JD Bug Original Street Scooter Review

Why We Love The JD Bug Original Street Scooter

The JD Bug Original Street Scooter is a fantastic, well designed scooter at a very affordable price.

We've been reviewing scooters for many years  and the JD Bug Original Street Scooter tops the list of best scooters time and time again.

The scooter first appeared in the early 2000s when the popularity of kick scooters for kids first took off.

Despite being around for many years, it's still one of the best kick scooters for kids in 2023.

Find out why we like it so much.


You can currently pick the scooter up for around £55 on Amazon. When you're looking at paying £125 for the rival Micro Sprite scooter, it's a hell of a lot cheaper! Yet, it equals and even exceeds the Micro Sprite (which is an excellent scooter) on many of it's features. You can compare the differences between the JD Bug and the Micro Sprite scooter here.

Huge Height Adjustable Handlebar Range

The real plus of the JD Bug Original Street scooter is the handlebar. It adjusts from 63cm all the way up to 95cm.  The huge height adjustment accommodates children as young as 4 or 5 up to the teenage years. Even adults who are under the maximum weight limit can ride the JD Bug.

The quick release clamp on the handlebar makes changing the height easy and you can choose any height you want!

Super Light

This super light scooter weighs just 2.8kg making it one of the lightest kick scooters for kids on the market. Being light is a real advantage. A light scooter is much easier for kids to control and manoeuvre. Plus, it's easy to carry and transport.

Foldable And Portable (with Carry Strap)

A simple, easy to operate single lever folding mechanism makes folding the scooter a breeze. A plastic guard prevents fingers becoming caught, so kids can learn to fold and unfold the scooter independently. It's compact size makes the scooter easy to store. Put in the boot of the car or a locker at school. On top of this, unlike any of it's competitors, the JD Bug Street Scooter comes with a convenient carry strap making it easy to carry the scooter on your shoulder.

A Smooth, Comfortable Ride

The scooter is well designed and constructed making the riding experience easy and enjoyable for kids.

Hard wearing 100mm clear urethane wheels offer a smooth and comfortable roll along the pavements. The strong deck is made of aircraft grade aluminium and measures 510mm by 100mm so there is plenty of room for growing feet. A large, rear spring brake brings riders to a slow and controlled stop. The brake is easy for even the youngest kids to use. For extra peace of mind, there is a non slip footplate to make children feel secure while they are riding the scooter. In addition, the soft foam hand grips are warm and comfortable.

Lots of Colours

The JD Bug comes in a wide variety of colors to suit all tastes. Choose from sky blue, black, pink, purple, reflex blue or red.

What Else Should I Know?

The maximum weight limit on the JD Bug Original Street scooter is 100kg. This means that many adults can have a go on this scooter but only if they don't exceed the weight limit. You may find the JD Bug is a little small for some adults to have as their principal scooter. If you're a tall adult looking for a scooter, you will probably want a scooter that adjusts higher than the maximum height of 95cm on this scooter.

On the downside, the scooter lacks a kick stand.  If we could improve the scooter in any way, it would be to add a kickstand. However, kickstands aren't essential, just a nice extra!

Who Should Get the JD Bug Original Street Scooter

This is a great scooter for kids of all ages. It's excellent if you're looking for a kid's first 2 wheel scooter as it's easy for young riders to use. In addition, it will grow with your child. Having said this, this is also a great 2 wheel kick scooter for older kids too. The height adjustments on the handlebar also mean that siblings and even parents can have a go.

Who Shouldn't Get This Scooter?

If you're looking for a scooter for jumps and tricks, this isn't the right scooter for you. Stunt scooters have fixed handlebars which can't adjust or fold. This is because points where scooters fold and adjust are not designed to withstand the force and impact of jumps and tricks. A folding mechanism on any scooter is a weak point that could break under pressure in the middle of a stunt.

Specifications at a Glance

FeatureJD Bug Original Street Scooter
BrakeRear Footbrake
AccessoriesMulti mount clip and shoulder strap
BearingsABEC 5
Deck510mm x 100mm
Wheels100mm wheels
86a durometer
PU wheels (clear hub)
Max rider weight100kg
Handlebars (height adjustment)63cm-95cm
Age Recommendation4 plus
Weight of scooter2.7kg

Overall Verdict

We love this scooter for:

  • the huge height adjustment on the handlebar
  • the quality of build at an excellent price point
  • it's portability
  • a great riding experience.

If you're looking for a kick scooter at an affordable price for your child. It's difficult to go wrong with the JD Bug Original Street Scooter.

You can buy the JD Original Street Scooter and AmazonUK

5 Top Wooden Scooters for Kids

5 Best Wooden Scooters for Kids

Are you looking for a wooden scooter? Look no further, we have found five wooden scooters designed for toddlers, pre-schoolers and school age kids.

The scooter market is dominated by metal and plastic scooters, however we have listed every type of wood scooter we could find.

Some of the scooters are a made completely of wood (except for wheels, nuts and bolts). Others are hybrid of either wood and metal or wood and plastic.

Some wooden scooters are excellent scooters, others may compromise on a few features which we've outlined our descriptions.

Lil' Rider Kids Wooden Scooter

This cute little scooter is designed for toddlers from age 2 years old. The scooter is made from birch plywood and beech wood. It's been sanded down and painted. The wooden wheels have been encased in rubber.

The top height of the handlebar is 60cm which is a nice size for a 2 to 3 year old. Unfortunately the handlebar isn't adjustable.

It has large 5 inch wheels. The scooter is handlebar controlled (not lean to steer like other toddler scooters). Just turn the handlebars in the direction you want to go and push along.

It's a good scooter to to pass down to younger siblings.

It's not designed to be as speedy as some other toddler scooters. However, for a toddler learning to balance on a 3 wheel scooter, it should do the job!

Globber Primo Foldable Wood (with Lights)

The foldable Globber Primo wood is aimed at 3 to 6 year olds.

The deck is made from FSC certified sustainable wood which means that the wood has been sourced from well managed forests. The 7 ply deck is mounted on a reinforced metal structure so it's durable and will last. The deck also features anti-slip grip tape.

The Globber Primo Wood is an excellent scooter for young kids. There's a 3 height adjustable t-bar so the scooter grows with your child. The height adjustments are 67.5cm, 72.5cm and 77.5cm.

It features a patented folding system - it's super easy to fold with the push of a button. This makes the scooter easy to carry and transport.

The 120mm wheels offer a smooth and quick ride. Kids will enjoy whizzing around on their scooter. The wheels also feature battery free LED lights for extra fun.

If you're looking for a scooter which is made with less plastic but still offers great features and functionality for your child - the Globber Primo Wood is an excellent choice.

ATK All Terrain Scooter

The ATK All Terrain scooter has been designed for kids aged 5 to 12. The advantage of this scooter is that it's designed to work on grass and gravel as well as flat surfaces such as tarmac. It's manufactured from sustainable high grade ply.

The scooter features 10" inflatable tyre wheels for added comfort over uneven terrain and bumps on paths too. A non slip surface on the footplate and a powerful foot brake ensure the scooter is safe to ride.

The scooter bar is 80cm high. The bar not adjustable but this is a nice height for kids in the 5 to 12 age bracket.

Some assembly is required but the scooter arrives in 3 components and it takes less than 10 minutes to put the scooter together.

As well as wooden scooters, ATK make wooden go karts which you can check out here.

Smoby Wooden 3 Wheel Scooter

The Smoby 3 wheel scooter is a metal and wood scooter. The frame is aluminium and the deck is wood.

It's aimed at kids from aged 3 years who are under 20kg.

The handlebar is height adjustable and the deck has a non slip coating.

The scooter is foldable and weights 3.3kg.

One thing to be wary about is the 2 wheels at the back of the scooter may get in the way of a child's kick path which could lead to frustration

The scooter is very competitively priced. It's a handlebar controlled scooter, so you turn the handlebar to change direction rather than leaning to steer, which some kids prefer.

Bon Bon Scooter

This scooter has a wooden frame and plastic wheels

It is 62cm in height which is quite small for scooter. It makes it a nice size for 2 and 3 year olds.

The steering is controlled by the by the handlebar, so push the bar in the direction you want it to go.

