features decent grips, which are comfortable when riding.

It's called the replica scooter because it's got the same colorways as Ryan Williams scooter. Young kids can emulate pro-riders but on a scooter that is appropriately sized for them.

Chilli Base Stunt Scooter

My 9 year old son Callum was gifted a Chilli Base scooter and we were both impressed. The Chilli scooter is a solid, light and perfectly sized scooter for beginner riders around 9 and 10 years old. It looks very nice too.

The height from the floor to the top of the handlebar is 79cm - this was a nice size for Callum who is 4' 4" (132cm) in height. It came up to around waist height. The handlebars are super wide at 58cm. This worked well for Callum, as the wider handlebars gave him extra control when going down the ramps.

110mm wheels gave a smooth and speedy ride both on the ramps and on the paths. It weighs 3.5kg, so it light enough for beginners to manoeuvre and control easily. The deck measures 19.6" by 4.5" (50cm by 11.5cm) so there is plenty of footspace.

If you're looking for a scooter for beginners at the skate park, it's an excellent choice. It's a high-quality scooter at a competitive price point.

You can read our full review here.

Blazer Pro Outrun Complete Scooter


The Blazer Pro Outrun is another good entry level scooter at a competitive price point.

The dimensions of the bars are 22 inches in height and 20 inches in width (56cm (h) x 51.5cm(w)) with a total scooter height of 79cm.

Its deck measures 19.7" by 4.5" in width. It's long and wide, so there's plenty of footspace for kids with growing feet.

The 100mm wheels are 5 spoke alloy core wheels. They are slightly smaller wheels than on the Nitro Circus Replica and Chilli Base scooters. Pros generally prefer bigger wheels as they are faster. However, most beginners won't notice the difference between 100mm and 110mm wheels.

The Blaze Outrun comes in different colorways, but the neo chrome is popular and looks amazing on the skate park.


Two Bare Feet - Budget Stunt Scooter

Stunt scooters can be expensive as they need to have high-quality materials to last and stand the abuse riders put on them.

However, perhaps the child you are buying for just wants to try out a few tricks and it may be something they only do for a little while before moving onto a new hobby. If so, the two bare feet budget scooter is a choice worth considering.

Wheels - the scooter features 100mm 88A alloy core wheels. If your child is serious about doing tricks, it's best to look for scooters with alloy core wheels. It has a fixed height of 76cm. As the height of kids varies so much it's worth measuring to see how high the top of the scooter reaches on your child. Ideally the scooter should be between hip and waist height, although many pro stunt scooter riders like their scooter to sit a little lower than this. However, if the handlebar height is between the hips and waist it gives kids a lot more control of the scooter when they're just starting out.

Other features:
It has some fantastic features including a heavy duty quad clamp and a strong deck.

Verdict - This is a great budget scooter to buy when you don't want to fork out lots of money on a hobby that may only last a short while. It's probably best for the child who wants to scoot from a to b and just have a go at doing the odd trick or two.

Razor Beast

 The Razor beast is another entry level stunt scooter. Razor is a well known brand name that is popular in the US but also in the UK as well.

It features fixed pro style riser handlebars with a height of 21.5” (54cm) and a width of 17.75” (45cm). The handlebar on stunt scooters tends to come to just between hip and waist height, although many riders like the handlebars to come up to just below their waist as this can be easier to control when doing stunts.

It has metalised core 14-spoke 98mm urethane wheels. The metalised cores are not as good as alloy core wheels that you find on more expensive scooters but better than plastic cores.

It also has a rather cool pro-style deck, with full deck grip tape and featuring stylised a beast logo.

The scooter weighs 3.1kg, so it's quite lightweight for a beginner scooter rider

It also features a triple stacked clamp for optimum clamping performance.

Dominator Sniper Stunt Scooter

An excellent choice for the entry level / intermediate stunt scooter rider. It's a scooter which features high end specs and is great for developing trick and stunt skills.

What you get is a strong scooter with very solid construction featuring HIC compression and a fully integrated headset at an outstanding price.  Whether it's being used at the skate park or on the street, this Sniper offers a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Handlebars and Deck
The handlebars are 22" tall & 20.1" wide.  The total scooter height is 78.7cm.  Soft rubber grips make it comfortable for your hands. The solid, aluminium, boxed deck is 4.5 inches wide and 19.6" long, plenty of foot space for growing feet.

The wheels on this scooter are excellent and made by District (a brand well-known brand for their quality). They are 110cm alloy core wheels, which are durable and will withstand all the punishment a 9 or 10 year old rider will throw at it.

Choose from four different colours. Assembly is easy, you'll be ready to go in seconds.


Dirt Scooters

Dirt scooters are designed for rougher ground, off road. They are great for scooting over grass, gravel or on dirt tracks. Many kids like to try them out on bmx trails. They can also be used for off road tricks, stunt runs and manoeuvres. They are also strong and made of heavy duty parts to withstand the impact of different terrain. The wheels are also bigger for the same reason. ​​ Perfect for introducing 9 and 10 year olds to an action sport and getting them out experiencing different environments.

The Osprey offroad dirt scooter is a solid and well constructed scooter designed to take the punishment on rougher terrain.

It has chrome handlebars with large rubber grips for superior traction and a hardy aluminium deck.

