Scooters for 3 Olds

What Are the Best Scooters for 3 Year Olds?

Are you looking for the best scooter for a 3 year old? Nowadays it can be a minefield as there are so many different scooters at different price points. Are the more expensive ones are worth the extra cost? Or will a budget scooter be just fine?
In a hurry or just curious? 
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The good news about buying a scooter for a 3 year old is that this is the perfect age to get them a scooter.  There are many options available for this age group. They have extra co-ordination and balance that 2 year olds don't have. Being a bit taller than a toddler helps as it's easier to find a handlebar which is the right height for your child.

However, the choice available can make choosing the right scooter overwhelming. This article answers your questions and gives suggestions and advice of the best picks.

Mini Micro Scooters

Let's start with reviewing the leading brand of scooters for young children which also happen to be the most expensive, the mini micro.
The mini micro have 2 versions of scooters that would be suitable for a 3 year old, the mini micro deluxe and the mini micro classic. Both these scooters have tilt and lean steering, which is meant to be inituitive for first time scooter users to learn. So what are you paying for when you buy a mini micro. And are they better than the other options?

Mini Micro Deluxe

The mini micro deluxe is the newest scooter buy the mini micro. It is pricey but it has some excellent features. Here is what you are getting for your money:

  • Lightweight - ​It's extremely lightweight (at only 1.81kg) and this is one of it's unique features.  For young children the lighter the scooter the easier it is to control, manoeuvre. Children often learn to scoot by picking up a scooter, for example to change direction. They can easily get it up and down kerbs and through doorways. Plus it's light for adults to carry when they've had enough too.
  • Wheels - the PU wheels offer a really smooth ride. Some cheaper scooters have wheels made of plastic, it's best to avoid these types altogether. ​​
  • Height adjustable - the mini micro deluxe differs from the mini micro classic in that it has a height adjustable handlebar. The lowest height setting is 43cm (which means it is really good for small children). The heighest height setting is 69cm. This means that the handlebar will be the perfect height for each child. A handlebar around waist height is the best height for scootering.
  • Well designed footplate - the footplate is made of flexible reinforced fibreglass, it's super strong but really lightweigh and it has anti slip silicone footplate for extra sturdiness.
  • Handlebar - it's worth noting that the handlebar doesn't fold. The reason it doesn't have a foldable handlbar is that it will add weigh to the scooter. The makers want to have something as light as possible as kids find it harder to control heavier scooters. However the handlebar is removable and can be done so quickly. This means you can easily take it on holiday and it's easier to store.
  • Other features - It has an anodised stem which protects the scooter from corrosion. It also has a rear brake for safe stopping. The weight limit is 35kg or 5 stone, 7Ibs.
  • Built to last - the scooters are designed to be durable and last. The key parts of the scooter can be repaired or replaced. This is good as you can easily pass it onto siblings and the resell value is high for these on sites like ebay as well. So it's possible to recoup some of the money you've spend once you've finished using it.

Should I get a mini micro deluxe for my 3 year old?

It will very much depend on your child and your budget. The mini micro deluxe is designed for children between 2 and 5 years old and 80cm and 110cm high. What you are paying a premium for is that the scooter is lightweight, the adustable handlebar and the fact this scooter is known to last. It has excellent reviews spanning back the many years it has been on the market, so you know you really can't go wrong.

The handlebar has a really low setting which you don't see on many scooters. Therefore if you have a small 3 year old, this could be an excellent choice as the scooter will last them for  a long time.

Lightweight scooters are easy for children to maneouvre and control so the deluxe scores well here. As your child gets older, taller and stronger they will inevitably be able to manage a heavier scooter but this is a great option for starting them off.

Mini Micro Classic

The mini micro classic is designed for 3 to 5 year olds and has been around for many years. It's cheaper than the mini micro deluxe and the main reason it's different is that it doesn't have an adjustable handlbar. The stem of the handlebar is made of aluminium. Apart from that it has many of the features of the mini micro deluxe including PU wheels, a rear brake, a fiberglass footplate and a design that's built to last.

