Stunt Scooters for 5, 6 and 7 Year Olds

More and more stunt scooters are appearing on the market for younger children aged 5, 6 and 7.  However, although many scooters are labelled stunt scooters, they are often not strong enough to take repeated abuse at the skate park. Some "stunt" scooters may be fine for occasional stunt use, but for repeated use at the skate park it is important to choose a strong, durable scooter that can withstand the force from impact and jumps.

Stunt scooters tend to be more expensive than kick scooters. This is because they need reinforced and durable parts to withstand the abuse from the stunts and the materials also have to be light.  However, kids aged 5, 6 and 7 are lighter and smaller so the impact they make on the scooter with the jumps and tricks isn't as harsh as older, heavier kids and teens. Therefore, stunt scooters for this age group are less expensive than stunt scooters for aged 8 plus.

Find lots of options of stunt scooters for the younger child further on in the article.

The a few things to consider when buying a stunt scooter for a younger child:

1) Handlebar - You want to a scooter with a handlebar which will come up about waist height or lower on a younger child. Stunt scooters generally have a lower handlebar than kick scooters. If the handlebar is too high the scooter is more difficult to control.

2.) Weight of scooter - The scooter needs to be as lightweight as possible. Stunt scooters need to be strong and durable so they tend to have heavier parts, but a stunt scooter which is too heavy will be too difficult for a youngster to do tricks on.

3.) Deck Length - The deck length should ideally be shorter than a standard deck so that it's easier for young kids to manage.

4.) Wheels - PU wheels with alloy cores and fast spinning bearings are the best. Some scooters for younger kids do have nylon or plastic cores and these should withstand the impact required for this age group but alloy or metal cores are superior.

It's also worth checking out the guide to stunt scooters for kids to find out what all the specification and technical terms mean.

Top Choice For Younger Riders

Find below 5 excellent stunt scooter choices for kids aged from 5 to 7 years. At the end there is a chart comparing the features and prices of all the scooters featured.

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Madd Gear Mini Pro Rascal

This is an outstanding lightweight scooter aimed at kids as young as four, designed by scooter giant Madd Gear. It's the ultimate entry-level scooter for the younger rider. The recommended rider height for the scooter is between 76cm and 111cm (2'6" to 3'8").

It is the lightest of all the stunt scooters featured in this article, at just 2.94kg. Being super lightweight means that it's easier for lighter and younger kids to have total control. They will find it easier to manoeuvre the scooter when learning basic tricks and jumps and for their first time on the ramps.

The wheels are 100mm wheels with nylon cores and high-speed PU.

The bars are of a lower height of 18" (45.7cm) and smaller width 16" (40.6cm). Overall, the height of the scooter measures 68cm. The smaller bars give optimum control to smaller kids.

The deck measures  17" (43cm) by 4" (10cm) which is shorter than a standard deck again, making it easy for smaller kids to manage at the skate park.


Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Junior Replica Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Ryan Williams is one of the world's best scooter riders and he has recently launched his own scooter range.

As part of this, Ryan and his team have designed the Ryan Williams Junior Replica pro stunt scooter. It's an ideal first complete scooter for the smallest and youngest of riders.

The 100mm wheels have a spoked alloy core, which means they will withstand the impact of tricks and jumps (avoid plastic cores at all costs on a stunt scooter).

What makes this ideal for a beginner or young scooter rider? Firstly, it's super light weighing just 3kg. The lighter the scooter, the easier it will be for younger riders to use and manoeuvre. Awesome for your first tail whips and to start learning tricks. Yet, despite being so light, the junior replica is strong and durable with its steel threaded fork, steel Y bar and 3 point brake.

The steel handlebar measures 49.4cm (19 3/8") in height by 44.5cm (17.5"). The overall height of the scooter is 75cm. The super light deck measures 43.2cm (17") cm (l) by 10.2cm (4") (w). It's nicely sized for 5, 6 and 7 year olds. The smaller bar and deck sizes make it much easier for younger kids to manage. Soft feel bar grips make this comfortable for smaller hands to control.

