Scooter with Pneumatic Tyres for Kids and Adults

The Best Scooters With Pneumatic Tyres

Are you looking for a scooter with air filled tyres?  Air filled tyres have many advantages. They provide cushioning when riding a scooter. They absorb shocks from bumps in the road leading to a comfortable ride. They also offer traction when it's wet, so  are less likely to slip around.

Pneumatic tyres are better for uneven surfaces such over cobbles. Some scooters with air filled tyres can even go off road and work well on canal paths, in woodland or over grass - this is dependent on getting the right scooter with the right tyres.

On the downside, scooters with pneumatic tyres need more maintenance than solid rubber tyres. The tyres also add weight to the scooter, meaning it's heavier to carry. Some scooters with pneumatic tyres can be harder to gain speed because the traction from the tyres means more rolling resistance.

Overall though, a scooter with pneumatic tyres is a comfortable ride that's better in the rain and on uneven pavements and terrain.

Read on for the top 10 best scooters with pneumatic tyres.


Razor A5 Commuter Scooter

The Razor A5 Commuter scooter features 200mm air filled tyres which are great for a smooth ride along pavements. They absorb shocks from cracks and bumps in the pavement so you benefit from an extremely comfortable ride. The tyres are also much better in wet and rainy conditions than rubber or plastic wheels due to the extra traction provided by the tyres.

The deck 

The deck on this scooter is low to the ground. This is advantageous because your kicking leg doesn't have far to stretch to push along. This leads to a more comfortable commute. Some reviewers have pointed out that the low deck sometimes scraps on the ground if the gradient of the pavement suddenly changes. However, this is a compromise that you have to make with having the comfort of a low deck.  If you're aware of where you're going, a very occasional scrap shouldn't too much of a problem!

How quick is the scooter? 

The scooter is fairly speedy. A scooter with air filled tyres is not going to be as fast as wheels with solid tyres. Also air filled tyres mean you have to work harder at the beginning of your ride to get up to speed but overall the scooter is zippy for the commute. Make sure the tyres are correctly inflated to ensure you get the best speeds from your ride.

Height adjustable handlebar

There is a height adjustable handlebar which extends up to 98cm. This is fine for most adults but if you're extra tall you may find the bar a little lower than you would like.

How portable is the scooter? 

The scooter is foldable and weighs 5.6kg. It's very light for a scooter with air filled wheels and most adults should certainly be able to lift it onto public transport easily.

The deck is 36cm in length. It's not the longest deck out there but fine for one foot to fit on comfortably while the other foot does the work!

The maximum rider weight for the scooter is 100kg.

Other features include a kickstand and rear fender brake.

Overall Verdict

It's hard to find a lighter scooter with air filled tyres than the Razor A5 Commuter scooter. If you're looking for something speedy, comfortable to ride and great for the commute, this is an excellent choice.

Osprey Dirt Scooter

Are you looking for a scooter to travel off road? Perhaps you need to travel along a canal path, through woodland or over grass. If so, consider a dirt scooter. Dirt scooters have air filled tyres and are designed to be ridden on off road terrain, in particular on paths where it is impossible to take a kick scooter with solid wheels.

The Osprey dirt scooter is a good choice for teenagers and adults who are looking for a scooter for off road journeys.

The Tyres

It features thick 200mm pneumatic tyres. The tyres have an 3-3.5mm anti-skid tread depth so provide a lot of traction and comfort. If you're riding over sticks, tree roots, stones and cobbles the tyres will absorb much of the shock.

Fixed Height Handlebar

The fixed handlebar height is 97cm. The handlebar isn't adjustable because the scooter is designed to withstand a lot of impact and punishment. If the handlebar could be folded or adjusted this leads to weak points in the bar which are more likely to snap under pressure.

The scooter is heavy. At 7.36kg you won't want to carry it for very long distances. If you need to go uphill on a lot of your journeys, you may need to get off and carry the scooter or push it alongside you, so this is something to take into consideration.

