The Top 14 Adult Scooters Reviews - A Guide on Which One to Buy

Many adults ride scooters. They are ideal for commuting and have numerous advantages. You can avoid the traffic, travel through the park on the way to work, cut down on petrol and other travel costs, keep fit and do your bit for the environment. Many scooters also fold for use on public transport.

Scooters are also good for the school run and when you want to get out with your kids. Use them to scoot along with the kids at the park .

What should you look for when buying a scooter for an adult? Find out with our suggestions of great adult scooters available in the UK .

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Globber One K 180


If you're looking for a scooter that's specifically for commuting, the Globber One K 180 has many features designed with the commuter in mind.

For example, the one second folding mechanism allows riders to quickly fold it for public transport and when you arrive at work.

A particularly useful and unique feature of the Globber is a folding system that transforms the scooter into a trolley for transporting and easy parking. You don't have to carry this thing, just pull it along behind when you need to. This is especially convenient when navigating busy pedestrian places when you need to jump off the scooter.

The deck is wide and low to the ground (6.7cm off the ground), so there's plenty of foot space. Being low to the ground means it's more comfortable to push along as your foot doesn't have so far to go to reach the floor.

There's a front lever brake which is ideal if you need to slow down quickly in an urban environment

Extra large 180mm wheels from high quality polyurethane for a smooth ride.

A wide, curved handlebar with flexible handgrips has been designed for daily use with comfort.

One important thing to note when you purchase the Globber One K is that it has a fixed t bar. So you can't adjust the height. The height measures 98cm which is a nice height for many adults. Ideally, you want the scooter to come to around waist height when you are riding it for optimum comfort. If you are on the taller side, look for a scooter with a taller handlebar (some scooters featured below have handlebars which extend up to 106cm).


✔️Overall Verdict

This is a great commuter scooter that has been designed specifically for adult commuters with convenient features including a handy trolley mechanism to pull along behind you. However, it's important to note the fixed handlebar height of 98cm. If the height works for your size, it's a great scooter choice.


Hudora GS 205 Big Wheel Scooter


If you're looking for an affordable scooter - this is an excellent choice. It has all the features needed for a quick commute without a huge price tag. It's also available in many different colors.

The high rebound 87a PU wheels with ABEC 5 bearings are a nice size for commuting at 205mm. Big wheels get you there faster and absorb the shocks from bumps and cracks on the pavement more easily.

The handlebar has a good height adjustment range between 79 and 104cm. It's also foldable so can be taken on public transport. The folded dimensions are 98cm (l), 11.5cm(w) and 25.5cm (h)

The Hudora is light at 4.7kg, so when folded should be fine for most people to carry. It also has a carry strap included for easy portability. And when you get to your destination, it's easily stored with a kick stand.

Pros - what we like


✔️A good all rounder (light, foldable and good handlebar adjustment)

✔️200mm wheels good for commuting short distances.

✔️Overall Verdict

Excellent value for money if you are buying on a budget and it's ideal for light to medium use. The big wheels means that it's a great choice for commuting.


Micro Classic Scooter

The Micro Classic scooter is a high quality and well-built scooter designed to last for years. Available in white and black.

Its key features include:

1.) Large 200mm wheels made of high quality PU which give a fast and smooth ride. 200mm wheels are fast as the bigger the wheel, the quicker the ride and the less effort needed to get up to speed.

2.) A wide and low deck so your kicking foot doesn’t have as far to reach to push along. This translates as less effort and a more comfortable ride.

3.) Foldable and features a height adjustable handlebar from 73cm to 103cm.

This is an excellent scooter for a quick, fast and comfortable ride. Micro excels at making light scooters without compromising on strength and durability. The Classic is no exception weighing 4.7kg, so is light enough to carry up when you need to. And for easy storage, there's a kickstand too.

When folded its 74cm in length. The folded dimensions are 74cm (l) x 12.7cm (w) x 30cm (h).

Sometimes people ask why pay for an expensive scooter when there are plenty of cheaper options? It often comes down to the things you rarely think about. For example, the rear brake on the Micro classic is also an excellent mud guard, stopping splashes from puddles soaking the bottom of your trousers. The hand grips are soft, comfortable and durable on your hands.  Thick and solid PU wheels last a lot longer than cheaper counterparts.

What's also excellent about all micro scooters is that they are built to last. They're designed so that key parts of the scooter can be repaired and replaced. This means the scooter can have a long lasting life and stay out of the landfill. If you are planning to use a scooter a lot, this may save you money in the long run as you can just replace parts instead of the whole scooter.

Micro gave us one of their Classic scooters to try out and we loved it.