Here are the distingushing features of the mini micro classic:

Lightweight - this is the lightest of any scooter on the market at just 1.5kg. To recap, the advantages of a lightweight scooter is that it's much easier for young children to manage and control them. ​

Handlebar height - the handlebar sits at 66cm which is an optimium height for a 3 to 5 year old. Obviously it's not perfect as you can't adjust it perfectly. However, having a height adjusting mechanism would add to the weight of the scooter. And really at this age, the lighter the better.
Weight limit - is 20kg or 3 stone and 2 pounds. ​

The Mini Micro classic or the mini micro deluxe?

They are both excellent scooters. If you have the budget, the deluxe is always going to be the best choice due to the adjustable handlebar. Even though it is heavier, it is still very lightweight. For a smaller 3 year old, I think it makes sense to go for the deluxe as the handlebar can adjust to quite low heights and will last longer.

We bought my son the mini micro classic as the deluxe wasn't availble at the time. You can see from the photo of him that the handlebar comes up a little bit too high, ideally it should be about waist height. He used it daily so it's been well worth the money in my opinion.

However, it didn't seem to impact him much. I found the classic to be an excellent scooter. You can read my review of the mini micro classic scooter here. ​

3 Style Scooters  (Foldable)

This is another 3 wheel style scooter with a lean and steer mechanism that's similar to the mini micro but at a fabulous price.

Height adjustable handlebar - The scooter is height adjustable from 52cm to 78cm and the handlebar is foldable. This means that it will accommodate your child for many years. 78cm is a lot higher than the maximum height setting on the mini micro deluxe.

Max user weight - The maximum user weight is 50kg so it should last your child for quite a while and older sibings may be able to have a go as well. It has the largest weight limit of the 3 wheel scooters featured on this page so if you think there may be an older sibling that may want to use the scooter, this could be the one for you.

Weight of scooter - It's lightweight and weighs approximately 2kg. However it's not as light as the mini micro scooters, which would be easier to control. However, most 3 year olds should be fine controlling the scooter at this weight. ​
Wheels - The wheels are made of PU material for an easy and smooth glide across the pavement. They also have flashing lights for an extra cool factor.
They steering like is lean to steer.
If you're not sure to get this one or spend a bit more on the mini micro, check out an indepth comparison of both.

Globber Primo

The Globber Primo is a popular brand of scooter in Australia and the US. This scooter is a great alternative to the mini micro with some unique features.

Adjustable Handleber - the handlebar has three different height settings from 67.3cm to 78.7cm

Steering - the unique thing about this scooter is that there is a button to turn off steering while kids are learning. They can learn to scoot in a straight line first. When they are ready you can turn on the steering. It's a lean to steer steering system like the mini micro.

Weight of the Scooter - the scooter is a bit heavier than other choices. It weighs 2.5kg.  2.5kg is fine for most 3 year olds to control but you may want to consider a lighter scooter if you need to carry it a lot (for example when they have had enough scooting).

An Affordable Choice of 3 Wheel Scooter

If you're looking for a 3 wheel scooter with excellent features and that isn't too expensive, a really good choice is the zoom cruzer.

Handlebar - the handlebar is height adjustable and has 3 settings ( 55cm - 75cm). This means it can be adjusted to best suit a 3 year old's height and will have growing room too.

Wheels - The PU wheels offer a smooth ride. The back wheel is extra wide (4.5cm). This gives extra stability and balance to young children.

Lean to steer - It is a lean to steer scooter which is easy for small children to master. Just lean left to go left and right to go right.

