Unicorn Scooters and Accessories

Awesome Unicorn Scooters and Accessories

Unicorns are extremely popular with children at the moment. There is even a unicorn day. (It was the 9th April 2019 - in case you were wondering).

Kids who love unicorns will most likely enjoy tearing up the paths and pavements on a unicorn themed scooter or with a unicorn themed accessory added to their scooter.

Getting a unicorn scooter or accessory is all about the fun factor. Seeing young children riding around on a scooter that they love is what it's all about.

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Ozbozz Unicorn Scooter with 2 Light up Wheels

The Ozbozz Unicorn scooter is affordable and adorned with unicorn pictures (as you may expect). It's a basic 2 wheel kick scooter designed from crusing from a to b.

The scooter is visually appealing for unicorn fans. It also featured LED light up wheels which automatically light up when ridden and stop when the scooter wheels stop rolling.

The scooter can be height adjusted to 3 different heights with the highest setting being 81cm. It is recommended for kids aged 5 plus.  There is a folding mechanism so it's easier to carry and store when not in use. It weighs 2.35kg so is fairly light to carry too.

The scooter also features an anti-slip footplate and easy grip handlebars.

You can also get this scooter with a plush unicorn toy too.



Scootaheadz Unicorn


If the unicorn fan in your life already has a scooter, why not get a scootaheads in the shape of the unicorn to complete her scooter look.

It's a great alternative to ride around on, when getting a real unicorn is just not an option.

Scootaheadz fit scooter models from Razor and Globber to most Micro Scooter models and may others

It is essentially a plastic "head" which slots onto the handlebar of the scooter.

Super Rainbow Corn Helmet

A great way to encourage your child to wear a helmet is by getting one which they will love to wear. A unicorn themed helmet is super cute and will protect their head while scooting.

The helmet featured is 5o to 54cm and is recommended for kids aged  5 plus. Ideally, it's best not to go on the age recommendation but the size of your child's head. To get the correct measurement use a fabric measuring tape and measure around your child's head about 1 inch above the eyebrows. Wrap around the head and keep it level. Read more about choosing the best scooter helmet.

It features shock absorbing EPS inner shell for protection Comes with adjustable nylon straps for a great fit

Unicorn Bag

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This bag is designed to attach to micro scooters.

It's an extremely useful bag with lots of practical uses.

It's insulated inside so it's perfect to use as a lunchbag.

It has a 2.3 litre capacity to keep drinks and food cool and a zip close to keep contents safe.

The bag is easily wiped cleaned with a damp cloth and easily attaches to all Micro Scooters.

The lunchbag also doubles as a rucksack and has adjustable straps to ensure it fits correctly.

3 Wheel Unicorn Scooter


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This 3 wheels scooter has a picture of a pink unicorn on the deck.

The scooter itself is made of plastic with a white plastic deck and pink wheels. The front wheels light up and it's lean and steer, so kids lean to go left and right.

The handlebar is adjustable to 3 different heights 59cm, 64cm and 69cm. The scooter features a rear brake and the back.


Unicorn Scooter Case

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Is it a scooter? Is it a suitcase? Actually it's both.

The scooter can be folded up into the back of the suitcase and locked in place. The handle can be adjusted down so it becomes a suitcase you can just pull along. Or ride the scooter/suitcase instead of carrying it.

It has a 26 litre capacity so will fit plenty of stuff.

If you intend to take it on as cabin luggage, make sure you check the size of the suitcases that are allowed in the cabin as it may be a little big for some airlines but okay for some.

It's name is Chloe the Unicorn, so it's perfect for unicorn lovers.