What Are the Best Scooters for Teens?

The best scooter for a teenage girl or boy will very much depend on what they want to use it for. If they want to use their scooter to do jumps, stunts and tricks at a skate park, then it's important to get a stunt scooter which are designed to withstand the impact.

Other teens may just want something cool to get the from a to b (perhaps to school) and then you can consider a traditional kick scooter or an electric scooter if speed is their aim.

This article has tons of information to help you choose the best scooter for a teenager depending on their wants and needs.

Micro Classic Scooter

The Micro Black scooter is tall and quick, ideally suited for teenagers and adults. It's 200mm fast rolliing wheels make it an ulitmate choice for commuting or getting anywhere you want speedily and comfortably. In fact, it's been the scooter of choice for many commuters for several years.

Perhaps one of the most important features for a growing teen is a fully adjustable handlebar which adjusts from 73cm to 102cm . This will suit taller riders as well as ensure lots of growing room for younger teens.

The Micro classic's outstanding features include a low to the ground deck, so that the kicking foot doesn't have far to travel to push along - giving the rider comfort when riding.  Conveniently there's a kickstand , quality shock absorbing hand grips and the scooter folds for easy storage.

It weights 4.7kg, for a scooter with such big wheels this is light, making it easy to lift on and off public transport or into a car boot.

But maybe one of the best things about Micro scooters is that all of the high quality components and parts are replaceable. This means that the scooter can stay on the road for years - possibly forever meaning it's kept out of landfill which is ultimately good for the environment.

Overall the Micro black is quality - smooth gliding, portable and foldable. It's twice as fast as walking - there's a lot to like.

Here is 14 year old Ethan putting the Micro Classic through it's paces. '

Read our full review of the Micro Classic scooter and find out Ethan's verdict.

✔️Overall Verdict

A folding scooter with a smooth and fast ride. The handlebar extends so that it will grow with teenagers. Perfect for the school run.


Hudora Big Wheel RX-Pro 205

The Hudora Big wheel scooter is a big wheel, sturdy kick scooter which is competitive on price. It is suitable for older children, teens and adults. It's big wheels mean that it can pick up some speed when travelling to friend's houses or school. It also has an adjustable handlebar height from 79 to 104 cm so will be ideal for growing teens.

The 87a 205mm PU wheels are durable, offering speed and comfort when scooting along paths and pavements. The bigger the wheel the faster you can go and big wheels also offer a smooth ride even if you go over bumps in the pavement so the wheels are a good size for gettting places.

The handlebar adjusts from 79cm to 104cm so it suits kids from about age 8, through the teenage years and even adults who are under the maximum rider weight of100kg.

Other notable features include a practical folding mechanism, a carry strap and a kick stand for upright storage.

✔️Overall Verdict

An excellent choice if you want a big wheel scooter but don't want to break the bank. The big wheels make this a good option for speedy school or college runs.


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Razor A6 Kick Scooter

The Razor A6 scooter has everything a teen will need to get him or her from a to b quickly. The urethane 254mm big wheels take you faster, further and it's easily foldable for taking on public transport or storing under a desk.

The height adjustable handlebar suits teens of different heights. It adjusts up to 106.7 cm so if your teen has a massive growth spurt, this scooter accommodates the very tallest of teens.

If your teen is planning to travel long distances, the 254mm wheels will get him there in no time at all. Bigger wheels are better if you want to go further and faster. And it takes less effort to get up to speed with bigger wheels too.

The scooter is foldable and the folding mechanism doesn't rattle.

The Razor isn't the lightest of scooters at 5kg (bigger wheels will always add extra weight to the scooter). However, most teens will have no trouble folding a 5kg scooter. They can take it on and off public transport and put it away into storage when they needed.

The Razor also has a kickstand and rear fender brake for quick stopping.

✔️Overall Verdict

A great big wheel scooter from a well known brand which will suit teens who want to go far and travel quickly and on their kick scooter.


La Scoota Foldable Scooter

La Scoota has been designed with teens in mind and most teenagers will appreciate the cool design of the Pulse (featured above). If the Pulse is not for your teen, there are a variety of other bright colours to choose from.

Large 200mm wheels and front suspension give a smooth ride. Teens will glide over bumps, stones and cracks in the pavement with ease, meaning the scooter is comfortable to use.