It has 200 x 50mm front and rear, pneumatic rubber tyres, supported on hardy aluminium core wheels (3 piece hubs) which offer great grip on all surfaces and will allow you to perform high impact manoeuvres.

The stainless steel rear brake gives extra stopping power - even on dirt!
The scooter has been well tested and is at an excellent price point too.
If you're interested in a dirt scooter, consider checking out our dirt scooter buying guide. 

LA Sports Three Wheel Tri Scooter

iScoot Pro is another great 3 wheeler perfect the older child. It has a top height setting of 90cm so will accommodate most 9 and 10 year olds.

Handlebar: the handlebars have 5 adjustable heights between 62cm and 90cm, meaning that there is a height to comfortably suit kids of most ages between 3 and 12. As the maximum weight limit is 80kg, some adults can even have a go on this!

Wheels - it's front powered with a front 120mm PU wheel and a 100mm rear wheel for an easy and smooth cruise. The LED flashing wheels are great for the winter months during dusk and dark evenings when scooting home from school.

The scooter can be folded for easy storage and transport.

Also, check out some more 3 wheel scooters for older children


Three Wheel Scooters

3 wheel scooters are becoming increasingly popular with older children. The Maxi Micro and iScoot Pro are both excellent 3 wheel scooters for both 9 and 10 year olds.

Maxi Micro

There are some great 3 wheel scooters available for 9 and 10 year olds at the moment. The top of the range choice is the maxi micro deluxe scooter.

Age and Height Recommendation
Micro recommended for kids between ages 5 and 12 or who are between 110 and 152cm tall. The maximum weight limit is 11stones 1lb or 70kg.

It has an adjustable handlebar with a height range of 67cm to 92cm. The handlebar stem is anodised aluminium to prevent corrosion. It is also foldable.

Super smooth ride
The scooter has high quality PU wheels and bearings which offer a super smooth ride. No worries about a rattling scooter here.

Easy to carry and store
It's super lightweight at just 2.5kg. This makes the scooter easy to carry when needed and as it can be folded down, it's easy to store too. Read a full review of the maxi micro scooter (with classic and deluxe versions included).

Electric Scooters


Electric scooters are fun and offer some super speed for kids.
Razor electric scooters are a popular brand in the UK.
The E90 is a good choice for 9 and 10 year olds. It has a maximum weight limit of 54kg.

Top speed
It can reach speeds of up to 10mph. A kick start is required to get the motor started and there is a push button acceleration.

The brake is hand operated at the front and there's twist-grip acceleration control.

Run time
The scooter can provide up to 80 minutes of continuous use on one battery charge.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Scooter

Coolness factor - at this age kids may be concerned that they need to have a scooter that looks cool. So it's worth checking in with them about the kinds of styles they like and prefer. Plus reading reviews from other purchasers to see if their kids liked the scooters. Stunt scooters are probably considered to be cooler at this age and they can be used for cruising too so this may affect your decision.

Sturdy - my almost 10 year old primarily uses his scooter for getting for a to b. However, he naturally tries little jumps on his scooter so he definitely needs something robust to withstand the abuse he gives it. ​

​An older child might be covering longer distances on their scooter when cruising, so they may benefit from a scooter with larger wheels. Scooters with larger wheels are great for going quickly and covering longer distances. So, it's worth considering if the commute to school is long distance or they may be travelling further distances as they get older (perhaps to secondary school).

More Types of Scooter

Scissor Scooters (also known as Flicker, Wiggle and Swing Scooters)
A scooter that has become more popular in recent years is the scissor scooter, commonly known as a Flicker or swing scooter. This type of scooter has two footplates, one for each foot so you don't propel the scooter with a foot like you do with a traditional push scooter. Instead, you either move your legs in and out, move from side to side or wiggle your hips to move the scooter.

These scooters are fun and they are great for building leg muscle and improving co-ordination. I'm not sure they will replace the traditional kick scooter but are perfect for taking down the park for some fun. ​Check out an option below:

AOODIL Swing Scooter

Ideally sized for 9 and 10 year olds, the swing scooter is reasonably priced and height adjustable from 95cm to 110cm. Like all of these types of scooter, it's guaranteed to give extra fun. Riders can make quick 180 degree turns, with a quick response brake for enhanced control. Drifting and carving is easy so kids can pull of crazy moves.  And the best thing about it is that there is a 100kg weight capacity so adults can have a go at the action too.

PU wheels mean a smooth, comfortable glide. For safety, the footplates have non slip designs, to keep feet steady while riding. And for peace of mind, the scooter has a 1 year warranty.

We have also reviewed the best Flicker scooters if you want more options to choose from.



Space Scooters

The space scooters deck is curved and the back is much higher than the deck at the front. To use it, hop on the deck, then shift your weight between your feet to get going. Essentially, you have to pump the platform up and down to move rather than kicking.

Space Scooter X540

The space scooter x540 works by pumping up and down on the deck to make it move. The 200mm wheels will get kids going quickly and speedily. It's aimed at kids from aged 8. There is a height adjustable handlebar, a kickstand and a handbrake for easy stopping. A clever safety feature that uses loud clicks to warn riders if too much force is being applied to the scooter deck when they push down.

Overall, the space scooter is fun. An extra option to get kids off their screens and having some exercise!