Best First Stunt Scooters for Beginners

This collection of the best first stunt scooters for beginners has options to suit kids of different ages from aged 4 to 12.

A beginner scooter should be light enough for young kids to be able to do their first tricks and stunts but also strong enough to withstand the impact of landings.

Most beginner scooters have wheels between 100mm and 110mm - which is a nice size to start off.

Slamm Tantrum 8 - Perfect for Junior Riders

The beautifully built Slamm Tantrum VII is ideal for young thrill-seekers from ages 4 plus giving them extra confidence at the skate park.

The 100m, nylon core 88A durometer wheels with ABEC 9 chrome bearings are hardwearing for serious stunts on the ramps .

The  reinforced steel dipped t-bar is shorter for junior riders bar for extra control (measuring  19.75" tall by 19.5"wide). The total overall height of the scooter is 74cm (29.1").

Perfect for learning the ropes. The square boxed shaped deck has space to play for beginners / younger riders who are learning the basics.  A carbon composite rear brake is responsive for sharp stops. Weighing 3.6kg  - it's  light making it easy to control for jumps and tricks.

Slamm Classic VII Complete Scooter

Excellent value for money, the Slamm Classic VII is great for beginner rider who wants to up their game!

Ideal for beginners from ages 6 plus.

The 88A durometer, 100mm flair wheels feature an alloy core are designed to withstand all the beginner jumps at the ramp.

The height between the top of the deck is 76cm, which gives you an idea of how tall the scooter will sit against your child. Ideally it should be between hip and waist height.

The stylish dipped t-bar measures 20.5" to 22.5". The flame pro swirl grips with impact resistant ends add to a slick look.

The boxed, square deck measures 18.8" cm (l) by 4.5" (w) which is slightly wider than other entry level scooters, giving young riders extra footspace and stability

It features a carbon composite rear brake for sharp stopping power.  The scooter weighs 3.68kg, light enough for smaller riders to start their skate park adventures.

Fuzion X-3 Stunt Scooter

One of the top selling stunt scooters on Amazon, the Fusion X-3 stunt scooter is a budget choice for entry level riders between the ages 7 to 10.

It's a good pick for younger kids who want to just try out a few jumps on the ramps but also want a solid kick scooter to ride around with their friends.

The scooter features 100mm cast PU wheels with fuzion metalized ABS composite cores, sufficient for a lightweight beginner to start learning some tricks and jumps. It is possible to upgrade to 110mm wheels which is a nice option. Bigger wheels are faster and generally a more popular choice at the skate park.

The high tensile steel V-bars, measure 83cm from floor to the top of handle bars and the aircraft grade aluminium deck is strong but light.

They a nylon/ steel fuzion custom brake designed for fast stops.

The scooter weighs 3.18kg so superlight, helping young daredevils build their stunt skills.


Maui and Sons Destroyer

The Maui and Sons Destroyer is a fully fledged stunt scooter downsized for a younger rider and smaller kids.

The nylon core 100mm wheels with ABEC 5 bearings roll smoothly for both street riding and use on the ramps.

The bar is chrome steel for extra strength,giving parents peace of mind, it won't snap under the extra impact from its use.

A total height of 74cm, it's suitable for the 5 to 10 year olds.    The flat deck measures 48cm cm (l) by 10.1cm (w) for a decent amount of footspace . It features a flex fender brake for safe stops. A sure fire winner if you're looking for a scooter to get a youngster into the sport.

Micro Mx Ramp Beginner Scooter



The Micro Mx Ramp Beginner is brilliant for for young kids with a minimum height of 128cm  or more to build their confidence. Ideal for kids aged between 5 and 12 who are looking for  their first set of stunt wheels.  Perfectly designed for beginners who want a kick scooter with an option of performance for occasional tricks.

Down to the specifics: The 100mm wheels faciliate occasional stunt use. The strong and rigid, non-foldable bar is a fixed height of 74cm. It's wide handlebars offer greater control for younger riders and could mean the difference between a bunny hop or a bunny flop!

It features a standard foot plate size measuring 10.5cm cm (l) by 33cm (w) and a rear brake for safe stops. The scooter weighs 3.7kg meaning it's light making it easier to control.

Best Stunt Scooters for Intermediate Riders

As riders get more competent at the skate park, they will want to upgrade their scooter with sleeker designs and improved components.

Most intermediate scooters will have 110mm wheels or bigger. Bigger wheels are faster and more durable as they have more urethane. Most intermediate scooters will have alloy core wheels and you won't see the nylon core wheels featured on many beginner stunt scooters.

