8 Best Scooter Locks – Buying Guide, Reviews and Recommendations

8 Best Scooter Locks – Buying Guide, Reviews and Recommendations

When purchasing a lock for your scooter, the first thing to decide is the type of lock you want. There are three main types of lock that we look at in this article (a u-lock, chain lock and cable lock)

The lock you choose will depend on how much money you want to spend and the level of security you want for your scooter. The level of security depends on how expensive your scooter is, how long you plan to leave your scooter and where you plan to leave it.

For example, if you have an expensive scooter and are leaving it outside for a long time in a high crime area, you want the highest security level you can afford. If you only leave it for short periods of time, such as to pop into a shop in a low crime area, it may be you decide you can spend a bit less.

Here is a quick rundown of the 3 different types of lock featured in this article.


A u-lock is named according to its shape and is an excellent deterrent for thieves. They vary in terms of quality – the best ones are impossible to cut with bolt cutters.

The locking mechanism on a u-lock is not easy for hammers and chisels to break.

Ideally, you want the lock to be sized so that it goes around things with as little space left as possible. This makes it difficult for thieves to insert a crowbar and get enough leverage to break it open.

U-locks are ideal for fitting around a thin post such as a bike rack or a pole but their shape means it’s difficult to fit around larger posts such as a street lamp.

Chain lock

Chain locks have more length, so it’s easy to attach your scooter to a multitude of fixed objects. They are a good option in high-crime areas. A good chain lock is difficult to cut with a hacksaw or chisel. However, in theory, it is possible for most chain locks (under 12”) to be cut with bolt cutters. They are also heavier to carry.

When using a chain lock make sure the padlock is just as sturdy as the chain, otherwise, thieves will work on the padlock instead. Also attach the chain as high up as possible so that the padlock can’t be smashed with a hammer against the floor.

Cable Locks

Cable locks are versatile. They are easy to attach to different fixed objects. They are also inexpensive. However, they offer the least security of all the locks featured. Bolt cutters and wire cutters can cut through most cable locks. However, they still work well in low-crime areas. They are a good option to deter opportunist and amateur thieves from stealing scooters which often happens with electric and stunt scooters.  They are also good to prevent the wrong kid from leaving with the wrong scooter at school pick up time.

Remember any lock is better than no lock!

✔️ Top Tip
No Lock Is 100% Thief Proof - Professional thieves use a range of tools (such as angle grinders) to break event the toughest of locks. With enough determination and time, they can break through most locks. This is good to know as you can make your scooter as theft-proof as possible by not only buying the most difficult lock to break you can afford but also by ensuring you use other methods too. There are lots of tips throughout the article to help.

Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT Lock

This FAHGETTABOUDIT Lock scores 10 out of 10 on the Kryptonite security rating and is the strongest lock that Kyptonite make.

It has an 18mm triple heat-treated steel shackle (Kyrptonite’s thickest lock). The short shackle, with interior dimensions of 3.25” by 6” ensures the highest security. Thieves will have a hard time getting any kind of tool inside the u-lock to break it open. It’s tough to get leverage with a u-lock with a small shackle like this one. Another advantage of having a smaller shackle on the u-lock is that it’s lighter side for carrying.

The downside of the shorter shackle is that it’s difficult to lock to a variety of fixed objects. Therefore, make sure this sizing will work for you and your scooter. If it doesn’t, the other option is to buy a bigger u-lock or a chain lock.

It comes with 3 stainless steel keys, one with a LED lock. Register the keys online and Kyrptonite will replace them if they are lost.

It also has a lifetime warranty.

Kryptonite New York Standard Lock

The Kryptonite New York Standard lock has a slightly lower security rating than the New York mini lock (featured above) at 9/10. However, it has a larger and thinner shackle, making it more versatile as to where you can attach your scooter. It is also cheaper than the mini New York lock (featured above).

It features a 16mm hardened steel shackle, slightly thinner than the mini lock. The interior locking dimensions are 4” by 8”. which are bigger than the mini lock.

Like the mini lock, it comes with a double deadbolt design which means it locks on both sides of the shackle. There are 3 keys and it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Kryptonite Keeper 12 Standard

If you like the idea of a u-lock but not the price tag of the Kyrotonite u-locks already featured, check out the Kryptonite Keeper 12 Standard.

It rates as a 5 on Kryptonite’s security scale but the cost is a lot less than other u-locks.