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Replica Scooter

The Nitro Circus Replica is the next step up from the Junior Replica but it is still on the small side for a stunt scooter, so it also worth considering especially if your child is on the taller side for their age.

The bar height is 22 inches and 18 inches (55.8cm by 45.7cm) with a total height of 80cm.

It's still very light at 3.4kg, making it easier for small kids to handle. 110mm alloy core wheels ensure this is a top performer on the ramps.

The deck is slightly bigger than on the junior (19" long by 4" wide). Smaller decks are going to be easier for young kids to learn their first tricks. However, a slightly bigger deck is going to give more foot room and more growing room.

All in all, the sleek design, sturdy construction and smaller bars make this another fantastic first complete scooter for junior riders.

Dominator Trooper

The Dominator Trooper is a good beginner scooter that is nicely sized for the younger rider.

It has a smaller handlebar height than other stunt scooters (from the deck to the top it measures approximately 71.2cm which is a much smaller size than standard). The bar height is 18.5"(47cm) high by 20"(51cm) wide.

The deck is 17.1" long by 4" wide (48.3cm by 10cm). The deck size is smaller, making it a superb choice for younger kids' feet.

The 100mm wheels are made by the leading scooter brand District, so their quality is assured. The 100mm wheels feature an alloy core. As kids get taller and bigger, a wheel with an alloy core is essential on a stunt scooter to withstand the impact of bigger, taller kids doing tricks and jumps.

Blazer Pro Shift Mini Scooter

The Blazer Pro Mini Stunt scooter is another top-notch mini scooter at an impressive price point appropriately sized for the smaller scooter rider. It is a lovely colour and will look awesome at the skate park.

The deck is just over 17.7" by 4.5" (45cm by 11.5cm), so shorter but still quite wide. Blazer has kept the deck wide in order to give younger riders maximum stability for learning.

The bars are just over 19.68" by 18.1" (50cm by 46cm), which is a suitable length for younger, shorter riders. The total height of the scooter is 67cm.

Another excellent feature of the scooter is that at 3.27kg this is super light. This is going to make it much easier for kids to learn their tricks, jumps and hops.

100mm wheels with alloy core are great for taking punishment at the park.

Slamm Tantrum 8 Scooter

The Slamm Tantrum 8 scooter is designed for the younger rider with a lower handlebar. This makes it easier for younger kids to control. It's designed for kids aged 4 years plus.

The features include 100mm 88A PU cast wheels with a nylon core, ABEC 7 bearings and the quad clamp for extra strength to withstand the impact from a younger rider's tricks.

The scooter bars are 19.75" tall x 19.5" wide (H:50cm x W:49.5cm).

The ride height on the scooter (the measurement between the top of the deck and the top of the bar grips) is 68cm. And the total height of the scooter is 74cm.

The scooters are hand built by Slamm. A strong scooter that looks cool too.

The maximum rider weight is 75kg.

Grit Atom

The Grit Atom is a wonderful choice for the younger, smaller scooter stunt rider from around 5 or 6 years old. It is slightly less expensive than the other scooters in this list but forgoes some features such as the alloy core wheels.

What's unique about the new 2021 addition to this scooter is it comes with 2 bars, one at 500mm and the other bar is 550mm. This means you can switch from the smaller bar (total height = 72cm) to the higher bar (total height = 77cm) as your child grows. This means the scooter is an excellent choice for small kids who love going to the skate park.

The wheels are 100mm 85A PU Nycore Wheels. Nycore wheels aren't as strong as alloy core wheels. This type of wheel should be fine for small beginners who are starting with a few tricks. However, if they are going to the skate park a lot, it's probably worth investing in a scooter with alloy core wheels as they will last longer.

The scooter is light at 3.3kg, making it easy for young children to practice their tricks, jumps and moves.