An extra wide deck measures 56cm by 12cm. This is bigger than the average kick scooter deck, giving plenty of foot space and extra stability on the ride.

Easily fold La Scooter with the click of a button. The handlebars also fold in and there's a shoulder strap to carry the scooter too. It weighs 5.5kg so it's fine to pick up and carry, although maybe not for extra long distances.

There's 3 height options on the adjustable handlebar (89cm, 94cm and 99cm). If your teen is particularly tall, the handlebar may be a bit short. If this is the case, try out the Razor A6 or Hudora 205 which have much higher handlebars. Ideally you want the handlebar to be around waist height when stood on the deck.

Conveniently, La Scoota has a kickstand so you don't have to lay in on the ground when you stop.



✔️Overall Verdict

Exceptionally good bang for your buck! JD Bug is a leading brand and the street scooter is perfect for smaller teens, particularly if it's used for short commutes to and from school. PU wheels offer a smooth ride while being very light to carry and fold down compactly too.


Beginner Stunt Scooter for Teens​ - Chilli Pro Reaper Stunt Scooter

If you're looking for a quality beginner stunt scooter for a teenager the Chilli  Pro Reaper Stunt scooter is a fantastic all-rounder. Its construction and design is top notch at a competitive price.

Scooter Size

The overall height of the scooter is 84cm. Teenagers vary hugely in size so what's good to know is most beginners do well with a scooter between hip and waist height. Having said this, it may depend on the preference of the teen whether they prefer higher or lower bars on their stunt scooter. Many pro riders like their scooter bars to sit quite low as they have better control when doing tricks.

The right scooter for your teenager will depend on their height and riding preference. A very tall teen may prefer a taller bar.


The Reaper features robust 110mm wheels with alloy cores, ideal for withstanding the impact of tricks and jumps at the mark.

110mm wheels are better scooters than smaller 100mm wheels for the teenage age group. 110mm wheels are faster, last longer because they have more urethane, look good and mean a taller scooter. The wheels can be upgraded to 120mm if the rider in question wants to progress with their skills.


The Chilli Reaper is light at 3.8kg. Lightweight stunt scooters are better for doing tricks as they are easier to control.

The bar is nice and wide at 58cm giving beginners and intermediate riders optimum control.

This is a strong and durable scooter with the unique Chilli Spider HIC Compression system meaning the Reaper is compatible with any brand of scooter so can be upgraded. Ideal for both beginners and intermediate riders.

If you're not sure what any of this means, check out the brief guide to important features on a stunt scooter below or read more in depth detail in our stunt scooter buying guide.

✔️Overall Verdict

A solid, durable and cool scooter, from a well respected stunt scooter brand which will be perfect for trips to the skate park.


MGP Action Sports – MGX E1 Extreme Stunt Scooter

The MGP VX Extreme is aimed at intermediate and advanced riders. It’s an ideal choice for a teen who is serious about the skate park and doing stunts.

Scooter Height

The scooter has an overall height of 89.5cm, making it an excellent choice for the taller or growing teenager.

Super Light! 

The real wow factor regarding this stunt scooter is that despite being tall it’s amazingly light at just 3.4kg. The lighter scooter makes impressive tricks and jumps at the skate park easier to perform. Yet, the MGP extreme is still an industry leader in strength.

Deck and Wheels

The deck is wide and long measuring 20.5″ by 5″ but weighs only 1.2kg making those aerial trips a little easier too. The 120mm wheels with aluminium hollow cores are strong and super fast. This scooter will fly!


Madd Gear has designed an amazingly cool scooter with deck cutouts that not only reduce the scooter weight but look cool. There are many designs to choose from with mixed colour blends. The colour blended wheels match with the dual-compound TPR swirls grips which not only look cool but are durable and comfortable for the rider’s hands too.

✔️Overall Verdict

This is a special scooter. Amazingly light but super strong. Perfect for teenagers who want an intermediate / advanced stunt scooter to improve their skills but being so light also makes it ideal for beginners who are keen to progress.


Nitro Circus Signature 540 Scooter


The Nitro Circus Signature 540 scooter has been designed and ridden by pro scooter rider Ryan Williams. It's the tallest scooter in the Nitro Circus - Ryan William range. It's an outstanding scooter for intermediate and advanced riders.

