Top 6 Best Dirt Scooters - Buying Guide

Dirt scooters are an awesome addition to a scooter collection. They are different to kick or stunt scooters because they designed to be ridden off road on rough terrain. They can cover ground including mud tracks, drops, grass, canals, woodland and other terrain which is inaccessible on a traditional scooter. Scooting on off road terrain adds an additional fun factor to the scooting experience. In order to cope with off road conditions, dirt scooters are heavy, strong and have big wheels with air filled tyres to absorb the off road shocks.

Older kids, teens and adults may want to use dirt scooters on bmx trails and dirt tracks where they can try out jumps and high impact manoeuvres. Dirt scooters are amazing for adventurous kids who want to try out something fun and exciting away from the skate park. It's important to choose the right scooter which is strong but lightweight to cope with the extra force required in landings.

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What to Consider When Buying an Dirt scooter.

Like all scooters, there is much to consider when buying a dirt scooter. Some questions will be can the rider cope with the extra weight of a dirt scooter?


If you are buying for a child, than the age, height and weight of the child needs to be taken into consideration. It is important the scooter is strong enough to withstand off road riding.  However if it is too heavy, it may be difficult for younger and smaller kids to control. If this is the case, look for a dirt scooter which is specifically made for younger riders. The scooter should be light enough for them to use. Some dirt scooters have a recommended age range.

Weight of the Scooter

Some dirt scooters can be very heavy. This is fine if you are an older, stronger rider. However, ultimately you want the lightest dirt scooter that your budget can accommodate as lighter dirt scooters tend to be easier to control and nicer to ride. More expensive scooters tend to be made with stronger materials but are designed in such a way that they are more lightweight.


The main difference between traditional scooters and all terrain scooters are the wheels. The wheels are bigger with high pressure. all terrain tyres that can cope with rough ground. Like car tyres, they will have different treads and patterns. The type of tread may offer increased traction when riding so is something to consider.  Look for nobbly tyres which offer increased traction.

Wheel size

The wheel size is a factor to consider when choosing your scooter. Larger wheels offer a smoother ride on the toughest terrains which is why dirt scooters all have larger wheels than you'll find on a standard kick scooter. If you want extra control to do off road jumps and stunts (perhaps on a bmx trail), consider slightly smaller wheels.

Wheel Hubs

If you're want dirt scooter to do jumps, tricks and stunts along dirt and bmx trails, look for a wheel that has a metal core to withstand the extra external force demanded when landing

Split Core Hubs

Split core hubs on dirt scooter wheels make it easier to change tyres. However, they do tend to be on more expensive models and are not a necessity.

Maximum Weight of Rider

Like all scooters there will be a maximum rider weight. This is important as you want to make sure a dirt scooter will last for a growing child. You also want to make sure that it will accommodate a teen or adult if that is what you want from the scooter. If possible get the lightest scooter that will accommodate your weight.

If you or your child are not very heavy, a scooter with a high maximum rider weight will normally be more expensive, heavier to ride and you won't need it, so look for something lighter. As well as the maximum rider weight you may also see a maximum rider weight for aggressive riding which will be lower. The maximum weight for aggressive riding is for people who jump and perform drops and tricks on the dirt scooter.

Type of Terrain

Most dirt scooters can be ridden on pavement and smooth surfaces as well as on uneven terrain. However, dirt scooters may take more effort to ride on smoother surfaces and won't be as quick due to the extra traction for the wheels.

Some dirt scooters are designed to be super strong so that they are perfect for heavier rides who want to do jumps on BMX trails. If you have this in mind, make sure that the scooter will take your maximum weight when riding aggressively. Also look for a dirt scooter with a fully welded aluminium construction which is light enough to do tricks but strong enough to take the impact. It's possible to get a scooter that could be used for the school run in the week and off road fun on the weekend. If this is the case look for one that is easy to ride on smoother surfaces like pavements as well as off road.


The handlebars should be at a comfortable height so it's easy to control the scooter. This tends to be around mid hip to waist height although some people prefer them to sit lower. The handlebar will be fixed, not adjustable. This is because the scooter needs to be strong. A foldable or adjustable handlebar creates weak points in the bar which can snap under pressure.

Most riders prefer wide bars for stunts and tricks. The majority of handlebars have soft grips for comfort when bumping over the ground. All scooters should feature hidden internal compression.

There are y style handlebar or straight handlebars. Either is fine and is a matter of preference.

Kick Stand

Not all dirt scooters features a kick stand. It shouldn't be a deciding features but a kick stand is nice to have so you don't have to store it lying down.


The decks should offer superior grip. Decks vary in length and width. Like all scooters a shorter deck is better for smaller riders. Small decks are better for tricks and jumps too. Some riders will prefer a longer deck for more foot space. Choose a deck which is more comfortable for you. Ideally all decks should be strong and lightweight.


Most scooters features a spring brake so you can slow down. Look for one which is easy to change if you expect to use this scooter a lot.


High end scooters have stronger and more durable parts and should last longer. Top end scooters will be made out of strong materials which are also light which costs more. The amount you pay will very much depend on how much you will use the scooter, your budget and what specifications are important to you.

Which Brand Should I Get?

Despite being such a new innovation, there are now quite a few scooter manufacturers which make dirt scooters. The brands including Osprey which has been making dirt scooters for a number of years.  Lucky is another manufacturer which also makes of high end stunt scooters. The one to buy will depend on what specifications are important to you. Check out the options below.

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​Osprey All Terrain Off Road Dirt Scooter


The Osprey all terrain scooter is perfect for scooting off road and over all kinds of terrain. Ride it over dirt, grass, along canal paths. Tackle dirt tracks and downhill runs. It's aimed at kids age 12 plus to adult.