It’s height adjustable handlebar suited everybody in our family, including my 6’2” husband. Read our in-depth review of the Micro Classic.

Pros - what we like

✔️ Excellent high quality large PU wheels

✔️A comfortable, smooth, quick ride

✔️ Wide and low deck with plenty of foot space.

✔️Overall Verdict

Fast and smooth. Durable and strong. The Micro Classic is a solid choice which can last for many years if well looked after.


Micro Flex Deluxe Scooter


The Micro Flex Deluxe adult scooter is a step up from the Micro Classic.

It's very similar to the classic but has a flexible deck made of fibreglass and Polyacylate which is designed to give increased comfort when riding as it flexes to absorb bumps from the path. The deck is also slightly larger for more foot space (38cm x 13cm as opposed to 32cm x 12cm on the classic).

If you are looking for a scooter which gives a cushioned, comfortable ride, it may also be worth looking at at a scooter with suspension. Micro's offering with suspension is featured below.

It's also important to note the Flex Deluxe is slightly heavier than the classic weighing 5.2kg (as opposed the Classic's weight of 4.7kg).

The Flex Deluxe is also more expensive than the classic.

Other than that the Micro Classic and Flex Deluxe  are very similar. Both have 200mm wheels, are height adjustable between 72cm and 103cm and can be folded.

Pros - what we like

✔️Ultra flexible deck to absorb bumps for a smooth ride

✔️Large wheels, adjustable and foldable - great for the commute

✔️Replaceable parts

✔️Overall Verdict

The flexible deck is the star of the show on this scooter, giving extra comfort on bumpy pavements and paths.

Micro Suspension Scooter


If a luxurious, smooth and comfortable ride is a top priority, the micro suspension scooter will give you just that. The built in suspension irons out bumps along the way.

The 200mm wheels will provide the rider with a quick, speedy ride.

The suspension is a selling point on this scooter. It's provided front and back; vertically from the front wheel and horizontally from the rear wheel, below the deck. This means scooting becomes altogether smoother and more comfortable, whatever surfaces you may encounter en route. Having said this, it won't make rough ground easier to scoot over, it will just absorb the shocks from the paths along the way so you don't feel them.

At 6.4kg this scooter is significantly heavier than other scooters. This is pay off for the suspension so it may be a black mark if you have to carry this scooter for long distances (although it should still be fine for lifting on and off public transport). If it's just to get from a to b, the smoothness of the ride will be worth the extra weight.

The scooter is super efficient to fold. One quick release lever and a button to make the handle bar drop down. The folded dimensions are 80cm x 40cm x 31cm

The handlebar adjusts from 84cm to a big 106cm so accommodates adult riders of all sizes including the tallest.

Like many scooters it will support up to 100kg (15.7 stone)A kickstand and soft handle grips to help filter out any vibration offer excellent finishing touches to this scooter.

Pros - what we like

✔️ The suspension - makes the ride super comfortable.

✔️ Handlebar adjusts up to 106cm for the tallest rider.

✔️ Easy one quick release leaver folding system.


✔️Overall Verdict

This is a top of the range scooter which offers a lovely smooth ride that few other scooters can rival. The price tag is on the steep side but like all other micro scooters, each key part on this scooter is easily fixable or replaceable meaning it could last for years and years to come.

Osprey BMX Scooter


The Osprey BMX scooter is a cross between a bike and a scooter. The big air filled wheels allow the scooter to travel off road on a variety of different terrains. As the wheels are large, they also cover long distances effortlessly.

This scooter is heavy and it doesn’t fold, so if you’re looking for a scooter to take on public transport there are much better options.

However, if you are scooting on canal paths, along cobbles or through woodland, this is an excellent option. The 20” front wheel and 16’ rear wheel provide strong grip for off-road and a variety of surfaces.

The air filled wheels also offer more traction on wet surfaces so there’s more grip when it’s been raining. If you have a long commute to work the large wheels also cover long distances more quickly than scooters with smaller wheels.

Another thing to note are the responsive hand brakes like you would find on a bike. They are long lasting for continued use.

The handlebars are adjustable from 88cm to 96cm. If you are very tall, you may prefer a scooter with higher handlebars but the height adjustment should suit most adults.

The scooter also offers a kickstand.

There is some assembly required. If you struggle with assembly consider getting a bike shop to assemble the scooter for you and factor that in the price.

Pros - what we like

✔️Extremely large wheels for off-road use and long distances

✔️Hand controlled brakes

✔️ Strong and durable

✔️Overall Verdict

If you're looking for a scooter for off-road or for long distances, The Osprey BMX scooter is a great choice! However, avoid if you want a light, portable scooter for use on public transport.


Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter


The Razor A5 has been around for many years and has good reviews, so it's stood the test of time. Razor is a well known scooter brand and the scooter has all the features many adults want, big wheels, lightweight, easy to fold and low deck at an affordable price.

It's size makes it a good choice for smaller adults and teens.

It features 200mm PU wheels, offering a smooth ride on pavements.

The maximum rider weight is 90kg or 14.1 stone.

If you're looking for something super light, this is the lightest scooter featured on this page at only 4.1kg!

The easily adjustable handlebars include soft foam grips for enhanced comfort and it folds easily with its patented folding system.


✔️Respected brand

✔️Foldable, easy to carry

✔️Overall Verdict

If you're looking for an affordable scooter from a well known brand the Razor A5 Lux is a good choice. Due to the 90k weight limit, there are better choices for taller and heavier riders. It may also be worth considering the Razor A6 (featured below) as for a little bit more your budget you can get bigger wheels and an increased max rider weight. However the A6 is heavier to carry.


Razor A5 Air Commuter Scooter


The Razor A5 commuter scooter is an option with air filled tyres. The air filled tyres give a very comfortable ride over urban terrain by absorbing shocks and bumps on the pavement.  Their cushioned performance are also brilliant on cobbles and other bumpy surfaces and they give more traction on wet and slippy surfaces.

As you would expect with a commuter scooter, the wheels measure 200mm. This will mean greater distances will be covered with fewer kicks and effort. On the downside, air filled tyres do tend to make the scooter slightly slower and more effort / kicking is required to increase the speed. This means that the A5 Air tends to travel slower than other similar-sized scooters. It's a scooter to consider if comfort is more important than speed in your ride.

The maximum rider weight is 100kg

The handlebar is height adjustable up to 98cm

The scooter weighs 5.07kg, so on the heavier side which is to be expected due to the extra weight of the tyres. However, this should still be light enough for most riders to carry on and off public transport if they need to.

The deck measures 34cm by 10cm.

One feature of the Razor A5 commuter and other Razor scooters is that the decks are low to the ground. This can be desirable as decks which are low to the ground are more comfortable to ride as you have to lower your kicking leg less distance to reach the floor to power along. Unfortunately, on the A5 Air, some riders have complained the scooter deck hasn't got enough ground clearance. When going over bumps it can scrap the bottom of the scooter deck which is not ideal.

The Air A5 works best on flat urban terrain. Read a full indepth review here.

Pros - What We Like 

✔️ Air filled tyres - better on wet surfaces

✔️Respected brand


Built for everyday commuting

✔️Overall Verdict

A good option of commuter scooter if you are looking for a comfortable ride over more uneven terrain at an affordable price point.

Razor A6 Scooter


The Razor A6 scooter is a particularly good choice for commuting as it has huge wheels (the biggest of all scooters on this page) so will take you further more quickly.  It has an extra high handlebar which also means it's a good pick for tall riders. The weight limit is 100kg about 15.7 stone.

The adjustable handlebar can adjust to a whopping 106.7cm and the scooter can be folded down for easy portability

The scooter has 254mm (10 inch) urethane wheels. A huge plus of this scooter is that the extra big wheels travel further and faster more effortlessly and offer a smooth comfortable ride.

The length of the footplate is 34cm.

The maximum rider weight is 100kg and the weight of the scooter is 5kg. The bigger wheels do add a bit to the weight of the scooter. It isn't the lightest of scooters but should be no problem for most people to take on public transport.

The anti-rattle folding mechanism is quiet which adds to a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

There is a useful kickstand which is great for storage.

Finally there's a rear fender brake for easy stopping power.

Pros - what we like

✔️Big wheels for the quickest ride with less effort

✔️Tall handlebars for the tallest riders

✔️Great option for commuting

✔️Overall Verdict

This scooter has huge wheels which will get your further faster. They wheels aren't pneumatic so are best suited to smooth surfaces such as pavements. The high handlebar make this a good choice for taller adults and teens.

Besrey Kick Scooter


Competitively priced and with suspension for a comfortable ride, the Besrey Kick scooter has height adjustments to  accommodate adults of all sizes, even the tallest of riders.

The large 200mm wheels prove speedy and quiet. Front suspension helps absorb the sting from bumps and shocks along the road, ensuring the ride is more comfortable on uneven terrain such as cobbles.

An adjustable handlebar has four different height settings (82cm, 93cm, 99cm and 106cm). There's a setting to suit every adult without any issues.

Coming in at 4.5kg, the Besrey is light enough to carry for short distances and on public transport. It folds down to a compact 84cm x 32cm x 12cm so can be stored under a desk.

The robust wide non-slip deck measures 14.7cm by 12cm and comfortably fits larger feet.

