Top 10 Electric Scooters For Kids Reviews

Best 10 Electric Scooter for Kids Reviews

If you are buying an electric scooter for a child, than the age you are buying for will be very important. Younger kids will want a scooter with lower speeds to make sure that they are safe. Older kids, teens and adults will want more powerful scooters.

Do you know about twist grip acceleration, expected battery life, the best deck size and the top speeds you should be aiming for? As well as recommendations of electric scooters by age there are also top tips on what to consider when buying an electric scooter.

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Zinc Volt XT Electric Scooter

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This is a good option of first electric scooter for the youngest of children. It's recommended for kids aged 6 plus, has a maximum weight capacity is 50kg and comes at a very competitive price point at stores including argos and amazon. 

Conveniently, it's a hybrid scooter, so it can be used both as a kick scooter and an electric scooter. This is really useful if you are out and the scooter runs out of charge you can always just convert to using it as a kick scooter.

The top speeds on the scooter are 8mph in good conditions, so the kids can enjoy the thrill of the ride, but parents don't have to worry about them going more quickly than they can handle. It works best like many electric scooters for kids on flat surfaces rather than going uphill.

Ideally for young kids, this is light which makes it easier for them to manoeuvre and control. Adults can also carry it when needed.

The footplate isn't as wide as on some other scooters like the Razor scooters (featured below). However it should be fine for small feet to fit on side by side.

Initially, it's recommended to leave the battery charging for 12hr + even when the green 'charged' light is showing to help prolong the overall battery life. The battery can last up to 1 hour (which is a good amount for an electric scooter).

Zinc E4 Electric Scooter

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This is another awesome choice of entry level electric scooter for young kids from aged 6 upwards. In comparison to the zinc volt, it's more expensive but the E4 has a charge time of just 2 to 3 hours! Kids don't wait long and they're back on the road.

Other special features are that it folds, has a height adjustable handle and is very light to carry and control at just 4.3kg.

The top speed is 8km/h or 5mph which is ideal for little ones. They can whizz around and have fun without going at ridiculous speeds. Less worrying for the grown ups!

Kids can travel up to 6km on one charge with the expected ride time being approximately 45 minutes.

There's push n go acceleration. Kids need to give the scooter a few pushes to get going and the electric motor to kick in.

All in all a speedy, light electric scooter which has a very short charge time.


Razor E90: Recommended Age: 8 Years Old

This Razor Scooter is aimed for kids age 8 plus. However, there are 6 and 7 year olds that can used this scooter, so parents can use their own judgement as to whether the scooter is appropriate for their child.

It goes up to speeds of 10 mph. If they ride a bike, they may very well go faster than this electric scooter when riding a bike so that gives you a benchmark as to how fast the scooter is and whether it would be suitable. But for young kids, you don't really want them travelling much more quickly than 10mph even if they are mini adrenaline seekers.

Kids will need to get the scooter up to 3mph to kick start the motor. There is a push button throttle that is easy to use for kids.

What about the wheels?

The urethane wheels are puncture proof and work well on smooth flat surfaces. Air filled tyres are better for older, heavier kids as they will provide a more cushioned ride. But for younger, smaller riders the urethane wheels should be sufficient.

The hub motor has been designed to be maintenance free unlike the chain driven motors on other Razor scooters. No alignment no chain, and no chain tensioner on the E90.

The power core technology on the scooter have increased the run time. The E90 gives about 70 minutes of continuous use on one charge. On the downside, they charge time is long taking about 12 hours to charge.

For easy braking, there's a hand operated front brake. ​

Verdict - a good first scooter for younger children.

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter - From 8 Years Old

The Power core E100 is also aimed at kids from aged 8 and goes up to 11mph.

It does differ somewhat in comparison to the Razor Power Core E90. The frame height and width is slightly bigger. It has a twist throttle on the handlebar rather than a push button throttle. It has a slightly higher maximum weight ride at 54kg.

It has up to 60 minutes continuous ride time.

It features a 8 inch pneumatic front tyre and a urethane rear.​

Not sure whether to go for the Razor Power Core E90 or the Razor Power Core E100 electric scooter. Check out a comparison here.  ​

Razor E200

This Razor E200 has a recommended age of 13 years and above. Having said this, there are reviews of much younger children using this scooter, so again it really is down to individual judgement as the age group the scooter is suitable for.