Are Wooden Scooters Eco Friendly?

Many parents buy a wooden scooter because they think it’s more eco-friendly than a plastic scooter. This can be true as wood is a renewable source. It’s easier to recycle than plastic and it’s biodegradable - it’s not going to be hanging around in landfill for thousands of years.

To make sure that the wooden scooter is as eco friendly as possible ensure you buy a scooter with wood sourced from a tree plantation that is sustainability managed. FSC certification is one example of sustainably sourced certification.

Some may argue that wooden scooters are more eco friendly than scooters made out of metal.  It’s true that metals are more energy intensive than wood to produce. Metals also take much longer to biodegrade than wood. However many metals are easily recycled and wood can be slow growing - chopping down lots of trees and not replacing them is never eco friendly. Many scooters are made from aluminium which is one of the most recycled and recyclable materials in use today.

There are a lot of variables that come into play when deciding how eco friendly a scooter is. How and where are the scooter materials sourced? How recyclable are they? Can the scooter easily be repaired  - keeping it out of landfill for longer?

Another option is to look at scooters made of recycled plastic. The company, Micro Scooters make scooters with decks made out of recycled plastics which were discarded in the the ocean. You can read more here about eco friendly scooters for kids. 


Wood Scooters Vs Metal and Plastic Scooters

Here are some more comparisons between wooden scooters and metal and plastic scooters:

Aesthetics - many people prefer the look and design of a wooden scooter. Wooden scooters look particularly cute for young children.

Weight - wooden scooters are often lighter than their metal counterparts. This can make them easier to manoeuvre and pick up for young children. They are also lighter for parents and other adults to carry. However, it isn’t universal, some metal and plastic scooters are very light.Check out the weight of the scooter before you buy to compare how heavy they are.

Weatherproof - wooden scooters are often not designed for excessive use in the rain. They can’t be left outside unless the wood has been treated to withstand rain and water  Metal and plastic scooters generally can withstand more extremes of weather, although it’s not best practice to store them outdoors either.

Adjustability - metal scooters are often more adjustable than their wooden counterparts with more height adjustment settings - although this will depend on the individual scooter.


Scooter with Pneumatic Tyres for Kids and Adults

The Best Scooters With Pneumatic Tyres

Are you looking for a scooter with air filled tyres?  Air filled tyres have many advantages. They provide cushioning when riding a scooter. They absorb shocks from bumps in the road leading to a comfortable ride. They also offer traction when it's wet, so  are less likely to slip around.

Pneumatic tyres are better for uneven surfaces such over cobbles. Some scooters with air filled tyres can even go off road and work well on canal paths, in woodland or over grass - this is dependent on getting the right scooter with the right tyres.

On the downside, scooters with pneumatic tyres need more maintenance than solid rubber tyres. The tyres also add weight to the scooter, meaning it's heavier to carry. Some scooters with pneumatic tyres can be harder to gain speed because the traction from the tyres means more rolling resistance.

Overall though, a scooter with pneumatic tyres is a comfortable ride that's better in the rain and on uneven pavements and terrain.

Read on for the top 10 best scooters with pneumatic tyres.


Razor A5 Commuter Scooter

The Razor A5 Commuter scooter features 200mm air filled tyres which are great for a smooth ride along pavements. They absorb shocks from cracks and bumps in the pavement so you benefit from an extremely comfortable ride. The tyres are also much better in wet and rainy conditions than rubber or plastic wheels due to the extra traction provided by the tyres.

The deck 

The deck on this scooter is low to the ground. This is advantageous because your kicking leg doesn't have far to stretch to push along. This leads to a more comfortable commute. Some reviewers have pointed out that the low deck sometimes scraps on the ground if the gradient of the pavement suddenly changes. However, this is a compromise that you have to make with having the comfort of a low deck.  If you're aware of where you're going, a very occasional scrap shouldn't too much of a problem!

How quick is the scooter? 

The scooter is fairly speedy. A scooter with air filled tyres is not going to be as fast as wheels with solid tyres. Also air filled tyres mean you have to work harder at the beginning of your ride to get up to speed but overall the scooter is zippy for the commute. Make sure the tyres are correctly inflated to ensure you get the best speeds from your ride.

Height adjustable handlebar

There is a height adjustable handlebar which extends up to 98cm. This is fine for most adults but if you're extra tall you may find the bar a little lower than you would like.

How portable is the scooter? 

The scooter is foldable and weighs 5.6kg. It's very light for a scooter with air filled wheels and most adults should certainly be able to lift it onto public transport easily.

The deck is 36cm in length. It's not the longest deck out there but fine for one foot to fit on comfortably while the other foot does the work!

The maximum rider weight for the scooter is 100kg.

Other features include a kickstand and rear fender brake.

Overall Verdict

It's hard to find a lighter scooter with air filled tyres than the Razor A5 Commuter scooter. If you're looking for something speedy, comfortable to ride and great for the commute, this is an excellent choice.

Osprey Dirt Scooter

Are you looking for a scooter to travel off road? Perhaps you need to travel along a canal path, through woodland or over grass. If so, consider a dirt scooter. Dirt scooters have air filled tyres and are designed to be ridden on off road terrain, in particular on paths where it is impossible to take a kick scooter with solid wheels.

The Osprey dirt scooter is a good choice for teenagers and adults who are looking for a scooter for off road journeys.

The Tyres

It features thick 200mm pneumatic tyres. The tyres have an 3-3.5mm anti-skid tread depth so provide a lot of traction and comfort. If you're riding over sticks, tree roots, stones and cobbles the tyres will absorb much of the shock.

Fixed Height Handlebar

The fixed handlebar height is 97cm. The handlebar isn't adjustable because the scooter is designed to withstand a lot of impact and punishment. If the handlebar could be folded or adjusted this leads to weak points in the bar which are more likely to snap under pressure.

The scooter is heavy. At 7.36kg you won't want to carry it for very long distances. If you need to go uphill on a lot of your journeys, you may need to get off and carry the scooter or push it alongside you, so this is something to take into consideration.

The stainless steel brake offers excellent stopping power whatever the terrain.

Overall Verdit

If you're looking for a scooter mainly for off road use, this is a fantastic choice.

Osprey BMX Scooter

BMX scooters are a hybrid between a bike and a scooter. They have features like hand brakes instead of a rear footbrake and the steering feels similar to that of a bike.

A Quick Ride

The Osprey BMX scooter featured has a 20 inch front wheel and a 16 inch back wheel. As the wheels are so big, the BMX scooter can go fast. This makes it a good choice for long distances. It's also good for light off road use such as scooting along woodland, canals and off road paths. However, it's too heavy for tricks and jumps!

The scooter has a height adjustable handlebar from 88cm to 96cm, so is fine for older kids, teens and adults.

It's constructed of a durable steel frame. Both wheels have calliper brakes for quick stopping.


Some reviewers have found it hard to assemble the scooter. If you aren't used to assembling bikes you could take the scooter to a bike shop to have it assembled and factor the cost of this into the overall price. There is also a great video on YouTube showing you how to assemble the Osprey BMX scooter. 

Overall Verdict

Overall the Osprey BMX scooter is competitively priced and is a good price for the quality of scooter. However, there is always an option to upgrade parts of the scooter. One reviewer upgraded the levers and brake pads.

Hudora Air 205

The Hudora Air is has 205 mm air filled tyres. There are pros and cons with the scooter.

The Pros

Firstly, it is light for a scooter with pneumatic tyres, weighing under 4kg. It's foldable so is a good option if you want to take it on public transport or have to carry it up hills.

The tyres are great for absorbing small bumps along the road in your journey.

The handlebar adjusts from 91cm to 101cm which suggests it's a good choice for teenagers and adults.

Rider Weight Capacity

The rider weight limit is just 80kg. Therefore it is probably a better choice for kids, teens and light adults. Ideally you want the handlebar to come to around waist height for the best control and comfort.

It features a kick stand but reviews suggest you need to pull this out with your hand rather than use your foot.

Overall Verdict

This is a light scooter which is great for short commutes. It's also a good option for kids. However, if you want a scooter for long commutes and/or for use by a heavier rider, look at other options.