In additon, the scooter comes with bells and whistles such as a carry strap, in built kick stand and a non-slip foldable handle which is comfortable for rider's hands.

A couple of gripes, the folding mechanism can be a bit stiff. Also, the weight recommendation is 100kg but heavier riders may prefer something more sturdy.

Pros - What We Like

✔️A handlebar setting to suit all adults at every height.

✔️A carry strap - always handy for using on public transport.

✔️Suspension at a very affordable price


✔️Overall Verdict

You get a lot of bang for your buck if you choose The Besrey. With several different height adjustments it's great for adults of all sizes.


Swifty Air MK2 Scooter


Swifty scooters stand out in their own category. They're something else! The Swifty Air MK2 model is no exception.  Strong with excellent workmanship, the 16" wheels on the Swifty Air MK2 can withstand a variety of terrain and basically take you anywhere.

It's tough build has been tested on mountainous paths in all weathers. The scooter is simply superb for off road use. Perfect for weekend adventures, it's also great for an off road commute, handling footpaths, cobbles or dirt paths with ease. It's efficient hand controlled brakes make it an excellent choice for racing down hills too.

More about the wheels - they're 16 inch, have sealed bearings and hand laced stainless steel spokes, designed to push scooter rides to the limit.

If you're looking for a scooter with a maximum rider weight higher than 100kg, this one accommodates riders who weigh up to 150kg (330lbs or 23.7 stone).

A one sized 100cm handlebar accommodates the vast majority of adults However, you can purchase a taller set of bars if you're taller than 6'1".

Some trade offs - the scooter is heavy and it doesn't fold, so not ideal for public transport. However, Swifty make other scooters that can fold and be carried - the Swifty One MK4 is their latest foldable model.

Of course, the Swifty Air MK2  scooter is pricey. However, if you're looking for a scooter that will last, ignore the cheaper options, this one will pay for itself in time.

Pros - what we like

✔️  Superb Quality

✔️ Excellent brakes

✔️ The best scooter out there for off road riding.

✔️Overall Verdict

This 185mm wheels on this scooter are perfect for the school run but also awesome for the commute. For the price tag, you get amazing bang for your buck! It can be quickly folded and is lighter than similar models so easy to carry on public transport.


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3


If you need a durable, well designed and quick electric scooter, the Xiaomi mi electric scooter 3 should definitely be on your list.

Speedy, foldable with excellent battery life and some well thought out design features means it's difficult to go wrong.

The max speed is 25km/h (15mph) with different speed modes to choose from. It copes with the majority of hill inclines well. Although, do be aware it will slow down the closer you are to the weight limit of 100kg.

The battery life is outstanding. Ride up to 30km (18 miles on one charge) - however this is subject to the weight of rider, terrain, gradient and the scooter mode. Realistically if you're riding through urban terrain with a few inclines and bumps, you can expect about 22 to 26km (13 to 16 miles) on one charge. A full charge takes about 8 hours.

There are 3 modes to choose from. Pedestrian mode has a top speed of 5km/h, dynamic mode up to 20km/h and the sports mode takes you up to 25km/h.

Weighing 13kg, it's no problem to lift onto a bus or in a car boot. Plus it folds quickly (in about 3 seconds). However, you don't really want to be carrying it long distances.

8.5" pneumatic tyres give a cushioned ride over bumps and potholes in the road. There is a spacious deck for small and larger feet. An ultra bright headlamp means it can be ridden at dusk or at night.

The easy to read LCD screen displays all the stats you want to know including your current speed and speed mode, how much battery life is left and repair warnings.

On the downside, it's`fixed handlebar isn't the best for taller riders. It's also not designed for wet weather. if it rains, you'll need to leave the Xiaomi mi electric scooter 3 at home.

Connect it to a smartphone app via bluetooth for extra features including cruise control and a scooter lock.

Do note that at the moment, electric scooters can only be ridden legally on private land in the UK. However, the government are trialling the use of rental e-scooters in some areas. You can read more here. 

✔️ Impressive battery life

✔️Excellent LCD display

✔️ 3 second fold

Hudora Big Wheel Style 230 Scooter


The Hudora big wheel scooter has a large 230mm front wheel which will take you further more quickly. With it's big wheels, shoulder strap, reflectors on the the handlebar and deck and folding mechanism, it's excellent for the commute. It's larger size and bigger weight capacity also make it a good choice for the tall rider.

The scooter features PU casted wheels which measure 230mm at the front and 205mm at the rear. It's powered from the front to go quickly.

The maximum user weight is 120kg which is larger than most standard scooters which generally is 100kg. The handlebar can be adjusted from 88 to 106.5 cm so it's great for adults of all sizes including the tall rider. Additionally he footplate is a good size for larger feet measuring 44cm by 14cm

The scooter features a rear fiction brake.