Scooter height

The overall scooter height is 90cm so this is another desirable option for a tall teenager or even an adult. The bars are wide at 60cm, so wide bars for excellent control - but still super lightweight.


The scooter wheels are 120mm x 28mm. They're wide but still light. They are strong and superfast fast - perfect for advanced users at the skatepark.


The square back deck measures 54cm (l) x 13cm (w) so it's wide with plenty of foot space for larger feet. It's excellent for the skate park and street , a great all rounder - perfect for everything.


The scooter has a total weight of 3.9kg, which is very light for a scooter of this height and size.

What Else is There to Know?

The scooter run SCS compression which is the strongest compression system (find out more about compression systems in my stunt scooter guide article) and features a lightweight quad clamp.

✔️Overall Verdict

The Nitro Circus signature 540 scooter is another feat of engineering as it's huge but super light and strong. You can ride it out the box and it's ideal for serious skate park riders. It has high quality specs and is a great option for growing teenagers.

Blunt Prodigy S8 Complete Stunt Scooter

This is an awesome option for intermediate and advanced riders. It's light, durable and strong and features fast 120mm wheels. There are several different designs to choose from and each colour and look is really unique and nice so you will stand out at the skate park.

It's very light at 3.8kg - not quite as light as the MGP VX9 extreme but still very light for a stunt scooter.  The major cutouts like the fork in the headtube and in the deck cut down the weight on the scooter without compromising on the strength.

The 120mm wheels with ABEC 9 bearings are great for intermediate riders who want some extra speed for their tricks. The bigger wheels also means it's faster when getting from a to b along the streets as well. So it mixes well between the skate park and on the streets.

The bars measure 24.4 inches (62cm) in height and 21.25 inches (54cm) in width. The complete scooter height is 88cm (33 inches).

The deck is 49.5cm (19 inches) by 12cm (4.7 inches).

The long nylon brake with grips will stop your foot from slipping.

✔️Overall Verdict

This is a excellent, high quality, stunt scooter for intermediate and advanced riders. With a unique design for teens who want to stand out. Also great for cruising along the streets.


Razor A5 Air Commuter Scooter​

Razor are a well known brand of scooter and this is their A5 commuter scooter which has air filled / pneumatic tyres as opposed to the urethane / PU wheels that you find on many scooters.

The scooter has been designed for students on campus or for urban commutes. It's recommended for kids from aged 8 all the way up to adult. So it's perfect for the teenage crowd.

The 200mm pneumatic /air filled tyres give a smooth ride over bumps and cracks in the pavement much like a bicycle would.  The wheels are tough enough to withstand the urban terrain (great over cobbles etc). The  tyres are also superior to PU wheels found on other kick scooters when riding over wet surfaces, giving the rider extra grip.

The anti-rattle handlebars add to the comfortable scooter ride and are height adjustable.  They feature soft rubber grips for enhanced comfort, grasp and control.

The scooter is foldable featuring a super strong easy fold t-tube.

The deck measures 35cm (13.4 inches) in length and it supports riders up to 100kg.

The scooter weighs approximately 5.6kg

✔️Overall Verdict

This is a great scooter for teens whether it's for the school run, using around college, running errands or getting to friend's houses.  The pneumatic tyres are shock absorbing so offer a comfortable and smooth ride even over rougher urban surfaces.


Chilli Pro Rider : Archie Cole: Black

If you're looking for a stunt scooter for a growing teen who is already experienced at the skate park this Chilli scooter could tick all the boxes you require. Archie Cole, a pro rider has designed his own signature scooter based on the popular Chilli Reaper model. The overall development of the scooter took 15 months.

With an overall height of 86.5cm Chilli recommend this scooter for riders over 171cm.  Intermediate riders who want to take their tricks to the next level will appreciate this lightweight scooter for honing their moves at the skate park. It weighs just 3.44kg in total.

The scooter features 110mm wheels which are smooth and quick. The deck measures 50cm (l) by 11.5cm in width, a nice size for growing feet and there is a unique design inspired by Archie Cole's hometown on the bottom of the deck.

The scooter features a HIC compression system which is compatible with all other compression systems and allows the scooter to be maintained easily.

✔️Overall Verdict

The Slamm Strobe is another excellent choice for the intermediate / advanced teen rider with premium components, but at a lower price point than the MGP and Blunt scooters.


