3 Wheel Scooters for Older Children

3 Wheel Scooters for Older Children

3 wheel scooters are becoming more and more popular with older children for many reasons. Some children prefer the stability of being on 3 wheels. Other children may have dyspraxia or other conditions which means they prefer using 3 wheels.

The good news is there are many options of 3 wheel scooters for the older age group.

The scooters below are 3 wheel scooters designed for older children from around aged 5 or 6 to 12 years old.

✔️ Top Tip - When choosing a scooter the handlebar should be adjustable so that it is around hip to waist height on the rider. A handlebar which is too low or a too high makes the scooter very difficult to control. 
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Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter

This scooter is expensive but you get a durable scooter which is designed to last. They have a good resale value on sites like ebay too.

Long lasting
The scooter has modular parts which are all replaceable so it should in theory last forever. It definitely can be passed onto siblings.

Age Recommendation
It's aimed for kids aged 5 to 12 but younger and older kids have used this scooter too (some as young as 4, some as old as 12). In reality, it's best to ignore the recommended age and go for look for the height of the handlebar.

The lowest handlebar setting is 67cm. Ideally you want the handlebar to come up to waist height on a child, and the lowest height setting of 67cm will be fine small children.  The heightest handlebar setting is 93cm which will be fine for many 12 year olds as long as they are under the max weight of 50kg for this scooter.

It features a height adjustable handlebar with height ranges from 67cm to 93cm. The handlebar has a quick release clamp so you can easily set it at any point in this height range. This means it will be the perfect height for your child when they are using it and as they grow.

The wheels are 120mm wheels at the front and a 80mm wheel at the back. They are made of high quality PU and offer a really smooth, quick ride along the pavements.

​It features a lean to steer mechanism, so you lean to turn left or right. This is great for "surfing the sidewalks".

It's slightly heavier than the mini micro but still super lightweight at just 5.5 pounds or 2.5kg.

Weight Limit
The weight limit on the maxi micro is 70kg.

Height Recommendation

It's recommended for children between 110cm and 152cm

A foldable scooter is easier to carry and store. You can fit it into a boot, under the stairs, or in a school locker if it's in the right dimensions.

The handlebar is made out of anodised aluminium which means that it's less likely to corrode. The classic's handlebar is made of aluminium.

The footplate has a raised, branded grip which not only gives extra stability but makes sure you have a genuine Micro scooter

It's on the more expensive side but you are paying for high quality parts which are durable, strong and will last. It can be passed onto siblings and you may never need to buy another kick scooter. It offers a very quiet and smooth ride, there won't be any rattling parts on a maxi micro scooter.

Best for - This is a great scooter for all age ranges. Its low handlebar setting will accommodate younger, smaller children and the highest handlebar height many tall children. It is lightweight and built to last so very difficult to go wrong. You won't need to buy another 3 wheel scooter for your child.
Not Ideal for - those on a tight budget or those looking for a foldable scooter.

✔️ Top Tip - Lightweight scooters can be advantageous. They are easy to carry and easy for younger, smaller children to control. For example, it's easier for them to lift up and down steps and kerbs. 

I Scoot Pro V2

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This iscoot pro v2 is another a great alternative to the mini micro scooter, especially if you are on a budget. 

Age Recommendation
The Iscoot is another 3 wheel scooter designed for kids aged 3 and older.

I actually bought this for a friend's son who was age 6 at the time and wouldn't go on 2 wheel scooters.
The reports back were that he loved it and used it a lot. 

I also bought the same scooter for my own son and you can read my review here.

The scooter has a folding mechanism that is great for storing, carrying and transporting a scooter in the car.
Height Adjustable Handlebar
​ It has a height adjustable handlebar so will grow with your child. The handlebar adjusts from 69cm to 84cm.
The wheel size is 120mm. This makes the scooter great for cruising as larger wheels tend to go over cracks and bumps in the pavement more easily giving a smoother and faster ride. The wheels are made of PU material and they have ABEC 5 bearings.
The scooter weighs approximately 4kg so is quite a bit heavier than the maxi micro and iscoot blaze.On paper, this scooter looks good and it does have some very good reviews on amazon. However, the reviews aren't as consistently good as for the micro maxi but it's over half the price cheaper.  The maxi micro scooter is also more lightweight which can make it easier to control and go a bit more quickly too.
Best For: 
Younger or smaller children who need a handlebar on  a low height setting.
Not Ideal for - those who are looking for a lightweight scooter that's easy to carry. At 4kg it's the heaviest scooter featured. Also tall children will want a scooter with a higher handlebar setting.
✔️ Top Tip - 120mm are slightly bigger than standard sized wheels on two wheel scooters but bigger wheels will give a smoother ride over bumps and cracks in the pavement. 

LA Sports V2 3 Three Wheel Tri Scooter


This scooter is designed for kids aged 3 to 12 so it's designed for older kids.

