The Best Scooters for 11 and 12 Year Olds

If buying a scooter for 11 or 12 year old the best scooter will depend on the following:

What will the scooter be used for? Stunts, cruising along pavements, off-road use or all three?

Bang for your buck - the best features for your money.

Height of your child - the scooter should be the right size for your child to use. If you anticipate that they will have a growth spurt in the near future, can the scooter accommodate this?

Coolness factor - is this important to the child? Read on for some suggestions of some excellent 1.) kick scooters 2.) stunt scooters 3.) three wheel scooters 4.)dirt scooters 5.) electric scooters for this age group

Top Tip -  If an 11 or 12 year old wants a scooter to do tricks on, it is vital to get a stunt scooter with a fixed (non-adjustable) handlebar which can withstand the punishment of doing tricks.  Check out some stunt scooters here.

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Top Kick Scooter - JD Bug Street Scooter

The JD Bug is an excellent scooter for cruising along the streets, great from getting from a to b, fab for the school run. It’s not the right scooter for doing tricks. If he wants to take it to the skate park look for a dedicated stunt scooter instead.

JD Bug is one of the most popular brands of scooter in the UK, so it’s difficult to go wrong.

Height Adjustable Handlebar
The minimum height  is 630 mm and the max height is 950 mm

A handlebar is comfortable around waist height when scooting along, so this will accommodate most 11 and 12 year olds and even offer growing room.

Light, Foldable and Portable
It weighs just 2.78kg. If the rider ever needs to transport it for any reason, it’s light for them to pick up.
It’s also foldable which is useful for storing, for taking on public transport or for putting in the boot of a car. And as a bonus, it has a built-in shoulder strap, making it a breeze to carry.

✔️ Large or small wheels - you will see kick scooters with small and large wheels for 11 and 12 year olds. Small wheeled scooters (100mm and 110mm wheels) are lighter, more compact when folded and easier to carry. Larger wheels (120mm and higher) will be speedier and cover longer distances in a shorter time. They also offer a smoother and more comfortable ride as they cover over cracks and bumps in the pavement more easily.

Hudora Big Wheel Scooter

The Hudora Big Wheel scooter is ideal for older kids, teens and adults alike. Its big wheels are excellent for cruising along the streets.

Handlebar and Weight Limit

The handlebar is adjustable and the ideal size for 11 and 12 year olds. With a range of between 79cm and 104cm, it will accommodate them into their teen years. The maximum rider weight is 100kg, so even adults can use this scooter for commuting.

The handlebar is also foldable, so it is easy to store and carry when needed. It weighs 4.7kg, so it isn't the lightest scooter but will be light enough to carry short distances.  There is also an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it easy to carry when walking and taking on and off public transport.


The scooter features extra big high-rebound 87 A PU wheels. 87a means they are solid wheels that are resistant to wear (the higher the number, the more solid the wheel). The wheels are 205mm and offer a safe but quick ride over distances. The wheels help make it a good commuter scooter too, perfect for getting kids to school on time. The bigger the wheels, the quicker the ride and the fewer vibrations over bumps and cracks in the pavement. There is a rear friction brake on the back wheel for slowing down.

More Features

The scooter features a stand to keep it upright when not in use.

✔️ Portability - how portable will you need the scooter to be. Will it need to be carried on a bus, train or transported in the car boot? Will they have to carry the scooter up a hill or into school? If so, it might be worth considering how heavy the scooter is. Is it light enough to carry? Can it be folded compactly so it can be stored at home or school or transported in the car? Kick scooters range from extremely lightweight (under 3kg) up to around 5kg.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

This is a top-notch scooter for older kids and teens. It's made by Razor which is a well respected US brand of scooters. It's a great size for 11 and 12 year olds. With the bigger wheels, the scooter stands taller than other scooters. Its height adjustable handlebar allows them to have the scooter at the best possible height for them. The big wheels also ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for the older child.


The bigger urethane 200mm wheels with RZR pro bearings give a smooth, comfortable ride. Bigger wheels go faster, further which is appreciated by the older kids. They can get to their friend's house in record time and leave later to scoot to school!


One of the excellent features of the Razor big wheel scooter is that they have low to the ground decks. This is especially advantageous with a kick scooter as you don't have to bend your kicking leg as far to get to the ground when pushing along. This leads to a much more comfortable and more efficient ride. The Razor A5 Lux is only 6cm off the ground, so it really is an excellent choice for an enjoyable ride.