Deck and footplate - The deck has grips which gives that extra bit of stability when riding too. The footplate is wide at 13cm (read more about decks and footplates in this article). This will help young children balance but it also gives a decent footspace for them to use and rest their feet when cruising.
Age range and weight limit - It's designed specifically for 3 to 5 year old so can give a good 2 years of scootering for this age group. The weight capacity is 20kg (3 stone and 2 pounds)

Another excellent choice for this age group is the vokul mini kick scooter featured

It's very similar to the mini micro scooter above.

It is cheaper than the mini micro but there are a couple of features it compromises on.
The Vokul is aimed at kids aged 2 to 6 so will be perfect for a 3 year old.
It features an adjustable handlebar so will grow with your child.
It is slightly heavier than the mini micro, weighing in at 2kg rather than 1.5kg. This is in part due to the extra weight of the adjustable handlebar which is why the mini micro doesn't have one. Lighter scooters are better for young children as they can manage them better.

However, a 2kg scooter should be fine for most 3 year olds and you are obviously paying a lot less for the Vokul than the mini micro.
Like the mini micro it doesn't fold, but you also like the mini micro you can take the handlebar out of the base for easy storage when needed.
​​Check out more 3 wheels scooters on the  3 wheel scooter page.
I have also written and indepth comparison of the mini micro scooter and the Vokul 

The reviews are very good for this scooter and it's well worth checking out

A Flashy 3 Wheel Option - Great Budget Option


If you're looking for some lights on the scooter for your child, you have to consider the Ozbozz Cosmic Light Flashing Deck Scooter.

It has 3 wheels and some nice features such as PU wheels. It's aimed for kids aged 3 and up and the handlebar is height adjustable to ensure that the handlebar is the right height for child. You can also fold it which makes it easy to store and carry.

It is around the £20 so there may be compromises on some of the design and materials compared to more expensive scooters.

My eldeset son actually had this scooter (at age 3) and it held up well for about a year's use. He loved it at the time especially the lights. It did become a bit rattly towards the end and it doesn't offer the smoothness of ride that the mini micro does. At the time I really appreciated that if folded for practical use. If you're buying a scooter on a budget or expect to replace it sooner rather than later (maybe you have a tall 3 year old who is likely to grow out of it quickly) it could be a good choice.

3 Year Olds on Scooters For The School Run

Scooters can be great for young children on the school run whether it be to get them to nursery school or to take their older sibings to school. Scooters are great at getting kids from a to be quickly when you need to. However, there are always those days when your little one just won't budge. I used to then get my youngest son to stand on his mini micro scooter and pull him along by grabbing onto the handlebars and pulling gently.

However, I have just discovered the scooter lead.

It's basically a strap that you put onto the the scooter and you can use it to pull the scooter along with you little one standing on the deck.

It's great when you need to get somewhere quickly and they are going really slowly and won't budge.

It also doubles as a carry strap for a scooter so you can carry it over your shoulder.

It's machine washable too.

Buying Guide for a Scooter for a 3 Year Old

3 wheels - My son has a 3 wheel scooter as like most children his age he doesn't have the balance for a 2 wheel scooter as yet. Having said this if your child is approaching 4, they may be ready to get a 2 wheel scooter especially if they've already mastered a 3 wheel.

Wheels - Look for wheels made out of high quailty materials such as high quality polyurethane or urethane. Most good quality scooters use high quality polyurethane/ urethane (also seen as PU) as a wheel material as it offers a smooth, less bumpy ride.

Foldable - For young children, I like a scooter that is foldable as its easier to carry when my boys have had enough of scooting around. However, there seems to be less scooters that fold these days and I think its because a folding mechanism can  mean compromising on some other features. Foldable scooters tend to be heavier than others which means they can be harder to control. A folding mechanism can weaken the scooter making it less strong and durable. So, the scooter you get may depend on how long you expect to use it for and what features are most important to you.

Lightweight - a lightweight scooter can be easier for younger chidren to manoeuvre and control especially when they first learn to scoot. It's also lighter to carry when your child has had enough.

