Best Snow Scooters for Kids

Bored of sledging? Looking for something exciting to use on the winter slopes. Thinking about a snow scooter?

Snow scooters are fun. They make the perfect accessory to have on snow covered hills during the winter months.

And when the snow’s gone, many snow scooters can ride down grass hills too.

What is a snow scooter?

Snow scooters are like scooters in that they have a handlebar to hold onto and a deck to stand on. The big difference is they don’t have wheels. Ride them down snow-covered hills. They make a great alternative to sledging. A snow scooter isn’t for everybody. They may take a bit of practice to get use to riding them. And it's important to start off slowly. But if you are prepared go give a snow scooter a go, it may be the most exciting activity you do all winter.

Snow scooters are particularly good for gentle slopes. When the bigger hills are very busy with sledgers, you can take your snow scooter somewhere quieter. The smaller hills that aren't particularly good for sledging can be the best for your snow scooter.


Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter

Geospace recommended for kids aged 6 years and up but it can hold up to 220lbs (100kg) so adults can use it to.

It has a one size handlebar at 79cm.

Perfect for use on snow covered hills. Easy to use, just use one foot to push off and ride the slope down to the bottom. The unique thing about this scooter is that you can even use it on grass and dunes, so it’s not just for the winter. Riders will also find the circular handlebar easy to grip

The scooter folds down to a compact size, so it’s easy to carry and store. Another cool feature is the LED lights, so other people can see you coming. You’ll definitely stand out from the ground. And it’ll help keep you safe too.

The super-tough polyurethane deck flexes slightly for a superior ride.

Boyz Toys RY676 Kid’s Snow Ski Scooter

The scooter does the job of tackling snow covered hills and can also work on grass hills too.

It's made of ABS plastic so it tough and durable for the slopes. However, the board may lack the flexibility of the polyurethane board on the Geopace scooter (featured above).

It folds and is lightweight for kids to carry. There's a non skid foot rest to provide extra traction. The handles feature grips for extra control when riding.

It's not the most technical snow scooter, but if you're looking for something that does the job - this might be the one.

You can pick up comparable scooters with slightly different features at varying prices, so it might pay to shop around for similar models if price is a consideration.

Scooter Ski Converter Kit

Let’s face it, in the UK, we get don’t get much snow. So rather than spending your money on a snow scooter that can only be used in the winter, why not turn your kick scooter into a snow scooter with a ski kit. ,

The ski scooter kit can be interchanged quickly. And then your scooter can slide over the snow. When you’ve finished with the kit, just change the wheels back.

Perhaps the downside of a ski scooter kit is that the scooter you have may be quite heavy. It's going to be easier to manage a lighter scooter like some of the others featured. So younger kids in particular might do better with a dedicated snow scooter rather than a converting kit.

Having said this, it's a good option for just trying out a snow scooter without too much of a price tag. Start off with some easy slopes and older kids can pick up the skills needed with a bit of practice.

There are many ski kits available during the winter months. The kit featured is compact and lightweight. It’s easy to install. It’s made of high quality PE material.

GPH Kid’s Snow Ski Scooter


Stiga Children’s Snow Kick Scooter

This foldable snow scooter has a height adjustable handlebar of between 77 and 87 cm, making it a superb choice for growing kids (from around aged between 5). The maximum rider weight is 50kg.

As it can be folded, it takes up much less space in the boot than a sledge.

The scooter is constructed of an aluminium / steel frame so is more sturdy and durable than it's plastic counterparts. It also features foam grips on the handlebars for extra comfort.

Sencillon Snow Scooter

The Sencillon snow scooter is suitable for teens and adults up to to 90kg (200lb).

It features a tilt steering system and lightweight design provide better control when turning, and make it easier to to coordinate and balance.

A reinforced wide board makes it easy to get on and. The scooter is tough and durable. Its non-slip extra-wide board is wide enough to put your feet on the board when riding, so the rider can switch from pushing to enjoying riding.

Quickly adjust the handle, it’s foldable, easy to carry and store.

How to Learn To Use a Snow Scooter

Here are two ways you can learn how to use a snow scooter.

1.) Try sitting on the scooter

You can sit on most snow scooters to get used to it. If you plan on doing this, check that you can use it sitting down before you buy - but most scooters allow you to use them in this way. Once you've had a go sitting on it, then try standing up. You can come back to sitting down when you're tired or if you going down a particularly steep hill.

2.) Stand up on a gentle slope

Get used to balancing on the snow scooter on a gentle slope first. Once your confidence has increased you can graduate onto something steeper. Increase the steepness of the slope as your skills develop.

3.) Pull the scooter along a flat surface gently

Another way for kids to get used to balancing on a scooter is to pull them along gently. You can walk alongside them and pull them along with the handle. This can help them build up their courage before having a go independently.

Can Adults Have a Go?

Parents and other adults don't want to miss out on having fun. But it will depend on the snow scooter as to whether they can have a go. Many snow scooters have a weight limit of 220 pounds so many adults will be within the weight capacity and can step on without breaking it. Look for a snow scooter that will support the weight of an adult before buying.

Want to Maximise the Fun?

If you enjoy using your snow scooter, you can maximise the fun by learning a few tricks. This may be especially great for older kids and teens. Build a snow ramp and have fun riding down from the top of your slope. And learn a few tricks. Obviously you need to take care and take it easy but if you’re used to riding on the ramps at the stunt scooter park, this could be the activity for you. And if you get very serious, you can even get a professional snow scooter.

Check out some epic snow scooter tricks on the video below.