The deck length is 32cm by 10cm so a very nice size for 11 and 12 year olds.


The handlebar is height adjustable between 75cm to 97cm, so again a good choice for this age range.


The Razor A5 can be folded down and carried when needed. It weighs 4.2kg (so is very lightweight for a big wheel scooter). Its folded dimensions are 78ccm x 12cm x 31cm so it can be folded down easily to fit in a boot of a car, use on public transport and even put in a large locker if needed.

Other Features

The Razor has a rear fender brake for slowing down (although it's worth noting that in wet weather like with other kick scooters the brake is not as effective). It also has a kickstand for easy storage.

Verdict - overall this is a mid-range kick scooter with a quality build and design. It's sizing makes the perfect big wheel scooter for 11 and 12 year olds to whizz around with on the streets.

✔️ Height Adjustable Handlebars - adjusting the height on the scooter handlebar can be important on a kick scooter as ideally the most comfortable handlebar position is about waist height. If you think about riding a scooter, too low a handlebar will mean it's uncomforable to bend down to reach the handlebars and too high handlebars will lead to a lack of control.

Globber Flow 125

Another ideal kick scooter for 11 and 12 year olds, the Globber Flow is appropriately sized for growing kids with 4 different height adjustments from 82cm to 97cm.  If you want a strong, sturdy kick scooter this could be just what you're looking for.

The 125mm wheels are slightly bigger than standard scooters, giving a quicker smoother ride but ensuring that the scooter is still light. It weighs just 3.1kg so can be easily picked up when needed .

However, the Globber Flow 125 isn't foldable. Globber's goal with the Flow 125 is a non-folding scooter which is more resistant and durable than kick scooters with a folding mechanism. It hasn't got the weak point that scooters with folding mechanisms do. So if you have a kid who is heavy handed with their scooters, a one piece non folding t bar is a plus point. However, if you're looking for something that will fold you can check out the folding version (the Globber Flow Foldable #amazonlink) which is a little more pricey but just as good.

Another excellent feature for heavy handed kids is the triple deck structure. The aluminium supported and bi-injection composite deck with EVA soft foam grip tape offers both maximum sturdiness and comfort.

The non slip deck, long rear foot brake and durable handlebar grips ensure the rider is fully in control.

Finally, this lightweight but durable scooter is competitively priced.

Micro Sprite Deluxe Scooter

The Micro Sprite Scooter is the ultimate high-quality scooter designed by the Micro company, a well-known Swiss brand, renowned for its precise engineering and durable scooters for all age ranges.

Age Recommendation

This Micro Sprite Deluxe scooter has an age recommendation of 5 to 12 years. The handlebar height reaches 98cm so would be great for the average 11 year old with some growing room. The height recommendation is between 110cm and 152cm. The maximum user weight is 100kg. Micro designed the Sprite to last for years. Each part is repairable or replaceable, keeping the scooter out of landfill. They hold their resale value well on sites such as eBay. Or pass it onto younger siblings or friends.


You can easily adjust the handlebar to at any point between the height ranges of 73 and 98cm to ensure the perfect handlebar height. The handlebar can be folded quickly and easily.


The wheels of the Micro Sprite scooter are made from 87o ShoreA polyurethane, which means the wheels are extremely solid. The higher the number, the more resistance the wheels have to indentation and wear. The Micro Sprite scooter wheels use ABEC 5 bearings, measure 120mm at the front and 100mm at the rear.

Lightweight and Convenient

The Sprite is super lightweight at just 3.3kg. This makes it easy to carry and easy for kids to control too.

Micro gave a Sprite Deluxe to my son Callum to try out! Read our indepth review here.

Micro Speed Scooter

Micro's step up from the Sprite, is the Micro Speed. It's aimed at kids from age 10 plus. It has bigger 145mm wheels, an extendable handlebar which goes up to 98cm (5cm higher than the Sprite).  It's well built with sturdy construction. It weighs only 3.75kg, which is light for a scooter with bigger than standard wheels.

Who's It For? 

This scooter has an age recommendation of 10 years up to adult (it will take up to 100kg) perfectly sized for 11 and 12 year olds. The handlebar adjusts at any height from 68cm to 98cm, so there is a lot of growing room and will last kids into their teen years and beyond. As it's light, you can easily carry it onto a bus or other public transport. You can also attach a strap (sold separately) to make it easy to sling over your shoulder. It is a good scooter for the school run and for short commutes.