The stainless steel brake offers excellent stopping power whatever the terrain.

Overall Verdit

If you're looking for a scooter mainly for off road use, this is a fantastic choice.

Osprey BMX Scooter

BMX scooters are a hybrid between a bike and a scooter. They have features like hand brakes instead of a rear footbrake and the steering feels similar to that of a bike.

A Quick Ride

The Osprey BMX scooter featured has a 20 inch front wheel and a 16 inch back wheel. As the wheels are so big, the BMX scooter can go fast. This makes it a good choice for long distances. It's also good for light off road use such as scooting along woodland, canals and off road paths. However, it's too heavy for tricks and jumps!

The scooter has a height adjustable handlebar from 88cm to 96cm, so is fine for older kids, teens and adults.

It's constructed of a durable steel frame. Both wheels have calliper brakes for quick stopping.


Some reviewers have found it hard to assemble the scooter. If you aren't used to assembling bikes you could take the scooter to a bike shop to have it assembled and factor the cost of this into the overall price. There is also a great video on YouTube showing you how to assemble the Osprey BMX scooter. 

Overall Verdict

Overall the Osprey BMX scooter is competitively priced and is a good price for the quality of scooter. However, there is always an option to upgrade parts of the scooter. One reviewer upgraded the levers and brake pads.

Hudora Air 205

The Hudora Air is has 205 mm air filled tyres. There are pros and cons with the scooter.

The Pros

Firstly, it is light for a scooter with pneumatic tyres, weighing under 4kg. It's foldable so is a good option if you want to take it on public transport or have to carry it up hills.

The tyres are great for absorbing small bumps along the road in your journey.

The handlebar adjusts from 91cm to 101cm which suggests it's a good choice for teenagers and adults.

Rider Weight Capacity

The rider weight limit is just 80kg. Therefore it is probably a better choice for kids, teens and light adults. Ideally you want the handlebar to come to around waist height for the best control and comfort.

It features a kick stand but reviews suggest you need to pull this out with your hand rather than use your foot.

Overall Verdict

This is a light scooter which is great for short commutes. It's also a good option for kids. However, if you want a scooter for long commutes and/or for use by a heavier rider, look at other options.

HOMCOM Teen Kids Scooter

If you're looking for a scooter with inflatable wheels for kids, the HOMCOM  is designed with kids in mind. It's recommended from age 5 years old. It's competitively price for a kid's scooter with air filled tyres.

Scooter construction

The scooter is made of steel and heavy, weighing 7.2kg. It doesn't fold, so it's not great for taking on public transport.

The handlebar can be adjusted from 75cm to 80cm. The large 12" air filled tyres ensure a comfortable ride. It can be used over a variety of different surfaces.

There are soft foam handlebars which are textured for a comfortable and secure grip.

It has dual braking, controlled by a hand brake making it easy to stop on the move. Additionally it features a wide foot deck and a kick stand.


Some reviewers have had problems assembling the scooter especially the brakes, so it may be worth getting some help from somebody who's used to putting together a bike.

Overall Verdict

An inexpensive choice of scooter with air filled wheels for kids. Bear in mind, it's not very portable and assembly can be tricky!


SwiftyOne MK3 Scooter

The Swifty One MK3 is a top of the range scooter which is designed for adults to commute over urban terrain.

The Specifics

The 16 inch pneumatic tyres glide effortlessly over pavements and cobbled streets. You can easily pick up speed. The ride is smooth, comfortable and quick.

The scooter folds up (as shown in the picture above), which makes it easier to carry up hills, flights of stairs and on public transport. However it weighs 8.3kg which is heavy to carry for a long time.

The standard sized option suits riders between 152cm and 186cm tall. There's a tall option for riders up to 195cm. (which you can get from their on their website). The maximum rider weight is 150kg.