Electric scooters for Teens

Although not yet legal on UK roads, the government is test piloting many schemes throughout the country, so it looks like it won't be long until you can ride an electric scooter more freely. In the meantime, you still can ride electric scooters legally on private land and roads. An excellent solution is to get a hybrid scooter that can also be used as a kick scooter without the motor. Check out a couple of electric scooter options for teens below:

Segway Ninebot E22E Electric Kick Scooter

The Segway Ninebot E22 electric scooter is an excellent choice for younger teenagers. This is no kid's scooter. It's used by many adults for commuting. However, the maximum speed is 12.4mph, which isn't as fast as other electric scooters on the market. Most adult e-scooters have a top speed of approximately 15mph. The 12.4mph speed limit makes it an attractive choice for teens.

This scooter has many plus points. It only takes 3.5 hours to charge. It can easily be folded with the one-step folding mechanism. It has a 300 Watt motor which is a powerful motor for a scooter in its price range, making it easier to climb hills.

It features a front electronic and a rear foot brake, which are powerful when used together. It's worth teens having a practice with the braking before they go off at speed.

The maximum range on each charge will be dependent on the terrain you are riding on, if there are inclines and the speed of the ride as as well as the weight of the rider. The maximum range on this scooter is 13.7 miles (22km) but the average ride will be around 8 miles (13km). You can extend the range by buying an extra battery that can be attached to the stem.

If you're concerned about safety, there's a bright 2.5W front LED light and rear light that also functions as a brake light allowing teens to be seen on dusky evenings.

The dual density solid tyres are puncture proof. They are comfortable to ride but do best on flat surfaces rather than uneven and bumpy terrain.

The downside of this scooter is that it will void the warranty if you ride it in the rain which can obviously be inconvenient in British weather. However, most e scooters for teenagers will have the same issue.

✔️Overall Verdict

The Ninebot E22E scooter is the perfect first scooter for beginners and teenagers. The 12.4mph speed limit allows parents to have peace of mind as teens can't whizz off too quickly. However, because it's an adult scooter, it still looks the part.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter - Essential

Xiaomi is a leading brand in electric scooters. They recommend the Xiaomi Mi Electric Essential Scooter for people aged 16 years and older.

The Essential scooter features a top speed of 12.5 mph, which is lower than many scooters aimed at adults. It has a front motor with 250W of power. It's not the fastest scooter on the market, but it's certainly fast enough for getting around.

The 8 inch tyres are air filled, so provide a comfortable ride. Air-filled tyres offer a more cushioned and comfortable ride, absorbing the shocks and bumps on the paths. They also have improved grip on wet surfaces. They are also better than their solid tyre counterparts on uneven and bumpy paths. Ensure they are correctly inflated for optimum performance.

The scooter features a minimalist 1 button display for speed and other essential stats.

It can be folded down to carry and store. It weighs 12kg, so you won't want to carry it for long distances, but it's light enough to lift up stairs, onto the bus, or into the car boot.

Overall, it's a great electric scooter, perfect for getting around flat areas.

Osprey All Terrain Off Road Dirt Scooter

The Osprey dirt scooter is ideal for teens who want to go off road for scooting fun. It's great for scooting on dirt tracks, bmx trails, grass and other rough terrain. The Osprey is strong and durable and can also withstand the impact of jumps and tricks along the trails you ride.

The scooter features tough pneumatic rubber all terrain tyres and is supported on aluminium core wheels. The tyres have excellent traction so they can withstand the impact on different terrains.

The strong aluminium deck is designed to withstand the punishment of flying rocks and stones hitting it.

And the stainless steel rear brake offers durable and reliable stopping power in road conditions.

The handlebars have strong rubber grips for comfort and extra control.

✔️Overall Verdict

A superb scooter for off road riding. Ideal for teens who are open to trying a new way of scooting over trails or bmx paths. Also great if your journey includes scooting over grass or dirt tracks.


BELEEV Scooter

If you're looking for a budget kick scooter with large wheels for your teen, it's worth checking out the Beleev.

It has 200mm PU wheels. They're extra large, great for gliding over cracks and bumps in the pavement offering a smooth and quick ride.

The scooter is foldable. You press the folding mechanism to fold. Some reviewers have reported the folding mechanism can be stiff when folding, but it should still do its job. It weighs 4.64kg, which is comparable with other scooters with similar sized wheels. It's easy to pick up and carry, although it may not be something you'd want to carry for a very long time.