HOMCOM Teen Kids Scooter

If you're looking for a scooter with inflatable wheels for kids, the HOMCOM  is designed with kids in mind. It's recommended from age 5 years old. It's competitively price for a kid's scooter with air filled tyres.

Scooter construction

The scooter is made of steel and heavy, weighing 7.2kg. It doesn't fold, so it's not great for taking on public transport.

The handlebar can be adjusted from 75cm to 80cm. The large 12" air filled tyres ensure a comfortable ride. It can be used over a variety of different surfaces.

There are soft foam handlebars which are textured for a comfortable and secure grip.

It has dual braking, controlled by a hand brake making it easy to stop on the move. Additionally it features a wide foot deck and a kick stand.


Some reviewers have had problems assembling the scooter especially the brakes, so it may be worth getting some help from somebody who's used to putting together a bike.

Overall Verdict

An inexpensive choice of scooter with air filled wheels for kids. Bear in mind, it's not very portable and assembly can be tricky!


SwiftyOne MK3 Scooter

The Swifty One MK3 is a top of the range scooter which is designed for adults to commute over urban terrain.

The Specifics

The 16 inch pneumatic tyres glide effortlessly over pavements and cobbled streets. You can easily pick up speed. The ride is smooth, comfortable and quick.

The scooter folds up (as shown in the picture above), which makes it easier to carry up hills, flights of stairs and on public transport. However it weighs 8.3kg which is heavy to carry for a long time.

The standard sized option suits riders between 152cm and 186cm tall. There's a tall option for riders up to 195cm. (which you can get from their on their website). The maximum rider weight is 150kg.

It features a front hand brake and a rear aluminium pedal brake for quick stopping.

Overall Verdict

The Swifty One MK3 3 is strong and durable. It comes fully assembled but it is expensive. It's a scooter that is going to last.

Bike Star Scooter For Kids

The BikeStar kick scooter is a solid scooter with 12" air filled tyes for kids which are great for bumpy paths and off road.

Age Recommendation and Height Adjustment

The age recommendation is 7 plus. The handlebar adjusts from 76cm to 90cm so it grows with kids for a long time. The official height recommendation is between 120cm to 150cm but it may last kids beyond this too. It's a solid scooter so if it's well maintained it could be passed through the generations. The maximum weight capacity is 100kg.

Weight of Scooter

The scooter weighs 7.2kg which is quite heavy to carry for a long time. It's not a good choice for use on public transport as it doesn't fold. However, if you're going uphill you can easily push it alongside you like a bike.


The scooter is 90% assembled and Bikestar state it takes 10 minutes to put together from the box. There's an assembly video on YouTube. If you struggle with assembly and adjustment, there is the option to take it to a bike shop to have it assembled. Some people have done this.

Final Verdict

Overall, a great scooter for kids. It offers a comfortable ride, absorbing shocks and bumps from the pavement. The wheels are better for kids to use on wet surfaces rather than rubber or plastic wheels as they offer more traction.

Razor Flashback BMX Style Kick Scooter

This is a very cool looking retro inspired scooter with air filled tyres which is recommended for kids age 8 and up. It's made by Razor which are a well known brand of scooter manufacturer in the USA.

The Wheels and Handlebar

The 12" pneumatic wheels are ideal for smooth scooting over bumps in the pavement. It's not as fast as a scooter with rubber or plastic tyres but it's still quick. Plus the ride is much more comfortable and there is added traction on surfaces after it rains.

The handlebar is non-adjustable with a fixed height of 88.5cm. It should suit kids from aged 8 to 12 years old (dependant on how tall they are!) Ideally you want the scooter to come up to around waist height the best comfort. The maximum weight capacity is 100kg.

Weight of the Scooter

The scooter weighs 8.11kg so it is a heavy scooter. It doesn't fold so isn't very portable. However you can push it uphills. It's not great if kids need to carry it up steps.

The Brakes, Deck and Other Features

The scooter features hand operated caliper brakes like you would find on a bike for easy and quick stopping. It features a wide deck (measuring 12cm by 17.5cm). This gives plenty of footspace for kid's feet. Perhaps a useful addition to the scooter would be a kickstand, so you could stand this beauty up rather than lying it on the floor.


The scooter requires some assembly. Like other scooters, if you struggle you can take it to a bike shop for help!

Overall Verdict

If you're looking for a scooter for a kid with air filled tyres that looks cool and stands out from the crowd - this is it.

Eco-Friendly Kick Scooters For Kids

How To Buy An Eco-Friendly Kick Scooter For Kids

Looking for an eco friendly kids kick scooter?

The bad news is there isn't a kid's scooter that is 100% eco friendly. The good news is there are scooters with parts made from recycled materials, which are designed to be repairable and / or are made from recyclable materials.

This article lays out everything you need to consider when buying a more eco-friendly scooter. It suggests some eco-friendly models which include the new ECO range by Micro and stunt scooters such as the Blunt range which can be repaired instead of going into landfill.

What Should You Look For When Buying An Eco-Friendly Scooter?

Repairable and replaceable parts

The best thing you can do is buy something that is going to stay out of landfill as long as possible. Many scooter companies provide replacement parts for all key parts of their scooter. If all the parts can be replaced, your child can potentially keep the scooter for years. It can be passed down onto siblings, cousins and friends or sold on a site like eBay. Many stunt scooters have replaceable parts for all their key components. Companies such as Micro have designed all their scooters so that every part is repairable and replaceable, keeping them out of landfill potentially forever.

Recyclable materials

Many scooters are made of materials that can be recycled. Aluminium is a popular material to make scooter handlebars and footplates. All aluminium can be recycled after use. In the UK, you can take old aluminium scooters to your nearest household recycling centre.

It probably goes without saying you should avoid scooters with plastic parts. Many scooters for young children have PVC wheels and hard plastic footplates which is hard to recycle.

However, some scooter parts are now being made of recycled plastics which is keeping those plastics out of our landfills. This includes the plastic used in Micro's Eco scooter range. The footplate is made from recycled fishing nets, so the materials used are keeping plastic out of the ocean.

Mini Micro Eco Friendly Scooter

Micro scooters have released a new eco friendly range of three wheel scooters. The decks are made from recycled plastic from discarded fishing nets that would normally pollute the oceans. This helps reduce ocean pollution, stops waste from going into landfill and reduces the use of valuable resources.

The other great thing about Micro scooters is that all their parts are repairable or replaceable. This means that if the scooter is looked after, it can be kept on the road for a lifetime and not end up in landfill. All the parts are easy to purchase on the Micro scooters website.

The mini micro scooter featured is extremely well designed for 2 to 5 year olds. It comes with an adjustable handlebar that suits children from 80 to 110cm in height. The handlebar can be removed from the base for easy transportation and storage. The high quality PU wheels offer a very smooth ride. Young kids find it easy to learn to scoot with the lean to steer mechanism. It's also very light. At just 1.95kg, young kids can easily lift it up kerbs or steps. When kids first learn to scoot, they often pick up the scooter to change direction so the design on this scooter makes it easy for young kids to do this.

Maxi Micro Eco Friendly Scooter

The Maxi Micro Eco-friendly scooter is another 3 wheels scooter with a deck made of recycled ocean plastic. The Maxi Micro is designed for kids aged between 5 and 12. There is a height adjustable handlebar that you can set at any point between 68-91cm. This accommodates kids from approximately 110cm to 152cm tall.

Another feature is the anodised stem - this gives extra protection against wear and tear so you can use the scooter for longer.

An extra grippy deck gives greater control. There's a rear brake for safety. The scooter uses an intuitive lean to steer riding system so riders lean left to go left and right to go right. You can remove the base from the deck when you need to transport or store the scooter.

Like the Mini Micro, the deck is made from recycled fishing nets that are removed from the ocean, cleaned and broken down into chips. The chips are then melted, coloured and poured into a deck mould.

Like the Mini Micro Eco scooter, the Maxi scooter has replaceable parts so that the next generation of kids can continue to use the scooter.

How to Buy an Eco Friendly Kick Scooter

Avoid the cheapest scooters

I have bought many cheap scooters in my time and the problem is that they last for a year or two at most. Then you have to buy a replacement scooter, so you consume more valuable resources. In addition to this, the cheap scooter you had cannot be passed onto anybody else. It needs to be recycled or ends up in landfill.