A comfortable, enjoyable ride

The bigger 145mm wheels will go further, faster - taking a few minutes of the ride to school. A shock dampening system on the wheels lessens the impact from bumps in the road as you scoot along. Lightweight foam handles are comfortable on the hands. Rubber ends on the end of the handlebars means there is less impact on your hands and on the scooter if the scooter falls over. The aluminium deck is fairly wide for foot space when scooting. Grip tape on the deck stops feet slipping around.

Convenient Features

The Speed has several useful features, including a handy kickstand, so you don't have to leave it lying on the floor. The handlebars fold down easily and quickly for easy transportation and carrying. The handles also fold down, which makes it easy to store in a slimline space. Finally, the brake doubles up as a mudguard to keep dirt away from your trousers when scooting.


The Speed costs more than the Sprite, but you get a scooter that will last longer with bigger wheels for a quicker ride. As will all Micro scooters, the parts are replaceable and repairable so this scooter does not have to end up in landfill but can last for years.



Micro Rocket Scooter

For older kids, teens and adults the Rocket scooter is a kick scooter with a difference, the "fattie" wheels. Why fattie wheels? The larger footprint on the wheels offer greater grip and control. Better for uneven surfaces such as cobbled stones. Ideal for going on the school run or around the streets.

The Rocket also looks cool giving older kids some street cred when riding. Also perfect for giving that extra bit of stability to their ride.

Like most kick scooters, the Rocket has a height adjustable handlebar. It adjusts from 66cm to 96cm and folds like a dream. There's a rear brake for comfortable stops and a clever kickstand allowing the scooter to stand upright when you need to hop off.

The Rocket isn't cheap but like all micro scooters it's an investment. The scooter is durable and built to last. All parts can all be replaced meaning it's kept out of the landfill and on the streets for as long as you want.

All in all an excellent scooter for hop on / hop off journeys. A good choice for older kids on the school run.

We Skate Scooter

The Weskate scooter is designed for older kids, teens and adults with 3 height settings to suit people from 120cm to 185cm tall so is an ideal sized kick scooter for the 11 to 12 age group. It's one of the most affordable kick scooters for older kids and adults in the same price range as the Hudora scooter (featured above).

The handlebar adjusts to three different height settings at 90cm for kids with a height of 120cm, 95cm for kids/teens/adults above 160cm and up to 100cm for teens/adults up to 185cm.

It has 200mm wheels, the bigger wheels are quicker for the school commute and getting to the park and friend's houses than smaller sizes.

The scooter also has a dual suspension system to accommodate a smooth ride.

Easy Folding
There's a 3 second easy-folding-carrying mechanism for quick storage and transportation.

Weight of scooter

Perhaps one downside of the Weskate scooter is it weighs more than similar scooters at 6.12kg. It should be fine if you will not carry it or take it on public transport a lot. However, if the rider is going to have to pick it up and carry it, there are probably lighter options to consider.

Other Features
There's a kickstand and a large aluminum reinforced brake pedal which is easy to use for quick and firm stopping.

Stunt Scooters

Many 11 and 12 year olds will want a stunt scooter which enables them to do tricks, stunts and jumps at the skate park. Stunt scooters are more expensive especially than street / commuter scooters like the JD Bug above ​ as kids get older and bigger as they need to be built the scooter to withstand the weight of the child and the impact it takes when doing jumps and tricks.

✔️ Size of Stunt Scooter - an important consideration is that the scooter is the right size. There are certain measurements that will help find the right scooter. Firstly the height of the bars. Many scooters for this age group have bars around 21.5 inches to 24 inches  (55cm to 61cm) and this is generally a good size for the average 11 and 12 year old.  If they are on the small side look for lower bars and if they are taller higher bars.

Also, bear in mind the size of the wheel. 100mm wheels are the smallest wheel size you can get, but may scooters have 110mm or 120mm wheels which will add a bit more to the height of the scooter.

Some scooter specs give the measurement of the entire height of the scooter, which is useful. For beginners, ideally, you want the bars to sit between hip and waist height for better control. As kids, get older and more experienced they may prefer bars which sit lower as many pro stunt riders prefer. Bars which are too high can cause more of a problem as the arm is at an uncomfortable position when riding and it's easier to knock the bars into your face on the ramps.

