Razor S Sport or Micro Sprite Scooter - A Comparison

Razor and Micro scooters are both popular manufacturers of scooter throughout the world.  This article compares the features and specifications of the Razor S Sport scooter with the Micro Sprite.

The main consideration people have is the price. The Razor S sport scooter is much cheaper than the Micro sprite. So is the micro sprite much better or will spending a bit less and going with the Razor be sufficient?

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Comparison at a glance

Razor S Sport Scooter
Micro Sprite Scooter
Age Recommendation
6 plus
5 to 12
Handlebar Height
64cm to 93cm
98mm urethane wheels
87a PU wheels (120mm front wheel and 100mm rear wheel)
Weight of scooter
2.76 kg
Maximum rider weight
Rear Foot brake
Rear foot brake

Razor S Sports Scooter

If you're looking for a well built, solid, no nonsense kick scooter at an affordable price for a child aged 6 plus, then the Razor S sports scooter could be the best choice for you.

Easy to fold - it's quick and easy to fold the scooter. Razor makes a selling point out of the fact that it can be easily folded down to fit in a bag. It's extremely portable.

Lightweight  - the fact that the scooter is so lightweight adds to it's portability. It only weighs 2.76kg which is a lot less than the micro sprite.

Handlebar - the handlebar is one size. It is 83cm. Ideally the handelbar height on a scooter should measure up to hip to waist height on a child. 83cm is probably a good height for most 6, 7 and 8 year olds. However, the fact that it’s not adjustable means that the razor will have a shorter life span than the micro sprite which has large adjustable height range.

Wheels - the wheels are 98mm and made out of urethane which is a good material for scooter wheels.

Frame - the frame and deck are made out aluminium which is a strong yet lightweight material

Longevity - the razor s sport is built to be durable and sturdy. It is a good scooter that should withstand the abuse kids put it through as long as it is used for it’s recommended use (which is a kick scooter rather than a stunt scooter).
However, the lack of adjustable handlebar might be a negative for some people as it means that other scooters may accommodate children of different heights and it will last longer. Kids will get to a point where the handlebar will be too short for them to use and little kids will prefer a smaller handlebar.

Verdict - This scooter gives great bank for your buck. It's a good buy for the 6 to 10 year age group.

Micro Sprite Scooter

The Micro Sprite scooter is a quality build that has been designed to last. This scooter can accommodate kids from age 5 up to an adult so you may be spending more money initially but if it’s the only kick scooter you buy your kids, it will save you money in the long run.

Easy to fold - Like the razor scooter, the micro is quick and easy to fold.

Weight -It’s not as lightweight as the Razor scooter but it does have an additional height adjustment mechanism which will add to the weight which the Razor doesn't feature. Even though it’s not as lightweight as the Razor, it’s still pretty lightweight at 3.2kg. Therefore, it can still be folded down and is light enough to carry.

Handlebar - The main advantage that the sprite has over the razor is that the handlebar is height adjustable. The handlebars can be adjusted from 64cm to 93cm. This obviously means that the handlebar can be adjusted to the perfect height for your child. It also means the micro sprite can accommodate a much wider are range. It states from 5 to 12 but actually the highest handlebar height is so high that it will be able to accommodate many teens and many adults as long as they are under the weight limit of 100kg. I wouldn't recommend the sprite as an adult scooter but adults may like to have go. Older siblings and teens might like to have a go too.

Wheels - the micro sprite has ABEC bearings and two 87A polyurethane wheels, which means the wheels are durable, solid and give a smooth, comfortable ride.. The front wheel is 120mm and the rear wheel is 100m which means that the scooter can power from the front over the bumps and cracks in the pavement.

Designed to last - Another huge advantage of the sprite is that it has been engineered and designed to last.  Each key part can easily be repaired or replaced. Therefore that the scooter should have a long lifetime. It can be passed down to friends or siblings or be resold secondhand once finished with.
This means that the scooter is much more eco friendly than other scooters which are more likely to end up in the landfill more quickly and another scooter bought in its place.

Kickstand - the scooter has a kickstand so it can be stood up wherever you want to store it. This can also help scratching the paintwork against walls.

Verdict - the micro sprite scooter is an excellent choice for children of all ages. It’s foldable, lightweight and has an adjustable handlebar which can be set at the perfect height required.It gives a smooth, comfortable ride. It will set you back a bit but it’s can last for years if looked after. What’s not to like?

Razor or the Sprite - which to get? 

If budget is a big consideration, the razor may be the only option. And you do get a lot for your money. A sturdy, well designed scooter that is strong but lightweight and able to stand up to the abuse that kids often put things through. However, if money is no object or you can afford to splurge out a little bit, the sprite is an excellent choice. It’s difficult to go wrong with a micro scooter as one thing you can be sure of is a quality build (there’ll be no rattling with their scooters). The scooter will also last a childhood and potentially longer if taken care of properly.