Scooter descriptions add to the confusion. What are PU wheels? Do I need a fixed handlebar or adjustable one? Why can't I get a stunt scooter that folds?

If you have questions like these, we have the answers. Read on for our ultimate guide to help you find the best scooter for a 9 or 10 year old.

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 The Best Scooter In Each Category

Type of ScooterPlus Points

Best Kick Scooter


JD Bug Street Scooter on amazon

Smooth ride

Lightweight, height adjustable & foldable

Respected brand.

Best Stunt Scooter


Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Replica on amazon
A perfectly sized scooter for this age group.

Great value price.

Solid construction with durable metal core wheels

Best 3 Wheel Scooter


Maxi MIcro on amazon
Robust and durable

Designed to last

Height adjustable handlebar


Best Off Road

Osprey Dirt Scooter on amazon
200mm pneumatic tyres
with aluminum cores.

Wheels have great grip
on uneven, rugged terrain.

Well tested.

Best Budget


Razor S Scooter on amazon
Razor - well known brand in US

Lightweight & foldable

Strong and durable

Which Type of Scooter?

The first question to answer when choosing the best scooter is knowing which type of scooter your child needs. Here is a rundown of options.

Kick Scooters - are for cruising along pavements and getting from a to b. They're great for the school run and park.  Kick scooters are often foldable with adjustable handlebars. They aren't ideal for stunts as they aren't designed to withstand the impact of jumps but they do tend to be cheaper than stunt scooters.  If your child wants to do stunts, go for a stunt scooter rather than a kick scooter.

Stunt Scooters - are made of strong but lightweight materials. They are sturdy enough to withstand the impact of tricks and light enough to do them. Stunt scooters can also be used as a kick scooter to get from a to b. If your child wants to do tricks, go for a stunt scooter. You won't find adjustable handlebars or folding mechanisms on stunt scooters as these are weak points which could snap under the impact of stunts.

Three Wheel Scooters - most 9 and 10 year olds are confident on 2 wheel scooters but some prefer 3 wheels. There are many cool 3 wheel scooters for older kids. 3 wheel scooters are also great for kids who have dyspraxia, physical disabilities or who just prefer three wheels.

Off Road Scooters - have air filled tyres. They can  be used on uneven terrains such as in woodland and on BMX trails. Some kids also use off road scooters to do stunts and tricks, much like the ones you see kids doing on a BMX bike.


Ethan age 9 using a razor pro scooter

The Best Kick Scooters for Ages 9 and 10

Check out some great options of kick scooters below.

Top Choice - JD Bug Original Street Scooter


The JD Bug Street Scooter is a popular kick scooter in the UK . Known for being sturdy, lightweight and affordable, JD Bug scooters are ideal for the school run and for cruising along the streets.

What's the JD Bug Street Scooter Like To Ride? Is It Foldable?

Hard wearing 100m wheels offer a smooth and comfortable ride. Weighing just 2.7kg, the scooter is super light making it easy to manoeuvre. You can easily fold the scooter for storage at home and school. With a built in shoulder strap, kids can easily carry it when not in use.

Is the Handlebar on the JD Bug Street Scooter Adjustable? 

The handlebar can be adjusted to any point between 63cm to 95cm making it easy to find the ideal height for 9 and 10 year olds. The top height adjustment of 95cm allows for plenty of growing room.

What's the Age Recommendation?

The JD Bug Street Scooter is recommended for kids from 6 years old to adult. With a maximum weight capacity of 100kg most adults can have a go as well!

✔️ Everything You Need to Know About Scooter Wheels

Choose wheels made of high quality urethane or polyurethane for durability and a smooth ride.

Wheels on kick scooters range between 100mm and 200mm. The bigger the wheels, the faster you can go. Large wheels also go over cracks and bumps in the pavement easily leading to a smoother ride. In addition, big wheels last longer because they have more urethane.

However, scooters with smaller wheels are lighter to carry, cheaper and more portable. They are great for kids!