Most 11 and 12 year olds will be between the height of approx 140cm to 160cm and will be looking for a scooter with a total height of between 75cm and 85cm. We've featured a range of scooters with varying sizes to accomodate the various heights within this age range and preferences for higher and lower set ups. The most important thing to note is the bar shouldn't sit higher than the belly button when riding the scooter. But don't go too low as you might get some back ache!

Fuzion Pro X-5  Stunt Scooter

If you're looking for an entry level stunt scooter at a competitive price, the Fuzion Pro X-5 scooter could be the choice for you. It features some excellent features that only seen on pro scooters. It's strong and durable but also light (just over 3.2kg). A lighter scooter makes it much easier to learn and perform tricks.    

The overall height is just over 81cm. Obviously 11 and 12 year olds vary in size, so it's a good idea to measure how high the scooter will be when they're riding it. Ideally, beginner riders do best with scooters between waist and hip height. Having said this, many skate park pros do like their bars to sit lower (like the rider in the picture) so it comes down to personal preference.  It's important to note if you're expecting the bars to come up to waist height it is probably better to go with another scooter.


The premium 100mm PU wheels feature 5 spoke metal cores to withstand the impact of jumps and tricks. Metal core wheels are stronger than plastic ones and will resist the impact from tricks at the skate park for longer.

The 100mm wheels can be upgraded to 110mm wheels if your child wants to improve the scooter in the future. Bigger wheels are generally preferred on a stunt scooter as they last longer and they are faster and smoother too. So you can upgrade to 110mm wheels with alloy cores as your child's skills progress.

Overall, a robust beginner scooter with the option to upgrade the wheels if needed. However, if they heavy skate park users, you probably want to get a higher-end scooter. It's probably the best choice for a child who wants to have a kick scooter but still be able to use it at the skate park on occasion.

✔️ Budget Stunt Scooters Vs Pro Stunt Scooters - there is a huge disparity in price when it comes to buying a stunt scooter. Budget stunt scooters have their place. They are good for lighter kids who are just trying out a few tricks and stunts. However, if your child is serious about the skate park, it's worth spending a bit more money. Pro scooters are generally designed to be strong but lightweight. The lighter the scooter, the easier it is to control and do stunts but it needs to be strong to withstand the impacts of continuous landings.

Budget scooters may compromise on some of the features. Their wheels may have plastic rather than the alloy cores found on pro scooters. Wheels tend to be smaller so won't be as smooth or fast or durable. They may be strong but heavier so more difficult to control. Pro scooters are more likely to be made of strong but light material such as chromoly steel. It should also be easier to upgrade parts on pro scooters meaning your scooter should last longer.

The key is to weigh each scooter on its merits and price and the requirements for your child.

Bargain Beginner Stunt Scooter  - ​Two Bare Feet - Cipher Model

The Two Bare Feet Cipher model is dirt cheap. However, it's important to be realistic, a stunt scooter at this price point isn't going to be as durable and as well designed as a higher end pro scooter. You will be compromising on some features such as smaller wheels with plastic cores and some weaker parts.

However, for trying out a few beginner jumps and tricks, it's a good version to try before graduating onto something stronger. It does have good reviews, but it seems that most of the reviews are for people who use the scooter as a kick scooter rather than at the skate park.

It's super for smooth scooting along the pavements and / or if your kid is a little rough with their kick scooter. If an 11 or 12 year old wants to use the scooter mainly at the skate park it's probably best to get a stunt scooter with alloy core wheels which is a little more robust.

Bars - The bars measure 83cm from the floor to the top of the handlebars. They are 43cm in width which is on the narrow side (compared to some pro stunt scooters).
Deck - a 4 inch wide (10cm) deck. It's narrower than some other stunt scooters but still okay for beginners.

Weight - It's lightweight at just 3.5kg. A lighter scooter is easier to learn to do tricks and stunts on.

Wheels - The wheels are 88A, 100mm PU and offer a smooth ride along the pavements. The wheels aren't the strongest for skate park use.

Overall, this is a good, solid kick scooter. It will withstand a few tricks from younger and smaller riders. Bear in mind that heavier and taller riders are going to put a lot of pressure on the scooter for skate park use, and the scooter isn't really strong enough to withstand a huge amount of impact.

Chilli Base Scooter - Top Pick


The Chilli base scooter is a good looking, durable and strong scooter that is perfect for the beginner / intermediate stunt scooter riders of the 11 and 12 year old age group. Chilli Pro scooters are high-end scooters and parts but without the price tag to go with it. The Chilli Base features excellent high quality features at a very competitive price.

