3 Wheel Scooters for Older Children

3 Wheel Scooters for Older Children

3 wheel scooters are becoming popular with older children for many reasons. Some children prefer the stability of being on 3 wheels. Other children may have dyspraxia or other conditions, which means they prefer using 3 wheels.

The good news is there are many options of 3 wheel scooters for the older age group.

The scooters below are 3 wheel scooters designed for older children from around aged 5 or 6 to 14 years old.

✔️ Top Tip - When choosing a scooter the handlebar should be adjustable so that it is around hip to waist height on the rider. A handlebar which is too low or a too high makes the scooter very difficult to control. 

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Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter (5 to 12 years)


The Micro Maxi Deluxe is a high quality, 3 wheel scooter with outstanding construction and design. It's smooth, agile and quiet, making it a joy to ride. A telescopic height-adjustable handlebar ensures the perfect height for kids of all ages up to 12 years or a height of 152cm.

There are several versions of the Maxi Micro. The version featured above has a chopper style handlebar and wider wheels.

Long Lasting
One of the things I love about Micro scooters is that all their parts are repairable and replaceable, keeping scooters out of the landfill and on the road. You can pass it onto younger siblings or sell it second hand when finished with.

Age Recommendation
It's designed for kids aged 5 to 12 years old who are between 110cm and 152cm tall. If your child is towards the end of this range, also check out the Globber scooters and the 3 wheel Micro kickboard scooter further on in this article (the handlebars on these scooters extend even higher than the Micro Maxi)

Adjustable Handlebar
You can adjust the chopper handlebar at any point between 72cm to 91cm. It's super easy and quick to adjust with a quick-release clamp. Ideally, the handlebar should adjust to around waist height on the rider. The lowest height setting of 72cm will be fine for small children. Likewise, the highest handlebar setting of 91cm is fine for many 12 year olds. Micro constructed the bar with anodised aluminium, protecting against wear and tear. The chopper handlebars give great control and support balance.

The Ride 
The high quality PU wheels measure 120mm at the front and 80mm at the rear, giving a smooth and quiet roll along the pavement. There's no rattling on the Maxi Micro! Kids control the scooter by leaning to steer, so you lean to turn left and right. This allows them to "surf the sidewalk", making the ride is quick and agile. The scooter is super light at just 2.9kg making it easy to control. It's also a doddle to pick up and carry to the top of a steep hill or up a flight of stairs.

Safety is paramount on the Micro Maxi Deluxe. It features a raised silicone Micro branded deck which improves grip. A substantial rear brake makes it easy and quick to stop without scuffing shoes.

Is it foldable? 
The Maxi Micro Deluxe featured above isn't foldable. However, you can remove the bar from the base for easy transportation and storage. If a folding scooter is important to you, there is another version of the Maxi Micro that folds (#amazon affiliate link)

Are there any other upgrades?
You can upgrade the foldable scooter to have LED wheels too.


Best for - This is a great scooter for all age ranges. Its low handlebar setting accommodates younger, smaller children and the highest handlebar height many tall children. It is lightweight and built to last so it's difficult to go wrong. You won't need to buy another 3 wheel scooter for your child.

Not ideal for - those on a tight budget.​

✔️ Top Tip - Lightweight scooters can be advantageous. They are easy to carry and easy for younger, smaller children to control. For example, it's easier for them to lift up and down steps and kerbs. 

Globber Master Scooter (4 to 14  years)



The Globber Master scooter is suitable for kids aged 4 to 14 who are under the 50kg weight limit.

Adjustable Handlebar

The wide adjustable t-bar can be set at 5 different height setting, starting at 74cm and reaching up to 94cm. It's easily foldable with a safe and easy-to-use side push button. This makes transporting the scooter a breeze when you need to.


The extra wide deck topped with soft anti-slip EVA foam makes riders feel stable and comfortable. An extra-long composite rear brake add to a child's safety as they ride.

Steering Lock Button

There's a steering lock button. When pressed in means the scooter can only go forwards and backwards. This is helpful when kids start scooting as they just have to concentrate on moving in a straight line before worrying about steering.


High quality PU casted 120mm front wheels and an 80mm back wheel ensure a smooth ride along the pavement. Super soft dual-colour PR handlebar grips also add to the comfort while scooting.

Globber has become a household name in the scooter world and this is just one of their many offerings. Perfect to see kids scooting until their teenage years.

3 Style Scooters (5 to 8 years)


The 3styles RGS2 scooter is recommended for children age 5 to 8 years old with a weight capacity of up to 50kg. It's much cheaper than the Maxi Micro so a good option if you're on a budget. Although the handlebar doesn't extend to as high as the Maxi Micro scooter so it won't last kids as long.


The handlebar has 5 adjustable height settings which are 52cm, 72cm, 76cm and 80cm. This should accommodate most kids in the recommended age range (and perhaps a bit younger too). The handlebar is foldable, making the 3style scooter easy to transport and store.

Weight of Scooter

The scooter weighs 3.5kg so it's not as light as the Maxi Micro scooter but still should be fine to carry when needed.

There is an easy glide, tilt to lean steering system. Kids lean to go left and right to change direction.


The PU wheels offer a smooth ride and features LED lights that light up as the wheel spins. Great for being seen on dark evenings. They don't need charging or batteries to work. The front wheels measure 120mm and the back 80mm double wheel offers stability when riding.


