The Best Electric Scooter for An 11 Year Old

There are numerous electric scooters that are suitable for 11 year olds. The main question you may need to answer before you choose which one is suitable for an 11 year old is how much power and speed do you think they will be able to handle?

Check out some reviews of scooters below as well as a comparison chart which shows at a glance all the scooters which may be suitable.

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RCB Electric Scooter

There's a lot to like about the RCB Electric scooter. Designed for 8 to 16 year olds, it's suitable for kids between 130cm and 170cm. The height of this electric scooter can be adjusted to 3 height levels at 84cm, 94cm and 104cm. With a rider weight capacity of 80kg, 11 year olds should be able to use the scooter into their teens.

Speed and Range

The scooter has a range of 12 to 16 kilometres and can reach speeds of up to 12.4mph. Both are dependent on the terrain and weight of the rider. It has a 6 hour charge time (compare this to 12 hours on some other electric scooters and it seems a massive plus point).

Easy To Store

Another plus point of the RCB electric scooter is that it has a one step folding system making it easy to store or transport. The scooter weighs 8kg which is fairly light when compared to some other electric scooters, although there are lighter options.

The RCB features rubber 5.5” tyres. There’s no need to inflate them and you don't have to worry about punctures.

✔️ Speed - Most electric scooters for kids have one speed of between 6mph and 15mph. Most 11 year olds will be fine with 10mph to 12mph. It's not too slow or too fast. Most kids will go this fast on their bike. However, if you have a confident child, you can look at a scooter which goes quicker. These are often aimed at teens but some 11 year olds should be fine with a bit quicker. Of course, it will depend on the child, so it's your call!

Razor Power A5 Electric Scooter

The Power Core A5 electric scooter is made by the reputable brand Razor. A unique feature of this scooter is the large 200mm solid wheels. The bigger wheels give a smooth ride over bumps and cracks in the pavement. The scooter handlebar is height adjustable up to a whopping 104cm. This gives plenty of growing room for 11-year-olds. As the handlebar adjusts so high, both adults and children can use the A5 electric scooter as long as they are under the maximum weight limit of 80kg.

Speed and Run Time
It has a maximum speed of 10mph and a continuous ride time of 40 minutes. To get going, kids just need to step on the scooter, kick off and press the thumb-activated throttle.


The scooter is easily foldable and features a patent-pending, anti-rattle folding mechanism that provides a quieter ride

Scooter weight
The scooter is light for an electric scooter weighing just 7.16kg. making it easier to pick up when needed.

Charging Time
The battery requires an initial charge of 10 hours, after this, it has an 8 hour charge time. Not the shortest charge time, but not the longest either.


Megawheel S1 Electric Scooter

Nicely sized for 11 year olds, competitively priced and a very quick charge time make the Megawheels scooter one to take note off.

With 3 levels of height adjustable (76cm, 86cm and 96cm) the Megawheels will accommodate 11 year olds and have some growing room too. The maximum rider weight limit is 68kg.

It can travel to speeds up to 14mph, which is very speedy. However, like all scooters the speed will be affected by the weight of the rider and the terrain. Heavier riders will go slower. The scooter can also climb a 15% gradient hill. It has a range of 5 to 8 miles on each charge which again is dependant on the rider's weight and terrain.

There is no variable speed on the scooter. Once you are up to speed, you have to brake to stop the scooter. Many electric scooters don't have variable speed but this scooter has the potential to go very quickly, so it's worth taking this into consideration before purchasing.

Foldable and Portable

Weighing just 8kg, the Megawheel scooter is light for an electric scooter. It's foldable so you can pick it up to take on public transport or put in the boot of a car.

Equipped with a solid 6" front tyre and 5" back tyre, you don't have to worry about punctures on this scooter either.

Charge Time

One real plus of this scooter is the super quick charge time of just 2 to 3 hours.

Other features
A dual brake system (a motor electronic brake on the handlebar and a foot friction rear brake on the back wheel) brings the scooter to a quick stop. In additon to this find an LED taillight and shock absorber.

Razor Power A2 Electric Scooter

The Razor Power A2 electric scooter is similar to the Razor A5 (featured above) except on a smaller scale. It has smaller wheels and a shorter handlebar. It also has a shorter charge time, a shorter handlebar and is at a slightly lower price point.

