2 Wheels Scooters

Two Wheel Scooters – Top Picks 

If you’re looking for a 2 wheel scooter we have a round up of some of top options for different categories. Whether you’re looking for something good with a tight budget, a top of the range option, some sparks for extra fun or one of the most popular scooter brands in the UK, there should be something to meet your needs below.

When looking for a 2 wheel scooter it’s also worth bearing in mind your child’s age and ability. We have scooter guides for all age groups. There is also a lot to learn in terms of scooter features including which is the best material for scooter wheels, the ideal handlebar height and how much the scooter should weigh. Check out our scooter buying guide for a lowdown on all the features you should know about. 

JD Bug Jr Street Scooter  – Best Scooter for younger riders

This is the perfect option for young scooter riders who are ready to graduate onto 2 wheels. It is designed for kids from age 4 plus.
It has an adjustable handlebar with the lowest height setting at 63cm and the highest at 84.5cm. For the best control a handlbar should come up to around waist height on a child. You can therefore adjust the handlebar to the perfect height. 

The scooter is also lightweight at just 2.4kg. This will make it easier for younger children to control. 

The deck is smaller than standard which again makes it easier for the smaller ride to manage. The footplate measure 44cm to 90cm. 

Ozbozz Lightening Strike Scooter – A Good Budget Option

This scooter is great value for money. We bought one for my son’s 4th birthday. Read my personal review of this scooter
But in summary it’s a decent 2 wheel scooter for those looking on a budget. It features polyurethane wheels, a height adjustable handlebar (to grow with your child) and a rear brake. The folding mechanism makes it easy to fold and carry the scooter, also taking less space to store it or in the boot of the car. It has flashing lights which kids love. A great choice of budget scooter. 

Micro Sprite Scooter – Top Of The Range

The micro sprite is a great scooter designed for kids from around age 5 and up. Although there are reviews of 4 year olds using it too. 
The front wheel is 120mm and the back is slightly smaller. A bigger front wheel means the scooter goes over cracks in the pavement more easily and the smaller, lighter wheel makes it easier to control.
It’s height adjustable handlebar will grow with your child. There isn’t set heights on the handebar you can literally choose any height you want really quickly and easily with the click release clamp. It’s lightweight (2.7kg / about 6lbs) and it folds so its easy to carry.

It has a stand, so you can stand up upright. It has a springloaded brake so very easy to use. 

The wheels are made of PU and have ABEC 5 bearings which offers a really, smooth, fast and quite ride.

The Micro Sprite is made by the same people who make mini micro scooters. Their scooters are little bit more expensive but are well designed and made with high quality materials so offer a smooth, quick, quiet ride and a durable scooter with excellent features. 

JD Bug Street Scooter – A Great All Rounder!

 JD Bug street scooter reviews are excellent, it’s one of the UK’s most popular brands and on paper this scooter looks good as well. It’s recommended from age 8 but I think it would be fine for some children who are a bit younger than that as well. 

This scooter folds with a single action folding/ unfolding mechanism and has a carrying handle too. A great choice for parents of children who want a 2 wheel scooter but may want you to carry it from time to time. 

It has 100mm / 86a clear wheels. The 86a refers to the durometer (hardness) of the wheel. The higher the number the harder the wheel. Softer wheels tend to absorb more of the vibrations of the road. Harder wheels are more durable.

​The scooter is made for aircraft grade aluminium. 
The handlebar is height adjustable so will grow with your child. The minimum height is 63 cm and the maximum height is 95 cm. The footplate is 51cm x 10cm. 
This is a great scooter for cruising. Great for the school run. It has a weight limit of 100kg so adults can have a quick zoom on it too. 
Not sure whether to get the JD Bug Junior Street scooter for younger children or go with the JD Bug Original Street Scooter for older kids, than check out our JD Bug Junior Vs Original comparison 

Stunt Scooter

As they get older, kids move from crusing down the street on their scooters to wanting to learn to do tricks and jumps. If they want to try some stunts, it is important to get a stunt scooter. Stunt scooters are designed to be stronger to withstand the abuse that kids give it when attempting jumps. A kick scooter will eventually break under the extra duress it’s put on to do tricks.
Buying a stunt scooter, can be a minefield as there are so many different features to know about and consider. Our guide to stunt scooters is a good starting point to understand the kinds of features you should look for. 

Fox Pro RAW Zest Stunt Scooter

The Fox Pro RAW Zest Stunt scooter  is a good choice of entry level scooter for kids age 8 and up. It is an excellent price for a stunt scooter and the features and quality should allow the scooter to last.

The scooter is designed to be strong to withstand those tricks but also as lightweight as possible. At 3.7kg the scooter is towards the lighter range of stunt scooters.

​Being lightweight will help younger kids control and use the scooter better. 

The 100mm alloy core wheels have an alloy core with high rebound printed tyres and high speed abec-9 bearings. Essentially the wheels are strong, durable and resilitant to withstand the tricks. 

​The scooter features a threadless fork which adds to the scooter’s strenght and is generally found on professional scooter models. 
The scooter deck is strong but lightweight made using 6063 heat treated aluminum. The deck is wide at  4.25″ (fab for grinding).
Overall excellent quality and excellent features and is an excelletn price too. 

Rage Tantrum v Junior –  stunt scooter For Kids under 8

This is a great option of first stunt scooter for kids under the age of 8. 
The bar height measures at 57cm which makes it a lot lower than a standard size bar so easier for kids to control. 
It is solidly built with a quad stacked collar clamp for extra strength.

The 100m wheels have a nylon core  & ABEC 7 bearings. 
The rubber style BMX handlebar grips offer great comfort for the younger rider. 

The maximum weight limit is 75kg. 
It comes at an excellent price point for a well made stunt scooter too. 

Razor Electric Scooter – Extra Fun!

There’s lots to consider if you want to buy an electric scooter. If you do, it’s worth checking out our buying guide to electric scooters. 
If you are looking for a scooter with a fun factor for your child or something that will get them to school quickly in the morning, consider an electric scooter. 
The Razor E90 scooter is a great choice for the younger child. 
The best thing about this scooter is that it offers up to 80 minutes of continuous use on one charge. It will reach speeds of up to 9mph. 
The push button control and the front hand brake offer easy control functions for the younger child. 
The maximum weight is 54kg so is definitely not to be used by adults. 
It you are looking at electric scooters it may also worth checking out the E100 and E200 razor scooters. Although these scooters offer less minutes of continuous use (up to 40 minutes), they feature pneumatic tyres and go slightly quicker too which may be better for older children.