It’s an excellent option for low crime areas especially if you want a lock just while you pop into a shop or a cafe for a short period of time.

The lock itself has a 12mm hardened performance steel shackle and the hardened double deadbolt design you find on the Kryptonite locks already featured.

It comes 2 stainless steel keys

✔️ Top Tip
2 Locks are Better than One - If you leave your lock in a high crime area, consider using 2 locks instead of 1. First of all, it's likely to deter thieves and secondly it will take them longer to break two locks even if they do try.

Kryptonite, Keeper 785 Chain Lock

The Keeper scores a 5 /10 on the Kryptonite security rating. It’s great for short stops in urban areas or longer stops in low crime areas and has a very competitve price tag.

The beauty of this chain is that it provides the strength of a ulock with more flexibility to wrap around a pole or other fixed object.

It’s 85cm long and is covered in a thick nylon sleeve to protect bikes and scooters from scratches.

The lock has a drill resistant cylinder and an anti pick system so it’s very resistant to thieves picking locks.

The chain is made of 7” heat treated steel locks which are very hard to cut.

Master Lock Street Certified Cuffs

If you have a big budget and want a tough lock, the master lock street cuff and cable lock is police approved

The hardened laminated steel construction with a hardened pivot link gives optimal resistance to bolt cutting. Additionally, the pivoting link prevents a fixed anchor point, taking away the use of leverage for thieves.

It features a 10 pin cylinder lock that has four keys. Conveniently, the push button lock means you can lock it without using the keys – making securing your scooter quick.

An ABS cover protects your scooter from scratches when using the lock.

It weighs 1.6kg and can fold down compactly, making it easy to store and carry.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, so this is the only scooter lock you’ll need to buy.

It’s available in two sizes with the link of the chain either 36cm or 55cm. The longer chain will give more versatility when parking your scooter.

✔️ Top Tip
Consider a Cover Your Scooter - covering a scooter can help deter thieves. A thief cannot see what's underneath the cover so he doesn't know the value of the scooter or the type of lock he would need to break through. These unknowns can deter thieves from even trying. It's a case of a thief assessing the risk and the reward and he can't do either if he can't see what's underneath. It therefore may be preferable to move onto a more visible scooter or bike down the road.

Scoot Lock

The scoot lock is a good option of cable lock for kids. It attaches to a scooter so you don't have to worry about forgetting it - everywhere the scooter goes the lock goes too.

Once the lock is fitted, it's easy to use. The long adjustable cable makes it easy to adjust it to a tree, railings or post. A four digit number is used for the lock, so you don't have to worry about losing a key.

Obviously the lock isn't going to deter a determined thief but it's a good level of security to have on a scooter at school to stop it being accidently taken or stolen.

The lock itself is lightweight so it won't impede a child from scooting or make it heavy to pick the scooter up.

Additionally the front badge acts as a reflector which acts as an extra safety precaution during autumn and winter evenings.

There are five bright colours to choose from and the scooter lock also works with bikes too.

Micro Bike and Scooter Lock

This scooter lock comes from a highly reputable scooter brand and it's inexpensive - so two plus points right out the gate.

The lock sits on the scooter stem when not in use. You know it’s always there ready to use when you need it. It’s light, so won't add much weight to the scooter - which can be important if you have to carry it for any length of time.

It has a tough, long 1.2m steel cable which works with most bikes and scooters. On top of this it's also compact.

There is a triple combination lock, so you don't need to worry about kids losing a key.

Choose between black, pink and blue.

Master Lock Street Cuff and Cable Lock

A tougher option of cable lock is the the master lock. It has a 1m long braided steel cable for maximum strength.

You affix the lock via the wheel or the handlebar on the scooter:

It features an anti-theft lock with an integrated pin tumbler keyed locking mechanism for superior pick resistance

It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Features to consider when buying a scooter lock


Some locks can be extremely heavy to carry around. The best scooter locks are as light as possible.

Lock that permanently attaches to a scooter or a separate lock?

Some scooter locks attach onto the scooter itself (usually on the scooter stem). The advantage of these locks is you don’t have to remember to bring the scooter lock along, wherever the lock goes the scooter goes too.

You may prefer a separate lock that you can switch between more than one scooter or a scooter and a bike.

If you buy a lock that you will carry separately from the scooter, think about the size and weight of the lock. Will it fit in your bag or backpack? Perhaps there is a side compartment where you could store it?