Height Settings
It has five different height settings at 62cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm and 90cm. So there should be a height to suit most older kids.


The scooter features 120mm front wheels and a rear 100mm wheel Bigger wheels mean less kicks to get you speed up.  The big wheels also mean a very stable ride. The wheels are PU so offer a smooth ride too.

Maximum Load
The maximum weight is 80kg (12 stone 5 pounds)

3 Style Scooters

Age Recommendation
The age recommendation for 3 style scooter is recommended for the age of 5 to 10 years old. However, the lowest handlebar setting is 58cm so much younger kids should have no problem using this scooter.

Handlebar height 
The handlebar is adjustable from 58cm to 85cm. However, there are only two adjustable height settings in this range, whereas with a scooter like the maxi micro you can adjust it to any point within the height range stated.

The scooter is foldable.

Weight Limit
The weight limit is 50kg

The scooter weight approximately 3.23kg.

Best for - best for young and small children as they lowest handlebar height is 58cm.
Not Ideal For - not ideal for people who want a scooter which can be height adjusted to any height.

Boldcube Scooter

Bright, colorful with light up wheels, the boldcube 3 wheel scooter will definitely stand out from the scooter crowd.

Height Recommendation

The Boldcube 3 wheel scooter is recommended for kids between the height range of 75cm to 135cm. The handlebar can be adjusted to 3 different heights, 76cm, 81cm and 86cm.


It features an easy fold design so in just 2 steps you can fit the scooter in the back of your car, on your buggy or the corner of a cafe.


The wheels are 135mm. These are big wheels for a 3 wheel design (most wheels tend to be around 120mm). The advantage of having bigger wheels is that it will go further in a shorter amount of time and will go over small bumps and cracks in the pavement without absorbing as much of the shock.

Weight and Steering

The scooter weighs 2.7kg so is easy to carry when needed. It has a lean to steer steering mechanism, so lean in the direction you want to turn.


Outcamer Scooter

The Outcamer scooter is recommended for children aged 3 to 12 years old with a weight limit of 50kg. The height recommendation for the scooter is 80cm to 160cm.


The handlebar has 3 adjustable height settings which are 77cm, 82cm and 87cm.  The handlebar isn't foldable but you can easily pull out the handlebar from the base (just press a button to release the handlebar) so it's easy to store.

Weight of Scooter

The scooter weighs 3.2kg so although it's not the lightest scooter out there, it's still pretty light.


The PU wheels offer a smooth ride and features LED lights which light up as the wheel spins. Great for being seen on dark evenings. They don't need charging or batteries to work. The front wheels measure 120mm and the back 80mm double wheel offers stability when riding.

This scooter is a generic scooter which is made by a manufacturer and then resold by different companies under their branding. The scooter is also being sold by We Skate scooters so it may be worth looking at the two different brands and seeing which is the cheapest before purchasing.

Googo Kick Scooter

The Googo kids scooter is aimed at kids with an age recommendation of between 3 and 13 years. Although the highest setting on the scooter is 34 inches / 83.3cm so it likely a bit small for many 13 year olds but should be okay up to around 8 or 9 years at least. This is one of the most affordable scooters on this page, so if your budget is one of your most important considerations, this scooter is well worth checking out.

Scooter Summary

There are four different height settings at 25.5inches (64.7cm), 27.5 inches (69.9cm), 30.75 inches (78.1cm) and 34 inches (83.3cm).

Like similar priced scooters it has a removable handlebar rather than a foldable one.

The PU wheels also have LED lights and the scooter has a lean to steer mechanism.

It has a maximum load capacity of 120lbs which is approximately 54.4kg.

Micro Scooters Kickboard Scooter

The Micro Kickboard is a 3 wheel scooter aimed at ages 12 plus and adults. It's a unique scooter as it has interchangeable handlebars. Scoot freely and quickly with the joystick handle or take full control with the traditional t-bar handle.

It's a lean and steer scooter so it's manoeuvred by leaning in the direction of intended travel and with a shock-absorbing, flexible, wood and fibreglass deck and 120mm wheels you're in for a smooth ride.

The scooter has an adjustable handlebar (71cm-100cm) meaning you can find the perfect scooting stance for you.

As with all micro scooters, the key parts can be repaired or replaced, helping keep the scooter out of the landfill.

Homcom Tri Scooter

Another option of 3 wheel scooter for older children are tri scooters, also known as flickr or caster scooters.

The Homcom works by sliding your feet, twisting your hips and moving from side to side propel the scooter forwards. The scooter allows the rider to propel forward without ever having to pedal or touch the ground, a low-impact exercise.

It's ideal for use on smooth flat surfaces.

It's great for building strength on legs, body coordination and balance.

The scooter can be folded up for easy storage and transport;