Scooters for Teens


What Are the Best scooters for teens?

The best scooter for a teenage girl or boy will very much depend on what they want to use it for. If they want to use their scooter to do jumps, stunts and tricks at a skate park, then it’s important to get a stunt scooter which are designed to withstand the impact.

Other teens may just want something cool to get the from a to b (perhaps to school) and then you can consider a traditional kick scooter or an electric scooter if speed is their aim.

This article has tons of information to help you choose the best scooter for a teenager depending on their wants and needs.

2018 – Beginner STunt Scooter for Teens​

If you’re looking for a quality beginner stunt scooter for a teenager the Madd Gear MGP VX8 stunt scooter.

It’s features include:

Wheels – 110mm wheels – really when buying for a teen you want 110mm wheels rather than 110mm wheels.

Bars – 23″ by 21″ bars – a good size for most teenagers

Weighs – 3.67kg – fairly lightweight.

Strong and durable with a threadless fork, corrupt core wheels with MGP proprietary polyurethane and full printed grip tape.

If you’re not sure what any of this means, check out the brief guide to important features on a stunt scooter below or read more in depth detail in our stunt scooter buying guide.

stunt Scooters – What FEatures are important?

A stunt scooter is stronger and more durable than a traditional scooter and if a teen is destined to head to the skate park, they will need one to withstand the abuse they will give it.

Stunt scooters are not just for children, nowadays you’ll find many teens and adults at the skate park.  For teenagers you will probably need to consider the following features when buying a stunt scooter.

Wheels – You will see 100mm, 110mm and 125mm wheels. The bigger the wheel, generally the more expensive the scooter. 110mm wheels tend to be the best choice for the beginner and intermediate teen. They go slightly faster than 100mm wheel, last a bit longer (more urethane) and look better. But a cheaper scooter with 100mm wheels may be fine for a younger teen and 125mm wheels a top choice for an advanced rider. Always go for wheels with a metal rather than a plastic core.

Handlebar height – the handlebar on a stunt scooter generally comes up to around hip to waist height. However, some teens may have a preference to whether they like taller or shorter bars. But generally you don’t want bars that come up over your waist or really low to your thighs.

Handelbar width – the width of the bars should be about the same as the width of your shoulders.

Fork – threadless forks are a better choice than threaded forks (more durable and stronger).

What level of use? – Whether you buying for a  beginner, intermediate or pro will affect how much you spend. A beginner will want something they can just get started on, you can upgrade parts such as wheels if they pursue the hobby.

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter ​

This is a great option for beginners and intermediate riders.
It’s been designed to be used at the skate park but also offers a smooth ride on the streets.

It features a a 4.25″ x 19″ deck which offers enough foot space for both  cruising and doing stunts. The deck is made of aluminum and is both tough and light.

The scooter also features IHC compression, sealed headset bearings,

The 110mm aluminum core wheels with high rebound 88A PU and super-fast Fuzion ABEC 9 bearings. These wheels will withstand the punishment inflicted on the scooter with stunts and jumps.

The handlebars are 23 inch tall  and are 22 inch wide. This is standard size for a stunt scooter.

Grit Elite Pro Stunt Scooter

The Grit Elite Pro Stunt scooter is designed for intermediate and advanced riders so if your teen has been at the skate parks for a while this is a good choice.

It is on the more expensive side but with scooters like everything else generally scooters at the higher end meansbetter components. And this scooter doesn’t disappoint. It’s strong and durable but also lightweight at 3.44kg which makes it easier to manoeuvre for tricks.

The wheels are alloy cast core 110mm 88A PU wheels with ABEC 9 bearings fitted as standard. Metal core wheels such as these ones are a must for stunt scooters. Otherwise you’ll be bringing in your scooter for metal core wheels to be added.

It’s 4.5 inch alloy deck is fairly wide. Great for maximum room when grinding. ​
Other top features include HIC compression, oversized tapered Y handlebars and integrated and grind rails,

Ten Eighty Judge Stunt Scooter

1080 judge is a British make of scooter. This scooter has a really cool design and the looks will be what sells it to many

Bar – The handlebars  are 20″ wide and 34″ high bars,  so quite tall. They are ‘Y’ style bars for extra stiffness and strength. Many teens will prefer this style of bars too.

Wheels – 110mm wheels with alloy core with  PU 88a tyres.

Other features include sealed bearing headset and 1080 pro flex brake.