The scooter features a threaded fork and a super coil spring brake.

Micro Mx Ramp Beginner Scooter

Micro is well known for their high quality, durable scooters. They are a highly respected brand, so you know if you buy one of their scooters it's well made and well designed. The Micro Mx Ramp Beginner scooter seems to be no exception. It's a great scooter for kids to learn tricks, hops and jumps - perfect for young beginner riders. It makes learning tricks easy.

Micro has designed the Ramp for kick scooting and occasional use at the skate park. If they want a scooter that will be solely used at the skatepark, it's probably best to go for another option.

The age recommendation is 5 to 12 years (who are of a minimum height of 128cm / 4ft 2in). It features a wide handlebar for optimum control. The deck measures 10.5cm by 33cm so is slightly smaller in width than other options. The handlebar height measures 74cm from the deck to the top of the handlebar and 81.5cm from the floor to the top of the handlebar.

The scooter weighs 3.7kg and has a maximum rider weight of 100kg.

Crisp Mini Switch

The mini switch is a perfect scooter for mini dare devils who want to do tricks at the skate park.
Featuring 100mm wheels with crisp super high rebound alloy cores, which will withstand the high impact jumps and stunts small kids can throw at them.

At just under 50cm (19.5") in height and 44.5cm(17.5") in width, it's ideally sized for smaller riders. The total height of the scooter is 71cm, so you can measure the height on your child and ensure it comes to around hip to waist height, so they will have the control they need when riding.

Other notable features for younger kids include a smaller sized than standard deck at 43.1cm(17") by 11.4cm(4.5").

The stylish scooter will definitely look amazing on the skate park. Weighing just 3.4kg, it's also light enough for smaller kids to develop their technique.

Micro MX Trix Stunt Scooter

The Mx Trixx scooter is the next step up in the stunt scooters from the Mx ramp (featured above) for young children in the micro range. It's designed as a beginners / intermediate level scooter for kids aged 5 to 12 so that they can do tricks, jumps and stunts.

It has a one piece aluminium deck and a triple clamp so is strong to withstand the impact of tricks.

The PU wheels are 87A in durometer and have a 5 spoke metal core so are also strong to withstand the abuse from jumps. They have ABEC 7 bearings and are a top quality bearing so they spin fast which is ideal for use on the skatepark.

The total weight is 3.8kg which is on the lighter end for stunt scooters making it perfect for the younger rider. ​

If you are on a budget this is an excellent starter stunt scooter. The handlebars measure approximately 68.5cm from the deck to the top which is a good size for a younger rider. Also, the deck is slightly shorter which makes it easier for 5, 6 and 7 year olds to control.

It should last for quite a few years and be suitable to be passed onto siblings so worth considering as an investment.

Comparison Chart

ScooterBar Height / WidthDeckWheelsWeight
Madd Gear Mini
Pro Rascal Scooter
45.7cm/40.5cm44.5cm - 10.1cm100mm
High speed PU
Nylon Cores
Nitro Circus RW Junior Replica49.4 / 44.5cm43.2 - 10.2cm100mm
PU alloy core wheels
Nitro Circus RW Replica55.8cm / 45.7cm48.3 - 10.2cm110mm PU alloy core wheels3.4kg
Dominator Trooper47cm / 51cm48.3 - 11.5cm100mm
PU alloy core wheels
Blazer Pro Shift Mini50cm/64cm45-11.5cm100mm
Alloy core
PU wheels
Slamm Tantrum VII50cm / 49.5cm48.25 - 11.5cm100mm
88A durometer
PU nylon core wheels
MX Trixx53cm / 45cm48 - 10cm100mm
87a shore wheels
Gritt Atom50cm / 46cm
55cm / 46cm
48.3 - 10cm100mm
PU Nycore wheels
Crisp Mini Switch50cm/44.5cm43.1 - 11.4cm100mm
Alloy cores