How does it attach?

Can you park and attach the lock to a multitude of different places? How long is the cable, chain or how big is the u-lock? Will it be able to attach to a post, gate or fence?


How easy is it to secure and unlock? If you are buying for a child is it easy for little hands to use?

Key or Combination Lock

Would you prefer a scooter with a combination lock (no worries about losing a key) or a key (no worries about forgetting a combination lock.) If you prefer a combination lock – how easy is it to use? Are the numbers big enough to see? What do reviewers say?


It doesn’t make sense to buy a lock which costs almost as much or a good proportion of the scooter’s price. Some people recommend spending about 10 to 20% of the scooter’s value on a lock but how much you want to spend will also depend on the type of scooter you have, the level of crime in the area you leave the scooter and the amount of time you leave it for.

If you are buying a lock for an electric scooter or a more expensive stunt scooter, it stands to reason that you will want to spend more money to get the most durable and tough lock you can find, as obviously these are the kinds of scooters that attract theft.

Extra tips to prevent scooter theft

1.) Always use a lock - any lock is better than no lock
2.) Avoid leaving your scooter in areas where there is lots of crime.
3.) Choose a public location that is well lit and easy to see. If there is an area with a camera nearby (such as in a local shopping centre), this can help deter thieves. Who wants to be caught on camera?
4.) Always secure your scooter to an immovable object.
5.) Avoid leaving your scooter outside wherever possible. Can it be left under a desk at work or during a meeting?
6.) Attach a tracker so if it does get stolen you have a better chance of recovering it.

Best Gift Ideas for Stunt Scooter Riders


Stickers are the perfect stocking filler or small fun accessory that any stunt scooter rider will love.

There are tons of scooter decals and stickers to choose from. And the fantastic thing about stickers is that they can be a really inexpensive gift.

Some ideas include stickers for your helmet or what about stickers for your wheels to really transform your scooter?

Hollow core wheel stickers like the ones featured will allow you to revamp the decals on the outside of your wheels. Holographic stickers look amazing and shimmer in the light. Giving your scooter a mini transformation!


Set of Grips

Another super small gift and an awesome way to customise a stunt scooter is a new set of grips.  Revamp your ride without anybody having to break the bank.

There are tons of different colours which will really brighten up a scooter. Blend colours particularly look amazing.




Scooter Stand


A scooter stand is a really useful, practical gift. No longer will you have to balance your scooter along a wall or throw it on the floor. And it can be proudly stood on display.

An awesome scooter stand by vokul is simple to use and inexpensive. Pop your wheel in the gap and the scooter will immediately be freestanding. It's super light. Ideal if you are planning on doing some fixes on your scooter.

Imagine how easy it will be to lay your grip tape or do any other fixes on your ride with a stand.



A mini ramp at home is a brilliant way of moving your game from the level ground to flying in the air.

Lots of fun practising scooter moves on the drive or in the back garden.

There are numerous types of ramps including mini launch ramps (like the ones featured), mini airboxes and funboxes.

Ramps can also be used with bikes, skateboards or even remote control cars.

Look for one that's durable and strong and can be left outdoors in all kinds of weathers without fear of damage

They should have some rubber grips on the bottom so that they won't shift around when you're using them.

Check out lots of ramps here.


Stunt Scooters


The ultimate gift for many stunt scooter riders will be a new scooter.

There are some great stunt scooter brands which offer awesome pro scooters that look fantastic and are an exciting ride.

Grip Tape


Another way to freshen up your ride is grip tape!

Grip tape is an essential part of any scooter but is often the part that gets worn the quickest. Stick new grip tape on your deck and immediately you have improved grip for your feet.

Grip tape can be bought pre-cut for an exising scooter or purchased in a strip so it can be cut down to size.

It's inexpensive but will give a scooter with worn out grip tape a new lease of life.

Scooter Gloves

Help prevent scraps and bumps to the hands with a pair of gloves. Gloves make fab gifts because are not something stunt scooter riders often invest in themselves even though they are really useful.

Not only do they offer exposed hands some protection, they are also ideal for keeping hands warm during the cold weather. No more ice cold fingers which are so cold they don't work!

But gloves are not just for the winter. In the summer they can absorb the sweat from the hands meaning your grips won't get sweaty preventing blisters and improving grip and control.