Cheap scooters are often made of materials that aren't recyclable. For example, many of the cheapest three wheels scooters for toddlers and preschoolers have plastic decks and wheels.

Cheap scooters are often made of parts that can be repaired or replaced. Once a wheel or another scooter part has worn out, you have to get rid of the scooter and buy another one.

I can hear people say that's all very well said and done, but what if you haven't got the money to buy a more expensive scooter?

This is definitely a problem for many consumers. I know, I've been there. I have purchased cheap scooters because I've been on a tight budget. The good news is, there are a couple of solutions.

Firstly, be aware that if you spend a little extra now, you will save money in the long run. It's true that if you buy cheap, you buy twice. Scooters with high quality components and repairable parts can last many years, rather than just one or two.

If stretching your budget isn't an option, consider my next tip for buying an eco-friendly scooter which is to buy secondhand.

Buy Secondhand

There are so many ways you can buy scooters second hand nowadays. EBay and Facebook marketplace are two options. When you buy secondhand, look for a scooter with repairable and replaceable parts so that you can address any issues if things go wrong.

Buy A Scooter With Replaceable and / Or Repairable Parts

Before you purchase a scooter, look to see if you can buy replaceable parts to replace parts if they wear out. A quick Google search normally gives you an answer. Obviously the more parts you can replace the better. We have featured some options below.


Pro Stunt Scooters

If you're looking to buy an eco friendly scooter for your child, one option is to go for a high end pro stunt scooter. Most pro stunt scooters have replaceable parts. And they are also easy to come by online at sites such as skate hut.

Stunt scooter parts are also likely to last longer as they are designed for heavy use and punishment from jumps and tricks.

Stunt scooters can easily be ridden on the street as well as used at the skate park. And as they aren't being put under much impact when used as a kick scooter, they are going to last a long time.

Also, many parts on pro stunt scooters are made from materials such as aluminium which is easily recyclable when finished with. In the UK you can just take it along to your local household recycling centre.

Avoid cheap stunt scooters. The materials in cheaper stunt scooters tend to be plastic and soft metals, which means they’re more likely to break or become damaged while riding. Not only is that dangerous when kids are using these stunt scooters on the skate park but the scooters are unlikely to be easy to repair. The parts in cheap stunt scooters normally aren't as easily replaceable or readily available to buy.

Sacrifice Unisex-Youth Sacci Junior Scooter

The Sacrifice Junior scooter is aimed at the beginner stunt scooter rider but this would be equally as good as a kick scooter as well.  It's a good choice for younger kids from

It's durable and strong with a deck made of heat treated aluminium and a bar made of steel. Both of these materials can be recycled.

It's fully upgradeable and compatible with aftermarket parts.

It's lightweight at just 3.6kg so easy for young kids to control and manoeuvre. The maximum load capacity is 60kg.

Blunt Scooters

Blunt scooters are a brand of stunt scooters. Their scooter have parts that are easily replaced and readily available on the Internet. Do a quick Google search to find parts that you purchase online.

Blunt Scooters One S3 Complete Scooter

The S3 complete scooter is a great beginner and / or developing stunt or kick scooter for kids aged between 5 to 10 years.

It's built up from a high level of durable pro scooter parts so will endure the impact young kids can throw at it.

The S3 complete is great for cruising along the streets or attempting some first tricks at the skate park.

The total scooter height is 79cm. The bar spins 360 degrees for tricks.

The bars are made of Chromoly steel and the deck from aluminum. Both metals can be recycled.

The overall weight of the scooter is 3.6kg, which makes it easier for young kids to control.

You can buy replacement parts and upgrade the scooter if and when you need to.

Blunt Scooters Prodigy S8 Street Edition

The Prodigy S8 is a step up from the S3 complete scooter. Perfect for the intermediate stunt scooter rider looking to move to the next level of tricks. It also makes a good kick scooter too!

It's a taller scooter and measures 88cm. Ideally, stunt scooter riders want a scooter that comes up between hip and waist height, so you can measure your child and see if the height of this scooter suits them. This makes it a good choice for the tween and teenage age group.

Its deck and bars are made of aluminum which is easily recycled.

It features 120mm x 24mm wheels which are speedy and fast. They are great for intermediate riders performing tricks but will also give a smooth ride from a to b. It has a long and wide footplate which is great for bigger feet.

The total weight of the scooter is 3.48kg

You can easily replace worn out parts. There are many stockists online, a quick google search will help you find the part you require.

Micro Scooters

Below are are range of Micro scooters. They are all modular which means that all their parts can be removed, repaired and /or replaced. There is a full suite of replaceable parts on the Micro website, so you can easily obtain the part you need when you need it.

This makes these scooters much more eco friendly than other scooter as you can keep them on the road rather than throw them into landfill and purchase another scooter.

They also hold their resale value well, so you can sell them on eBay or Facebook marketplace at a decent price if you look after them well.

Micro Cruiser

The Micro cruiser is a big wheel scooter aimed at kids between 5 and 10 years old who are between 110 and 146cm.

The 200mm wheels are designed to help kids scoot super quickly from a to b. Bigger wheels go quicker. They also absorb the bumps and cracks in the pavement well leading to an ultra smooth and comfortable ride.

The wide bike-style handlebars make controlling the scooter a breeze. A low footplate also adds stability. The handlebars are adjustable so you can ensure the Cruiser is the perfect height for your child. Stand it upright with the handy kickstand - meaning it's less likely to get scratched and damaged as you won't need to lean it against a wall or lay it on the ground.

It can be folded so is easy to store too.

Replacement parts are readily available on the Micro website.

Micro Sprite

The Micro Sprite is a 2 wheeled kick scooter for kids aged between 5 and 12 years old.

The handlebar is adjustable and is suitable for children up to 152cm tall so can last your child for years.

It's foldable and light, weighing just 2.7kg. This makes it easy to transport and store.

It has handlebar controlled steering.

The Sprite has been built to last for years throughout a childhood. Easily replace parts if they wear out and pass onto siblings or friends when finished with.

Micro Trixx Scooter


The Micro Trixx is Micro's stunt scooter offering. It's designed for kids aged between 5 and 12. It's smaller than other scooters so that it's lighter making it easier for kids to manoeuvre The more compact frame makes it easier for children to manage its weight and size. The smaller than normal footplate for little feet gives children more control when performing tricks at the skate park. And a shorter handlebar gives more control when performing jumps and tricks.

All the key parts can be repaired or replaced. So you can substitute worn out parts when needed.

It is made out of lightweight aluminium which is an easy to recycled material when parts do need replacing.

Help With Repairing Your Scooter

You've purchased a scooter with replaceable parts and now you need to repair it. But you have no idea where to start. Have no fear, help is at hand. Here are some ideas:


Halfords will repair scooters in-store. You can read more about their scooter repair service on the Halfords website.

Micro Scooters

If you have a micro scooter, they have repair scooters in different parts of the UK. However, if you're not close to one of these centres, there are other options. You can buy the replacement part you need and use their instructional videos on their website to see how to repair it. You can even book an appointment with a Micro scooter engineer who will call you back for further help. Find out more on the micro scooter website.


YouTube has a wealth of videos with help for repairing scooters. Do a quick search and 9 times out of 10, you'll find what you need.

Bike Shops

Some independent bike shops will also be able to help you with your scooter repair. Why not give them a call to see if they can help.

Chilli Base Scooter Review

Chilli Pro Base Scooter Review

Chilli gave us the Chilli Base scooter in exchange for our review. My son and I had fun taking it to the skate park and testing it out.

The Chilli Pro Base scooter is designed for beginners at the skate park aged around 8 and above. My 9 year old son, Callum is a complete beginner, making him the perfect tester. I was impressed at how solid and high quality the scooter was out of the box, especially at the competitive price point. But how would Callum fare with this scooter on the ramps for the first time?

On the Ramps

Callum's competent on a two-wheel kick scooter but I was still apprehensive about letting him down the ramps. I needn't have worried. He took to it like a duck to water and I think the design of the scooter helped.

The bars are wide and this gave him lots of control. The scooter was perfectly sized for him, with the bars around waist height. The wheels rolled smoothly and quickly and the long and wide deck gave him plenty of foot space.