Globber Flow Foldable 125 Scooter


The Globber Flow 125 scooter is nicely sized for 9 and 10 year olds. With 4 height adjustment settings between 82cm to 97cm, it should last them into their teenage years.

What's it Like to Ride the Globber Flow?  

It's comfortable and smooth to ride. The wheels are bigger than on the JD bug. At 125mm they will go slightly quicker with fewer kicks.  However, they aren't so big they are going to add a lot of weight to the scooter. At 3.3kg, the scooter is light to carry too.

Wide handlebars give riders maximum control when scooting and durable handgrips provide extra comfort. A long rear foot brake is not only great for braking but also prolonging the rear wheel’s longevity. In addition, a strong triple deck structure has non-slip EVA foam grip tape giving riders maximum grip.

It comes in many colours and is competitively priced too.

Hudora Big Wheel (205mm) Scooter


An advantage of big wheel scooters, like the Hudora, is that they pick up speed more quickly than small wheel scooters. Many older kids around age 9 and 10 prefer a scooter with larger wheels.

Is the Hudora height adjustable?  

The Hudora big wheel scooter has a large height adjustment range. With height adjustable handlebars from 79cm to 104cm, the scooter accommodates kids, teens and even adults. You don't have to worry about kids outgrowing the scooter.

What's the Ride Like on the Hudora? 

The large 205mm wheels on the Hudora travel long distances speedily. Fewer kicks are needed to roll further. The big wheels glide over cracks in the pavement more easily than scooters with smaller wheels.  This makes the Hudora an awesome scooter for the school commute. Kids can get to their destination quickly.  The 87a durometer wheels are durable and give a smooth ride along paths and pavements.

Can It Fold? 

The scooter is foldable and has an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying. It's an excellent choice if you need to carry a big wheel scooter up steps or a hill. However, it's worth noting it weighs 4kg, which is heavier than scooters with smaller wheels. If you need to carry a scooter long distances, it's worth choosing a lighter option.

In addition, there's a rear friction brake and a kickstand.

Overall, it's a great scooter for growing kids, especially on the school run. Some reviewers mention it's noisy, but if you can forgive this, it's an excellent option.

Razor Sports S Scooter


If budget is a big factor when choosing a scooter, check out the Razor Sports S scooter. It's made by reputable brand Razor, a popular and well respected brand in the US.

What's The Ride Like? 

The scooter has high quality urethane wheels measuring 100mm with smooth rolling bearings for a comfortable, smooth ride. A rear fender break brings the scooter to an easy stop.

Despite the low price, this scooter is strong and light. It  features a robust steel t tube and aluminium deck which is designed to withstand frequent use. Reviews over the years tell us that these scooters last.

Is it foldable and height adjustable? 

Being foldable and light (only 2.76kg), the Razor Sport S scooter is easy to carry and store. The handlebars are fixed and aren't height adjustable so this may factor in your decision whether to buy.

From the floor to the top of the handlebars, the handlebar measures 82.5cm. Ideally you want the handlebars to come up to around waist height on your child. Most 9 year olds will get a couple of years use out of the scooter but if they're very tall it may be worth considering a scooter with a taller handlebar.

✔️ Everything You Need to Know About Handlebars

Ideally a handlebar should come up to around waist height on a child so it's comfortable to ride. Too low and kids will be hunched over. Too high and it's more difficult to control.

Stunt scooters never have adjustable handlebars, they are always fixed. A fixed handlebar is important on a stunt scooter as they are stronger to withstand the impact of jumps. Often a stunt scooter's handlebar will sit a little lower than on a kick scooter (between waist and hip height).

Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter


The Razor A5 Lux is a big wheel scooter which is recommended for kids from aged 8. Razor is a well known and respected US brand in the scooter world.There's a lot to like about the Razor A5 Lux. It's been around for many years so has stood the test of time.

What's the Ride Like? 

Large 200mm PU wheels give a smooth and quick ride. The deck is low to the ground so your kicking leg doesn't have to reach as far down to push along which makes the scooter comfortable to ride.