It features a front hand brake and a rear aluminium pedal brake for quick stopping.

Overall Verdict

The Swifty One MK3 3 is strong and durable. It comes fully assembled but it is expensive. It's a scooter that is going to last.

Bike Star Scooter For Kids

The BikeStar kick scooter is a solid scooter with 12" air filled tyes for kids which are great for bumpy paths and off road.

Age Recommendation and Height Adjustment

The age recommendation is 7 plus. The handlebar adjusts from 76cm to 90cm so it grows with kids for a long time. The official height recommendation is between 120cm to 150cm but it may last kids beyond this too. It's a solid scooter so if it's well maintained it could be passed through the generations. The maximum weight capacity is 100kg.

Weight of Scooter

The scooter weighs 7.2kg which is quite heavy to carry for a long time. It's not a good choice for use on public transport as it doesn't fold. However, if you're going uphill you can easily push it alongside you like a bike.


The scooter is 90% assembled and Bikestar state it takes 10 minutes to put together from the box. There's an assembly video on YouTube. If you struggle with assembly and adjustment, there is the option to take it to a bike shop to have it assembled. Some people have done this.

Final Verdict

Overall, a great scooter for kids. It offers a comfortable ride, absorbing shocks and bumps from the pavement. The wheels are better for kids to use on wet surfaces rather than rubber or plastic wheels as they offer more traction.

Razor Flashback BMX Style Kick Scooter

This is a very cool looking retro inspired scooter with air filled tyres which is recommended for kids age 8 and up. It's made by Razor which are a well known brand of scooter manufacturer in the USA.

The Wheels and Handlebar

The 12" pneumatic wheels are ideal for smooth scooting over bumps in the pavement. It's not as fast as a scooter with rubber or plastic tyres but it's still quick. Plus the ride is much more comfortable and there is added traction on surfaces after it rains.

The handlebar is non-adjustable with a fixed height of 88.5cm. It should suit kids from aged 8 to 12 years old (dependant on how tall they are!) Ideally you want the scooter to come up to around waist height the best comfort. The maximum weight capacity is 100kg.

Weight of the Scooter

The scooter weighs 8.11kg so it is a heavy scooter. It doesn't fold so isn't very portable. However you can push it uphills. It's not great if kids need to carry it up steps.

The Brakes, Deck and Other Features

The scooter features hand operated caliper brakes like you would find on a bike for easy and quick stopping. It features a wide deck (measuring 12cm by 17.5cm). This gives plenty of footspace for kid's feet. Perhaps a useful addition to the scooter would be a kickstand, so you could stand this beauty up rather than lying it on the floor.


The scooter requires some assembly. Like other scooters, if you struggle you can take it to a bike shop for help!

Overall Verdict

If you're looking for a scooter for a kid with air filled tyres that looks cool and stands out from the crowd - this is it.

Best BMX Scooters for Kids and Adults


What is a BMX Scooter? 

A BMX scooter is a hybrid between a bike and a scooter.  Essentially what you get is a strong, durable kick scooter with hand controlled brakes and large pneumatic tyres. They are brilliant for off-road terrain. Air-filled tyres offer cushioning on uneven roads for a comfortable ride.

Some BMX scooters are durable and light enough to perform jumps and tricks on dirt paths.  They can be a lot of fun on weekend adventures.

BMX scooters work well on grass, canal paths, cobbled paths, dirt paths and generally anywhere where there are bumps and more difficult riding conditions. Constructed out of stronger materials, they can withstand extra punishment from more difficult conditions. However,  they are heavier than a traditional kick scooter.

Who Should Go for a BMX Scooter?

If you want a versatile scooter that can be ridden on streets as well as rough terrain - a BMX scooter will be ideal.  However, they are not designed to be extremely portable. Yes, they can be lifted onto public transport or put in the boot of a large car. But they can't be folded down and are heavier with much larger wheels than a scooter designed for urban kicking.