>Smooth and Quick Ride - some 3 wheel scooters are designed to be so safe that they are also slow and clunky. This can make your 3 year old frustrated as they become more confident as they are unable to get up any speed or turn corners. Look for a scooter that offers a balance of being safe but also the ability to move quickly and smoothly too. The wheels (see above) play a part in this. Heavy scooters can also be slow. Scooters with very wide decks can be difficult to turn. Read reviews to get a good idea of how the scooter moves.

Handlebar height -  many 3 wheel scooters aimed at 3 year olds will have a handlebar height of around 66cm are a good fixed choice as this should be manageable for this age group but leave some growing room too. The ideal handlebar height is around waist height for which is the perfect size for them to control and move.

Some handlbars are adjustable. This means that the handlebar height can be increased for children as they grow. This may mean the scooter will last the child longer as long as the scooter quality can withstand a few years of child use. An adjustable handlbar can also be increased or decreased for siblings or friends who may want to have a go on the scooter

Two Wheels At The Front Or At The Back


Is It Better To Have Two Wheels At The Front Or The Back of a 3 Wheel Scooter?

When looking for scooters for younger children you will see that some 3 wheel scooter have 2 wheels at the front whereas others have 2 wheels at the back. Which is best for your child?

Sturdy And Stable

Both designs are sturdy and stable designs for young children. However, the designs with 2 wheels at the back generally offer more stability. Please note that this is not always a good thing. Some scooters with 2 wheels at the back can be so stable that it is difficult to get up much speed which can be frustrating for young children especially as their confidence grows on the scooter. The scooters with two wheels at the back may require more kicks or pushes with their foot to get the scooter moving which can be tiring for little ones.  They also may be more difficult to manoeuvre​.If a child lacks confidence or doesn't want to go too fast this type of scooter may suit them. But, I know for my own boys they would feel frustration at not being able to go very quickly. However, a scooter that doesn't go very fast may suit a lot of parents. At least you will be able to keep up with your little one and not have to chase them when they have gone too far ahead.

Kick Path

Another problem with 3 wheel scooters that have two wheels at the rear can obtsruct the kick path. So as they use their foot to push along,  they may hit their feet and ankles on the two back wheels of the scooter. This may be worse on some scooters more than others so its worth reading the reviews to see if it’s a problem with the scooter you are considering.


The scooters with two wheels at the front tend to have a lean and steer mechanism where the child has to lean to steer the scooter. So they have to lean to go right and left instead of turning the handlebars. The scooters with two wheels at the back generally use the handlebars to steer the scooter.I think both ways of steering have their merits. The lean and steer mechanisms are great for promoting balance which is good. However, scooters for older children tend to use the handlebars to steer the scooter so if the child is already used to having a scooter which is controlled by using the handlebars they may make the transition to a bigger two wheeled scooter more easily. But the steering method isn’t the most important consideration on which scooter to choose, unless they are already used to using a particular method of steering on another scooter or a balance bike. In this case I would stick with what they already know.

My Personal Opinion

I personally prefer the scooters with two wheels at the front for young children. This is mainly because of the risk that the two wheels at the back can often get in the way of the kick path, but check scooter reviews first to see if this is a problem - it may not be on the scooter you are considering. I also prefer two wheels at the front because 3 wheel scooters with 2 wheels at the front tend to glide more easily and gather a bit more speed.I may perhaps consider getting a scooter with 2 wheels at the back for children who are not likely to want to go too quickly on their scooter.

My advice is read reviews and consider your child to decide which type of 3 wheel scooter they would prefer.

Batman scooter - 2 wheels at the back


This batman scooter looks super hero cool. It has 2 wheels at the back and does offer that extra stability for beginners.

The wheels are bigger than tri scooters with 2 wheels at the front. The front wheels measure 150mm (compared to 120mm on most tri scooters with 2 wheels at the front). The back wheel is 100mm, which is comparable to most other tri scooters. Although the ride may be slower the larger wheels will help absorb the bumps from the pavement.