The scooter weight is 5.2kg. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and is foldable which makes it easy to carry when you need to. However, it isn't the lightest of scooters so it's not one you would want to carry for a long while.

Pros - What we like

✔️ Awesome for the larger rider with bigger weight capacity, tall handlebar and large footplate.

✔️ Big 230mm front wheel for a faster ride

✔️Excellent for a faster commute.


✔️Overall Verdict

This is a good option to consider if you want to use the scooter for commuting . The large wheels can pick up some speed. It can be easily folded and carried with the shoulder strap. There is also a kickstand to keep it upright when storing as well.

Bopster Sport Pro Adult Scooter


The Bopster Sport Pro  is a budget option of scooter with large 200mm wheels for a quick scoot. An affordable option if you just want to try out a scooter to see if you like it and actually use it.

Despite the low price tag there are some awesome plus points for this scooter. Firstly, the PU 200mm x 30mm wheels offer a smooth speed ride. There are 3 different height adjustment points at 83cm, 94cm and 104cm so there's a height setting for most adults whether you are 5" or 6'4". The handlebar extends higher than many other scooters so if you're under the weight recommendation of 100kg it works for the taller rider. It's also on the light side weighing just 4.4kg so easy to carry up a flight of stairs or onto public transport.

The folded dimensions are 102cm x 35cm x 12cm. It's on the long side but you can measure whether this would fit under a desk at work.

The scooter features a one button easy folding system which is handy if you need to quickly fold it while waiting for a bus or trani.

There are a few compromises but these are to be expected due to the low pricing. Reviewers have complained that the rear foot brake isn't the best mud guard, so you may get wet trousers from splashes if riding through puddles. Okay if you only plan on taking it out on dry days. Another common complaint is the brake could be stronger. Obviously you can stop with your foot or plan for a longer stopping distance when you need to come to a halt but this isn't ideal.

Pros - what we like

✔️ Good for those on a budget

✔️ Big, speedy wheels

✔️One button folding system


✔️Overall Verdict

This is good option to consider if you are on a budget or want to try out something affordable before committing to spending a lot of money. It's perhaps a good choice for a short commute or to join the kids at the park or on the school run.

Good For the School Run - Micro Speed Scooter

This scooter is a good all rounder, but best for smaller adults. A good option if you want smaller wheels. Ideal for Mums who want to scoot with the kids, on the school run or short commutes to work.

It's 87a 145mm PU wheels are smaller so they don't add too much to the weight of the scooter. If you are looking for a scooter to do longer commutes, this is not the best option (go for one with larger wheels to get you further faster). For short distances this is great, .

The handlebar is height adjustable with the max height being 92cm. ​

It weighs 4.23kg. This is lightweight for an adult scooter so it should be easy just to put away in the cupboard when finished.

The scooter is foldable, making it easy to store and transport when needed. It's fairly compact when folded (dimensions 73cm x 12cm x 33cm)

It has a deck length of 33cm by 13cm.

Pros - what we like

✔️ Compact when folded


✔️Good option if you want smaller wheels

✔️Overall Verdict

This is one of the lightest adults scooter featured, so easier to carry when needed. It's a good option for short journeys and for getting out and about with the kids. For longer distances, go for a scooter with a bigger wheel.

WeSkate Adult Scooter With Dual Suspension


The Weskate adult scooter provides dual suspension for riders who don't want to blow the budget.

There are 3 height adjustments from at 90cm, 95cm and 100cm. It will suit adults and children with a height range from around 120cm to 185cm in height (4 to 6 foot).

It's easy to fold and the folded dimensions measure 84cm x 38cm x 25cm.

The front & rear shock-absorbing system reduce vibration and make a smoother ride.

It weighs 6.12kg. It's heavier than most adult scooters due to the extra weight  from the suspension.  Not great if you have to lug it a long way but fine for most people to lift on and off public transport.

The scooter has 205mm PU wheels for a smooth and quick ride.

The deck is fairly long and wide measuring 46.5cm by 13.5cm.

A carry strap is a useful addition to help carry it when needed.

Pros - what we like

✔️Front and rear suspension


✔️ Carry strap


✔️Overall Verdict

If you're on a tight budget but want the advantages of having a scooter with suspension, this could be the scooter for you.

Adult Dirt Scooter




The Osprey dirt scooter is ideal for all terrains including dirt, grass, rough trail and trails. If your commute takes you off the beaten path, or you just want a scooter for some off road fun, this is the scooter for you.