Remember the BMX bikes of the 1980s and how kids of all ages would use them for wheelies and jumps. Many BMX scooters of the 2020s also offer the capacity of a few tricks, some even have 360 degree handlebars. You can learn some moves and impress your  friends.

There are lots of BMX scooters available for both kids and adults. Find a selection of the best ones to suit different ages and budgets.

Osprey BMX Adult Scooter

The Osprey is a solid bmx scooter designed to have both the manoeuvrability of a scooter and the all-terrain coverage of a bike. In other words, this scooter will easily handle off-road terrain, rolling easily over grass and other paths. Use it for a fun off-road jaunt. It also works well for commutes and journeys with challenging terrain along the way.

So, who is this scooter for? Osprey has tried to cover all ages, kids from age 5 plus as well as teens and adults.  Does it work for all of them? Well,  the minimum handlebar height is 88cm which will be too high for a 5 year old but will accommodate older kids without a problem. The top handlebar setting is 96cm so it will work also for some adults. But if you're on the taller side you will have to stoop when riding which won't be very comfortable. So smaller adults, yes - taller adults will want something with a higher handlebar.

The maximum weight capacity is 100kg which should work well for most adults who are in the right height range.

The scooter is well designed, strong and durable. It features a 20 inch large spoke front wheel and a 16 inch spoke rear wheels. The wheels have a strong grip and are ideal for off road. Front and rear caliper brakes offer quicker stopping power than other scooters. The high quality steel frame and deck is built to last. There is also a handy kickstand to keep it upright when stationary

The general consensus is that assembly is a nightmare, especially if you're not used to building bikes and scooters. However, there is a very helpful assembly video that Osprey have on Amazon and Youtube. Another alternative is to pay for a bike shop to do the hard work and factor this into the price.

Overall, if you can get over the assembly issues,  the Osprey BMX scooter is a decent off road scooter which offers good value for the price.

Bike Star Kick Scooter

The Bikestar is an all terrain scooter for kids aged 7 plus who measure between approximately 120 to 15ocm. This is a solid scooter which has received rave reviews from parents and carers. And there really is a lot to like about the Bike Star.  The steel tube framework is strong and sturdy and it's finished with a glittering metallic paint.

It's 12" (30.5cm) wheels on quality rims can handle woodland rides, rough ground and grass as well as smooth surfaces.

Who's the scooter for? 

This scooter is very much designed for kids in every aspect. The height adjustable handlebar will grow with kids and can be adjusted from 76cm to 90cm. The handbrake is suitable for children. Young kids can offer struggle with a handbrake at first as they tend to be quite big and hard for smaller hands to control. However, with a bit of practice, the Bike Star's handbrake is easy for young kids to use.

The Bikestar is also quite light in comparison to other scooters with air filled tyres. It weighs just 7.2kg. - yes that's much heavier than most rubber wheeled kick scooters but a lot lighter than other kick scooters with pneumatic wheels. A lighter scooter will be easier for young kids to handle and control.

Additionally, the skid proof footboard gives kids the confidence to ride safely.

The maximum weight capacity of the scooter is 100kg, so even though the handlebars may be low older kids, teens and adults under the weight limit can have a go.

How Quickly Can You Assemble the Scooter? 

Bikestar say the assembly can be done in 10 minutes with 90% of the assembly completed out of the box. Be aware you will need your own tools. It may be easy for people who are confident in assembling bikes and scooters but it likely to be more difficult if you aren't. There is an assembly video you can watch over on amazon that will help.

To sum up, this really is an amazing well-built, BMX style scooter for young kids. It's a perfectly designed and durable all terrain scooter for children with a super smooth and comfortable ride. 5 stars!


Swifty Air Scooter

If you're an adult looking for the creme de la creme of scooters for difficult terrain, the Swifty air scooter is just amazing. It isn't cheap but it's tough and has a superb design. Its light and will handle off road riding including canal paths, roads, streets, sandy coastal paths and dirt trails.