Some gloves are extremely lightweight. In the hot weather, look for a pair of gloves with maximum breathability to stop your hands and fingers overheating.

There are some awesome cool designs of skate gloves for stunt scooter riders, which will make you stand out at the park but also offer great protection too.

New Skate Shoes



Some trendy skate shoes are ideal for stunt scooter riders. They can take use them for their scooter tricks at the park or on the streets but they can also be worn casually at other times.

Look for a sole which is made of gum rubber for extra durability. And it goes without saying shoes should always be flat.

The material in the upper shoe area should be quite sturdy and also the connection areas should be double or triple stitched.

Check out lots of skates shoes for kids.

Scooter T-shirt


Madd Gear are a well known brand of scooter designer and they have clothing they make for stunt scooter riders such as this skull themed t-shirt.

Most scooter mad kids are going to want to wear this at the skate park.

They offer an  range of sizes and it’s made out of 100% cotton for easy washing and a comfortable fit. It’s 180gsm so it's high quality and allows for breathability.

Triple 8 Saver Series Pad Set


Most scooter riders don't want to be continually scraping and bruising their knees, elbows and wrists. Riders who are constantly pushing their boundaries with tricks will want some protection and this makes an ideal gift for those riders.

It’s a complete gift box for riders that includes kneepads, wrist guards and elbow pads, providing protection against hard impacts at the park on on the street.  There are different sizes to accommodate both kids and adults.

New Scooter Helmet

Doing stunts on the scooter is fun but there is an element of risk to lots of the tricks and jumps. That is why a scooter helmet is essential - peace of mind you're not going to break your skull!

The Triple 8 helmet features is awesome for both comfort and protection and it's endorsed by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

It features high impact absorbing EPS foam with thick dual density soft foam and plush sweatsaver fabric delivering the ultimate in comfort with dual certified protection.


A backpack to take to the skate park can be really useful. Ideal for fitting in a water bottle, change of clothes, protective gear such as pads and gloves and lots more.

Backpacks can also be used for school or college as well.


Funny Mug


If he or she loves to be on a scooter - this is the mug for them!

A fun and inexpensive gift which is microwave and dishwasher safe. Perfect for his favourite hot beverage.

New Scooter Wheels

When you're constantly punishing your wheels at the skate park, it's not long before they start to wear out and get worn down. Upgrading wheels is also fab for refreshing your scooter's look.

Choosing the right wheel can be a minefield if you're not sure what exactly to look for. It's important to make sure the wheel is compatible with the scooter model. Also make sure they are the right size. Generally they will be either 100mm, 110mm or 120mm.


Any scooter mad kid or teen will love this hoodie. Great to wear when out scooterin' as well just for everyday wear.

Different colors and sizes will suit different tastes and ages.

It features a double fabric hood with self coloured draw cord. Conveniently there's also a front pouch pocket. It's 100% cotton facing for enhanced wear and wash. Finally, it's durable with set-in sleeves with twin needle stitching detail throughout.


Nitro Circus - Best of Scooter


Ever wanted to know how to do tailwhips? Or what it takes to be a pro freestyler? Find out as we take you inside the basics and around the world of Nitro Circus to show you the best of scooter! From techniques and tips to records and events, you'll get an insider's look at all this and more.

The book is perfect for kids who are scooter fanatics. It is really visual with lots of vivid pictures and photos. It's also written in their language which makes it engaging and fun to read!

Stunt Scooter - Wall Decals


Scooter mad kids and teens are going to love these wall decals to personalise their room.

They come in different sizes and colours. They're super easy to apply and most importantly no mess! They are also easy to remove.

Scooter T-shirt

Another perfect t-shirt which makes an ideal gift for any kids that while away their hours on their stunt scooter.

An 100% cotton t-Shirt with a loose fit.


Madd Gear Ninety9 Grind Rail


If you want to perfect your grinds, the Madd Gear Ninety9 Grind Rail is perfect to have at home. It's super quick to assemble and you can be up and ready to grind within 5 minutes.

Perfect your skills and techniques at home and then go to the skatepark to show off your new tricks! The MGP Grind Rail is great for stunt scooters and helps riders improve and learn new tricks comfortably.

It is super easy to transport and can be assembled and disassembled within 5 minutes. Height can be easily adjusted (from 17 to 23cm) for when you feel you need to move it up a step.

Scooter Bars



Want a different sized bar for the skate park? Something that sits lower or perhaps a bar which needs to be bigger to accommodate a growing teen.