Electric scooters for teens

The E300 razor electric / motorized scooter is the speediest scooter that razor make, meaning it’s a good choice for teenagers. The top speed is 15 mph.

It has 40 minutes of continuous use on one battery charge.

The wide front and rear pneumatic tyres also make it a speedy, comfortable and smooth ride.

The scooter features twist grip acceleration control, a hand operated rear brake and a retractable kickstand.

The maximum rider weight is 100kg.

PARTU Electric Scooter ​

This is another speedy electric scooter which can reach speeds of up to 27km / h.

The neat thing about this scooter is that it can fold, which means it can easily be taken on public transport and stored easily too.

It will ensure distances of up to 8-15 km riding after a 3 hour charge.

It is made of strong carbon steels, and can bear a maximum weight of 198.4 lbs (The weight of an average adult).

The scooter is equipped with a front head light so you can ride in low light conditions as well.

Kick scooters

Kick scooters are designed just to get you from a to b. For a teen this might mean going to meet a friend on their scooter or going to and from school.

When looking for a scooter for a teenager, consider that the handlebars should really come up to waist height for a comfortable ride. Also scooters with larger wheels are great for cruising and going further distances. A foldable scooter is fab for easy storage and for carrying. A foldable scooter is a must if you want to take it onto public transport.

Kick scooters are cheaper than stunt scooter because they don’t have to be as strong. But a kick scooter won’t be suitable for doing tricks. Here are a selection of kick / recreational scooters for teens.

JD Bug Scooter

This scooter is aimed at people from age 8 to adult so it should be fine for most teens. It has a 100kg weight limit and the handlebars are adjustable up to a maximum height of ​870mm (37″).

It features  a sturdy 100mm (4″) wide footplate.

The scooter is foldable so perfect for storing at school / home, putting in the boot of the car and taking on public transport.

It weighs just 2.7kg which makes it easy to carry onto a bus or train if needed.

It comes in lots of different colours.

Hudora big wheel scooter

The Hudora big wheel scooter has an adustable handlebar height from 79 to 104 cm so will be fine for the tallest of teens.

The maximum weight for a rider is 100kg.

The big wheels offer a smooth ride even if you go over a few bumps on the pavement. The big wheels means the scooter can pick up some speed and you can get from a to b quickly and easily.

It can be folded.
A big strong, sturdy scooter.

off road / dirt scooters

Off road or dirt scooters are great fun, teens will love them. They are great for going on dirt tracks, bmx trails, on the grass and other off road terrain.

Dirt scooters tend to have bigger wheels with pnuematic tyres as they offer a smoother ride on rougher terrain.

There is no reason why you couldn’t ride an off road scooter on the pavement and use it on other terrains at other times.

Check out the dirt scooter guide for more information on what to look for in a dirt scooter.

Osprey All Terrain Off Road Dirt Scooter

Like stunt scooters, dirt scooter have to be strong and durable.

The Osprey scooter features tough pnuematic rubber all terrain tyres and supported on aluminium core wheels so they can withstand the impact on different terrains.

The strong aluminum deck is designed to withstand the punishment of stones and the like hitting it.

And the stainless steel rear brake offers durable and reliable stopping power in road conditions.

self balancing scooter

Another type of scooter with a high fun factor which will appeal to many teens is a self balancing scooter. Also known as a hoverboard (although they don’t actually hover in any way!).

Everthing is controlled with your feet, legs and torso rather than handlebars.

The one featured goes up to 10 to 15 km/h. It also comes with built in bluetooth speakers and it also has a carry bag. The carry bag is useful if you need to carry it when going uphill.

​These types of scooters don’t do well climbing up steep hills, so the weight can influence which one you get. The scooter featured weighs 10 kg.

It provides up to 6 hours ride time is provided with a 2 hour charge. ​Check out the self balancing scooter guide for more information on what to look for when purchasing the best model.

More aDvice on Scooters for tEens

There are  a few other points worth considering when buying a scooter for a teen.

1.) Coolness factor – let’s be honest, most teenagers want to look and feel cool. A scooter that isn’t cool is likely to stay in storage at home. There may be brands of scooters that they would prefer. If in doubt, just ask them. Or if it’s a surprise, ask their friends.

2.)Safety – consider helmets, knee and elbow pads.

3.) Ramps – they may appreciate a small ramp to practice tricks and jumps at home. A perfect compliment to a stunt scooter.

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