Decks will be more generous in size, with added footspace for more control when doing tricks.

However, despite the bigger features, the weight of these scooters will still be as light as possible. This is what often makes them more expensive. Better components, super strong to withstand the impacts of the skatepark or street, but still super lightweight so they are easy to use on the ramps.

Madd Gear VX9 Pro Scooter

The Madd Gear VX9 Pro Scooter is perfectly sized for for both beginner and intermediate young guns between 6 to 11 who want to take their game to the next level in the park or on the streets.

The stand out features of this stunt scooter is how light it is.  At 3.23kg it's 9.6% lighter than previous versions of the scooter, but the strength and durability is in no way compromised making it ideal for ramps at the skate park.

The corrupt alloy core 120mm wheels with two-tone fused high-speed polyurethane and ABEC 9 High Speed Chrome bearings are fast and strong - giving peace of mind for withstanding the impact from jumps.

The extra strength chrome steel bar has a total height of 74cm. (The bar itself measures 23"(l) to 21"(w). The fluted and heat treated deck measures 19.5" cm (l) by 4" (w).

It features a composite blitz brake for safe stops. The MGP VX9 is an ideal balance of performance and durability .

Crisp Ultima 5 Pro Stunt Scooter

The Crisp Ultima 5 pro stunt scooter is a sweet spot for the intermediate who really wants to progress their skills but also wants to dabble in the streets with those 5.0 grinds.

The 120mm high rebound wheels feature an alloy core with ABEC 9 bearings. The hive alloy bar bar measures 24"(height) to 23"(weight). A squared profile deck allows for better grind tricks and measures 20.5 cm (l) by 5 inch (w). The Ultima also features a hybrid alloy core fork with IHC compression.

It features a 2 bolt stainless steel flexfender brake. Super light at 3.3kg! Perfect for those wanting to increase their bag of tricks

Micro MX Trix Stunt Scooter

The MIcro Mx Trixx is fab for younger riders enabling them to manoeuvre with ease. Designed for ages 5 to 12 for riders who like and trust the micro brand.

The 100mm wheels with 5 spoke metal cores are strong enough to practise jumps and tricks, but swift enough for the school run too. The solid one piece bar measures is fixed and 77cm  in height (shorter for maximum control when doing stunts or jumps) and 45cm in width for added control.

The lightweight aluminium, shorter footplate measures 48cm cm (l) by 10cm (w). It features a rear brake for safe stops. The scooter weighs 3.7kg. Another light scooter with one set of stunt pegs included.

Micro Crossneck Pro Stunt Scooter

The Micro Crossneck is another intermediate stunt scooter offered by the Micro Xtreme stunt scooter team

How Does it Differ from the MX Trixx?

It's designed for the older stunt scooter riders for ages 7 to 15 from serious beginners to pro riders. The wheels are slightly bigger than on the Trixx at 110mm wheels with a 5 spoke metal core. Bigger wheels will provide a faster ride!

The one piece aluminium bar is taller with a full height of 84cm  by 60cm (w). The lightweight aluminium footplate is shorter but wider, measuring 37cm cm (l) by 12cm (w).  The scooter is heavier (weighing 4.1kg), which is okay for taller, bigger riders.

Older kids and teens who are serious about skate park scooting will do better with the crossneck whereas younger, smaller riders will prefer the lighter Trixx.

Lucky Crew Complete 2019

The Lucy Crew 2019 stunt scooter is serious scooter for when kids are ready to step up their game for ages 8 and up, allowing younger riders to throw the biggest tricks possible.

The 110mm 86A torsion wheels feature Lucky rebound technology so are super responsive on the ramps

The smaller sized aluminium kink bar measures 23" to 22" and make it super easy to throw any multi tricks at the park bar .

On this year's model Lucky have given the deck a little bit more footspace than last year mesuring 19" (l) by 4.5" (w). Lucky have also make the fork slimmer and lighter and co-incidentally more aesthetically pleasing.

The scooter weighs 2.9kg, exceptionally light for younger riders to control.

Best Stunt Scooters For Pro / Advanced Riders

Serious riders will want the creme de la creme for their skate park and street adventures.

They will be looking for bigger, wider wheels - generally at 120mm

Many advanced riders will be teenagers or adults so the bars are generally taller and go up to as high as 26". However,  as some pro riders prefer their bars to sit low, some pro scooters such as the Nitro Circus (featured below) are shorter to accommodate this preference.

