Stunt Scooter vs Normal Scooter What’s the Difference

Stunt scooter Vs Normal Scooter - What's the Difference?

If you want to do tricks on a scooter it's important to get a stunt scooter rather than a normal scooter. This article explains the difference between a stunt scooter and a standard scooter and why it's important to only use a dedicated stunt scooter for tricks.

Stunt Scooters


The primary use of a stunt scooter is to do tricks and stunts.

​They can also be used for scooting along but if you just use it just for scooting you may as well go for a kick scooter that will generally be cheaper and better designed for that purpose.

As stunt scooters are primarily used for tricks, they are designed to be stronger than a traditional scooter.

Stunt scooters always have a one piece t-bar as it’s important that the bars are strong to withstand the extra impact from jumps and tricks. So any scooters that have a folding handlebar are not stunt scooters. The folding mechanism in the scooter will be a point of weakness so it is more likely to break when subjected to the impact at the skatepark. The handlebar on a stunt scooter will always be fixed. It will be one height and not have a height adjustment mechanism that you may find on a kick scooter. Again, this is so there is no weakness from the handlebar. Otherwise, it may break when doing tricks.

Most stunt scooters will have metal cores in their wheels and not plastic ones that you may find on a normal kick scooter. Again, this is because metal cores are stronger to withstand the extra punishment riders give their scooter at the skate park.

Ideally, stunt scooters need to be light but strong. They need to be light enough so their rider can control and manoeuvre the scooter but strong enough to withstand the impacts from tricks.

However, stunt scooters still tend to be heavier than kick scooters. As they need to be strong, the frames are usually heavier.

There is a lot of variation in stunt scooters on the market, which explains the huge variation in price. The top end stunt scooters will have features such as threadless forks and compression systems which will add to the price. You can read more about the features of stunt scooters here. Some high end stunt scooters are made out of materials such as titanium which is strong but lightweight so perfect for pro stunt scooters but not needed for a beginner. However, a scooter made of titanium can be very pricey.

As stunt scooters have to be built out of strong but light materials, they tend to cost more than kick scooters. You can get cheap stunt scooters for around £50 - £60 which can be fine for a beginner and kids who just want to have a go to see if they like it. But if you want the scooter to last, a good stunt scooter will normally cost £100 or more. Some pro stunt scooters can cost as much as £500 although this is excessive.

Kick Scooters


Kick scooters are generally designed for kids who just want a scooter to cruise along the streets, in the playground or along paths in the park.
The materials used are not strong enough to withstand the strain of continuous jumps and tricks.

The scooters are often designed to fold with a folding mechanism and the handlebars themselves can often fold down. This is really useful as the scooter can be carried and stored away when needed in a car boot or school locker. However, this means that the scooters will have weak points which cannot take the strain at the skatepark.

As kick scooters don't need to be as strong as stunt scooters, they are also normally a lot lighter which again can be advantageous. Lighter scooters are easier to carry which can be especially useful for parents of younger children. They can easily fold and carry the kick scooter when their child is fed up with using it at the park. Or it can be easily carried when the rider scoots into a busy urban environment.
Lighter scooters are also easier for younger and smaller children to be able to control.

Kick scooters are generally cheaper to buy as the parts needed to make them are not as expensive. For example, the wheel cores can be plastic rather than metal. Some top end kick scooters do use more expensive materials, which means they cost more but they generally have some excellent design features such as being extra lightweight for younger children. Kick scooters for kids can range between £20 to £150. However there is a lots of variation in the price. £20 scooters won't generally last as long and they may start to rattle when riding.
Young children’s scooters tend to be cheaper but of course, they are smaller.

Which Scooter Is Right For Your Child?

Choosing the right scooter can be a minefield. Consider some of the following when deciding which scooter to buy.


In the past, most stunt scooters have been aimed at children from 8 plus. However, as the demand for younger riders for stunt scooters increases, there are more stunt scooters for a 5, 6 and 7 year olds. Younger, lighter kids won't need a stunt scooter to be quite as strong so the best stunt scooters for them tend to be cheaper. Age 5 is the very youngest you can purchase a stunt scooter.

Are They Trying To Do Jumps Already? 

Many kids will try out jumps on a kick scooter and this is a huge clue that they need to graduate onto a stunt scooter. Obviously, it's not ideal for children to be putting their kick scooter through this kind of punishment and a stronger scooter will withstand the impact from jumps and tricks.


Stunt scooters have a huge price range. If they are just starting out you may want to consider a budget stunt scooter to make sure it's for them before you spend a huge amount of money on a stunt scooter. If you are sure they are serious about a stunt scooters, check out some of the best beginner stunt scooters.

Intermediate and advanced scooter riders will want a stunt scooter that is as light and strong as possible and with a compression system. They may have a preference for wheel size. Many riders prefer slightly bigger 110mm wheels or even 120mm and 125mm wheels. And it will be important they have metal cores, high quality urethane as well as high rated ABEC bearings. Of course, all these extra features will mean the scooter will cost a lot more money!