Who's it for? 

The Swifty is for adults. It will accommodate riders up to 6' (182cm) with riser bars available for 6'2" (188cm). The weight capacity goes up to 150kg, which is much more than the load capacity of standard kick scooters.

This is a scooter that has been designed with maximum strength and durability in mind but at 8.9gk it's also light enough to carry when you need to. Athletic riders could carry it uphill over the shoulder for a downhill trek. Swifty has had riders test the air scooter on mountains, rather impressively blasting down the rocky paths of Mount Snowdon. This thing can certainly take a lot of punishment.

You can use the scooter for commuting, going to the shops and weekend off road adventures. Having said this, if you're just looking for a light, portable commuter scooter for city streets there are lighter options that can fold and will do the job better.

The Swifty has 16-inch pneumatic wheels that are built for fast all terrain riding. The wheelsets are strong which makes them suitable for tough terrain.

If you're an adult looking for a scooter to push your riding to limit with off road trails, jumps and dirt riding, look no further - the Swifty air is the scooter for you.

Xootz BMX Scooter for Kids

The Xootz BMX scooter is designed specifically for kids with an age recommendation of 6 plus. The scooter has a weight capacity of 50kg and a top handlebar height of 84cm so it should accommodate the majority of kids up to around 10.

So why would you choose the Xootz BMX? 

It's perfect if you want a scooter for uneven terrain. Perhaps the paths aren't smooth near you or you need to go over gravel, a dirt path or other tricky terrain on the school run. The large pneumatic wheels will offer a cushioned ride, and roll over the bumpy terrain where smaller wheeled scooters would get stuck. It's also a fab scooter for exploring the outdoors, ideal for young adventurers.

What about size and weight? 

The scooter is large and heavier than most kick scooters for kids, weighing 8.5kg. It's fine to lift when you need to but you don't want to be carrying it around for long periods. It's not the scooter you want if portability is a required feature. You can't fold it. It measures 123 x 64 x 84cm, so you may get it in the boot of a car or you may not, depending on your car size. The front wheel is 16" and the back wheel is 12".

And the brakes? 

The Xootz features front and back caliper brakes, so it's easy to stop when needed. Many kids will prefer the hand controlled brakes of the Xootz.

One of the criticisms of the scooter is that the paintwork scratches easily so don't expect it to stay pristine. However, it is a scooter for the rugged outdoors so maybe the look will fit in with the purpose of the scooter.

Overall, if you're looking for a decent BMX scooter for kids this will tick the boxes.


Mongoose Expo Scooter

Mongoose is a US brand which is popular over in America and in the UK too. The Expo is Mongoose's all terrain offering to kids and teens. If kids are fed up with a scooter which gets stuck in the cracks on the pavement and want something that can handle dirt tracks and other tricky terrains this does the job!

It features 12 inches air tires which perform well when riding on paved and unpaved surfaces. Bmx bike style alloy caliper hand brakes offer confident speed control.

What is the Age Recommendation?

There are internet reviews of adults riding the Expo and whilst it can accommodate riders who weigh up to 100kg (220lbs), it's handlebars will sit too low for most adults to ride comfortably for long periods.

The scooter sits at 85cm (33.5") high which in my opinion will be fine for most kids around the 6 to 11 year age group (although there are reviews of some older teens ride this thing as well). The bars can be adjusted by 3" but you will need a 14 mm open-end wrench to do this. There is a stem nut that loosens a head stem quill. Pull bars up and retighten, there is a max height position stamped in the stem. The instruction booklet gives detailed steps on how to adjust the height if you need to do it.

Bear in mind that the scooter is heavier than standard kick scooters at 9kg (20lbs), this means that younger, smaller kids may find the heavier weight a little harder to manoeuvre.