Wide handlebars with soft foam grips, are comfortable for children's to ride. A standard rear footbrake can be used to bring the scooter to a stop.

For a big wheel scooter, the Razor A5 is very light, weighing only 3.83kg. It's also foldable making it easy to carry and store.

The only downside is the scooter can rattle when in use. However, this doesn't impact on it's durability and high review ratings on Amazon and other sites.

Is the handlebar height adjustable? 

With an adjustable handlebar height between 75cm and 97cm, the Razor A5 can accommodate smaller 9 and 10 year olds as well as some adults. At 5' 5", I could ride the Razor A5 without a problem. The maximum weight limit is 90kg so this should last most kids into their teenage years.

For more information read an indepth review and analysis of the Razor A5 Lux scooter.



Micro Sprite


Micro branded scooters are known for being excellent quality, well designed and built to last. The Sprite is Micro's two wheel offering for children between the ages of 5 to 12. 

What's It Like To Ride the Micro Sprite?  

High quality polyurethane wheels, measuring 120mm at the front and 100mm at the rear, give a smooth and comfortable ride. One thing to notice with the Micro Sprite is how quiet the ride is. Due to precision engineering, there is no rattling when you ride this scooter.

Weighing 3.28kg, the scooter is light while retaining all the strength and durability required when being handled by children.

When you've finished riding,  you can fold the scooter quickly for easy storage. Or use the handy kickstand to park the Sprite in an upright position.

Is the Micro Sprite height adjustable
The handlebar is adjustable from 63cm to 92cm which suits kids aged 5 to 12 years old.  With a maximum rider weight of 100kg even teenagers can hop on and have a go.

The Best Stunt Scooters - What You Need to Know

Age -  9 or 10 is a great age to get a first stunt scooter. Most stunt scooters are designed for kids aged 8 plus.

Strong - Stunt scooters are strong with reinforced parts to withstand the impact from tricks and jumps.

Cost-  Stunt scooters tend to be more expensive than a traditional kick scooter because the materials used to make them cost more. The materials need to be strong but also light enough so it's easy to perform tricks.

Longevity and Use - Stunt scooters are likely to last a lot longer, potentially for years if you buy the right scooter (although you may need to replace parts). You can use stunt scooter for cruising the streets as well as doing tricks but you can't use kick scooters for doing tricks as they are not designed to withstand this kind of punishment.

Brands - There are tons of great stunt scooters out there that are perfect for 9 and 10 year olds who are beginners to an intermediate level on a scooter. Some of the names to look for include Razor, Nitro Circus, Madd Gear and Slamm.

Top Choice - Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Replica Stunt Scooter


This is a beginner, entry scooter ideal for 9 and 10 year old kids. It's called the replica scooter because the scooter is a smaller version of the Ryan William's signature scooter (Ryan Williams is an Australian freestyle scooter rider).  The scooter allows young kids can emulate their favourite pro-rider on a scooter that is appropriately sized for them.

What's it like to ride Nitro Circus Replica Stunt scooter? 

This is a fantastic scooter for beginners to start learning tail whips and other tricks. It's smaller than a standard sized scooter which means it is lighter too. Younger riders aren't as strong as pro riders so a lighter scooter makes it easier to flip around and learn stunts. The gold deck is 4" wide and 19" long so it's smaller than on many stunt scooters, making it easier for smaller riders to learn tricks.

The steel bars measure 21.7" in height by 17.9" in width (45.72cm x 55.8cm) and are super durable with a double clamp, standard headset and strong steel forks. The total height of the scooter is 80cm.

Other notable features are the 110mm wheels which are light but strong with alloy cores. Alloy core wheels are a good choice for kids who are serious about doing jumps and tricks at the skatepark as they will withstand the impact needed from these kinds of moves. The scooter also features decent grips, which are comfortable when riding.

Chilli Base Stunt Scooter


My 9 year old son Callum was gifted a Chilli Base scooter and we were both impressed. The Chilli scooter is a solid, light and perfectly sized scooter for beginner riders around 9 and 10 years old. It looks very nice too.