The handlebar only extends up to 80cm (which is 13cm less than the Maxi Micro), so it will be fine for most kids up to 8 years old (and maybe a bit older - it will depend on how tall your child is). You can measure your child and see how high 80cm will be against their body. Ideally, you want the handlebar to come up to around waist height as this is the most comfortable. height when scooting.

You can get some replacement parts for this scooter, such as wheels and hand grips. This helps keep the scooter on the road for longer if these parts need replacing. However, unfortunately not every part can be replaced like on the Maxi Micro.


Overall, if you are on a budget and looking for a scooter for the 5 plus age group, this is a good choice. Kids love the LED light up wheels and there are 6 bright colours to choose from too.


Globber Ultimum (age 5 to adult)


The Globber Ultimum scooter's unique selling point is its longevity. Amazingly it adjusts up to 101cm high. It will last most kids well into their teenage years. And adults can also hop on and have a go.

Height adjustable handlebar

It has a 6 height adjustable t-bar from 76cm to 101cm, which suits kids from aged 5 up to adults who are under the weight limit of 100kg.


One of its unique features is a patented adjustable steering angle control system. In simple terms, you turn a dial to make the turning circles tighter or looser. It allows you to adjust the steering to suit the rider.

The deck and foldability 

For safety, there's an extra wide deck with anti-slip grips.

There's also a patented, elliptic folding system. Easily fold it down into trolley mode where you can pull it along (or carry it if you prefer).


Finally, extra wide 125mm PU cast wheels to ensure a speedy, comfortable and safe ride.

Choose this scooter if adults want to have a go as well!

Yvolution Y Glider Nua Scooter



The Yvolution Y Glider Nua is a beautifully designed 3 wheel scooter for kids aged 3 to 10 years old. Unique features make it an outstanding scooter that is unlike any others.

Height adjustable

You can adjust the handlebar to 3 different heights, with the lowest being 62cm and a top height of 85cm.


The scooter comes with an accessory slot which allows it to be hung onto the wall, keeping the Y Glider Nua off the ground. It’s fantastic for storing in small places. You can keep it behind the door!

The Ride

The 120mm front wheels and 100mm rear wheel are extra wide and roll smoothly, ensuring a comfortable and speedy ride. The wheels have LED lights. However, the lights aren’t as visible as LED wheels on other scooters so don’t purchase this scooter just for the light up wheels. An extra wide deck with high grip rubber offers extra stability when riding. No worries about slipping! A rear brake ensures easy stopping.


The Nua has a smooth design with no sharp edges or visible screws for safety reasons. Y Glider Nua is the winner of the 2020 Good Design Award.

Folding Mechanism

The smart design of the folding mechanism allows you to quickly fold the scooter without the worry of little fingers being trapped. Just touch a button and fold into place.

Trolley Mode

Once folded your child can easily pull the scooter behind them wherever they go for extra portability.

Best For:
The age recommendation is pretty spot on with the scooter. It’s good for kids from age 3 up to age 10
Not Ideal for - Taller 10 year olds. Although it will suit most 10 year olds, it may not be long until they grow out of the scooter. If you’re buying for a 10 year old and want some growing room, look for a scooter with a slightly higher handlebar setting.
✔️ Top Tip - 120mm are slightly bigger than standard sized 100mm wheels on two wheel scooters but bigger wheels will give a smoother ride over bumps and cracks in the pavement.

Boldcube Scooter



The eye catching Boldcube 3 wheel scooter with bright, colourful light up wheels, will definitely make riders stand out from the crowd.

Height Recommendation

The Boldcube 3 wheel scooter is recommended for kids aged between 6 and 10 years and in the height range of 75cm to 135cm. The handlebar can be adjusted to 5 different heights, 65cm, 70cm, 76cm, 83cm and 89cm.


It features an easy fold design. In just 2 steps, fold down the scooter to fit it in the car boot,  on your buggy, in the corner of a cafe or wherever you need to store it.


Large 135mm front wheels add stability. The advantage of having bigger wheels is that they go further in a shorter amount of time. Larger wheels also go over small bumps and cracks in the pavement more easily. The wheels also light up when scooting.


The brightly coloured wide deck is 13cm across at the widest point. This gives kids lots of stability when scooting.

Weight and Steering

The scooter weighs 3.2kg so is fine to carry when needed. It has a lean to steer steering mechanism, so lean in the direction you want to turn.

Micro Scooters Kickboard Scooter

The Micro Kickboard is a 3 wheel scooter aimed at ages 12 plus and adults. It's a unique scooter, as it has interchangeable handlebars. Scoot freely and quickly with the joystick handle or take full control with the traditional t-bar handle.

It's a lean and steer scooter so it's manoeuvred by leaning in the direction of intended travel and with a shock-absorbing, flexible, wood and fibreglass deck and 120mm wheels you're in for a smooth ride.

The scooter has an adjustable handlebar (71cm-100cm) meaning you can find the perfect scooting stance for you.

As with all micro scooters, the key parts can be repaired or replaced, helping keep the scooter out of the landfill.

Homcom Tri Scooter

Another option of 3 wheel scooter for older children are tri scooters, also known as flickr or caster scooters.

The Homcom works by sliding your feet, twisting your hips and moving from side to side propel the scooter forwards. The scooter allows the rider to propel forward without ever having to pedal or touch the ground, a low-impact exercise.

It's ideal for use on smooth flat surfaces.

It's great for building strength on legs, body coordination and balance.

The scooter can be folded up for easy storage and transport.