Here is a quick summary of the A2:

Wheels and Ride

The front wheel is 140mm and the rear wheel is 125mm. The smaller wheels give the Power A2 a slim, sleek feel. The wheels are made of urethane and as they're smaller than on the A5,  kids may feel the bumps in the pavement more as they ride along but honestly, this isn't a problem for most kids. They won't even notice! As the wheels are flat and airless there's no worries about punctures either.

Another thing to note about the scooter is that it offers a very quiet ride.

Speed and Battery Life

Like the Razor Power A5 scooter, there is a maximum speed of 10mph and it can run for up to 40 minutes.

The battery needs to be charged for 8 hours before the first use. After that, it takes 6 hours to charge the scooter.


The scooter can be folded. It's extremely light weighing just 6.46kg, making it easy to transport and store.

Height Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar is height adjustable from 63.5cm to 85cm. The top handlebar height of 85cm will give most 11 year olds some growing room but if you have a tall 11 year old you may want to look for a handlebar that extends a bit higher. It's recommended from age 8 to adult. However there is a maximum weight capacity of 65kg so adults who weigh more than this won't be able to use the scooter.

✔️ Tyres - You will generally see either solid wheels (usually made out of urethane) or air filled tyres on electric scooters. Solid wheels have the advantage that they are puncture proof. However, air filled tyres offer more comfort over bumps and cracks in the pavement and give a smoother ride.  Air filled tyres are better the older and heavier a child gets. You won't see an electric scooter aimed at adults which has solid tyres as they will wear down quickly with the extra weight and won't give much comfort on the ride.

Razor E90 Scooter

The Razor E90 power core scooter is designed for kids aged eight and up. Also made by Razor, the E90 has been around for a few years so has stood the test of  time.

Run Time
One of the plus points of this scooter is its long run time. The scooter has up to 80 minutes of continuous use, which is double the time of other Razor models (where the battery lasts for around 40 minutes).

Kick Start and Speed
It requires a kick start to start the motor. It has button acceleration control on the handlebar. There is one speed on the scooter and no variable acceleration. So it's on (at one speed) or off. The max speed is 10mph (this may be affected by the weight of the child and whether they are going up or downhill)


The urethane front wheel tyre absorbs the worst impacts. The airless rear tire is made from TP for a smoother ride and increased traction. As the wheels are solid, you don't need to worry about punctures.

Charging Time

One downside of the Razor E90 is that it takes 12 hours to charge between each use. It’s strongly recommended to charge it fully before the first use and then charge it fully as often as possible. However, please note, you also have to be careful not to overcharge the battery as this can shorten the lifespan of the scooter.

Weight Limit
There is a weight limit of 54kg.


If you're looking for an e-scooter on a budget, it's one of the least expensive electric scooters for kids currently.


One of the downsides of the Razor E90 is the handlebar isn't adjustable so 11 year olds may grow out of the scooter quite quickly.

Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter with Air Tyre

A similar scooter to the Razor E90 is the Ripsar kids electric scooter.  It's also aimed at the age 8 plus group but there are a few differences.


The handlebar can be adjusted to 3 different height settings at 85cm, 90cm and 95cm. It can also be folded down.

Motor and start

Whereas the E90 features a hub motor, the Ripsar electric scooter features a chain run motor. A hub motor is lower maintenance and quieter.

The Ripsar features twist grip acceleration and there is one continuous speed.


It's maximum speed is 16km/h (10mph) which is similar to the Razor E90. The maximum speed of any electric scooter depends on the weight of the rider, the gradient and type of terrain riding on.

Run Time

No official run time is given for the Ripsar Electric Scooter but the battery life seems to run for approximately an hour. The battery life will vary according to several factors such as the weight of the rider and the terrain the scooter is used on. If you use the scooter on an uphill gradient, it will drain the battery much quicker.

Charge Time

An initial charge of 14 hours is required for the first battery charge. After this, the battery recharges in around 8 hours.


It features a pneumatic tyre at the front and a urethane rear wheel. The pneumatic tyre just gives the scooter a bit more comfort and a smoother ride over the bumps and cracks in the pavement.