You don't need to go to the expense of replacing the whole stunt scooter for many models. You can just replace the bar.

Make sure you choose a bar which will be compatible with the model of scooter that you have. It will need a compatible compression system.

Core Skate Helmet

Safety is of paramount importance when riding at the park or on the street. Taking a helmet can be a pain, but is made less so with the Core Helmet backpack.

The CORE Helmet Backpack has a secret zip pocket at the bottom of the bag which contains a net that clips to the front of your backpack. This net holds your backpack safe and sound and stops your helmet flying all over the place whilst your travelling to the next stop.

Perfect for hitting up the skatepark or taking to school, this backpack is all you need when riding for the day. Space for your laptop/tablet and pads and some riding shoes, it’s not too big, not too small, just right in size.

As well as the helmet there is a laptop holder which fits up to a 15 inch laptop and  a USB port for easy device connection whilst travelling.

Make no mistake this bag has everything you need. It's super strong, a large main compartment, small f ront pocket for accessories
front zip pouch with covered zip, angled zip pocket for your quick to reach items, a water bottle holder on each side, a carry handle, pen holders – because everyone needs a pen, side straps to keep your bag tight, padded back and straps for extra comfort and a 25L capacity.

Who wouldn't want to receive this bag? What a useful gift for any stunt scooter rider!

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Best Stunt Scooter Gloves

Why Get the Best Stunt Scooter Gloves?

A high percentage of scooter injuries affect the hands. Wearing gloves can help protect the hands from many scraps and bruises while riding a stunt scooter. Some gloves are also cushioned for further protection against injury.

Gloves are also great for keeping your fingers warm during cold weather. But they are also ideal in the summer. They ensure your grips don't get sweaty, so you still have a comfortable grip.

In the hot weather, look for a pair of gloves with maximum breathability to keep your hands and fingers cool. Many are made using breathable fabric and some have vent holes on the fingers too.

Many gloves are also screen friendly, so you can text or use your phones without having to remove them.

If you are at the skate park a lot, getting a pair of stunt scooter gloves is well worth the investment. Check out some awesome options of gloves for pro / stunt scooter riding whether that be at the park, the street or the trail.

REKD Status Protective Gloves

Worried about your hands getting too sweaty while wearing gloves? Looking for a lightweight pair of gloves for the park?

Than these gloves could be good option. They are made using ultra-lightweight materials with a breathable palm material, vent holes on each finger to help your hands stay cool but protected.

Moreover, there's also a sweat absorbing micro-fibre cloth area. Conveniently, the micro fibre thumb, fingers and palm are touch screen friendly.

When you wear them, the super flexible ergonomic fit and the neoprene wristband that keeps the glove in place ensure these gloves - well fit like a glove! They are super comfortable.

Triple 8 Exo Skin Gloves

Triple 8 are a well known brand in the skate park world and part of their range includes the Exo Skin Gloves.

Another comfortable, lightweight skate / scooter glove with excellent grip when hitting the street, trail or park.

The lightweight construction with ventilated mesh upper keep your hands dry and the sweat off your grips.

It's easy to get these gloves on and off with a comfortable slip-on design with pull-on wrist tab.

The palm is reinforced for extra durability and as a bonus there is a sweatsaver brow-wipe on the thumb.

There are lots of different sizing options suitable for kids, teens and adults to ensure optimum comfort and fit.

TOFENR Unisex Gloves

Want a cool design that will stand out. The cool skeleton design on the Tofenr gloves certainly make an impact!

But they don't just look awesome, they're made of premium microfiber material which makes them breathable, comfortable, antibacterial, scratch resistant and skin-friendly.

And they do the job! The thickened pads and breathable material on the palms provide the perfect shock absorption, slip resistance and powerful grips for stunt scooter use.

In addition, the anti-slip fingertip design is convenient to grip the handlebar and brings you the perfect scooting experience

Find a perfect fit with the Velcro wrist which is easy to adjust the tension to meet your personal requirements.

Core Protection Gloves

CORE Protection is another top brand. Their gloves are specifically designed for both scooter and bike use, so perfect for stunt scooter adventurers.

What's really great about core protection gloves is the skin fit design. Make sure you choose the right size and you'll forget you have gloves on. The design allows for maximum feel and responsiveness whilst riding - no bulky glove.