Scooter Size

Callum is 4'4" (132cm) in height and the scooter is the ideal height for him. The total scooter height is 79cm from the floor to the top of the handlebars.

In terms of bar height the general rule says that they should sit somewhere between the waist and hip when the user is standing on the deck. Some stunt scooter riders prefer their bars to sit lower, as there is more freedom of movement around the scooter for tricks and jumps. Other riders prefer the bars to be around their waistline but it often comes down to rider preference. However, it's important the bars don't come up higher than waist height as it will make the scooter difficult to control.

The Chilli Base's bars came up to around waist height on Callum giving him optimum control. The waist size bars make it easy for him to use and manoeuvre and there is also plenty of growing room. As kids grow and improve, they may prefer their bars to sit lower - so this would work well as he gets taller. Stunt scooters like the Chilli Base are always a fixed height and are never foldable. This is because a foldable and height-adjustable scooter will have weak points which could snap under the impact of jumps and tricks.

It's also worth noting how light this scooter is. At 3.5kg it's very light, making it easier for kids to control and manipulate. As you can imagine, the heavier the stunt scooter, the more difficult it is to perform jumps and other tricks. And you want it to be light so they can easily lift it up to the top of the ramps!

Wheels and Flex Brake

Callum loved the blue colour of the wheels which look pretty cool. The wheels are 110mm, which is a nice size for beginners offering a smooth and speedy ride. Budget scooters often have wheels of 100mm but these bigger 110mm wheels are much better. They're going to last longer, there is more urethane so they will wear down less quickly. If you do need to replace the wheels, you can pick up replacements on the Chilli website.

The scooter also features a robust flex brake made of steel. Being under the 100kg weight limit, I jumped on and tried out the brake. I'm happy to report it worked very well.

Although I didn't try the scooter out on the ramps, I loved whizzing around on the paths and was impressed by how smoothly it rode. Two other kids came onto the skate park and their scooters rattled as they rode. You just don't get this at all with the Chilli Base scooter. It is a quiet, fast and smooth ride.


The deck measure 50cm by 11.5cm (19.6" by 4.5") which is comparable with other scooters aimed at the 8 plus age group. There's plenty of foot space for children. Most school-aged kids use their stunt scooter to get from a to b as well as on the ramps. The deck gives lots of space for resting feet when they are scooting along the paths which contributes to a comfortable ride.

The grip tape is high quality and durable and passed its first outing with me, my teenager and my 9 year old having a go.


The scooter bar is made from 4310 Chromoly steel which gives a light but super strong bar. What I really like about the Chill Base scooter is the bars are super wide. They measure 58cm in width and seem much more comfortable for Callum than narrower options. He had lots of control. Super-wide bars also mean you can whip them around faster, which is great for kids who are looking to improve their A game at the skate park.


Grips are an often overlooked but important part of a stunt scooter. The rubber grips on the Chilli Base are both durable and comfortable, giving kid's confidence and proper control of the scooter. We loved the blue colour which matched the wheels and makes the scooter look amazing.


We all loved the blue and black colourway of the Chilli Base scooter but if you prefer the scooter also comes in neochrome, black and white and black and pink.

Overall Verdict

When we were approached to give the Chilli Pro Base a review, I didn't know what to expect. I'd heard of Chilli scooters but not had any experience of them. However, I was impressed. It's obviously a well designed, engineered and constructed stunt scooter. It's light and strong. The wheels are high quality, smooth and fast. The deck offers plenty of foot space but what really stands out for me are the wide handlebars. They offer control and comfort, which are two qualities riders want when they're just starting out on the ramps. If you're looking for a scooter for a beginner, I don't think you will be disappointed.



You can buy the Chilli Pro Base scooter and discover more scooters from Chilli at their website: chilli-scooters.co.uk

Micro Sprite Deluxe Scooter Review

Micro Sprite Deluxe Review

Micro gifted us a Micro Sprite Deluxe for my 9 year old son (Callum) to try. It was perfectly sized for him to put the scooter through its paces. Find out what he and I thought!

The Ride

Callum took to the scooter straight away. He whizzed off happily and easily, picking up speed. The scooter has durable 120mm PU wheels which offer a lovely smooth and quick ride. We tried the Sprite Deluxe out on quite a bumpy path full of small stones and this didn’t hinder him on the scooter at all.

One thing that impressed me is how quietly the scooter rolls. If you’ve ever had a cheap scooter, the rattling can be annoying. There is no rattling on the Sprite. It’s a pleasure to watch and listen to a child ride on it.

The long brake on the back wheel made it easy for my son to stop. There was no need to slow down by putting his foot out, so no scuffing his shoes.

The light construction and design of the scooter contribute to an agile and nimble ride.

There’s a handy kickstand, which I love. We scooted to the park and just stood the scooter up rather than laying it flat on the ground. This stops it from getting dirty and scuffed. You know what kids are like - they always find the muddiest part of the playground to throw things down on.

I managed to operate the kick stand with my foot, but it took a few goes to get the knack of doing this. To be honest, kids are going to find it easier to pull the kickstand out with their hand.

The Front Light

What impressed my 9 year old the most was the front light. He loved the fact that you could make the light flash when riding. A blue switch at the back turns the light on and off. Press it twice to activate the flashing mode.

The light is going to be brilliant during the autumn and winter months when sunlight is fading during the late afternoon school run. The Sprite Deluxe also has reflective strips on the back of the wheels so kids will stand out when scooting at dusk.

Height adjustable

It’s so quick to adjust the height on the Sprite Deluxe. The wonderful thing about Micro Sprite scooters is they have a telescopic handlebar to secure the scooter at any height between 73cm and 98cm. Micro recommends the scooter for kids between 110cm and 152cm. Callum is 132cm (4’4”). We adjusted the bar to the perfect height for him and I noted the handlebar will extend much further. There is plenty of growing room. The Sprite Deluxe could last him for a few years.

We adjusted the handlebar to its highest point and my 14 year old (who’s about 5’9”) and over the height recommendation hopped on and had a go. He loved it and it would be fine for him to use now and then if he wanted. (although he’s still growing, so maybe not for much longer).

And yes, I jumped on too. I’m under the weight limit of 100kg and the highest part of the handlebar suited my 5’5” height. Despite being a kid’s scooter, the Sprite Deluxe is strong enough to take some adult usage as long as you are under the 100kg weight limit.


Both the front and rear wheels are 120mm PU wheels. Like everything on the scooter, they are high quality and durable, giving a smooth and agile ride.

Foldable and Lightweight

The scooter easily folds. My 9 year old could fold it independently. Simply pull up the lever and press one button to fold. Ideal for storing in the bike sheds at school, in the car boot or in a cupboard at home. The chopper handlebars mean that it's not as compact as the classic Sprite but it's still no problem to store in our cupboard at home.


The other notable factor is how light the scooter is, weighing just 3.3kg. Callum delighted in picking up this scooter and telling me how he could carry it. This is going to be great for several reasons. If you have a younger child (aged 5) it’s light for parents to carry if they get fed up with scooting. Lighter scooters are also easier for the youngest of kids to control. They can conveniently lift the Sprite Deluxe up and down kerbs. Older kids will find it easy to carry up a steep hill or a few stairs. If you want an even lighter scooter, the original Micro Sprite scooter is just 2.7kg, so worth considering.


The Sprite Deluxe features chopper style handlebars. The wider curved handlebars make it easy to balance and therefore young kids are in complete control of the scooter. My 9 year old has dyspraxia which can affect his co-ordination. Although he is proficient on scooters, features such as wide handlebars give him that extra bit of stability which makes scooting easier.

The chopper style handlebars look pretty cool too!

Hand Grips

The hand grips are rubber and very durable. We’ve had several scooters where the hand grips get tattered and worn. My boys seem to have a knack of pulling them off the scooter and then they fall apart. This is often a problem with foam handgrips on a kid’s scooter. They aren’t durable enough to withstand knocks, scrapes and the treatment that kids put them through.

The Sprite Deluxe’s rubber handgrips are much more resistant to punishment from the kids. They are less likely to get damaged, scratched or scraped when knocked or thrown on the ground compared to foam ones. The handgrips also seem tightly fixed and difficult to tear apart, which is excellent. My son tells me they’re comfortable on his hands. The ends of the bumpers also help to protect hands if kids fall.


