Best Gift Ideas for Stunt Scooter Riders

Best Gift Ideas for Stunt Scooter Riders


No clue what to give the stunt scooter rider in your life? Don't worry, we're going to help. Whether you're shopping for a birthday or Christmas present for a stunt scooter fanatic there is tons of choice!

Here are 20 top picks of gift ideas for stunt scooter rider.

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Stickers are the perfect stocking filler or small fun accessory that any stunt scooter rider will love.

There are tons of scooter decals and stickers to choose from. And the fantastic thing about stickers is that they can be a really inexpensive gift.

Some ideas include stickers for your helmet or what about stickers for your wheels to really transform your scooter?

Hollow core wheel stickers like the ones featured will allow you to revamp the decals on the outside of your wheels. Holographic stickers look amazing and shimmer in the light. Giving your scooter a mini transformation!


Set of Grips

Another super small gift and an awesome way to customise a stunt scooter is a new set of grips.  Revamp your ride without anybody having to break the bank.

There are tons of different colours which will really brighten up a scooter. Blend colours particularly look amazing.




Scooter Stand


A scooter stand is a really useful, practical gift. No longer will you have to balance your scooter along a wall or throw it on the floor. And it can be proudly stood on display.

An awesome scooter stand by vokul is simple to use and inexpensive. Pop your wheel in the gap and the scooter will immediately be freestanding. It's super light. Ideal if you are planning on doing some fixes on your scooter.

Imagine how easy it will be to lay your grip tape or do any other fixes on your ride with a stand.



A mini ramp at home is a brilliant way of moving your game from the level ground to flying in the air.

Lots of fun practising scooter moves on the drive or in the back garden.

There are numerous types of ramps including mini launch ramps (like the ones featured), mini airboxes and funboxes.

Ramps can also be used with bikes, skateboards or even remote control cars.

Look for one that's durable and strong and can be left outdoors in all kinds of weathers without fear of damage

They should have some rubber grips on the bottom so that they won't shift around when you're using them.

Check out lots of ramps here.


Stunt Scooters


The ultimate gift for many stunt scooter riders will be a new scooter.

There are some great stunt scooter brands which offer awesome pro scooters that look fantastic and are an exciting ride.

Grip Tape


Another way to freshen up your ride is grip tape!

Grip tape is an essential part of any scooter but is often the part that gets worn the quickest. Stick new grip tape on your deck and immediately you have improved grip for your feet.

Grip tape can be bought pre-cut for an exising scooter or purchased in a strip so it can be cut down to size.

It's inexpensive but will give a scooter with worn out grip tape a new lease of life.

Scooter Gloves

Help prevent scraps and bumps to the hands with a pair of gloves. Gloves make fab gifts because are not something stunt scooter riders often invest in themselves even though they are really useful.

Not only do they offer exposed hands some protection, they are also ideal for keeping hands warm during the cold weather. No more ice cold fingers which are so cold they don't work!

But gloves are not just for the winter. In the summer they can absorb the sweat from the hands meaning your grips won't get sweaty preventing blisters and improving grip and control.

Some gloves are extremely lightweight. In the hot weather, look for a pair of gloves with maximum breathability to stop your hands and fingers overheating.

There are some awesome cool designs of skate gloves for stunt scooter riders, which will make you stand out at the park but also offer great protection too.

New Skate Shoes



Some trendy skate shoes are ideal for stunt scooter riders. They can take use them for their scooter tricks at the park or on the streets but they can also be worn casually at other times.

Look for a sole which is made of gum rubber for extra durability. And it goes without saying shoes should always be flat.

The material in the upper shoe area should be quite sturdy and also the connection areas should be double or triple stitched.

Check out lots of skates shoes for kids.

Scooter T-shirt


Madd Gear are a well known brand of scooter designer and they have clothing they make for stunt scooter riders such as this skull themed t-shirt.

Most scooter mad kids are going to want to wear this at the skate park.

They offer an  range of sizes and it’s made out of 100% cotton for easy washing and a comfortable fit. It’s 180gsm so it's high quality and allows for breathability.

Triple 8 Saver Series Pad Set


Most scooter riders don't want to be continually scraping and bruising their knees, elbows and wrists. Riders who are constantly pushing their boundaries with tricks will want some protection and this makes an ideal gift for those riders.

It’s a complete gift box for riders that includes kneepads, wrist guards and elbow pads, providing protection against hard impacts at the park on on the street.  There are different sizes to accommodate both kids and adults.