The gloves are touch screen friendly so you can ride your scooter and check social media without removing your gloves.

For durability there's a reinforced thumb area (where most gloves rip) made from 50% synthetic leather and 50% polyester. Like other gloves featured, the material is breathable and comfortable, reducing sweat but still keeping your hands warm.

Lastly, they design looks amazing, you won't look out of place on the skate park wearing core protection!

Fist Demon Cleaner Protective Gloves

When you choose Fist's minimalist. lightweight designed gloves you are also choosing to keep that strong connection between you and your bars.

The fist gloves score highly on fit, with numerous sizes to choose from. The gloves certainly have a close with your hand due to the 4-way stretch twill spandex upper paired with a single layer Clarino palm .

And, as an added bonus you can still take your pics and write your texts with the touch screen conduction indes finger and thumb.

Fuse Protection Chroma Sticker Bomb Protective Gloves

Fuse Protection make gloves and other protective gear for bmx riders but their gloves work well for scooter gloves as well.

Their designs certainly are vibrant and look awesome. The gloves are made out of a wide range of materials. They palm material is hard wearing synthetic leather and has ventilation holes. The upper material is a combination of polyester + PU for optimum comfort and flexibility.

These gloves are durable, there's reinforcement on the index and thumb.

The adjustable velcro wrist strap will ensure they stay in place.

Fox Ranger Gloves

The Fox Ranger gloves are designed for mountain biking but work across a variety of disciplines including at the skate park.

They fit well with a compression molded cuff with hook and loop closure for secure fit and features an bsorbent micro-suede thumb.

You don't need to worry about landing on your palsm while wearing these gloves, with the TruGel strategically placed gel palm protection

And it doesn't skim on touch screen compatibility either with conductive threads at index finger and thumb.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Stunt Scooter Gloves For You!

To make it super easy when picking out the best stunt scooter gloves here is a list of what to look for:

Secure and comfortable fit - this is the most important element of picking the right glove. Make sure you take your measurments correctly and choose the right sized glove.

You want your hands to be able to move freely and not be restricted but too loose a fit may mean they become irritable.

Many gloves also feature a wrist band on the top to keep the glove in place.

Summer or winter gloves - sometimes it makes sense to have a thicker pair of gloves in the winter and a more lightweight pair in the summer, although this may come down to rider preference. Obviously a thicker glove will keep your hand warmer but will make it sweaty in hot weather.

Material - Many gloves are very lightweight, are made of breathable fabric and have vent holes which can make them a better choice in the summer.

Many riders prefer material which is thin enough to give them good connection with the bars while still offering injury protection.

Gloves with micro fibre material can be effective at wicking away the sweat from your hands during warmer weather.

Some gloves feature spandex for stretchy skin like feel.

Durability - which areas or reinforced. If you are breaking your falls a lot with your hand, it's important to look for a glove with a reinforced palm as this is area which can take the most impact.

Read reviews - if you buy online, it can be quite good to read a few reviews before you buy to get an idea of how durable they are.

Best Scooter Knee Pads Reviews

10 Best Scooter Knee Pads Reviews

Scooter knee pads are essential for protection from injury.

You may be a newbie or experienced at the skate park or a young kid looking for knee protection on a kick scooter, but knee pads will stop you from scraping your knees, getting big bruises or even worse!

What kinds of scootering you do will very much dictate what kind of knee pads you get.

If you're on a kick scooter or just staring out with tricks like grind rails at the skate park a basic level knee pad should be fine.

Stunt scooter riders attempting more complicated tricks on the ramps will want more durable protection to withstand the force of any hard impacts.

The article features knee pads to accommodate every level of the sport from basic level knee pads for kids, to pads for skate park beginners to the most durable, cushioned knee pads for extreme stunt scooter riders.



Kids Knee Pads for Kick Scooters



The Osprey Kids Skate Pad Set is a great value set with knee pads, elbow pads and wrist protection for kids. It's a good option for kids who want extra protection when they are using their kick scooter along the street and want peace of mind that they won't scrap their if they fall off.

If you want knee pads for the skate park, it is probably worth looking at something more durable.

The set comes in three sizes small for 3 to 4 year olds, medium for 5 to 7 year olds and large for 8 to 12 year olds. Lightweight plastic moulded caps offer strong protection without weighing you down or limiting manoeuvrability

It's easy to find a comfortable and secure fit by adjusting the velcro straps.