It has a bigger frame than the E100 but smaller than the E300, it's a good size for older children around about 11 and 12 years old.

It's features include a rechargeable 24V battery which allows the scooter to go up to speeds of up to 12mph / 19km/h. Like the E100, the charge time is lengthy, with approximately 12 hours required.

It's easy to operate with a twist-grip acceleration control and a hand operated rear brake. The scooter has one speed, and no variable acceleration.

No kick start is required. Hop on the scooter and off you go!

The E200 has two 8 inch pneumatic tyres (as opposed to just the front wheel on the E100) so offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Although it's not really designed for off road, the air filled tyres will give a more cushioned ride over uneven surfaces when needed. It has an all steel frame and fork and a high-torque chain driven motor

Razor E300 Scooter - Recommended for age 13 plus

If you're looking for a fun and speedy option, the E300 is well worth considering. The two 12 volt batteries combined with a 250 watt, chain-driven motor makes this scooter powerful enough to travel up to 15mph in optimum conditions. It's the fastest electric scooter featured in this article.

Ultra-wide air filled tyres ensure a sturdy comfortable ride.  It has plenty of tread for urban environments. It comfortably goes over about bumps and lumps on the pavement.  Although it's not advisable to take this scooter out in the rain due to the electrical components the pneumatic tyres give traction when riding on wet surfaces.

​The scooter is heavy, it's not designed with portability in mind, so if you're looking for a light electric scooter, the E300 isn't for you. On the plus side, there is an option to fold the handlebars down so it’s easier to transport or store.

The larger frame makes this a good choice for teenagers and the wide footplate ensure a comfortable ride. It has rear brake controlled by the lever on the handlebars for peace of mind when you need to brake.

The throttle is a twist throttle, it's either on or off. There is no variation in the speed.

Micro Sparrow Electric Scooter

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The Micro sparrow is an expertly designed and crafted electric scooter. If you're looking for top notch quality and a scooter that's designed to last, this is the option for you.

It has a number of excellent features which include it begin exceptionally lightweight at 5.1kg, being designed by Micro's engineers to make it easy for children to manoeuvre and lift, it has no bulky motor, no chains and no wires.

The swift charge time of 3 hours means that kids won't have to wait long between charges to have fun whizzing around. Once out and about, the scooter has a 6km range.

The scooter is a hybrid, so can be used as both a push along and an electric. Just flick a button to make the switch.

The Sparrow enables children to gradually build their speed - pushing along with their foot to get going, then intuitively picking up pace. With a max speed of 9mph and a smart brake that brings the scooter to a controlled halt.

It's designed for the 8 to 15 year old age group with an 82cm handlebar height and a maximum weight capacity of 75kg.

Like all micro scooters, the sparrow is designed to last being  made of replaceable parts to last a lifetime of scooting.

Zinc T-Motion 3 Wheel Electric Scooter

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Looking for a solid, safe 3 wheel electric scooter for a young rider? The Zinc T-motion could be just what you are looking for. A short charge time and super fun on 3 cool light up wheels with speeds up to 7km/h or 4mph makes this a good choice for young thrill seeker.

The rapid charge time of just 2 hours is a big plus point of the Zinc t-motion. Kids can be back out playing before they know it! And it goes up to 6km before the next charge is needed.

It folds for easy storage and transportation and at 4.2kg it's light enough to easily carry.

With an anti-slip footplate and easy grip handlebars, little ones can feel safe and secure when riding while being the envy of their friends with the light up wheels. The wheels are friction powered so do not use any of the battery.

Just a few kicks are required to start the scooter with the push n go acceleration making it easy for young kids to get going. Going uphill may need a few extra kicks giving kids an additional workout.

This 3 wheeler may not be speedy enough for some, but it's the ideal choice for young kids who want the security of 3 wheels but the thrill of a fun ride!


Marvel Spiderman Electric Scooter

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Recommended for the 8 plus crowd, the Marvel spiderman electric scooter is a cool choice for young superhero fans. It reaches speeds of up to 8km/hour.

It has a higher maximum weight than the zinc scooters at 70kg. It's frame size is also slightly bigger at 90cm tall by 46cm wide. But it is quite a bit heavier (at 12kg) and the charge time is longer at approximately 8 hours.  The ride time from one charge is around 40 mintues.