What's It Like to Ride the Chilli Base Scooter? 

The 110mm wheels offer a smooth and speedy ride both on the ramps and on the paths. Weighing just 3.5kg, it's light enough for beginners to manoeuvre and control easily. The deck measures 19.6" by 4.5" (50cm by 11.5cm) so there is plenty of foot space.

The height from the floor to the top of the handlebar is 79cm - this was a nice size for Callum who is 4' 4" (132cm) in height. It came up to around waist height. The handlebars are super wide at 58cm. This worked well for Callum, as the wider handlebars gave him extra control when going down the ramps.

If you're looking for a scooter for beginners at the skate park, it's an excellent choice. It's a high-quality scooter at a competitive price point.

You can read our full review here.

Blazer Pro Outrun Complete Scooter



The Blazer Pro Outrun is a fantastic entry level scooter for beginners to the skate park. It's hard to find another scooter that matches it's build and quality with such an affordable price tag.

What's it Like to Ride the Blaze Pro Outrun? 

The 100mm wheels with 5 spoke alloy core wheels offer a very smooth ride. The wheels are slightly smaller wheels than on the Nitro Circus Replica and Chilli Base scooters. Pros generally prefer bigger wheels because they are faster. However, most beginners won't notice the difference between 100mm and 110mm wheels. In fact, smaller wheels can be better for young kids as they aren't as quick.

With a total scooter height of 79cm, the scooter is a nice size for 9 and 10 year olds. Wide bars (51.5cm) give the rider lots of control over manoeuvres.

A long and wide deck (19.7" by 4.5") gives plenty of foot space for kids with growing feet. Weighing 3.9kg, its' not the lightest stunt scooter but light enough for tail whips and other jumps!

The Blaze Outrun is available several colorways, but the neo chrome is popular and looks amazing on the skate park.


Rampage R1 Stunt Scooter


The Rampage R1 scooter is a slick and cool looking scooter with excellent specs designed for kids between 8 and 12 years old. With a design to accommodate entry level scooter riders but featuring a taller handlebar and the ability to upgrade the wheels - this is great choice for fast growing kids who want to improve their skills at the skatepark.

What's It Like to Ride the Rampage R1 scooter?

The 110mm PU core, high rebound wheels are fast and smooth on the ramps.  88A alloy core wheels are strong for withstanding the impact of tricks. If your child is serious about doing tricks, it's best to look for scooters with alloy core wheels.

Wide handlebars (54cm) give extra control when riding. The deck is wide and long (11cm x 49.5cm), this will give kids plenty of foot space and growing room.

A fixed height of 82cm gives some growing room for most kids.  Ideally the scooter should be between hip and waist height, although many pro stunt scooter riders like their scooter to sit a little lower than this. However, if the handlebar height is between the hips and waist it gives kids a lot more control of the scooter when they're just starting out.

Other Features:
The scooter has a threadless IHC fort, not only is this strong, it allows you to upgrade the wheels to 120mm which your child may want to do if they are serious about improving. The composite rear brake is also compatible with 120m wheels.

Considering it's got a larger footplate and a taller handlebar than other scooters featured in this article, it's still light at 3.6kg,which is always a plus point when performing jumps and stunts.


Razor Pro X Stunt Scooter


The Pro X is Razor's entry level stunt scooter. It's the latest in a long line of professional scooters by Razor.

What's It Like To Ride the Pro X?
With a total height of 79.5cm, it's a great size for 9 and 10 year olds to ride at the skate park. The 100mm polyurethane have polypropylene cores (plastic rather than metal!). This makes the wheels lighter and faster for using on the ramps and okay for light weight riders learning tricks. However, if you want a scooter for heavy stunt scooter use or for a heavier rider, go for the Razor Pro XX which has alloy core wheels.