There's an adjustable handlebar that adjusts to 4 different heights. These are 81cm, 89cm, 98cm and 103cm. The scooter reaches up high so will be great for adult use too.

The scooter also features a textured non-slip deck and a handy kick stand.

There is a rear fender brake for slowing the scooter down. However, reviews suggest taking extra care on steep hills as it might not be quite as effective when going at speed.

The question with this scooter, is all this budget scooter too good to be true for the price? Yes, it does the job. Although, you may notice some areas aren't quite the quality you'd get on a higher-end scooter.

✔️Overall Verdict

A very competitively priced lightweight scooter with big 200mm wheels and some impressive features including suspension, carry strap, kickstand, mudguards and easy folding system. Good for beginners who want to try scootering for the first time without parting with serious cash. Less durable than other scooters such as those in the Micro range.


JD Bug Pro Commute 185 Complete Scooter


The JD Bug 185 commuter scooter has a handlebar that extends from 74cm to 104cm making it ideal for a growing teen (kids, teens and adults can all use it as a kick scooter). It's lightweight, easy to fold and comfortable to ride. This makes it an excellent choice for commuting to and from school and college. The big 200mm wheels make it a fast and smooth ride so also great for the ride who needs to be somewhere quickly. The overall weight of the scooter is 5.4kg, which is a pretty standard weight for a scooter with wheels of this size.

The comfort of the rider is an important feature in the scooter design. It has a low footplate, so the rider's kicking leg doesn't have to reach too far to push along. The scooter is designed to prevent curvature of the spine, making longer journeys more comfortable for riders of all ages and heights.

An excellent commuter scooter, the large 200mm wheels roll for longer with less effort. The wheel size is the ideal size for getting from a to b and is brilliant for any fast journey. Perfect for scooting around the town or city.

Perhaps the only downside of the scooter is that there is no kickstand, so it will have to be laid on the floor or propped up against a wall when not in use. Obviously, it can be folded down for storage.

It comes in 3 different colours, black and gold, black and red or black and green.


✔️Overall Verdict

A great all rounder which ticks plenty of boxes. The height adjustable handlebar which extends up to 104cm is particulary great for fast growing kids and teens. An investment which is perfect for commuting quickly to school and college or whizzing around towns and college.

Self Balancing Scooter

Another type of scooter with a high fun factor that will appeal to many teens is a self-balancing scooter. Also known as a hoverboard (although they don't actually hover in any way!).

On a self balancing scooter, everything is controlled with your feet, legs and torso rather than handlebars.

The Geek Me Hoverboard featured goes up to 15 km/h (9.3mph). The maximum speed is dependent on the weight of the rider and the terrain the scooter is used on. Another plus is the scooter can tackle 15-degree climbs.

The built-in battery generates 12-15km in range after around 2 to 3 hours charge.

The scooter also comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers and colourful LED lights. The lights are brilliant for keeping riders visible on dusky evenings. There is also a go-kart attachment for extra fun!

The scooter featured weighs 10.5 kg. Bear in mind, this is quite heavy to carry for a long time. However, there is a low battery alarm, so it will warn riders when they need to get back home to charge the scooter.

If you want more information on a self-balancing scooter, check out the self balancing scooter guide for what to look for when purchasing the best model.

Scooter Buying Guide For Teens

All the Info in One Place! 

✔️ Big Wheels vs Small Wheels on Kick Scooters  - The wheels sizes on scooters vary from 98mm up to around 254mm. Bigger wheels (around 200mm and higher) are popular on commuter scooters as they get you from a to b quicker. Bigger wheels will wear out less quickly as they have more urethane. However, some people prefer smaller wheels as they add less weight to a scooter so they scooter will be lighter to carry when needed. Scooters with smaller wheels also fold down more compactly. They tend to be less expensive as well.

✔️ Pneumatic Tyres - some scooters have pneumatic (air filled) tyres. The advantage of these is that they will offer a very comfortable ride over bumps and cracks in the pavement or path. They are particularly good if you have to go over rougher surfaces such as cobbles on your journeys. They also offer more grip when it's wet. The disadvantage of airfilled tyres is that they will require some maintenance to ensure they are pumped up to the correct pressure (like you would have to do on a bicycle) and you might have to deal with punctures. They also tend to add some weight to the scooter so will be heavier to carry when needed.