The Deck

The deck is solid and strong. I was particularly impressed with the grip tape as is it so durable. On other scooters, the grip tape can wear away quickly but this isn't the case with the Sprite Deluxe. It gives kids extra grip so they don’t have to worry about slipping.

The deck measures approximately 34.5cm (l) by 10.5cm (w) and gave Callum plenty of footspace.


There is a bit of assembly. You need to attach the chopper style handlebars to the scooter. This is a doddle to do (I did it so it must be!) and took just a couple of minutes. If you get stuck, you can watch this video.


I rave about Micro scooters and one of the principal reasons is because all Micro scooter parts are repairable and replaceable. We have gone through many scooters since my kids were little and the reason is that once a part wears out on many kick scooters, it's difficult to replace. This isn’t the case with Micro Sprite Deluxe. Just go on their website and you can buy any part you need to repair your scooter.

This means the Micro Sprite Deluxe is going to last a long while. When your child has outgrown the scooter, you can keep it out of landfill and pass it onto siblings, cousins and friends. Or you can sell it on sites like Ebay. Micro scooters hold their value well.

Overall Verdict

This is a fabulous 2 wheel kick scooter for kids. It's easy, smooth and comfortable to ride, light, durable and strong. The design and construction are second to none. And it's going to last a long time too.

The wide chopper handlebars make it a superb choice for young kids starting out as it makes the scooter easier to control. It is also a wonderful choice for kids until they're 11 or 12.

Check it out at micro-scooters.co.uk

Best Snow Scooters for Kids

Bored of sledging? Looking for something exciting to use on the winter slopes. Thinking about a snow scooter?

Snow scooters are fun. They make the perfect accessory to have on snow covered hills during the winter months.

And when the snow’s gone, many snow scooters can ride down grass hills too.

What is a snow scooter?

Snow scooters are like scooters in that they have a handlebar to hold onto and a deck to stand on. The big difference is they don’t have wheels. Ride them down snow-covered hills. They make a great alternative to sledging. A snow scooter isn’t for everybody. They may take a bit of practice to get use to riding them. And it's important to start off slowly. But if you are prepared go give a snow scooter a go, it may be the most exciting activity you do all winter.

Snow scooters are particularly good for gentle slopes. When the bigger hills are very busy with sledgers, you can take your snow scooter somewhere quieter. The smaller hills that aren't particularly good for sledging can be the best for your snow scooter.


Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter

Geospace recommended for kids aged 6 years and up but it can hold up to 220lbs (100kg) so adults can use it to.

It has a one size handlebar at 79cm.

Perfect for use on snow covered hills. Easy to use, just use one foot to push off and ride the slope down to the bottom. The unique thing about this scooter is that you can even use it on grass and dunes, so it’s not just for the winter. Riders will also find the circular handlebar easy to grip

The scooter folds down to a compact size, so it’s easy to carry and store. Another cool feature is the LED lights, so other people can see you coming. You’ll definitely stand out from the ground. And it’ll help keep you safe too.

The super-tough polyurethane deck flexes slightly for a superior ride.

Boyz Toys RY676 Kid's Snow Ski Scooter

The scooter does the job of tackling snow covered hills and can also work on grass hills too.

It's made of ABS plastic so it tough and durable for the slopes. However, the board may lack the flexibility of the polyurethane board on the Geopace scooter (featured above).

It folds and is lightweight for kids to carry. There's a non skid foot rest to provide extra traction. The handles feature grips for extra control when riding.

It's not the most technical snow scooter, but if you're looking for something that does the job - this might be the one.

You can pick up comparable scooters with slightly different features at varying prices, so it might pay to shop around for similar models if price is a consideration.

Scooter Ski Converter Kit

Let’s face it, in the UK, we get don’t get much snow. So rather than spending your money on a snow scooter that can only be used in the winter, why not turn your kick scooter into a snow scooter with a ski kit. ,

The ski scooter kit can be interchanged quickly. And then your scooter can slide over the snow. When you’ve finished with the kit, just change the wheels back.

Perhaps the downside of a ski scooter kit is that the scooter you have may be quite heavy. It's going to be easier to manage a lighter scooter like some of the others featured. So younger kids in particular might do better with a dedicated snow scooter rather than a converting kit.

Having said this, it's a good option for just trying out a snow scooter without too much of a price tag. Start off with some easy slopes and older kids can pick up the skills needed with a bit of practice.

There are many ski kits available during the winter months. The kit featured is compact and lightweight. It’s easy to install. It’s made of high quality PE material.

GPH Kid's Snow Ski Scooter


Stiga Children's Snow Kick Scooter

This foldable snow scooter has a height adjustable handlebar of between 77 and 87 cm, making it a superb choice for growing kids (from around aged between 5). The maximum rider weight is 50kg.

As it can be folded, it takes up much less space in the boot than a sledge.

The scooter is constructed of an aluminium / steel frame so is more sturdy and durable than it's plastic counterparts. It also features foam grips on the handlebars for extra comfort.

Sencillon Snow Scooter

The Sencillon snow scooter is suitable for teens and adults up to to 90kg (200lb).

It features a tilt steering system and lightweight design provide better control when turning, and make it easier to to coordinate and balance.

A reinforced wide board makes it easy to get on and. The scooter is tough and durable. Its non-slip extra-wide board is wide enough to put your feet on the board when riding, so the rider can switch from pushing to enjoying riding.

Quickly adjust the handle, it’s foldable, easy to carry and store.

How to Learn To Use a Snow Scooter

Here are two ways you can learn how to use a snow scooter.

1.) Try sitting on the scooter

You can sit on most snow scooters to get used to it. If you plan on doing this, check that you can use it sitting down before you buy - but most scooters allow you to use them in this way. Once you've had a go sitting on it, then try standing up. You can come back to sitting down when you're tired or if you going down a particularly steep hill.

2.) Stand up on a gentle slope

Get used to balancing on the snow scooter on a gentle slope first. Once your confidence has increased you can graduate onto something steeper. Increase the steepness of the slope as your skills develop.

3.) Pull the scooter along a flat surface gently

Another way for kids to get used to balancing on a scooter is to pull them along gently. You can walk alongside them and pull them along with the handle. This can help them build up their courage before having a go independently.

Can Adults Have a Go?

Parents and other adults don't want to miss out on having fun. But it will depend on the snow scooter as to whether they can have a go. Many snow scooters have a weight limit of 220 pounds so many adults will be within the weight capacity and can step on without breaking it. Look for a snow scooter that will support the weight of an adult before buying.

Want to Maximise the Fun?

If you enjoy using your snow scooter, you can maximise the fun by learning a few tricks. This may be especially great for older kids and teens. Build a snow ramp and have fun riding down from the top of your slope. And learn a few tricks. Obviously you need to take care and take it easy but if you’re used to riding on the ramps at the stunt scooter park, this could be the activity for you. And if you get very serious, you can even get a professional snow scooter.

Check out some epic snow scooter tricks on the video below.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

Specifications at a glance

Age Recommendation13 plus
Price Check Price on amazon
Tyres/Wheels10 inch pneumatic wheels (front and rear)
Ride Time40 minutes
Acceleration ControlTwist grip acceleration
BrakeHand operated rear brake
Frame and fork materialAll steel frame and fork
Maximum rider weight100kg
Batteries24V (2x12V)
MotorHigh torque, chain driven motor
Assembled Product Dimensions41"L x 17"W x 42"H
Top Speed15mph

Kick Off, Power And Speed

No kick off is needed on the E300. Just turn it on using the switch at the base and twist the throttle to get going.  One thing to note is that there is no variation on the throttle. It's just on and off.

The handlebars are about the same size as on a bike so you can put the same sort of accessories on there such as a light if you wish too.

Its top speed is 15mph and it's 200 watt motor gives it a decent amount of power. However, do note that the speed of the Razor E300 will very much depend on the weight of the rider as well as the terrain you are driving on. For example, it may need a bit of kick uphill if you are a heavier rider.