The 200 x 50 mm off-road pneumatic tyres with 3-piece aluminium metal hubs are durable and maintain a strong grip, ideal for tackling tough terrain

The scooter is 93cm in height, aimed at teens and adults. The chrome handle bars with large rubber grips are ideal for traction when traversing tricky downhill slopes.

The hardy aluminium deck is designed to take the punishment of flying rocks and gravel on dirt tracks and the stainless steel rear brake is built to offer you durable and reliable stopping power in the most unforgiving off road conditions

It's worth noting the scooter is heavy and doesn't fold as it needs to be sturdy to withstand the impact from off road riding.

Pros - what we like

✔️Specialised tyres designed for riding off road and on dirt tracks and grass

✔️Solid and durable

✔️Can even be used for jumps

✔️Overall Verdict

An excellent scooter for any off road riding. Perfect for fun weekend use on bmx and dirt tracks but also idea if your commute features some tricky or rough terrain.

Cityglide C200 Kick Scooter


The City Glide is a budget scooter designed for riders between 4'6" to 6'2" tall. It's light and can fold which makes it a good choice for commuting around the city. There are several pros and cons with the scooter.

Large 200mm wheels with smooth ABEC-7 bearings are good for rolling over smooth pavements. Custom nylon brakes will slow the scooter rather than stop it outright, so you'll need to be extra careful when going fast down hills. The scooter features 58cm scooter deck which fits up to shoe size 12.  The T-bar has tow height adjustments at 94cm or 103cm.

Weighing just 4kg, this scooter scores highly on being ultra-light for portability. It also has a carry strap and folds to a compact 94cm x 34cm. It's easy to fold with a one-touch folding mechanism. However, the folding mechanism is made of plastic so may not be the most durable.  There are quite a few reviews of it snapping. For this reason, if you want to fold the scooter a lot it may be worth looking at another model.

Buying a budget scooter can be a risk as the quality may not be the best. However a plus of the City Glide is it comes with a 6-month manufacturing warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. So if something goes wrong out of the box, if the manufacturer is good on their word you'll get your money back.

It's a good choice if you want to try out a scooter for a commute without committing to spending too much money at first. You can then upgrade and spend a bit more at a later date.

Pros - what we like

✔️ Affordable

✔️ 30-day money-back guarantee

✔️ Ultra portable - Light, foldable and a carry strap. 

✔️Overall Verdict

Worth considering if your looking for your first commuter scooter on a budget.

Frenzy 205mm Kaimana Folding Commuter Scooter


The cool blue and the dipped bars of the Frenzy commuter scooter look stylish (it also comes in grey too) but it also offers a comfortable ride and has everything you need in a scooter for commuting. It doesn't have the tallest of handlebars, so if you are a tall rider, there are better choices.

The wheels are perfectly sized 205mm 82A PU Cast Wheels

It has an adjustable handlebar between 86cm and 96cm. The handlebar features an anti-wobble top bar clamp. The natural rubber gum color bar grips add comfort when riding.

There is an easy fold system, awesome when you want to fold it down or take it on public transport

The scooter weighs 4.7kg which is fairly light.

It's fitted with a slick steel foot brake which sits neatly around the back wheel

Pros - what we like

✔️Stylish look


✔️Good all rounder for teens and smaller adults.

✔️Overall Verdict

a good option for smaller adults who want a stylish look. Light, good sized commuter wheels and easy fold system.

Adult Scooters Buying Guide

★ Weight Limit

To ensure that the scooter is suitable for adult use, check the weight limit. Many scooters have a weight limit of 100kg (15.7 stone) or 120kg (18.8 stone).

The width of the wheels is also worth considering. The wider the wheel base the more stability the scooter offers at faster speeds. Look for wheel bases around 65 to 72cm  (25.5 to 28.5 inches).

★ Wheel Size

Standard scooters have a wheel size of around 98mm which is fine. However if you want the scooter for commuting or for going longer distances its best to look for a scooter with a bigger wheel. The larger the wheel the faster you will go and the less kicking you will need. So you will conserve energy and finish your journey quicker. So for commuting you can look at scooters from wheels ranging from 120mm to 230mm. The further you have to commute, the bigger wheels you should consider.

The width of the wheels is also worth considering. The wider the wheel base the more stability the scooter offers at faster speeds. Look for wheel bases around 65 to 72cm  (25.5 to 28.5 inches).

★ Cheaper vs Expensive Scooters

Sometimes a scooter looks really good on paper with all the features you could want but the price is low so it seems too good to be true. If you are buying a scooter on the lower price end, it may be that parts like the brakes wear out more quickly. It is worth reading several reviews to get a feel for whether the scooter will last. Of course it will also depend on how heavy the usage of the scooter is. A cheaper scooter will be fine for the odd outing but if you are commuting everyday it may be worth spending more to ensure your scooter will last. Reading reviews is a good way to get a feel if the scooter is for you.