The wheels are puncture proof.
The scooter also features an anti slip deck.
If you're looking for a stable, slower scooter this may be the one for you.

Peppa pig Tri scooter


Another option with 2 wheels at the back is the Peppa Pig Tri scooter.

Again the scooter offers extra stability and low speed for beginners.

There are puncture proof tyres with fairly big wheels. The wheel at the front measures 150mm and the wheels at the back are 120mm.

The deck is anti-slip for added safety.

Obviously a great option for Peppa Pig fans.

Mini micro - 2 wheels at the front


There are many tri scooters with 2 wheels at the front and one at the back. Perhaps the most well known is the mini micro scooter which is featured. Another one to check out is the 3style scooter which is currently the best selling three wheel scooter on amazon.

The mini micro really does excel in it's this class though. It's lightweight so easy for little ones to control and pick up to change direction or go up and down kerbs when they first start scooting.

As they grow and get more confident, the design with 2 wheels at the front helps little kids pick up a more speed when they get more confident.

Scooters for 4 Year Olds


What Are the Best Scooters for 4 Year Olds?

When buying a scooter for a 4 year old girl or boy, perhaps the most important question to ask is whether you should get 2 or 3 wheels. The answer will be very much dependant on the child in question and the features you require.
In a hurry or just curious.....
✔️ This scooter is the most popular one on this page with our readers.

If your child has had experience of a 3 wheel scooter and are confident in riding one, I would definitely consider graduating onto a 2 wheel scooter. My eldest son and nephew both received 2 wheels for their 4th birthdays and they both enjoyed riding them straight away.

A less confident child or those that are new to getting a scooter may prefer 3 wheels.
Also find stunt scooters, budget scooters and superhero themed scooters below.

3 Wheel Scooters for 4 Year Olds

Firstly there is the mini micro scooter. The mini micro is designed for kids between ages 2 and 5 and with a weight limit of 45 pounds.

It's a good choice of 3 wheel scooter for many 4 year olds and you can read more about it on the 3 wheel scooters page. I have bought this one for my younger son. He is now 4 years old and coming up to his 5th birthday. He is quite small for his age (around 1 metre tall). He still rides this scooter daily and I think it will definitely last him another year.

In quick summary the micro scooter has polyurethane wheels which offer a really smooth ride. The 120mm sized wheels are the front are slightly larger than standard wheels and area a great size for cruising.

The footplate is flexible fibreglass and reinforced footplate to absorb bumps in the pavement.

The handlebar is adjustable from 49cm to 69cm from the ground.

The scooter weighs just 3.3lbs or 1.5kg. A lightweight scooter makes it easier for young children to lift and control the scooter which it is essential for them to do when they are picking it up to go up kerbs etc. ​It's also easier for adults to carry when required too.

If you're buying for a 4th birthday and for a smaller 4 year old, it's possible to get 2 years use out of this.

Maxi Micro

Taller 4 year olds may grow out of the mini
scooter quickly and for this reason it's also worth considering the maxi scooter.

The Maxi scooter is a 3 wheel scooter that's designed for 6 to 12 year olds, so is the follow on from the micro scooter.

It's handlebar is adjustable from 67cm all the way up to 93cm. It's lowest height is only about a cm bigger than the handlebar on the mini micro scooter, but it will grow with your child for many more years.

Like the micro, the maxi has polyurethane wheels which offer a really smooth ride. It's heavier at 2.5kg compared to 1.5kg, so it is heavier to carry around. It's also more expensive but it will last a number of years.

The maxi and mini micro scooter are both very high quality and have had years of tried and tested use with excellent reviews. If you would like one for your child but you're not sure which one to get, check out this comparison of the mini micro scooter vs the maxi scooter.
Check out more 3 wheel scooters for younger kids and 3 wheel scooters for older kids. 