Heavier riders may find it hard to reach the top speed of 15mph and although it copes well with grass and other uneven terrain, it will go the fastest on smooth pavements in urban environments.

However, if you do find the scooter slowing down at any point, perhaps uphill or towards the end of its battery life, you can use leg power to give it an extra kick and keep you going.

Battery and Motor

The E300 features two rechargeable 12V batteries, combining to 24 volts.

The batteries give you 35 minutes to 40 minutes of constant riding on the electric scooter. As previously said, you can use your foot to push the scooter along giving you peace of mind that you can still keep the scooter going if the battery runs down.

It takes 10 to 12 hours to recharge the batteries. This is a long time, so if you plan to use the scooter frequently it may be worth planning ahead and making sure you have enough time to charge the scooter when you need to. It's also worth noting that it shouldn't be left to charge longer than is necessary and it's also important to charge it after every use.

Lead-acid batteries are cheaper but they do weigh a lot. It can be lifted up by an adult but you wouldn't want to carry it for a long time.

As it takes a long time to charge the batteries. It needs to be charged for about 18 hours before its first use and about 12 hours between each use after that. It's always worth keeping in mind how you can extend the battery life. It's a good idea to keep it switched off at the base when it's not in use to help save the battery. Also for long periods when you don't use it try and ensure you charge it about twice a month.

When riding you can always switch between using the scooter as a kick scooter and an electric scooter to help preserve the battery life for longer as well.

Age Recommendation and Weight Capacity

The Razor E300 is recommended for teenagers and adults to use and the maximum weight capacity is 100kg.

Can Kids Ride the E300?

The official recommended age for this scooter by Razor is 13 plus. However, there are reviews of kids younger than 13 using the scooter. The scooter can be quick so it's worth asking whether the child in question will be able to handle the speed. It's also heavier than other models which can make it more difficult for younger kids to manoeuvre. Overall, it's a personal choice as to whether each rider can handle the scooter.

There are other electric scooters that Razor make that may be better for younger children. They include the Razor E200 and the Razor Power Core E90 - both offer slower speeds and also a cheaper price.



One impressive feature of the E300 is the extra wide 10 inch inflated tyres. They offer a cushioned ride with plenty of tread and work especially well on urban environments such as pavements. As well as smoother surfaces, the tyres also do well on more uneven paths with grass and light gravel. You may find that more uneven terrain will slow the scooter down but this will be the case with the majority of electric scooters.

Overall, the big chunky thick tyres are great - you don't have to worry about little bumps anywhere.

Other Features

Brake: The E300 has a nice rear brake which is operated via the handlebars and works well.

Weight and Portability:

The E300 is heavy! It's not designed with portability in mind. You can't fold it and it weighs 23.59kg or 53lbs. Most adults will have no trouble lifting the scooter but you won't want to be carrying it for a long time. This should be fine for most riders. But if you're looking for something to take on public transport it's not a great fit.

Other things to note are the power button, DC power outlet and a retractable kickstand can be found on the base of the scooter, on the side.



Assembly is pretty easy and generally takes around 10 minutes. You will need to fit the handlebar to the base with an allen key. And you will also need to ensure the tyres are inflated to 45 psi, although most scooters are sent out with the tyres inflated.


How To Assemble The Razor E300

This video shows how to assemble the scooter.

How Could the E300 be Improved?

There are a few things to note before purchasing the E300.

The scooter runs on a lead-acid battery. As already mentioned these types of batteries are cheaper but they do work well. However, the downside is they take a long time to charge and add a lot of weight to the scooter. This is why many scooter buyers are willing to spend a little more for a lithium battery. But if you can live with the inconveniences of a lead acid battery it will save you a bit of money at the point of purchase.

The charge time of 12 hours is long. A shorter charge time would obviously be good. But if you are fastidious about charging it after each ride and planning ahead, it shouldn't cause too much of a problem.

Another potential improvement Razor could make on the E300 is having a variable throttle. The throttle is either on or off.  But again the trade off is in the scooter's price. If you like the scooter but a variable throttle is important to you, you can upgrade the scooter yourself with a variable throttle which you could purchase from ebay.


If any of these inconveniences are likely to bother you it may be worth looking at other options. But having said this, you may have to pay more for features such as a variable throttle, pnuematic tyres and a shorter battery charge time.

Overall Verdict

If you're looking for an affordable scooter for a short commute or for fun rides out and about, the E300 could tick all your boxes.

Its best feature is the fat tyres that offer a comfortable ride and can cope with bumps, twigs and gravel on the road.

It's speedy and durable and comes in at a very competitive price point.

However, it's fair to say it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a top commuter scooter. There's no battery indicator, light or lock. Heavier riders may struggle to reach the top speeds and it's not the best for long journeys. Having said this,  it's an excellent price, comfortable ride and speedy so will still suit the needs of many teens and adults.


If you aren't sure that the Razor E300 is the scooter for you, there are many other electric scooters to consider.

For kids and teens, Razor make various models of electric scooter including the Power Core E90 and the Razor E200.

For adults who want to commute, you may want to consider the Xiaomi M365. 

Razor A5 Air Scooter Review

Razor A5 Air Scooter Review

The Razor A5 Air scooter is best for riders who want a comfortable, smooth ride on flat surfaces.

Recommended for older kids and teens, it can also be ridden by adults who are within the weight capacity.

There is an awful lot to like about this scooter. It's competitively priced, easily foldable and fun to ride.

However, there are a few minor issues which aren't always a deal breaker but may affect whether it's the scooter for you.

Read on to find out more.

Specifications at a glance

FeatureRazor A5 Air
Scooter Pic
PriceCheck Price on amazon
Handlebars (height adjustment)Adjustable
Deck Size34cm(l)
Scooter Weight5.6kg
Max Rider Weight100kg
17.5 stone
BrakeRear Fender Brake
Other FeaturesKickstand

What's the Ride Like On the Razor A5 Air?

There is a lot to like when riding the Razor A5 Air. Overall, you will get a comfortable and quiet experience. It's also robust, well built, foldable and portable. However, there are a few niggles.


The unique feature of the Razor A5 Air is, of course, the wheels. The scooter is fitted with a pair of 200mm 60PSI pneumatic tires. The air-filled wheels have many advantages. Pneumatic tyres always offer a more comfortable ride with better shock absorption. You won't feel the bumps, cracks and gravel on the pavement. It offers similar comfort to the tyres on a bike.

The tyres also work better on wet surfaces. Whereas urethane wheels may skid and slid on wet pavements, the air filled tyres on the Razor Air will not.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides. Firstly, air filled tyres will require some maintenance. For best performance ensure they are correctly inflated. The wheels also tend to need significantly more kick power to get up to the speed of a scooter with urethane tyres. In a nutshell, Razor A5 is slower than similar-sized scooters with urethane wheels. Therefore if you're looking for a scooter that will whizz from a to b, there are probably better choices. The Razor air rates better for comfort over speed.


The deck measures 340mm in length and is very low to the ground. The main advantage of this is that your leg has less to move down to reach the ground and kick the scooter along. This can lead to a more comfortable ride compared to a scooter with a higher deck and your kicking foot doesn't have to reach as far.

However, some reviewers have found that the deck is a little too low to the ground in some circumstances. There isn't a lot of ground clearance when going over bumps which can scrap the bottom of the scooter deck which can halt your ride rather quickly and send you flying!  If you're likely to be scooting on pavements which have lots of bumps and ramps it's not ideal.

Generally, scooters with air filled tyres will handle harsher terrain well. However, the low deck Razor A5 Air scooter may get caught on bumps on uneven terrain, which makes it a better choice for flat pavements. There are definitely better dirt scooters if you want to go off-road.

Anti Rattle Mechanism

A feature you will really like on the Razor Air is the anti-rattle folding mechanism. This stops the rattling when riding around, which means a quieter (and frankly less annoying!) ride.


How portable is the Razor A5 Air?

You can easily fold the scooter which is great when you need to put it in the car and for storage.

It weighs about 5.6kg, which isn't the lightest of scooters but that is to be expected as the air-filled tyres will always add a bit of extra weight to the scooter. Having said this, it shouldn't be a problem to pick up and carry to take on public transport or carry for short distances.

