Best Budget Stunt Scooter

Best Budget Stunt Scooters


Stunt scooters can definitely be expensive.

​This is because they have to be built with strong but lightweight materials in order that they can withstand the punishment kids put them under when doing tricks, stunts and jumps.

However, it is often difficult to justify spending an awful lot of money on a stunt scooter when your child may decide doing tricks on a scooter isn’t really for them a couple of months after spending pounds on an expensive scooter.

Therefore in this article there a range of cheaper stunt scooters with an explanation of what you are getting for your money.


✔️ Advice  – Plastic core wheels vs metal core wheels. Entry level stunt scooters either have metal core or plastic core wheels. Metal cores are generally much better than plastic core wheels as they are more durable and stronger to withstand the abuse of tricks at the skate park. Plastic core wheels are cheaper and can be found on budget scooters. They should definitely be avoided for teens and adults. Pro scooters will always have metal cores.

Razor Beast Stunt Scooter

This scooter is a top pick of budget stunt scooter for kids and it has excellent reviews.

It’s a good one to try out first stunts and tricks. And if they decide stunts aren’t for them, it can still be used from getting from a to b.

​Price – around £50

Some of it’s features include:

  • Metalised urethane wheels – the metalised cores will withstand the extra impact needed from stunts. The urethane wheels offer a smooth ride.
  • Fixed riser handlebars – always go for a fixed handlebar on a stunt scooter and not an adjustable one. An fixed handlebar will make sure that the scooter is strong enough to withstand the extra impact from tricks.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame – lightweight but a strong frame. fairly lightweight at 3.5kg

Summary – This is a great option for younger kids to have a first go at the skate park. Lightweight but strong enough to withstand those first tricks. A good budget buy.

✔️ Threaded Forks vs Threadless Forks – most budget scooters will have a threaded fork whereas high end scooters will have a threadless fork.  A threadless fork is stronger than a threaded fork so if you see it on a a cheaper scooter this can make it a better choice.

Under £50 – Cheapest Option – TBF Street Stunt Scooter

This is the cheapest stunt scooter featured on this page. It has good reviews over on amazon. However it is unclear how many of those reviews are actually of kids doing stunts.

If you have a teenager or a child serious about doing tricks I would go for something a bit better. However if it’s for a younger child who just wants to have a go at doing  a few stunts and wants to use it as a stunt scooter as well it could be worth considering.

Price – can pick this up for under £35.


The features on this scooter include:

  • Handlebar – is 1 piece alloy T4 & T6 heat treated
  • Strong robust deck.
  • Threaded reinforced fork
  • Wheels – 100mm 88A PU super high rebound with plastic spoke cores. The wheels are perfect for street scooting. Ideally a stunt scooter should have metal cores as they are more durable. However if it’s for a younger, lighter child who just wants to scoot around and do the odd trick or too at the skatepark, this scooter could be a good choice.
  • Weight  – the weight varies slightly depending on which model you get but it’s around 3.5kg which is a good weight for a stunt scooter.

Summary – if you’re buying for a younger child who just wants to try the odd trick or too this could be a good choice. Otherwise a scooter with alloy core wheels might be a better.

✔️ Wheels size – most budget scooters will have a wheel size of 100mm. This size is fine for doing tricks and stunts for kids. On some more expensive scooters you will see a wheel size of 110mm and on pro scooters 125mm wheels. Bigger wheels do offer a bit more speed and more durability as they have more urethane but for a beginner scooter 100mm will be fine.

3Style Scooters – Shadow Stunt Scooter


Spend a little bit more money for the 3 Style stunt scooter and get some really excellent features for the price.

  • Price – around £69.95
  • Deck – 6063 heat treated 4.25″ wide x 19″ long aluminium lightweight deck
  • Wheels – 110mm 5-spoke CNC alloy core wheels (alloy core wheels are much more durable and able to withstand tricksthan plastic wheels) . They also feature hi-rebound printed tyres  (88a – the higher the number the more harder, durable and resistant the wheel)
  • Hidden Internal Compression
  •  Ultra Strong CNC Machined Threadless Steel Forks
  • Overall weight is 3.4kg which is quite lightweight for a stunt scooter.

✔️ Weight – Stunt scooters need to be strong but lightweight. The more lightweight the scooter the better it is to do tricks. You may see stunt scooters between 3kg and 4.5kg. The more expensive stunt scooters are deisgned to be as lightweight as possible but with strong materials hence the extra cost. Sometimes lighter, cheaper scooters may have features such as plastic wheels that don’t weigh as much but obviously aren’t as strong.

Albott Sports Pro Push Stunt Scooter (under £50)

Another option of a first budget stunt scooter for a kid starting to try out tricks is the Albott stunt scooter. Again, it’s plastic core wheels mean it isn’t the best choice for a kid who’s going to be using at the skate park a lot. But for a younger child who just wants to have a go, it could be a good choice.

The features include:

  • A strong aluminum deck
  • PU wheels with a plastic core
  • Lightweight at 3.3kg – a lightweight scooter makes it easier to use to do jumps and stunts
  • Threaded fork
  • Height 82cm – ideally with a stunt scooter you want the bars to come up to around hip to waist height.