★ Wheel durometer

If the scooter has PU wheels ou may also see a measurement which tells you the wheel durometer. This normally varies from around 75A to around 88A. The lower the measurement the softer the wheel. A softer wheel will give more comfort when riding but it will wear out more quickly.

★ Handlebars

The handlebar should reach your waist for maximum comfort and efficiency. You can get adjustable handlebars so you can set the right height.

★ Urethane wheels vs pneumatic (air-filled) tyres

You will see urethane or polyurethane (PU) wheels on many commuter scooters. Generally these type of wheels are fine on adult kick scooters as long as you don't intend to or go over bumpy uneven paths or off road or you want some extra grip on your ride. The great thing about urethane/polyurethane wheels is that they are puncture proof.

However, maybe you want to use your scooter to go over bumpier, rugged terrain or perhaps cobbles. Or you may want a wheel that absorbs the shocks and bumps from the road. In these cases, you may want to consider pneumatic tyres. Pneumatic tyres will also offer more grip on surfaces when it might get slippy due to the rain or frost.

The main advantage of pneumatic tyres is that they offer a smooth, comfortable ride even over uneven terrain such as bumps, twigs and lumps in the path much like a bicycle does. Pneumatic tyres will also wear down less quickly. The disadvantage is they add some weight to the scooter making it heavier to carry if you need to. Air filled tyres will also require more maintenance (punctures etc) and they tend to be more expensive. Which ones to get really very much depends on the rider and the surfaces it's used on.

★ Deck Ground Clearance

A deck which is low to the ground is more comfortable to ride. The greater distance there is between the deck and the floor the more your legs have to bend when riding a scooter to push it along. So a low deck means you have to bend you legs less.

One thing to be wary off is if the deck is very low to the ground there is a danger the ground may scuff the bottom of the deck when it goes over bumps and objects on the way such as twigs and stones.

If you are likely to be using your scooter over smooth pavements and roads then it makes sense to keep with a deck which is low to the ground as you are unlikely to go over many bumps and cracks.

If your ride is likely to be more bumpy with more "obstacles" in your path a slightly higher deck may be better to avoid the scuffing!

Bear in mind that scooters with bigger wheels will require less kicks to build up some speed but smaller wheels will require more kicking.


★ Budget

Consider how you will use the scooter when deciding how much to spend. If you're travelling shorter distances so your budget needn't be as big for those short trips out with the kids or to the shops. You will probably want a bigger budget if you're going to be using the scooter for commuting.

★ Suspension

Some scooters have suspension which is a spring like mechanism attached to the front and / or back of the scooter. The advantage of suspension is that it offers a really comfortable ride as it absorbs the shock from the bumps and cracks along the pavement and roads. The disadvantage is that it can add extra weight and cost to the scooter.
Should I get a scooter with suspension?

If the roads you are likely to be riding the scooter on are generally smooth, suspension is a nice to have but not a must. Bumpy roads may feel more comfortable to ride on if your scooter does have suspension.

★ Bearings

You may see ABEC rating on scooter descriptions. Generally you will see ABEC 5 or ABEC 7 bearings. In theory the higher the number, the better the bearing. ABEC 7 bearings should have more precision and a lower rolling resistance/friction than ABEC 5 bearings meaning a faster, smoother wheel roll.

However, in practice there can be a big difference between the performance of two bearings that both have the same ABEC rating, so much so that some high quality ABEC 5 bearings have a better spin performance than ABEC 7 bearings.
Therefore it doesn't always pay to look at the ABEC bearings rating alone. Generally, higher priced and branded scooters often have the best quality bearings.

★ Weight of Scooter

Another factor which may be important when choosing the best scooter for you is the weight of the scooter. For example, a lightweight scooter is easier to lift and carry on public transport. If a lightweight scooter is important to you it may be important to compromise on some of the features that add weight to a scooter. For example, the bigger the wheel the more weight it will add to the scooter although it will go quicker. Adjustable handlebars and folding mechanism can also add weight to the scooter.

It may be worth compromising on some of the features or spending a bit more money to get a lighter scooter if this is an important feature.

★ Deck size

The deck or footplate size on scooters vary considerably. If you have a larger foot, it is best to get a longer and wider deck size for obvious reasons. Larger deck sizes can also be more comfortable because you can change foot position or move your weight around more easily when scooting. A longer deck also generally means a longer wheel base. A longer wheel base has many advantages including a more stable, efficient, less bumpy and comfortable ride. A longer wheel base will also roll in a straight line more efficiently making it a good choice for longer commutes.
The disadvantage of a larger deck size is that it adds weight to the scooter making it heavier. It will also need a bit more leg power to start it up and slow it down. The smaller the deck, the less weight it adds to the scooter so it will be lighter to carry. So the best advice is to go for the deck size appropriate to your foot size.