Age Recommendation and Weight Capacity

Razor age recommendation is 8 years and up. It holds a maximum weight of 100kg

Adjustable Handlebar

There is a height adjustable handlebar so you can adjust it to suit the rider. The handlebar extends up to 980mm and is 425 mm in width should accommodate most adults within the weight limit unless they are exceptionally tall. The tallest scooters have handlebars which extend up to 106mm, so you can get higher if you need something for a taller adult.

Other Features

Brake: A rear fender brake provides excellent stopping power when needed.

Handlebar Grips:  Riders like the soft rubber grips which provide enhanced comfort and control and are superior to the foam grips you find on other kick scooters.

Kickstand:  a retractable kickstand which conveniently allows it can be stored upright.


The scooter comes ready assembled but you may need to inflate the tyres to the correct tyre pressure before riding.

How Could the Razor A5 Air be Improved?

As you may have guessed from the rest of the article, a slightly higher deck may be an improvement. Low decks are good as scooters with low decks are more comfortable to ride. But it's not ideal if your deck gets caught on a bump. If the pavements you are riding on a flat, this shouldn't be a problem, but something to be aware of.

Overall Verdict

The Razor A5 works best for a comfortable shock absorbing ride on flat pavements and surfaces. Avoid for surfaces with a fair few big bumps. It's most definitely a scooter that works wll on urban terrain.

It may be frustrating for riders who want to go very quickly, but if you are comfortable with a slower but steadier smooth ride, it could be the choice for you.

It's good for running short errands, fun for the kids as well as commutes on the shorter side.


There are many alternatives to the Razor A5 Air scooter. Both the Razor A5 Lux and the Razor A6 are worthy alternatives if you prefer a scooter with urethane wheels. Check out a comparison between all 3 Razor scooters.

If you are looking for another scooter with pneumatic tyres, consider the Hudora air 205 scooter. For something that handles off-road consider the Osprey dirt scooter (#amazonaffilatelink)

Razor A5 Lux Scooter Review

If you're looking for a fast, effortless ride for older kids, teens and adults, definitely check out the Razor A5 Lux.

It's competitively priced for a big wheel scooter. The 8 inch wheels ensure a smooth, quick ride. Plus, it's easily folded and lightweight so perfect for taking on trains and buses.

Ideal for fun rides, commutes and weekend jaunts.

Who's It For?

The Razor age recommendation is 8 years and up. Kids, teens and adults can all use this scooter. It can and has been used by many people for daily commutes but it's not suitable for every adult. If you are on the taller side, it may be worth checking out the Razor A6 instead as the handlebar extends up to 106cm.

There's also a maximum weight capacity of 220Ibs (100kg).


The handlebar extends up to 97cm. This is fine for most adults, but as previously said if you want something taller, check out the Razor A6 as it's handlebar extends quite a few cms higher.

The quick release handlebar adjustment works well enabling riders to adjust the height quickly and easily. You can adjust the handlebar within the height range to any point and make it the perfect height for your size.


The footplate is big enough for most adults to fit one foot on the board at a time. Experienced riders will be able to change over feet while riding. And you can rest the non pushing foot on the side of the deck slightly when you are cruising if you wish.

Some people may find the footplate a bit too narrow, especially if their feet are on the larger side. However, it's worth bearing in mind that larger decks can make it easier for the kicking foot to catch on the footplate while scooting, which can be annoying and may hurt!

What's the Ride Like?

First, the big positive is the extra large wheels. The 200mm (8") polyurethane wheels ensure a quick and smooth ride. The wheels are larger than on standard sized scooters which makes the A5 great for commutes and longer rides. Bigger wheels get you where you want to go faster and with less effort. Fewer kicks are needed to travel further.

The bigger wheels are also less likely to get stuck in cracks and bumps in the road. This ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride compared with scooters with a smaller sized wheel.

The deck is just 2.5" off the ground which is very low. This can be very advantageous as it means that the kicking leg doesn't need to bend as deep when you are kicking, making the ride more comfortable. However, sometimes, the bottom of the deck can be scrapped. Be careful when you are going over speed bumps and the like.

Perhaps one of the major criticisms of the A5 Lux is that it can be noisy. There is rattling as you ride, which can be distracting for some. Something to bear in mind.

Another disadvantage is that it's not great in the rain. It can feel slippery as the wheels don't offer much traction on wet roads. So you will need to go slower for safety and allowing more stopping time in wet conditions.

The foam grips offer comfort when you are riding. They should be fine for most adult hands, although some adults with bigger hands may prefer foam grips which are slightly larger.

Like most scooters, the A5 features a rear fender brake which is very good. Just press on the brake on the back wheel to slow down. Another method of slowing down is just to use one of your feet to stop. You have both options, so use the one which feels more intuitive and comfortable on your ride.

What about Portability

The A5 Lux scores highly on portability. It's easy to fold and is fairly compact when folded given the large 8" wheels. Additionally, the handlebars can be folded down for compact storage.

It's also light to carry weighing just 8.38lbs or 3.83kg. Razor have done a good job of creating a big wheel scooter that isn't too heavy.

Many big wheels scooters can be quite heavy due to the larger size and extra weight of the wheels. Heavier scooters are more cumbersome to pick up and take on public transport. The A5 Lux overcomes this problem, being both light and has big wheels which can be considered a rare combination in a scooter. This makes it a good choice if you do need to take it on a bus or a train.

Other Features

There is a handy kickstand. No longer do you have to lay your scooter down where you stop. Keep it upright when stopping and in storage.


One of the plus points of this scooter is that practically no assembly is required. Just pop the handlebars up and you're good to go.


The great thing about the Razor A5 Lux is that for a good quality big wheel scooter, it is extremely competitive in price. Generally, you can always pick this up for under £90. Yes, you can get scooters that offer more traction with air filled wheels. You can also get scooters with bigger wheels and handlebars which will extend higher. But you will pay more for the extra features.

If you're looking for a light commuter or fun filled, big wheel scooter which is foldable with an adjustable handlebar, it's hard to compete with the Razor A5 Lux on price. You may find cheaper big wheel scooters but it's likely you will be compromising on quality or features such as how heavy it is to carry.

The Razor A5 Lux has been around for many years, so it's really stood the test of time.

Who are Razor?

Razor are based in the USA and manufactured their first scooter in 2000, so have now been around for 20 years! They were part of the movement that made the kick scooter so popular. Since they made their first scooter, they have sold over 34 million products.

Razor are one of the leading brands of scooters both in the USA and the UK. Their products have around for so many years that many people can testify to their high quality and durability.


Specifications at a glance

FeatureRazor A5 Lux
Scooter Pic
PriceCheck Price on amazon
Handlebars (height adjustment)75 - 97 cm
Deck Size32cm x10.5cm
Scooter Weight3.83kg
Max Rider Weight100kg
BrakeRear Fender Brake
Deck Height
(from ground)
Other FeaturesKickstand

Overall Verdict

If you're looking for a reasonably priced commuter scooter from a reputable brand, it's very hard to go wrong with the Razor A5 Lux. It offers a smooth, quick ride and is extremely portable being lightweight with an easy to fold handlebar. The low deck and adjustable handlebar ensure the ride is comfortable for each rider. It's durable and retails at an excellent price point.

Having said this, the A5 Lux is certainly not for everyone. It won't be the right choice for taller and heavier teens and adults who are over 100kg. You may also prefer a scooter that works better on wet surfaces such as the A5 Air which has air filled wheels. And there are most certainly scooters with quieter rides.  However, any extra features need to be balanced out with the price you pay.  Some of the downsides may bother some riders but will not matter to others.

Overall, it's certainly a well thought out big wheel scooter and most older kids, teens and adults will absolutely love it.

Where to Buy?

You can currently pick up this scooter on amazon. It comes in several different colours including black, blue red and pink. It's well worth checking out the reviews on amazon to see if this scooter will work for you as well.


If you aren't sure that the Razor A5 is the scooter for you, there are other scooters to consider.

Razor make various models of scooter including the Razor Air A5 scooter which has air filled wheels so offers more traction on wet surfaces. They also make the A6 which has even bigger wheels and a higher handlebar. Check out a comparison of all three scooters. 

Over the recommended weight limit? There are many other amazing kick scooters for heavier adults too.