Wheels and Tyres
The thick (200mm) off road tyres are perfect for scrambling around off road. The nobbly tyres with 3 to 3.5mm anti-skid tread depth offer excellent traction. The wheels feature three piece CNC aluminium metal hubs which are strong to withstand high impact manoeuvres.

Handlebars and Deck
The chrome handlebars feature large rubber grips to keep you holding on and comfortable when riding.  The fixed handlebar is 97cm high which is a good size for adults and teenagers. The hardwearing aluminium deck is designed to take the punishment of any flying rocks and gravel on dirt tracks.

Stopping Power and Terrain
The stainless steel rear brake is built to offer you durable and reliable stopping power whatever the terrain. ​

Scooter Weight - the scooter weighs 7.39kg which is fairly heavy. This is still fine for jumps and tricks but if you're serious about stunts look for a lighter scooter (like the Lucky dirt scooter featured below).

Rider Weight and Age Recommendation
The maximum user weight is 100kg. It's recommended for older kids through to adult.

If you're looking for something which is solely for off road scooter use, occasionally try out a few dirt tracks or BMX trails and/ or do a few jumps and tricks - this is an excellent choice.

Bikestar Kick Scooter with Brakes, Mudguard and Air Tyres


The Bikestar scooter is a solid and study scooter for young children (around 7 year plus) to go off road over grass, muddy paths and uneven terrain. It can also be used as kick scooter on pavement and smooth tarmac. It's not a great choice for BMX trails and couldn't be used to do jumps, tricks or at the skate park because it's too heavy.

Wheels, Weight, Brake and Steering

It features 12 inch (approx 300mm) wheels with pneumatic tyres which are great for handling grass and rougher terrain. It weighs 7.2kg so is heavy. It's not a scooter you want to carry for long distances.

There's a big and strong rear and front wheel handbrake. The steering bearings make sure the scooter is easy to steer

Two Bare Feet Dirt Scooter


The Two Bare Feet dirt scooter is a mid range priced scooter for kids who wants to have a go at navigating a few dirt trails. This scooter is a good choice for younger children and those who are just out beginning and want an introduction to off road scooting. If you are serious about the dirt tracks and doing tricks, go for a higher end scooter which will have metal wheel cores and other features to withstand jumps and tricks.

Wheels - The wheels have 190mm x 40mm pneumatic off road tyres. The wheels aren't as knobbly as some other dirt scooters but they do offer grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.

Weight - It weighs 5.5kg and has a total height of 76cm so it's should be fine smaller kids to manoeuvre and control on off road terrain.

Age Recommendation - it's suitable for ages 7 plus and has a weight recommendation of 100kg. The overall height of the scooter is 91cm.

Lucky Warthog Dirt Scooter

If budget isn't a problem, the Lucky dirt scooter is top of the range and extremely well designed and durable. This is an expensive dirt scooter, so what are you getting for your money? Firstly it's extremely strong while still being lightweight. If the kid you are buying for is serious about doing tricks and jumps on BMX trails and dirt tracks, this is an excellent scooter. It's a stylish too.

Construction - the bar is made of 4130 chromoly and TID welded so at 5.1kgs is extremely lightweight for a dirt scooter but super strong too.  The deck is long and wide (25" by 5") and is made from aircraft grade aluminium. The scooter has a total height of 97.5cm and the bars measure 58cm high and have a width of 58cm.The scooter features an SCS compression system which is the strongest compression system out there.

Brake - the brake uses 18 gauge spring steel. It's the perfect angle and comes with an anti-vibration pad which is brilliant.

Grips - the scooter uses Lucky Vice Grips. They have been designed to be "super grippy" but are also super comfortable and durable. Fab when flying around over the mud.

Wheels - Lucky partnered with Kenda to add dirt-gripping 200mm wheels with strong aluminium cores which will have you flying down the dirt tracks.

Ascent Dirt Scooter

This is an excellent solid mid-range budget dirt scooter perfect for kids scooting off-road. If you are serious about tricks, the Lucky dirt scooter or Osprey are probably better choices. But this is great for younger kids who want to try out some off road scooting, along grass and uneven terrain.

Wheels - Heavy duty nylon 2 piece wheel hubs, (not metal hubs so not the strongest for withstanding aggressive impact) The wheels are fitted with 200 x 50mm pneumatic tyres

Scooter Weight is approximately 5.8kg which isn't too heavy and should be fine for scooting along off road.

Full scooter height - it measures 83.8cm from top to bottom. It's recommended for kids (aged 7 and above) through to adults. Ideally, the handlebar should come up to between hip and waist height for better control.

Xootz Dirt Scooter


Another great mid range dirt scooter for kids, the Xootz stunt scooter is a competitively priced and is great for off road use over canal paths, woodland and cobbles. The large pneumatic wheels are ideal for off road scooting. However this isn't a great choice for BMX trails, tricks and jumps. This is because the wheels have plastic cores which aren't as strong as metal cores for withstanding the impact from harsh landings.

Wheels The thick 200mm (8") pneumatic tyres are fantastic for scooting on all terrain. Some reviewers have said the tyres are hard to pump up because the valves aren't easily accessible. To fix this other reviewers recommend the use a quick release pump rather than a normal bike pump for the job. Once the tyres are pumped up you rarely need to top them up which is  a bonus.

Handlebars The handlebars measure 88cm from the floor to the top of the bar, which is a better size for kids from around 8 years old rather than adults.

Deck - The wide aluminium deck size is 10cm by 48cm which is a nice size for kids to rest two feet. There is fully printed grip tape on the deck.

Brake - a very responsive aluminium rear brake for quick stopping

Handgrips The hand grips have a soft and textured rubber coating which helps grip when holding on and the handle