A real plus point with the scooter is that the wheels can be upgraded when kids are ready. It's also designed to readily upgrade handlebars, forks, and grips

A lovely aluminium deck with boxed edges is strong and light for easy mastering of tricks. Soft rubber grips on the handlebar are comfortable for young riders.  The scooter weighs 3.38kg, so it's quite lightweight for a beginner scooter rider.

MGP Action Sports – Madd Gear Kick EXTREME V5 Scooter


Designed for riders aged 8 years and older, the Madd Gear Kick Extreme V5 Stunt Scooter offers the perfect blend of performance and durability. It's a great scooter for 9 and 10 year olds who want take their scooter riding to the next level.

What's It Like to Ride the Madd Gear V5 Stunt Scooter? 

Equipped with 110mm 5-spoke aluminum core wheels that feature MGP high-speed polyurethane form and ABEC 7 high-speed chrome bearings, the scooter provides a ultra smooth ride that feels like gliding on air!

Madd Gear have been producing top quality stunt scooters for over 20 years, so it's difficult to go wrong with purchasing one. The wheels are the result of generations of technology and product testing, drawing from the experiences and expertise of the world's best pro riders.

The deck measures 4.5" wide by 19.5" long which is just the right size for those looking to elevate their riding skills at the skate park.

The overall height of the scooter measures 82.5cm, which offers some growing room for most 9 and 10 year olds. Weighing just 3.22kg, this scooter is super light especially for a scooter with slightly larger 110mm wheels. This really does make it a great option for trying out new tricks at the skatepark.

With all these features, the Extreme V5  is one of the best options available for riders who demand high-quality specs in their stunt scooters at an excellent price point.


Dirt Scooters

Dirt scooters are designed for rougher ground, off road. They are great for scooting over grass, gravel or on dirt tracks. Many kids like to try them out on bmx trails. They can also be used for off road tricks, stunt runs and manoeuvres. They are also strong and made of heavy duty parts to withstand the impact of different terrain. The wheels are also bigger for the same reason. ​​ Perfect for introducing 9 and 10 year olds to an action sport and getting them out experiencing different environments.


The Osprey off-road dirt scooter is a solid scooter designed to take punishment from rough terrain.

What's it like to ride the Osprey dirt scooter? 

The scooter offers excellent traction when riding off road. The large 200mm pneumatic rubber tires on both front and rear, supported by tough aluminium cores with 3-piece hubs easily absorb shocks from ride.  The solid wheels and a hardy aluminium deck enable the rider to perform high-impact manoeuvres.

In addition, chrome handlebars with large rubber grips provide superior comfort.

The scooter also has a stainless steel rear brake that provides additional stopping power, even on dirt surfaces.

If you're interested in a dirt scooter, check out our dirt scooter buying guide. 

Three Wheel Scooters

3 wheel scooters are becoming increasingly popular with older children. The Maxi Micro and Globber Master are both excellent 3 wheel scooters for both 9 and 10 year olds.

Maxi Micro


There are some great 3 wheel scooters available for 9 and 10 year olds at the moment. The top of the range 3 wheel scooter for 9 and 10 year olds is the maxi micro deluxe scooter.

What's It Like to Ride the Maxi Micro? 

High quality PU wheels and bearings offer a super smooth and quiet ride. There is absolutely no rattling with this scooter! The rear foot brake is excellent, it stops the scooter quickly and efficently even at fast speeds. The scooter has a lean to steer mechanism, so kids lean to go left and right.  Micro recommends the scooter for kids between ages 5 and 12 or who are between 110 and 152cm tall.

An adjustable handlebar has a height range of between 67cm to 92cm, so there will be a height to suit 9 and 10 year olds.  The handlebar stem is anodised aluminium to prevent corrosion.

Can you fold the Maxi Micro? 

The version of the scooter featured above doesn't fold. However, you can easily remove the handlebar from the base for easy transportation and storage.  The scooter is also super lightweight at just 2.5kg which makes it easy to carry.

There are folding versions of the Maxi micro which are slightly more expensive. Check some out on

Read a full review of the maxi micro scooter (with classic and deluxe versions included).