The scooter is powered by a chain driven motor an 80w high-torque motor and the 140mm PU wheels offer a quick, smooth ride.

Young adventurers will find it easy to use with twist 'n' go grip acceleration, a fully printed, anti-slip footplate and a reactive rear footbrake and handbrake for responsive stopping power.  And use the spring kick-stand for easy storage and when taking a break!


Buying A Kid's Electric Scooter - A Guide To Features and Specs


Electric scooters will have either urethane or pneumatic tyres. Urethane wheels are fine for lighter use and for younger children but older kids and adults will definitely require pneumatic tyres to give them more tread when riding, provide a smoother ride and to take the extra weight. However, pneumatic tyres will cost more.

Urethane wheels will only be suitable for use on smooth surfaces such as pavements but they won't puncture. If you intend to use the scooter for long commutes or for use off road, choose a scooter with pneumatic tyres.

Battery Life and Charge Time

Batteries on electric scooters for kids have traditionally been lead acid batteries that you will see on most Razor electric scooters. The downside to the lead acid batteries is that they are generally heavy - adding weight to the scooters.

However, more recently electric scooters for kids have used lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter and more energy dense. They don't need as long to charge and have good longevity. However, they will be more expensive which is why the faster kids scooters such as the Razor E300 still tend to use a lead acid battery. The more powerful lithium ion batteries will cost a lot more than a lead acid battery.

Lead acid batteries take much longer to charge than lithium-ion batteries.

Ride Time

The average ride time on a scooter varies from around 40 to 60 minutes. Most scooters offer a ride time of at least 40 minutes on one charge. However, the ride time will depend on a variety of factors such as the weight of the scooter rider. The heavier the rider, the quicker the battery will drain. Also the terrain will affect the ride time. A battery will always last longer on smooth and flat terrain compared to inclines and uneven paths.

Different factors will affect the ride times on each charge. Razor have developed a hub motor on their range of power core electric scooters for kids. This has doubled the ride time on one charge on many of their scooters with the power core E90 and E100 having around 60 minutes continuous ride time on one charge.


A Retractable Kickstand

A retractable kickstand is extremely useful. This will allow you to stand the scooter up when not in use.

Kick Start

Many scooters require a kick start of around 3mph before the electric motor starts. Some require less and some scooters don’t require any kick start for the motor to work. Kids shouldn't have any trouble getting a scooter up to 3mph. Generally it's just a few kicks of pushing power.


The speed of the most common and popular electric scooters for kids tend to range from 5mph to 15mph. The speeds advertised tend to be the top speeds a scooter will reach in optimum conditions with smooth, flat surfaces to ride and with a lighter rider.

Push Button Vs Twist Acceleration

Some scooters feature a button which will start and stop the electric scooter. whereas others have twist grip acceleration.

A push button may be easier for younger kids to control and get used to whereas older children may prefer the feel of twist grip acceleration. Many electric scooters for kids only offer one speed whether they have a twist grip acceleration or a push button. However, some electric scooters offer variable speed with the twist grip acceleration. These tend to be higher end models.

Maximum Weight

Pay careful consideration to the maximum weight of the rider. Some scooters have a fairly low weight limit so will only be suitable for children. The weight limit of the scooter may also affect the length of time your child will be able to use the scooter too.


Scooters should either have a hand brake or a foot brake to slow down


Why are you buying the scooter, the purpose will very much affect the one you choose. If you are buying for a child, factors such as fun, safety and battery life will be most important. However, many people now use electric scooters for the commute to and from work or via a train station. Therefore considerations will relate to top speeds, battery life, the weight of the scooter (will you have to carry it on public transport?) or whether or not to have a seated scooter will affect the decisions of which ones to buy.

Built In Light

If you are choosing a scooter for the commute another feature you may want to consider is a built in light so you can see where you are going in the dark evenings. Some have just a front light. Others feature a rear one too

Seat or No Seat

Some electric scooters designed for commuting also feature a seat for extra comfort. Others have the option of removing the seat. Check out some electric scooters with seats for kids.


Obviously the amount you pay will have to be weighed up into consideration to the features the scooter has. When looking at the price of the scooter make sure you have the best features for the money you are paying


Some electric scooters have the capacity to fold. This makes them easier to transport and store. It's also useful when you want to transport the scooter in the car boot and if you want to they could be taken on a train or bus as well.