New Scooter Helmet

Doing stunts on the scooter is fun but there is an element of risk to lots of the tricks and jumps. That is why a scooter helmet is essential - peace of mind you're not going to break your skull!

The Triple 8 helmet features is awesome for both comfort and protection and it's endorsed by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

It features high impact absorbing EPS foam with thick dual density soft foam and plush sweatsaver fabric delivering the ultimate in comfort with dual certified protection.


A backpack to take to the skate park can be really useful. Ideal for fitting in a water bottle, change of clothes, protective gear such as pads and gloves and lots more.

Backpacks can also be used for school or college as well.


Funny Mug


If he or she loves to be on a scooter - this is the mug for them!

A fun and inexpensive gift which is microwave and dishwasher safe. Perfect for his favourite hot beverage.

New Scooter Wheels

When you're constantly punishing your wheels at the skate park, it's not long before they start to wear out and get worn down. Upgrading wheels is also fab for refreshing your scooter's look.

Choosing the right wheel can be a minefield if you're not sure what exactly to look for. It's important to make sure the wheel is compatible with the scooter model. Also make sure they are the right size. Generally they will be either 100mm, 110mm or 120mm.


Any scooter mad kid or teen will love this hoodie. Great to wear when out scooterin' as well just for everyday wear.

Different colors and sizes will suit different tastes and ages.

It features a double fabric hood with self coloured draw cord. Conveniently there's also a front pouch pocket. It's 100% cotton facing for enhanced wear and wash. Finally, it's durable with set-in sleeves with twin needle stitching detail throughout.


Nitro Circus - Best of Scooter


Ever wanted to know how to do tailwhips? Or what it takes to be a pro freestyler? Find out as we take you inside the basics and around the world of Nitro Circus to show you the best of scooter! From techniques and tips to records and events, you'll get an insider's look at all this and more.

The book is perfect for kids who are scooter fanatics. It is really visual with lots of vivid pictures and photos. It's also written in their language which makes it engaging and fun to read!

Stunt Scooter - Wall Decals


Scooter mad kids and teens are going to love these wall decals to personalise their room.

They come in different sizes and colours. They're super easy to apply and most importantly no mess! They are also easy to remove.

Scooter T-shirt

Another perfect t-shirt which makes an ideal gift for any kids that while away their hours on their stunt scooter.

An 100% cotton t-Shirt with a loose fit.


Madd Gear Ninety9 Grind Rail


If you want to perfect your grinds, the Madd Gear Ninety9 Grind Rail is perfect to have at home. It's super quick to assemble and you can be up and ready to grind within 5 minutes.

Perfect your skills and techniques at home and then go to the skatepark to show off your new tricks! The MGP Grind Rail is great for stunt scooters and helps riders improve and learn new tricks comfortably.

It is super easy to transport and can be assembled and disassembled within 5 minutes. Height can be easily adjusted (from 17 to 23cm) for when you feel you need to move it up a step.

Scooter Bars



Want a different sized bar for the skate park? Something that sits lower or perhaps a bar which needs to be bigger to accommodate a growing teen.

You don't need to go to the expense of replacing the whole stunt scooter for many models. You can just replace the bar.

Make sure you choose a bar which will be compatible with the model of scooter that you have. It will need a compatible compression system.

Core Skate Helmet

Safety is of paramount importance when riding at the park or on the street. Taking a helmet can be a pain, but is made less so with the Core Helmet backpack.

The CORE Helmet Backpack has a secret zip pocket at the bottom of the bag which contains a net that clips to the front of your backpack. This net holds your backpack safe and sound and stops your helmet flying all over the place whilst your travelling to the next stop.

Perfect for hitting up the skatepark or taking to school, this backpack is all you need when riding for the day. Space for your laptop/tablet and pads and some riding shoes, it’s not too big, not too small, just right in size.

As well as the helmet there is a laptop holder which fits up to a 15 inch laptop and  a USB port for easy device connection whilst travelling.

Make no mistake this bag has everything you need. It's super strong, a large main compartment, small f ront pocket for accessories
front zip pouch with covered zip, angled zip pocket for your quick to reach items, a water bottle holder on each side, a carry handle, pen holders – because everyone needs a pen, side straps to keep your bag tight, padded back and straps for extra comfort and a 25L capacity.

Who wouldn't want to receive this bag? What a useful gift for any stunt scooter rider!

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