The set includes two elbow pads, two knee pads and two wrist guards for full, all-round protection


JBM Knee Pads and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards

The JBM knee pads are extremely competitve on price, but don't be fooled - these are great knee pads for beginners at the skate park. They are basic but do a good job and are excellent value for money. So a top choice for beginner who are just starting out.

They're made of tough and durable PP, PE materials with breathable polyester sleeves for maximum impact resistancy. The adjustable straps can be used to ensure a secure fit.

Some reviews suggest it may be worth buying a bigger size than you think to ensure the knee pads aren't too small.



Rekd Ramp Knee Protection

The REKD ramp heavy duty knee protection are ideal for kids and adults who want to go all out on the ramps.

They are designed to absorb impact energy and help you to slide out rather than abruptly stop. The high-density impact caps are ramp-friendly with countersunk ring rivets.

Double strapping gives you a secure fit around your legs, while the lining sock and extra 3mm padding behind the caps provide optimum comfort.

The size guide has been taken from the REKD website

Measure around 2-3cm above knee:

XS - To fit users up to 27-32cm around the knee
S - To fit users up to 30-36cm around the knee
M - To fit users up to 34-41cm around the knee
L - To fit users up to 38-45cm around the knee
XL - To fit users up to 43-45cm around the knee

Rekd Pro Ramp Knee Pads

A step up from the REKD ramp knee pads are the pro version. Designed for professional riders in mind yet suitable for all abilities.

The pro version is designed to give you extra protection as well as extra comfort.

The ergonomic knee recesses make these pads fit perfectly to the shape of your knee, comfortable with extra support and helping to keep the pads locked in place.

The hard-outer high-density pro impact ramp caps will help protect pro riders from hard slams.

The dual Neoprene butterfly closure on the rear of the pad makes putting them on and off a breeze, especially over clothing.

The size guide has been taken from the REKD website

Measure around 2-3cm above knee:

S - To fit users 35-39cm around the knee
M - To fit users 37-43cm around the knee
L - To fit users 38-46cm around the knee
XL - To fit users 39-51cm around the knee

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

The knee pad has neoprene that goes around your leg, so you will need to take your shoes off to put them on. The neoprene is stretchy and comfortable to wear.

There are velcro straps across the top and the bottom to hold it in place. They stay in place pretty well when on the skate park. You don't have to worry about them slipping off.

The lightweight design, anatomical fit and quality foam interior takes the impacts and keeps the pads comfortable for all-day use.

They can be worn over or under clothes.
Here is the sizing info for Pro - Tec:


Killer Fly Knee Pads

The 187 Killer knee pads are an ideal choice for intermediate skaters who want a slim, lightweight and versatile pad which offers great protection.

It's a closed neck pad so you can slip it over your foot to put it on.

It's contoured form-fitting design cradles the knee while the superior foam system absorbs hard impacts.

The streamline shape and design increases mobility. There's a seamless interior finish which provides ultimate comfort

The ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability.

Triple 8 KP 22 Knee Pad

If you're looking for something with a bit of extra padding but competitively priced, the Triple 8 knee pads might be a good fit for you.

The pads feature heavy duty EVA memory foam and the high-density impact-resistant knee cap has a flat cap design with reinforced rivets for longevity and stability.

The pads are sleeveless and are secured with reinforced webbed elastic straps on the top and the bottom. There's adjustable hook and loop closures for a secure and comfortable fit.

The trade off with the extra padding is that they are more bulky than some of their counterparts. But maximum padding is great for extra peace of mind and comfort.

They come in five sizes to fit kids, youth, and adults: Junior fits 11–12.5 in (28–32 cm), Small fits 12.5–14.5 in (32–36 cm), Medium fits 14.5–16 in (36–40 cm), Large fits 16–17 in (40–44 cm), and X-Large fits 17–19.5 in (44–50 cm).

To determine proper size, measure the circumference of the knee whilst extended.

Pads for Pro and Intermediate Stunt Scooter Users

Pro, advanced and intermediate stunt scooter users who will be at the skate park at lot will most likely want a knee pad that is extremely durable and long lasting.

The more hard slams and impact your knee pads are getting, the less time they will last for if they aren't the best quality. If you find you are going through knee pads every couple of months, it's time to get a heavy duty pair.

Yes, the initial outlay will be more expensive. However you will save money in the long run as you won't go through so many pairs.