★ Build quality

Scooters may have excellent features on paper, but this does not always translate as good build quality.
Branded scooters such as Micro have a reputation of being well designed, well made and having precision engineering so although branded scooters tend to more expensive, their build quality is generally better.

Lower quality scooters can have problems which may include rattling parts, parts becoming loose, paint chipping off and scooters breaking more easily. Often lower quality scooters don't have parts which are easily replaceable which means that they can be difficult to repair so a new scooter purchase is inevitable.

Spending less on a scooter is generally okay for occasional use but if you are looking to use the scooter heavily it may be worth spending a bit more to ensure a higher build quality.

Reading reviews is always a great way to determine any potential problems with a scooter.

★ Mudguards

Another quality feature that you will find on my scooters (especially commuter scooters) are mudguards. Mudguards fit over the scooter wheels and help prevent splashes and mud from the wheels ending up on your leg or trousers.

★ Scooter Brands

There are many well known scooter brands. Here is a round up of a few to look out for:
Micro - Swiss designed and engineered scooters are renowned for their durability. Expertly crafted to be long lasting and robust every single Micro scooter undergoes a gauntlet of tests to ensure it can withstand the pressure a child or adult can throw at it.

Razor is a well known brand and US company which have been making kick scooter since 2000. According to their website Razor is the number 1 brand in wheeled action sports in the UK and globally.

HUDORA is a German manufacturer for many outdoor activities and specialises in scooters and scooter spare parts.

JD Bug
JD bug is a German company that has been a popular brand of scooter in the UK for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Scooters Legal in the UK?

As the law stands it's currently illegal to drive electric scooters on the roads in the UK. Despite this, it's becoming more of a common site to see electric scooters on the streets of the cities and beyond.

Electric scooters are classed as Personal Electric Light Vehicles (PELVs). As such they aren't subject to road tax or registration so can't be used on the road. As they don't have pedals and have a motor they can't be used on cycle paths or on the pavement either.

The really good news is that the Government is looking at current legislation with a view to changing these laws. An initiative is set to launch this month (February 2020) with a goal to legalise electric scooters in the UK. The reason behind this is a move towards greener transportation.

It's likely that the electric scooters will be classed the same as bicycles and be allowed in cycle lanes. It isn't clear yet what kind of requirement scooters will have to meet (lights / reflectors / size of motor etc), what the speed limit will be (likely around 15 mph) and whether riders will have to wear a helmet. But the answers to these kind of questions should become clear soon.

How Fast Can You Go on a Kick Scooter? / What are the Top Speeds on a Scooter?

There is no one set answer to these questions. It will very much depend on a whole range of factors.

Firstly the scooter. As stated many times elsewhere in this article, scooters with bigger wheels will go further, faster. And less effort is required. So if you have a long commute, scooters with bigger wheels will get you there more quickly. Look for wheels between 200mm and 254mm. Urethane wheels are faster on smoother paths. Air filled wheels take more effort to push along but will be more efficient on uneven terrain.

Secondly, the pushing power of the person riding the scooter. Obviously a more powerful push for a taller, stronger, fitter person will make you go more quickly.

Thirdly the terrain. A smooth and comfortable pavement or path will mean a smoother and quicker ride. Downhill and flat is obviously easier to transverse than uphill.  And in a busy city with lots of people will mean you will have to go slower.

A better way to think about answering this question is to imagine you are going to walk the distance you want to scoot. You can get an estimate on google maps of how long it will take to walk the distance. Scooting should almost always at least half this time, but if you are quick and have a fast scooter you could get there three times as quickly (perhaps even quicker). According to micro scooters, the average person takes 20 minutes to walk a mile but just 6 minutes to walk it.

Should I Get a Kick Scooter or a Bike?

This will very much depend on the types of journeys you want to make.

Kick scooters are better for shorter journeys and rides where there may be people around. Many people prefer them to a bike for city commuting and they are also popular on a college campus.

Bikes are better if you have to go over rough terrain, up hill or have a longer journey. They are also better when it rains, unless you have a scooter with air filled tyres.

Kick scooters fold compactly for going on public transport so may be a better option if you have to take a bus or a train. Many kicks scooters fold down compactly and will easily fit under a desk at work.  They are normally light enough to carry when needed too.

Bikes are more efficient so it will take you less energy to pedal on a bike to work than push along with your foot on a scooter but for shorter commutes it is a good workout.