Assembly is fairly straightforward with brake cables probably being the most difficult part to assemble. The owners manual is brilliant and provides written information and diagrams for building, maintaining and adjusting the scooter. If you do struggle, you can always pay a bike shop to do it for you.

How does it ride?

The fat, smooth air filled tyres are great for a comfortable ride. They absorb all the imperfections in the road easily and work well on all kinds of terrains such as grass and hiking trails too.

With sturdy and solid construction, the scooter feels durable to ride. It goes quick enough. Additionally, the front wheel turns 360 degrees which means it's fab to try a few tricks on as well.  Older kids will enjoy having a go at a wheelie or small jump. It is heavier than a stunt scooter, so you can't really go flying with this thing. If kids want to go on the skate park, I'd go for a dedicated stunt scooter. But for trying a few fun things on some trails it's great.

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints is that the braking could be stronger. Many kids will slow down with their feet, but this could be a deal breaker if you're trying to decide between this scooter and another one.

One other small gripe, there isn't a kickstand but this isn't a problem if you don't mind laying it flat for storage.

The overall verdict? It's a decent off road scooter for kids with a lovely, comfortable smooth ride. It's fun to ride especially if you're willing to have a go at a few tricks. But you will need to forgive the subpar braking capability and rely on slowing down before you stop.

Homcom Pink or Black Air Filled Tyres Scooter

If you're looking for a pink BMX style scooter, the Homcom comes is the right colour and it also comes in black if your prefer. But what else does it offer in terms of off road capability?

Who can ride this scooter? 

The scooter has an age recommendation of age 5 plus to adult. Personally, I think for there are better choices for 5, 6 and 7 year olds as the lowest handlebar height is 92cm which is quite high for a child. However, it should accommodate most adults as the handlebar extends up to 100cm. The maximum weight capacity is 100kg.

What's it like to ride? 

The 16 inch front tyre and 12" rear tyre give a smooth, comfortable ride. You won't need to worry about potholes and bumps in the road. The large wheels roll smoothly and will get you to your destination quickly and easily.  It can handle twigs, stones and cracks effortlessly. It manages uneven terrain but you may find that the hand grips aren't the most comfortable for the impacts off-road riding. The V type front and rear brakes aren't the highest quality but decent for the money you pay


You're going to need to spend some time assembling the scooter as it arrives flat packed and the instructions aren't the best, so if you're a novice at assembling scooters and bikes you may need some help putting this together.

Overall Verdict

If you're looking for a scooter to handle the uncomfortable terrain on a school run or short journeys, it does the job well. If you're looking for a scooter to soak up the punishment of lots of off road riding, you probably want to look into another option. Comparing this scooter to the Swifty air is unfair as the price difference is great but you can see how the Swifty has really been put through its paces when designed and tested.

Overall, it's a decent scooter for the price but it lacks the quality finish that you will find on a more expensive option.


Razor Flashback BMX Style Kick Scooter

This bright retro inspired BMX scooter is made by Razor which are a well known scooter brand based in the US. The unique colours of the scooter are sure to make kids stand out from the crowd.

Age Recommendation

The scooter has fixed handlebars which are 88.5cm high from the floor to the ground. The scooter is recommended for kids from aged 8 and up. It's probably best for the 8 to 12 age group.

The Ride

12" wheels offer a smooth ride over pavements soaking up the bumps and cracks along the ride. There's minimal rolling resistance. It won't go as fast as Razor scooters with rubber or plastic tyres but it's still pretty speedy. It's a good scooter for kids who require extra stability.

The deck measures 12cm by 44.5cm so there is plenty of footspace for kids feet. There's full surface grip tape to prevent sliding and slipping.

The scooter has hand controlled brakes like you would find on a bike.


The scooter requires some assembly. If you're not used to assembling bikes, the brakes can be a hard to assemble. It may be worth getting it assembled in a bike shop if you struggle.

If you're looking for a bright retro inspired option from a well known brand  - this is an excellent choice.