The scooter is 79cm in height - which will be perfect for many 11 and 12 year olds. As already stated, ideally you want the bar to come up between hip and waist height on your child. The wide handlebar gives kids optimum control. It's also light for kids to start trying their first tailwhips, jumps and tricks on the ramp.

Another area where the Chilli base scooter excels is the 110mm wheels. Normally on scooters at this price point, you'll find smaller 100mm wheels which are fine. However, 110mm wheels will last longer because there is more urethane. They also give a faster and smoother ride.

My son was given a Chilli base scooter to try out. You can read our indepth review of this scooter here. Currently, you pick up this scooter at both amazon and micro scooters.

My son Callum on the Chilli Base scooter

Chilli Pro Reaper Scooter

The Chilli Pro Reaper is a step up from the Chilli Base and is Chilli's offering for ambitious beginners and intermediate riders. It has a slightly higher bar with an overall height of 84cm so will suit 11 and 12 year olds on the taller side. This affordable all round scooter is great for both park and street.

One noticeable feature of the Reaper is the super wide 23" T bar (58.4cm), which allows the rider to whip the bars round quickly. The bar measures 23" in height.

The 110mm wheels offer a smooth ride and allow riders to gain a lot of speed at the skatepark.

The deck measures 19.6" by 4.5" so plenty of foot space and the scooter weighs 3.8kg

The Reaper also features a solid, triple clamp, integrated headset and HIC compression.

Another fantastic all-round stunt scooter at a great price.

Dominator Airbourne Scooter

The Dominator brand of scooters are highly regarded with high-quality, pro features, yet they remain competitive on price.

The Airbourne is the top of their line but  nicely sized for 11 and 12 year olds with bars which are 22.75" high and 21.5" wide. The full scooter height from top to bottom is 78.64cm.
One thing about this scooter is its strong throughout. Riders will love their oversized, strong steel bars.

The box-sized, flat bottom deck is wide giving plenty of foot space for riders. The deck measures 19.6" by 4.7".

It's a good choice of scooter to start out with. It looks and rides great, plus riders can slowly upgrade each point as they get more serious, like change the deck if they want or need to.

District style grips make the scooter extra comfortable on the hands. District are a well known, high quality brand for their scooters and parts. The Airbourne also showcases 110mm PU wheels by District run with a mini HIC compression, including a threadless alloy fork.

Perhaps one downside of the scooter is it's slightly heavier than others with a weight of approx 3.9k.

Overall, if you're looking for a quality and strong stunt scooter for a beginner or advancing rider at a competitive price, this is an excellent choice.

Rampage R3 Scooter

The Rampage 3 is aimed at the 10 to 13 age group who are intermediate to advanced riders,  so ideal for 11 and 12 year olds who want to hone their skills and master some harder tricks. It has some fantastic specs at an amazing price point.

Wheels -  the 120mm spoked alloy core wheels look amazing and also feature high rebound PU for a smooth and comfortable roll. Most stunt scooters offer wheels sized either at 100m, 110mm or 120mm. Bigger wheels that are sized at 120mm are faster at the skate park and offer a smooth ride when cruising the streets (cruising more easily over bumps and cracks). They also last longer as they have more urethane.

Deck: The box deck has plenty of footspace for this age group measuring 45cm by  (19.4" by 4.9") The wide deck is great for extra stability, balance and mastering tougher tricks.
Weight - the scooter weighs 3.78kg.
Bars - a standard size one-piece steel y bar which measure 58cm wide by 62cm high (22.8"(w) by 24.4"(h). The overall height of the scooter is 87cm.

Grips - comfortable and durable swirl grips

Overall a solid and  light scooter, excellent quality, perfectly constructed with a box deck

Crisp Switch

The Crisp Switch 2020 is a fantastic budget option that is great for beginner riders. It's well worth checking out.

This is another scooter that is nicely sized for this age group. The bars measure 22" in height by 20" in width. The scooter has a total height of 81cm.

The footplate is 19.5" in length with a width of 4.5".

This really is an excellent scooter for the price with top quality components. The 100mm alloy core wheels are smaller than some other scooters featured but are strong for skate park use.

The overall weight is 3.7kg, great for trying out new tricks.

At the price point, it's a real bargain and you can still expect good looks, IHC compression and an excellent solid build.

