Maxi Micro Scooter Review

Maxi Micro Kick Scooter Review

Are you looking into buying the maxi micro scooter? This article will tell you answer all your questions and tell you everything you need to know about this scooter.

What is the maxi micro scooter? 

The maxi micro is a 3 wheel scooter aimed at older children between the ages of 5 and 12 who are within the height limits of 110cm to 152cm.

As with all scooters that maxi micro make, there is little debate that these scooters are well engineered, well designed and will last a long time. However, they are one of the most expensive 3 wheel scooters on the market.

Are maxi micro scooters worth the money? 
Many people are prepared to pay the price as long as they know that they aren't getting ripped off. So what is so good about this scooter? How does it compare to other 3 wheel scooters for other children? Are there any good alternatives to the maxi micro. Read on to find out the answers to these questions and lots more. ​

What is So Good About the Maxi Micro Scooter?

In summary this scooter has it all. It is height adjustable by a great amount so can be adjusted to the perfect height for children between 6 and 12 or within the height range of 110 to 152cm. It will grow with your child within these age ranges.

The PU wheels give a really smooth, comfortable, quiet and fast ride, with no rattling that you get on many cheaper scooters. It’s super lightweight which makes it easy for all children to control and manoeuvre.

​It is built to last. Each key part can easily be repaired or replaced so this scooter will last a lifetime if it is looked after properly.

The maxi micro sounds and looks really good so let’s look at some of these features in detail.

Can you fold the maxi micro scooter?

There are two versions of the maxi micro scooter.

Classic Maxi Micro
The classic version doesn't have a foldable handlebar. This is because the scooter has been designed to be as lightweight as possible. A lighter scooter is easier for young children to control. They can lift it up and down kerbs and steps while scooting. It’s also easy to carry a lighter scooter when you need to. For example, you may be in a busy street or park. Or a young child may be fed up of scooting and parents may have to carry the scooter. A folding mechanism adds weight to the scooter so it wasn't included in the original classic design. However, the handle bar stem can be released from the base by pushing in a push button when you want to collapse the scooter.

Deluxe Maxi Micro

The really good news is that now micro have now designed and built a foldable version of the scooter which is the maxi micro deluxe version. It is still super lightweight at 2.5kg but it is slightly more expensive than the maxi micro classic (about 10 pounds more).

The foldable feature is really useful. It makes it easy to carry. You can easily store it in lots more places such as under the stairs or in a cupboard or transport it in the boot of a car.

How Do You Adjust the Handlebar on the Maxi Micro?

Quick Release Clamp
It's super easy to adjust the handlebar on the maxi micro scooter. It has a quick release clamp. You release the clamp, adjust the handlebar to the desired height and then replace the clamp to secure it in place.
Huge Height Adjustment
The handlebar adjusts from 67cm to 92cm on the maxi micro deluxe and classic, so you can make sure it’s the perfect height for your child.The handlebar is so easy to adjust that you can easily adjust it in between riders if more than one kid of a different size wants to have a go. No tools are required.

How do you steer the maxi micro scooter?

Like the mini micro, the maxi you lean to steer the maxi micro. This is quite easy to pick up but it can be difficult for children who are used to steering with the handlebar at first.

Maxi Micro wheels

The maxi micro offers a very smooth ride and much of these can be attributed to the wheels. They are made to PU and have excellent bearings. The front 2 wheels are 120mm and the rear wheel is 100mm so the ride is powered from the front. The scooter easily manages any bumps and cracks in the pavement giving a really smooth, comfortable journey for the rider.

What is the weight limit on the maxi micro?

The weight limit depends on whether you get the maxi micro classic or the maxi micro deluxe.

​The maxi micro classic has a weight limit of 7 stone 12 pounds or 50kg. The foldable deluxe has a weight limit of 11 stone 1 pounds or  70kg. This may be a huge factor in which one to get for the child in question. If you are buying for an older, heavier child it may be worth going for the maxi micro deluxe.

What about the footplate?

The footplate is unique among scooters as it is made of fibreglass which is a super strong but extremely lightweight material. The footplate is 58cm long which is a good size for children of the intended age group


One of the major selling points of the maxi micro classic and deluxe is that these scooters are designed to last. If you are worried about too much stuff ending up in the landfill, then this scooter can relieve these fears.

As already mentioned each important scooter part can be repaired or replaced. Therefore there is no reason why this scooter can't be passed down to siblings, cousins or friends. It also has a fantastic resale value. So once you have finished with this scooter why not sell it second hand. You can recoup some of the initial outlay making the original price of the scooter a lot less.

Are there alternatives to the maxi micro?

The maxi micro is expensive so people often ask if there are any alternative 3 wheel scooters for older children. And the answer is yes there are. However, they do compromise on some of the features the maxi micro offers. This doesn't mean they are no good. Some of the features of the maxi micro may not be important to you so it may make sense to go for an alternative.

Some of the alternative include the iscoot blaze, the iscoot pro and 3 style scooters 3 wheeler. You can read about these alternatives on the 3 wheel scooters for older children page.

Maxi Micro Classic vs Maxi Micro Deluxe

As already mentioned there are two versions of the maxi micro scooter, the classic and deluxe. Some of the differences have already been mentioned but the diagrams highlight the main difference in one go.
Maxi Micro Classic
Maxi Micro Deluxe

Can an 11 or 12 year old use the Maxi Micro?

The maximum age recommendation for the maxi micro is 12 years. However, the age recommendation, is really just that, a recommendation. To see if it is suitable for older children you really need to look at the maximum height and maximum weight limits. The maximum height recommendation is 152cm (5 foot). The maximum weight recommendation is 70kg (11 stone 1Ibs) on the maxi micro deluxe and 50kg (7 stone 2lbs)  on the maxi micro classic. Therefore if your 11 or 12 year old child comes in the maximum height and weight recommendations they will be okay to use the scooter. Although they may not have much growing room on the scooter and it may not last them for long.

Can a 2, 3 or 4 Year old use the maxi micro?

The age recommendation for this scooter is from aged 5. However, younger children do use this scooter. In order to determine if the scooter could be used for a young child you need to look at the height of your child.

Ideally scooters should have handlebars which come up to around hip to waist height. If the handlebar is higher than waist height, it makes the scooter more difficult for children to control. If you imagine riding a scooter with a handlebar up to your chest, you can imagine how difficult this would be for a child.

The lowest handlebar setting is 67cm on the maxi micro, so you can measure how high this would be on your child. I would think this would be too high for most 2 and 3 year olds, but it might be okay for a tall 4 year old. 2 and 3 year olds would be better on the mini micro. The highest handlebar setting on the mini micro deluxe is 67cm. The mini micro deluxe is esigned for children 80-110cm tall so this will probably suit children within the 2 to 4 year old age range better.

The mini micro scooter is also lighter so easier for younger and smaller children to control.

How much does the maxi micro scooter weigh?

Both the deluxe and the classic version weigh 2.5kg so it's super lightweight, easy to control and carry.

Are there different designs and colours?

Yes, there are lots of different colours including black, green, redpink and purple. If you go to the micro scooters website you can also create your own and mix and match colours too.

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These scooters have so many 5 star reviews it really is difficult to go wrong when you purchase one.

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