Space Scooters Reviews of the New Craze


What is a space scooter?

Space scooters are a new type of scooter. They work by pushing the board using alternate feet in a seesaw motion. You don’t need to press too hard, not too much force is required which makes it easy for kids aged 8 plus to use (younger kids do use these as well).  Some designs can also be used like a traditional kick scooter as well.

One of the top space scooters is the X580, check a review of how it works and the pros and cons out below.

Top space Scooter X580 review

How Does It Work? 
It works by using the unique pump and go system. Place your feet on opposite ends of the deck (one at the front and one at the back). Then push down with alternate feet like a see saw t move the scooter forward.The idea is using one of these feels like you are walking in space. This is where it gets the name from.
The scooter folds down easily for transportation and storage. Easy to put in the boot of a car when needed. The handlebars can also be folded down.
Smooth and Silent Ride
Many features on this scooter will give kids a smooth ride.
It features air suspension to absorb the bumps in the road and and 200mm (8 inch) PU wheels to give a smooth, comfortable ride. The unique drive train on the scooter provides a silent ride too. ​
Adjustable height
There are 3 different height settings on the handlbar, so kids can set the the height to suit them.
In Total Control Of Speed
The more kids pump on the board, the faster this scooter will go. Once they’ve reached their required speed, just maintain the see saw pumping action with feet to keep maintain the momentum. There is a powerful brake on the handlebar so it’s can be easily slowed down and stopped when need. No slowing down with their feet required so no scuffed shoes with this scooter! Kids are in complete control of acceleration and speed.
Great exercise
No electric or batteries are required with this scooter. Just using legs to propel the scooter means it’s a good workout.
The setup
The setup is easy and quick. There are a videos on youtube showing how to set it up the X580.
Ride it as a kick scooter
The space scooter can be ridden as a kick scooter.  Pull on the folding trigger and press the platform down into its folding position to do this.
Other Useful features
The scooter features a kickstand, The rider maximum weight is 90kg so some adults will be able to have a go on this too.
The scooter will require some minor maintenance such as keep it lubricated and clean.
This thing is heavy! It weighs just over 8kg. However, they are meant to be heavy. It won’t affect if kids can ride it. If they can push up and down on the board, they will make it go. However, it will be heavy for them to lift, so adult help may be required to get it in the boot of the car or put it away.
The space scooter works fine on flat ground and downhill. It does take a bit of effort to get it to go uphill though.
Verdict  – space scooters are a really fun ride which will get kids away from their screens and outside playing. They are unique so other kids, siblings and adults are bound to want a go. Kids will love space scooters and the X580 is a great option for the 8 plus age group.

How fast do space scooters go?

The scooter will go about as fast as a regular scooter. It goes quite fast downhill but is slower going uphill. Make sure kids where a helmet for extra safety when using the space scooter.

Can you use space scooters off road?

Space scooter are not designed to go off road. They work best on smooth surfaces such as paths or pavements. However they should be able to go over uneven parts in the pavement as well as over bumps and cracks with no problem.

Is a space scooter suitable for a 7 year old

The age recommendation on the X580 space scooter featured above is 8 years plus. However, there are reviews of  7 year olds using it and many 7 year olds will be absolutely fine on this scooter. Obviously each child is different so ultimately it’s an adult’s call.
There is also a junior space scooter X360 for younger children which is featured below. This is for ages 4 to 7.

Space Scooter X360

The junior space scooter works in the same way that the bigger version does. Alternate feet push against each side of the board to proper the scooter. However, it is smaller and is designed for kids age 4 plus.

Smaller design
It features 2 x 6 inch PU wheels. It’s lighter than the X560 scooter at 6kg. The maximum rider weight is 60kg. The deck is also smaller than the X560

Age Recommendation
The age recommendation for this scooter is between 4 and 7 years old.


Rockboard Scooter

A rockboard scooter works in the same way as a space scooter (you rock the board with your feet in a see saw motion) but is a different brand. There are slight difference between the two with rockboard scooters generally being a bit

Rockboard Kids original scooter

It does share many of the same pros as the space scooter and have a couple of extra features too.
Another smooth ride 
The 200mm (8 inch) urethane wheels gives you a smooth ride. The scooter’s rear spring-enhanced suspension system, meanwhile, creates a smooth ride on the most unforgiving pavement.
2 in 1 scooter
It can be quickly adjusted to a kick scooter giving the option of having 2 scooters in 1. Use it as a kick scooter or as a rockboard scooter.
An advantage it has over the space scooter is that the handlebar can adjust to any height setting.
Weight Limit
The 100kg weight limit means that adults can have a go on this scooter too.
Other Advantages 
It comes fully assembled.
It can quickly and easily fold down. The handlebars fold down too.
The chain is a little bit noisier compared to the space scooter.
It’s slightly more expensive than the space scooter.
It is super heavy at 9.4kg. Slightly heavier than the space scooter too.
Verdict – the main advantage the rockboard seems to have over the space scooter is the height adjustable handlebar can go to the perfect height whereas there are only 3 settings on the space scooter. If this is important to you go for the rockboard, otherwise the space scooter should be just fine.

Rockboard scooter video review