Globber Master Scooter


The Globber Master scooter is a great 3 wheeler perfect the older child.  With a height adjustment range of between 74cm and 94cm, it can accommodate 9 and 10 year olds with plenty of growing room.

What's It Like to Ride the Globber Master Scooter?

The Globber Master is front powered with a 120mm PU front wheel and a 80mm rear wheel for an easy and smooth cruise.

A wide adjustable handlebar makes this 3 wheel beauty easy to control. In addtion, five different height settings means there is a height to comfortably suit kids of most ages between 4 and 14!

Can You Fold the Globber Master? 

In a word, yes! There's an easy to use side button for quick folding. When folded, you can pull the scooter along in trolley mode for easy transportation.

Click here for more 3 wheel scooters for older children

Electric Scooters


Electric scooters are fun and offer some super speed for kids.
Razor electric scooters are a popular brand in the UK.
The E90 is a good choice for 9 and 10 year olds. It has a maximum weight limit of 54kg.

Top speed
It can reach speeds of up to 10mph. A kick start is required to get the motor started and there is a push button acceleration.

The brake is hand operated at the front and there's twist-grip acceleration control.

Run time
The scooter can provide up to 80 minutes of continuous use on one battery charge.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Scooter

Coolness factor - at this age kids may be concerned that they need to have a scooter that looks cool. So it's worth checking in with them about the kinds of styles they like and prefer. Plus reading reviews from other purchasers to see if their kids liked the scooters. Stunt scooters are probably considered to be cooler at this age and they can be used for cruising too so this may affect your decision.

Sturdy - my almost 10 year old primarily uses his scooter for getting for a to b. However, he naturally tries little jumps on his scooter so he definitely needs something robust to withstand the abuse he gives it. ​

​An older child might be covering longer distances on their scooter when cruising, so they may benefit from a scooter with larger wheels. Scooters with larger wheels are great for going quickly and covering longer distances. So, it's worth considering if the commute to school is long distance or they may be travelling further distances as they get older (perhaps to secondary school).

More Types of Scooter

Scissor Scooters (also known as Flicker, Wiggle and Swing Scooters)
A scooter that has become more popular in recent years is the scissor scooter, commonly known as a Flicker or swing scooter. This type of scooter has two footplates, one for each foot so you don't propel the scooter with a foot like you do with a traditional push scooter. Instead, you either move your legs in and out, move from side to side or wiggle your hips to move the scooter.

These scooters are fun and they are great for building leg muscle and improving co-ordination. I'm not sure they will replace the traditional kick scooter but are perfect for taking down the park for some fun. ​Check out an option below:

AOODIL Swing Scooter


Ideally sized for 9 and 10 year olds, the swing scooter is reasonably priced and height adjustable from 95cm to 110cm. Like all of these types of scooter, it's guaranteed to give extra fun. Riders can make quick 180 degree turns, with a quick response brake for enhanced control. Drifting and carving is easy so kids can pull of crazy moves.  And the best thing about it is that there is a 100kg weight capacity so adults can have a go at the action too.

PU wheels mean a smooth, comfortable glide. For safety, the footplates have non slip designs, to keep feet steady while riding. And for peace of mind, the scooter has a 1 year warranty.

We have also reviewed the best Flicker scooters if you want more options to choose from.



Space Scooters

The space scooters deck is curved and the back is much higher than the deck at the front. To use it, hop on the deck, then shift your weight between your feet to get going. Essentially, you have to pump the platform up and down to move rather than kicking.

Space Scooter X540

The space scooter x540 works by pumping up and down on the deck to make it move. The 200mm wheels will get kids going quickly and speedily. It's aimed at kids from aged 8. There is a height adjustable handlebar, a kickstand and a handbrake for easy stopping. A clever safety feature that uses loud clicks to warn riders if too much force is being applied to the scooter deck when they push down.

Overall, the space scooter is fun. An extra option to get kids off their screens and having some exercise!