Best 2 Wheel Scooter for 4 Year Olds

JD Bug Junior Street Scooter

 JD bug is one of the bestselling brands of scooter in the UK.It's a brand known for its quality and durablilty.

The JD bug junior is the perfect 2 wheel scooter for a 4 year old who is ready to graduate onto 2 wheels. The scooter itself is designed for ages 4 and above. The maximum weight for the scooter is 50kg so it should last 4 year olds a few years.

It features 120mm wheels with ABEC 5 bearings. The wheels are a great for cruising and offer a smooth ride. It features tough durable wheels (durometer 88a - to find out what this means check out the scooter buying guide for kids.

There's a folding mechanism which will make it easier for adults to carry on the school run. It weighs 2.4kg or 5lbs 4 ounces.
It comes in different colors (pink, red or blue) so a choice for 4 year old boys and girls.
The handlebars are height adjustable.
The minimum handlebar height is 630mm and the maximum handelbar height is 845mm so plenty of room to grow with your child making it perfect for this age range.
The footplate is also a bit smaller than standard making it a good choice for younger riders too.

Stunt Scooters

If you have a daring and very competent 4 year old who wants to have a go at a few tricks (perhaps they have an older silbing they want to copy), it may be worth getting a dedicated stunt scooter. Stunt scooters are stronger than kick scooters to withstand the extra impace. It is difficult to get stunt scooters for kids as young as 4 years old. Most start from age 8 and there are a few for kids age 5 and above. However, if you would like a stunt scooter for a 4 year old, a good one to try is the madd gear mini pro x scooter.

Madd Gear Mini Pro x scooter

The Madd Gear mini pro x pr scooter is the idea first stunt scooter designed for the smaller rider with smaller hands and feet.

It features a smaller deck than standard (at 4 inches wide and 17 inches long), one piece bar and  anodised alloy core wheels with high rebound urethane (perfect for any jumps and tricks).

It is aimed at age 5 plus but if you're looking or a 4 year old this is probably the closest you will find to a stunt scooter for this age group.

More Options of 2 and 3 wheel scooters

Still not found what your looking for in the right price range. Check out some more ideas of both 2 and 3 wheel kick scooters below.

A Height Adjustable Scooter

Another option of 3 wheel scooter that is worth considering is the 3style scooter (featured below). The main selling point is it's height adjustable handlebar so you can make sure it's the right height for your child.

The 3style scooter has some excellent features and scores very highly on affordability too. It is cheaper than a lot of similar styled scooters and at the time of writing the same price as the Vokul scooter above.

The handlebar is adjustable from 52cm to 86cm so will grow with your child. A handlebar should ideally be around waist height on a child so this scooter should offer the perfect height for a 4 year old. A too low handlebar can mean your child is hunched over so it's uncomfortable to ride. If the handlebar is too high it can make the scooter difficult for them to control.

There is a folding mechanism which is great when little kids have had enough of scooting. It can then be folded up and carried. It's also easier to store, put in your boot or carry on top of a pushchair of a sibling.It does weigh heavier than more expensive scooters such as the mini micro due to extra weight of the adjustable handlebar and folding mechanism. However, it is still fairly lightweight compared to other options and this weight should be fine for a 4 year old.

The wheels are made of polyurethane and 120mm in size. Bigger wheels don't absorb the shocks from cracks and bumps on the pavement and glide over them more easily. The bigger wheels also mean that you can cover longer distances more easily (less kicking required). This makes scooters with larger wheels great for the school run!  One thing little kids will love is that the wheels light up.

Ozbozz Lightening Strike

We bought the Ozbozz Lightning Strike for our elder son's 4th birthday who was on the tall side for his age. The lowest height setting is approximately 71 cm from the ground to the top of the handlebars so it is better for tall kids. It has 3 adjustable height settings up to 81.5cm on the maximum.