Decks are often bigger to give taller riders more footspace. But despite the taller bars and bigger decks, the scooters are built to be light as well as strong, so that the same level of control can be acheived on the ramps.

The pro scooters can seem very expensive but that is due to the design and stronger and lighter materials needed for these scooters.

Blunt Envy Prodigy Series 8


The best selling Blunt Envy Prodigy S8 is stylish and super light for the discerning park rider.

Lightweight (3.48kg) but strong making it easy to whip around the bars and take the scooter into big air tricks .

The gap core, 120mm x 24mm, 86a durometer wheels are soft enough to handle outdoor scooting while strong enough to handle the action on the ramps. Bigger 120mm wheels are popular with pro riders as they are faster but also last longer with more urethane.

The aluminum, strong but lightweight bar measures 25.6" (l) to 22.8"(w) and features a slight curvature at the top.

Measuring 19.5 cm (l) by 4.7 (w), the deck has nylon fluted ends, with a huge cut out on the bottom taking out a lot of the weight which makes it easier to throw around while doing tricks.

MGP VX9 Extreme Scooter

The MGP VX9 Extreme is the ultimate complete for advanced riders aged 12 and up.

The 120mm division alloy core wheels come with Abec 11 high speed chrome bearings making sure this scooter flies.

The MGP standard sized chromoly turbine handlebars measure 26" by 23" and feature tpr swirl grind grips. The powder matt black finish on the deck and bars mean this scooter not only performs well it looks amazing.

The fluted and heat treated deck measures 19.5" cm (l) by 4.5" (w). The overiding theme of MGP VX9 scooter series is how light they are and the Extreme is no exception. The scooter weighs just 3.32kg making arial tricks and bri flips a little smoother and crisper.

Like most scooters, a little bit of assembly is required but not much!

Sacrifice Flyte 120 V2 Stunt Scooter

The Sacrifice Flyte 120 is excellent for park riders who demand the best. Designed for advanced riders who require a slightly wider deck and lighter set up.

Featuring fresh 120mm wheels, aluminium bars measuring a nice 24 inches in length by a wide 23 inches, a flex brake and a cyborg threadless fork on IHC compression. This scooter looks the part - stunning in different color options including a shiny gold, classic black and a unique lollipop colour.

The boxed edge deck is suited to riders who want something wider and longer measuring 53cm cm (l) by 12cm (w).

Despite the bigger deck, the Flyte weighs just 3.2kg so there is no compromise on weight. Sacrifice have designed a clamp with two cut outs for weight reduction and have taken out the top bracket on the bar - which has reduced the weight but looks amazing .

District HTS Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

The District HTS is popular with professional riders aged 14 plus. It's the highest spec District complete ever made, great for riding both park and street.

The 120mm by 28mm wide wheels keep the rider rolling smoothly. Soft and durable District rope grips ensure ultimate comfort when riding. No issues throwing bri flips

The aluminium bars  measure 26 inches by 22.8 inches, a nice size for taller riders.

A versatile 125mm flat edged bottom which measures 19.7 inches (50cm) (l) by 4.92 inches (12.5cm) (w), allows plenty of footspace for both street riding and skate park manoeuvres.

The scooter also features a HT double clamp, HTS fork. Despite the tall bars, it's lightweight at just 3.54kg and comes in some amazing colors including light grey with light orange and pearl black with yellow and green .

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Signature 540 Complete Scooter

The Nitro Circus 540 complete scooter is popular with all riders in mind whether you ride ramps, street or park. A larger footplate and wider bars are brilliant for better control and performing jumps.

The 120mm by 30mm wide wheels are smooth .

The high tech alloy y bar 22.8 inches by 22.8 inches, is a nice size for riders who prefer their bars to sit low.

The generous sized deck (54cm by 13 cm) with new cut out headtube details and improved bars allows you to take this scooter to the limit with lots of footspace.


Important features of a stunt scooter

What are the essential features you should look for when buying a first stunt scooter:

Bar - a one piece bar (not a foldable bar) to withstand the impact of tricks. The handlebars should ideally reach no higher than waist height or sit just about hip height/ below waist height.

Wheels -avoid plastic core wheels. Metal core wheels are designed withstand jumps. Most beginner scooters will have wheels either 100mm or 110mm. 120 to 125mm are normally seen on more expensive pro scooters.

Brake - flex brake is better than a spring brake

Weight - the lighter the better for doing stunts. Smaller, younger children in particular need lighter scooters to control.

Threadless vs Threaded Forks - Threadless forks are stronger and therefore a better choice than threaded forks.