The only thing to bear in mind is that more cushioned knee pads tend to be bulky. So if you hate bulky knee pads you might just have to go through a few more pairs of slimline ones.

Look for knee pads with replaceable caps. Then you won't have to replace the whole knee pad just the cap.

187 Killer Pro Knee Pads


The pro knee pads are for advanced stunt sooter users. They are thicker, heavy duty pads which will last - they are extremely durable.

The pro knee has an open back with a top and bottom strap. The advantage of this is that you don't have to take your shoes off to get it on and off.

The padding is excellent, they have a longer profile and very comfortable. The hefty closed cell padding that covers the the knee and surrounding areas.

The pads are also made from top of the line materials, and are built to stay cool on your knees. They have removable caps that can be replaced as they become used.

TSG Force 3 Knee Pads

Reviews suggest the TSG Force 3 knee pads are very comfortable with a lot of padding on the inside for protection of your knee and around it.

You just strap the knee pads around your knee - no need to remove your shoe!

They are very secure, once the straps have been put on, these knee pads are not moving.

The knee cap is replaceable.

If you land on your knees, it's going to feel like a cushion. You don't have to worry.

The downside is that they are very thick so may not be as versatile as a slimmer knee pad but they do offer amazing protection.

Knee Gaskets

Another piece of kit stunt scooter users should consider are knee gaskets. Knee pads have a hard protective plate and knee gaskets are fully flexible and lightweight but feature a tough material outer cover.

Knee gaskets can be worn alone. However they won't offer as much protection as a knee pad. Many people wear knee gaskets under knee pads for extra protection from bruises.

REKD Impact Knee Gaskets

The REKD knee gaskets are useful for those riders who don’t want to wear a hard shell pad. They are perfect for wearing under or over clothing.

They feature an elasticated top and bottom v-cuts on backing for added comfort. The knee brace is made of neoprene. The padded knee protector is constructed from heavy-duty impact foam and coated with Kevlar. They pads should resist abrasion and some bruising but for use on the ramps , knee pads with plastic caps will give much more protection.

The neoprene sock has airflow holes so your knees won't get too hot!

There are dual elasticated Velcro straps so you can ensure a secure fit.

Here is the size guide:

Measured 3-5cm above the knee

S - To fit users 32-38cm around the knee

M - To fit users 36-40cm around the knee

L - To fit users 39-43cm around the knee

How To Measure Your Size for Knee Pads or Guards

Different manufacturers may ask you to take measurements at different places for your knee pads/ guards

One of the most common is around the centre of your calf. But other manufacturers will want you to measure 2, 3 4, 6 or even 8 inches from your knee cap. To determine where exactly you should be measuring, start in the centre of your knee cap and measure the number of inches you need. So if they ask you to take a measurement 3 inches about the knee, measure 3 inches from the centre of the kneecap and then wrap your tape measure around that place.

To get the correct measurement, simply take your tape, pull it around and get it decently snug but not too tight.

If you don't have a tape measure, do it with a piece of string in exactly the same way as a tape measure. Then lay the string alongside a ruler and get the measurement that way.


How do you choose the right knee pad for you?

Many stunt scooter riders may prefer a pad with a slimmer profile. They sit close to the knee and are more versatile than thicker pads. Many pads will slimmer profiles will offer excellent protection with EVA foam underneath for minimising the impact of knocks.

However, they may wear out more quickly if you are always falling down and are at the skate park a lot which many stunt scooter riders are. They will also offer less cushioning so the impact may be felt more than if you were wearing thicker pads. It very much comes down to personal preference. If you want a less bulky pad, go for one with a slimmer protection.

Socks vs Straps

You will find that many knee pads especially less expensive ones will require you to take your shoes off to get them on and off, as they are designed to be like a sock going around your knee. This is fine and generally offers a secure fit. However, it can be a pain to take them on and off.

Knee pads at the higher end of a range, generally have a top and a bottom strap which will hold the pad in place very securely. However, you won't have the hassle of having to take your shoes off to get them on and off.


Most knee pads will feature velcro straps to secure the knee pad and keep it in place. When choosing the knee pads for you there are a few things to consider.

When the straps are pulled over is there enough velcro to ensure all the excess strap can be stuck down. The last thing you want are bits of excess strap which will rub against your leg or just flap around.

Are the straps removable?  - removable straps will ensure that you can clean them if needed.