Choosing an Adult Scooter – A Guide


The Top 7 Adult scooters – A guide on what To buy

Many adults ride scooters. They are great for commuting . Avoid the traffic, travel through the park on the way to work, cut down on petrol and other travel costs, keep fit and do your bit for the environment too. Many scooters will fold on public transport.

They are also good for the school run and when you want to get out with your kids. Use them to scoot along with them at the park and be able to keep up.

But what should you look for when buying a scooter for an adult? Read on to find out as well as seven suggestions of great adult scooters.

✔️ Weight Limit – To ensure that the scooter is suitable for adult use, check the weight limit. Many scooters have a weight limit of 100kg or 120kg which will be fine for most people.  

Good All Rounder – Micro Scooter

This scooter is a good all rounder. It’s a great choice for scooting with the kids, on the school run or short commutes to work. Here is a round up of the features:

Wheels – It’s 87a 145mm PU wheels are larger than average size and add to the comfort of the ride and allowing you to scooter even greater distances with less effort. Yet they are not so big that they add too much to the weight of the scooter.

Height adjustable – the handlebar is height adjustable with the max height being 920mm. ​

Weight of scooter  – it weighs 4.23kg. This is lightweight for an adult scooter so it should be easy just to put away in the cupboard when finished.

Foldable – the scooter is foldable, making it easy to store and transport when needed.

Deck size – it has a deck length of 33cm by 13cm.

Max rider weight – is 100kg

Verdict  – this is an excellent all rounder with top notch reviews.

✔️   Wheels- Standard scooters have a wheel size of around 98mm which is fine. However if you want the scooter for commuting or for going longer distances its best to look for a scooter with a bigger wheel. The larger the wheel the faster you will go and the less kicking you will need. So you will conserve energy and finish your journey quicker. So for commuting you can look at scooters from wheels ranging from 120mm to 200mm. The further you have to commute, the bigger wheels you should consider.

 The width of the wheels is also worth considering. The wider the wheel base the more stability the scooter offers at faster speeds. Look for wheel bases arouneed 25.5 to 28.5 inches

Hudora GS 205 Big Wheel Scooter

This is a good priced adult scooter (just under £60) It’s features include:

Wheels: the 87a PU wheels on this scooter are large at 205mm which makes is a good scooter for going longer distances.

Height adustable -it’s handebar can be height adjusted between 79 and 104m which makes it easy to get it the perfect height.

Weight of scooter – it weight 4.7kg. Not the lightest option. But this weight should be fine to fold and carry for a short while.

Foldable – the handlebar folds down.

Brake – provides a rear friction brake.

Max rider weight – 100kg.

Verdict – good value for money if you are buying on a budget and will be using it for light to medium use. The big wheels means that it’s a great choice for commuting.

✔️   Bearings – Look for at least ABEC 5 bearings (althout you will may also see ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 bearings which are fine too). 

Hudora City Scooter Big Wheel Pneumatic Tyres​

If you are considering going longer distances on  your scooter and / or over bumpier terrain you may want to consider a scooter with pnuematic tyres like teh Hudora city scooter featured.

Wheels – 205mm wheels with pnuematic tyres. The tyres will offer a smooth comfortable ride. They are still best on flat surfaces but will go over and bumps, gravel, twigs etc on the path without you feeling it.


Scooter weight – the scooter weighs 5.6kg so it’s not the lightest to carry onto public transport which may be worth bearing in mind.

Height adjustable – the handlebar is height adjustable from from 85 to 105cm.
Foldable – yes

Brakes –  The scooter features a big wheel air 205 dual brake.

Weight limit  – 120kg

Verdict – if ride comfort is your priority, than a scooter with pneumatic tyres will be a must. This scooter fits the bill for one that will go far with minimum effort with tyres offering a smoother ride.

✔️   Wheel durometer – If the scooter has PU wheels ou may also see a measurement which tells you the wheel durometer. This normally varies from around 75A to around 88A. The lower the measurement the softer the wheel. A softer wheel will give more comfort when riding but it will wear out more quickly. 

✔️   Handlebars – The handlebar should reach your waist for maximum comfort and efficiency. You can get adjustable handlebars so you can set the right height. 

Micro Flex deluxe Adult Scooter

Micro scooters are well know for their excellent build and enginnering and the micro flex deluxe adult scooter is no exception.

Wheels  – the 200mm wheels on this scooter are the biggest that Micro do meaning you can get around faster with less effort.

Height adjustable handlebar – The handlebar adjusts from 73-103cm.

Weight of scooter  – the scooter weighs 4.7kg so pretty lightweight considering the large wheelsFoldable – yes
Kickstand – yes
Verdict – if you have a bit more in your budget and need a scotoer with large wheels to get you from a to b, then this is an excellent choice. ​
✔️   Budget – Consider how you will use the scooter when deciding how much to spend. If you’re travelling shorter distances so your budget needn’t be as big for those short trips out with the kids or to the shops. You will probably want a bigger budget if you’re going to be using the scooter for commuting. 

Electric scooter – E300

An electric scooter is another option to consider. The E300 is designed for teens and for adults.

Speed – the maximum speed on this scooter is 15mph. It doesn’t have a variable speed. The max speed may be effected by factors such as how heavy the rider is and if they are going uphill.

Run time – up to 40 minutes of continuous use per charge.

Max rider weight – 100kg

Wheels – it features pneumatic tyres on the rear and front wheels.

Please note that technically, these aren’t allowed to be driven on the pavement or public paths. So it may be one to use with the kids when on private land.

Verdict – a fun scooter which is designed so that adults and teens can have a go. ​

✔️   Polyurethane wheels vs pnuematic tyres – You will see polyurethane (PU) wheels on many commuter scooters. This is fine on adult kick scooters as long as you don’t intend to do huge commutes and / or go over bumpy uneven paths. The great thing about polyurethane wheels is that are puncture proof.
However, if you want to use your scooter to go long distances you may want to consider pnuematic tyres.

The advantage of pnuematic tyres is that they offer a smooth, comfortable ride and will cover uneven terrain going over bumps, twigs and lumps in the path without you noticing. They will wear down less quickly. The disadvanage is they add some weight to the scooter making it heavier to carry if you need to so may not be the best choice for a commuter scooter. it really very much depends on the rider.

Razor A5 commuter Scooter

Razor is a well known brand of scooter maker. The A5 commuter scooter is believe it or not a great choice built specifically for everyday commuting specifically for urban terrain.

Wheels – as you would expect with a commuter scooter, the wheels measure 200mm. This will mean greater distances will be covered with less kicks and effort. The scooter has pnuematic tyres to add comfort to the ride.

Max weight – 100kg.

The handlebar is height adjustable handlebar. Although it doesn’t specify it’s measurements.
Scooter weight – 5.6kg, so on the heavier side.
Verdict – a good option of commuter scooter if you are looking for one with pnuematic tyres.