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Replica Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

This excellent scooter is designed and made by Nitro Circus and pro scooter rider Ryan Williams.

It's appropriately sized for the younger rider, approximately aged from 8 to 12 (for beginners and smaller riders).

The handlebars are 22" by 18". The total height is 80cm.

A super light deck 19" by 4". The deck is on the smaller side compared with most of the other scooters featured. So if you have a kid with larger feet, it may be better to go with another scooter with a larger deck.

Super light scooter at 3.4kg. For beginners, you are going to learn tail whips and learn tricks really fast on this scooter as it's so light therefore easy to manoeuvre.

Overall,  this is a great scooter for beginner riders or riders who want a low and light set up at a competitive price.

Blunt Envy Prodigy S8

The Blunt Envy S8 Prodigy is a super light scooter and looks amazing with an outstanding range of colours to choose from. The Blunt S8 series are well known and respected stunt scooters within the pro community. This scooter screams exceptional design, style and high quality throughout.

Summary - A really cool looking scooter for intermediate /advanced riders who want to progress with their skills. The scooter is easy to upgrade with higher end parts if you want to.

Design - cool colour choices which all aesthetically look great.

Deck - There is a cut out in the bottom of the deck with lips which have been moulded onto the underside of the scooter. This is your grinding surface and will mean less scratches and wear and tear to the bottom of the deck.

Bars - the aluminium reaper style bars effectively mean lightweight but high density - they are strong. No issues with snapping or bending. The bars are  (24.5" in height by 21.25" in width). The total scooter height is 88cm (which is the tallest scooter featured on this page). This is going to suit taller 12 year olds or riders who want a higher set up. The bar shouldn't sit higher than the belly button when standing on the scooter.

Brake - a really nice nylon brake, offers plenty of stopping power and is nice and quiet.

Wheels - comes with 120mm by 24mm, gap core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings.  Bigger wheels are better for a smooth ride and faster spin.  The wheels can be upgraded up to 125mm if you want even bigger wheels in the future.

Weight - at 3.4kg this scooter is light, especially for it's size, making it easier to control and perform.

Compression - IHC compression.

Double clamp - nice clean look

Deck - a lovely elongated deck which measures 19.5" by 4.72" (49.5 cm long by 12cm in width). The deck has nylon inserts on the back and front to protect ankles and other body parts from any sharp ends.

Fork - the exposed fork with a major cut out in the headtube is not only weight saving but also looks super cool.

Hand grips - soft comfortable, cool colours, 160mm long.

This is an ideal choice for any kid serious about working on their skills and spends their time at the skate park doing just that.

Slamm Strobe V4 Lazer Stunt Scooter

If there was an award for the best looking scooter, the Slamm Strobe V4 would be a contender. However, not only does it look amazing, it is also jam-packed full of premium components. This works well for kids of all abilities. One thing is for certain, you will stand out on the skate park with the fantastic looking scooter.

It's one of Slamm's top end scooters and it excels in many areas.

One area where the Strobe stands out is its larger deck. The heat treated aluminium boxed channel measures 20.75"by 4.8", so there is plenty of room for your feet. This is great for a comfortable ride when on the street or at the skate park.

If your kid also wants to use this as a kick scooter, the 110mm alloy core wheels offer a smooth, graceful ride. But more than that the wheels are strong and fast with ABEC 9 bearings for tricks and stunts on the skate park.

The reinforced steel riser t-bars is nicely sized for taller 11 and 12 year olds. The dimensions measure  H 24.5"x  W 23" (623mm x 585mm). The overall height of the scooter is 86.5cm and the ride height is 80.5cm (the ride height is the measurement between the top of the deck and the top of the bar grips).

It weighs 3.9gk, which is on the heavier side compared to some other scooters featured but with a larger deck and handlebar, it's going to be at this price point.

Overall the quality is excellent. The Slamm Strobe V4 is built to last. And it's finished with team grips with impact resistant bar ends and both front and rear deck blocks.


What To Look for When buying a Stunt Scooter

How much you spend and the features you look for when buying a stunt scooter will very much depend on the what the kid wants to use it for and how much they are into scootering and doing tricks and jumps.

Beginner / Low stunt level use

If they are a beginner and just want to start doing a few tricks. Or perhaps they mainly use their scooter as to get from a to b but may do a few jumps or bash it about a bit on the street than one of the beginner style stunt scooters from Madd gear, Slamm or Grit will be a good choice.