✔️ Handlebar on a Kick scooter - When looking for a kick scooter for a teenager, consider that the handlebars should really come up to waist height for a comfortable ride.  A foldable handlebar is fab for easy storage and for carrying and taking onto public transport.

✔️ How Much To Spend? - scooters vary wildly in price so it can be difficult to know how much exactly to spend and what you are getting for your money. The level of use may dictact how much you spend on a scooter for a teen. If they are likely to be using it everyday it makes sense to spend as much as you can afford to make sure that the scooter is durable and lasts. Brand name scooters like Razor and Micro often make good choices as they are built to last and Micro scooters in particular can be easily repaired and have parts replaced. If they are only using a scooter occasionally it makes sense to go with a less expensive scooter.

✔️ Kick Scooter Vs Stunt Scooter - Kick scooters are designed to get you from a to b whereas stunt scooters are primarily designed for doing jumps and tricks at the skate park. Therefore a stunt scooter has to be stronger but still as lightweight as possible to withstand the extra impact needed. This means a stunt scooter will often be more expensive than a kick scooter. Kick scooters tend to be lighter, foldable and have height adjustable handlebars. You won't see folding mechanisms and height adjustable bars on a stunt scooters as these would be weak points when doing tricks. Stunt scooters will always have a one piece handlebar.

✔️ Handlebar height and width (stunt scooters) - the handlebar on a stunt scooter generally comes up to around hip to waist height. However, some teens may have a preference to whether they like taller or shorter bars. But generally you don't want bars that come up over your waist or really low to your thighs. Beginners will probably feel more comfortable with bars about waist height but as they get more skilled with their scooter, they may develop a preference for a lower bar. The width of the bars should be about the same as the width of your shoulders.

When choosing a stunt scooter, it's best to look at the height of your teen rather than their age. If they are very tall, it may be better to go for a scooter with taller bars. Bars generally range from 58cm in height to 68cm, with 58cm being good for older kids and younger teens (10 to 14) and bars from 68cm plus being good for taller teens and adults.

✔️ Wheels on Stunt Scooters - You will see 100mm, 110mm and 125mm wheels on stunt scooters for teenagers. The bigger the wheel, generally the more expensive the scooter. 110mm wheels tend to be the best choice for the beginner and intermediate teen. They go slightly faster than 100mm wheel, last a bit longer (more urethane) and look better. But a cheaper scooter with 100mm wheels may be fine for a younger teen and 125mm wheels a top choice for an advanced rider. Always go for wheels with a metal rather than a plastic core. Metal cores can withstand the impact from jumps and tricks whereas plastic cores won't last as long.

✔️ What level of use on a stunt scooter?  Whether you buying for a  beginner, intermediate or pro will affect how much you spend. A beginner will want something they can just get started on, you can upgrade parts such as wheels if they pursue the hobby.

✔️ What about an electric scooter for a teen?  Electric scooters are fun and will enable teens to get use them without breaking out a sweat which is good if you need to be somewhere and looking good! The downside is that at the time of writing it's not currently legal to ride them in the pavement in the UK. However, due to the fact that electric scooters are an eco friendly way of travel an overhaul of travel laws may mean that it may soon be legal to allowed on British roads.

✔️ Off road or dirt scooters - are great fun, teens will love them. They are great for going on dirt tracks, bmx trails, on the grass and other off road terrain. Dirt scooters tend to have bigger wheels with pneumatic tyres as they offer a smoother ride on rougher terrain. There is no reason why you couldn't ride an off road scooter on the pavement and use it on other terrains at other times. Check out the dirt scooter guide for more information on what to look for in a dirt scooter.

More Advice on Scooters for Teens

There are  a few other points worth considering when buying a scooter for a teen.

1.) Coolness factor - let's be honest, most teenagers want to look and feel cool. A scooter that isn't cool is likely to stay in storage at home. There may be brands of scooters that they would prefer. If in doubt, just ask them. Or if it's a surprise, ask their friends.

2.)Safety - consider helmets, knee and elbow pads.

3.) Ramps - they may appreciate a small ramp to practice tricks and jumps at home. A perfect compliment to a stunt scooter.