It weighs approximately 2.5kg.

I would say this is a great choice if you are on a budget.

My son definitely loved it and it lasted a couple of years for us. I have written a full review of the Ozbozz Lightning Strike too.

Micro Sprite

If you're looking for a scooter that will last, it may be worth spending a bit more. 

The micro sprite is a good 2 wheel scooter.
(Its made by the same people who make the mini and maxi micro scooters above).It has a height adjustable handle (from 63cm to 96cm) so will grow with your child as they get older. The construction and design of the scooter is very good.
It has a bigger front wheels to make cruising easier and the ride smoother.
The wheels are made of PU (offering a really smooth ride) with ABEC 5 bearings.
Its a great beginner scooter.
The recommended age is from 5 years and up but there are reviews of 4 year olds using this. The lowest height on the handlebars should be fine for most 4 year olds.
It weighs 2.7kg which is on the heavier side, so it would be harder for adults to carry. However it is foldable which will make it easier and better for storing too. 

I also think a 4 year old who's capable of riding on 2 wheels will be fine on this. It comes in several different colors including blue, red, black and pink. 
Check out more details on the 2 wheel scooter page. 

Folding Spiderman Scooter

My nephew is spiderman crazy so loves his spiderman scooter which is exactly the same as the one opposite.

He had been using a 3 wheel scooter for a while but received this one for his 4th birthday and just used it straightaway without any problems.

What I like about this scooter is that it folds. This is great when the kids have had enough as it's easy to carry back to the car or back home.
​It also features an adjustable handlebar height so will grow with your child.

​What you may compromise on (that you may get from the more expensive scooters) is the smoothness of the ride. The ride may be a little more bumpy. Having said this, my nephew doesn't seem to notice and really does love the scooter.

It also features foam easy-grip handles.

A Scooter with Flashing Wheels - The Vokul

It weighs 3.5kg which is light for a stunt scooter and lighter than it the full sized pro x scooter. However, if you compare it with kick scooters designed for younger children it will weigh quite a bit heavier.​This is due to the tougher construction needed for a scooter which can withstand the tricks and jumps.
​It is well designed with excellent specs so the extra investment should last kids for a while. ​
The is great choice for 4 year olds who want a cool but very affordable 3 wheel scooter that will grow with them. It's stylish too.
It comes in many different colour including blue, green and pink and has some fabulous features. ​
The handlebar is adjustable so will be able to be adjusted to be the right height for your child. It's designed for kids aged up to 6 years old. If you would like a scooter to last longer than that, it may be worth also considering the iscoot (featured below) or the maxi micro (above) which have taller maximum handlebars.
It features 120mm front PU wheels and a rear 80mm wheel. Kids this age will love the LED coloured flashing light on the wheels.
The maximum weight capacity is 35kg or 77 pounds.
It weights just under 2kg which is heavier than the mini micro but still fairly lightweight and should be fine for most 4 year olds.
It has a lean to steer mechanism which is fairly common on 3 wheel scooters at the moment. So riders, lean left to go left and right to go right.
It can't be folded but like the mini micro the handlebar can be taken out of the base of the scooter. This makes it easier to store in the boot of a car or at home.
Where this scooter scores highly is the price. It's features are excellent but the low price point makes this one even more appealing.

What Else Should I consider When choosing a scooter?

Height of the child in question - The height of the child may also be a deciding factor in which scooter you buy. The scooters featured below all have different handlebar heights. Some scooters feature quite low handlebar settings for smaller 4 year olds whereas others have slightly higher handlebars. Ideally you would like the handlebar to be about waist height on your child.

Weight - You may also want to consider the weight of the scooter you are buying. Some scooters are very lightweight and they are easier for young children to control and manoeuvre. They can pick them up when necessary (perhaps when lifting up on a kerb). If your child is quite strong for his age, a very lightweight scooter may not be as important and he or she should be able to control a slightly heavier one. ​