Intermediate Riders

If they are a regular at the skate park and are using their scooters a lot, it's worth spending a bit more to make sure the scooter lasts. Again the Madd gear, Slamm and Grit brands are some good choices. Other brands may include Lucky, District, Envy and Blunt.

Advanced Riders

An advanced scooter rider will probably have a clear idea of exactly what they want so it's worth consulting them.  Some scooters will start at around £200 plus but they will be designed to be lightweight with extra reinforcement. The detail on the design of the scooters will be find on the wheels and bars.

Scooter Essentials Explained

There are lots of things to know and look for when buying a stunt scooter. Here are some essentials explained:

Bar - Always make sure the bar is a one piece.

Wheels - Metal solid (alloy) core wheels are better than plastic core wheels. They will last longer. Alloy cores tend to be standard on all mid range stunt scooters.  The higher end metal end cores will weigh less, so it will depend on how much  you want to spend.  Also look for high quality PU wheels.

Bar height - the bar height on stunt scooters generally sit between waist and hip height.  Beginners should aim to start with scooter bars about waist height. As kids start to perform tricks they may develop a preference for lower bars or prefer a higher set up. It can depend on their style and what feels comfortable for them.

Decks - decks come in all different lengths and sizes. Wider decks are better for street riding. So if he / she likes to ride his scooter along the streets as well as do tricks a wider deck is worth looking out for.

Compression -  scooters for beginner riders will use a threaded compression system, which clamps the bars onto a threaded fork.  More advanced scooters will have different types of compression. Look out for HIC ( Hidden Internal Compression), ICS (Inverted Compression System) and SCS (Standard Compression System). All of these compression systems are different but offer more resiliance, robustness and performance when compared to threaded fork systems.

You can read more about what the different specifications on scooters mean in our guide to stunt scooters.

3 Wheel Scooter

There are many 3 wheel scooters available to suit older kids and adults who prefer them. The one featured below has an extendable handlebar height of 97cm making it a good choice for the older child / teen. But you can check out more 3 wheel scooters for older kids here.

Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter

If you're looking for a 3 wheel scooter for an 11 or 12 year old, the Maxi micro scooter is worth considering.

Age and Height Recommendation
It’s recommended for kids aged 5 to 12 years old. It aims to accommodate children up to 152cm, so if your child is nearing this height, it may be worth considering a 3 wheel scooter for adults such as the micro kickboard scooter. 

Height adjustable handlebar
The handlebar can be adjusted from 67cm to 93cm, so you can make sure it’s the right height for your child. The handlebars can be removed from the base for storage and transportation.

It uses a lean to steer steering mechanism.
The PU front wheels 125mm and the back ones are 100mm.
It is super lightweight at just 2.5kg, so easy to carry up steps, up steep hills, in and out of the home or car or whenever needed. . Check these and other ones out on the 3 wheel scooter for older kids page.

✔️ Scooters with Pneumatic Tyres - some kick and all dirt scooters will features air filled tyres. Pneumatic (air filled tyres) have both advantages and disadvantages. Pneumatic tyres tend to give a slower ride on a kick scooter and they take more effort to push off and kick along. However, they have much better grip on the road which is invaluable when it's raining or slippy on the road surface as they offer more traction and better stopping power. Pneumatic tyres will also give a much more comfortable ride, giving cushioning over bumps and cracks in the pavement much like a bicycle does.

Dirt Scooters


Dirt scooters add an extra dimension of fun to a scooter. They allow kids to scoot off terrain, on grass, dirt tracks not just on the pavement.

The Osprey dirt scooter is an excellent choice with really good reviews.

It features 200 mm off road tyres for grip on any surface

The chromoly handle bars with large rubber grips help give a comfortable ride. The tough aluminium deck withstands the punishment from stones and gravel on dirt tracks.  The stainless steel rear brake gives durable and reliable stopping power.

Electric scooter - Ripsar 24 V

The Ripsar 24 is an electric scooter, which can reach speeds of up to 10mph. The scooter features twist grip acceleration and has one continuous speed.

It has an adjustable handlebar with 3 different heights (85cm, 90cm and 95cm) which makes it an ideal choice for growing kids. It features a pneumatic front tyre and a rear urethane wheel. The air filled front tyres give some cushioning offering a more comfortable ride.

A handy kickstand is good to stand the scooter up instead of laying it on the ground. Comfortable handgrips are another bonus.

Overall a decent kids electric scooter which is fun to ride.

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