✔️ Hub Motors Vs Chain Driven Motors - Electric scooters can either have a hub motor which is located in the wheel of the scooter or a chain driven motor which is in a separate area on the scooter. Many consider hub motors to be better as they require less maintenance. They don’t have a complicated system of chains and gears. Therefore they break down less often and are easier to repair and maintain. Chain driven motors may require some maintenance. The downside with a hub motor is that it makes the wheel of the scooter harder to replace if you need to. Hub motors are also heavier so may add to the weight of the scooter.

E200 Razor Scooter


This scooter has been around for a while, so it's stood the test of time.  With air filled tyres, the Razor E200 scooter offers a more cushioned ride than it's solid wheel counterparts. However, it is heavier and bulkier than some of the newer electric scooters out there.

With a top speed of 12mph, the official recommended age by Razor is 13 years old but reviews suggest kids younger than 13 use this scooter.

Kick Start and Speed

Unlike some other electric scooters, it doesn't require a kick start to get going. Just jump on, turn the twist grip acceleration on the handle bar and off you go. Like all electric scooters the top speed of 12mph is a best case scenario, the actual speed will depend on the height, weight and balance of the child. It also features a hand operated rear brake. It has no variable acceleration and travels at one speed only.


One difference from the E90 is that both the front and rear wheels have 8 inch pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride. The tyres offer a comfortable and cushioned ride, gliding over bumps and cracks in the pavement.


The Razor E200 features a 200 Watt, high torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor.

Frame Size

The frame size is 105cm high (41.3 inches) from floor to top of the handlebars. It measures 94cm (33 inches) in length.

Charge Time 

One downside of the E200 is it has a  long charge time of 12 hours. This should be fine if you use it once a day and charge it overnight, but because the charge time is so long you need to plan for it.

Weight Limit

The weight limit is 75kg

✔️ Battery - E-scooters for kids generally have either a sealed lead acid battery or a lithium battery. Lead acid batteries are cheaper but they are slower to charge. If the scooter has quite a high charge time, it generally is because it has a lead acid battery. Lithium batteries tend to feature on newer models of scooter for the simple reason they are quicker to charge.

✔️ Weight limit - Electric scooters have different weight limits that vary greatly. For example the E90 has a weight limit of 54kg whereas the E300 has a weight limit of 100kg. This may have an influence on which electric scooter to buy an 11 year old. If there is an elder sibling in the family or adults who may want a go on the scooter it may not be possible on scooters with lower weight limits. Most 11 year olds will be a way of the 54kg weight limit but if you see this scooter as lasting a few years, it may be worth going for a scooter with a higher weight limit as long as they can handle any extra speed and power.

Razor Power Core S85 Electric Scooter

The Razor Power Core S85 is recommended for kids aged 8 and up and is a nice size for 11 year olds.

There are several plus points to this scooter with one drawback.

Speed and Ride Time

On the plus side, the scooter can reach speeds of up to 10mph. It's easy to operate. Kick off with your foot then press on the thumb activated throttle to quickly achieve the maximum speed. Enjoy 35 minutes of ride time with each charge.

Tyres and Ride Experience

The 8" (200mm) pneumatic front tyre delivers a smooth ride even on uneven terrain. Safely come to a stop with the dual braking system. There's a hand-operated front brake and a rear fender brake, putting riders firmly in control of starting and stopping.

At 9.8kg scooter is light to control and manoeuvre. The maximum rider weight is 54kg which should be fine for most 11 year olds.

Charge Time

The main negative with this scooter is that it needs a 12 hour charge before each outing. This can be frustrating if kids want to use the scooter more than once in a day.


Razor Power Core S80 Electric Scooter

The Razor Power Core S80 is similar to the Power Core S85. The one main difference is the front wheel. Whereas the S85 has a pneumatic front tyre, both tyres on the S80 are flat and airless. The benefit of this is that the tyres won't require much maintenance. You can't get a puncture on an airless tyre. However, it also means the ride will be a little less comfortable, with no cushioning for bumps on the road. However this won't be a problem if you're mainly riding the scooter on flat, smooth paths.

The Power Core S80 Features Summary

Like the S85, the S80 is recommended for kids aged 8 and above.

To operate, kick start the scooter then press the thumb activated throttle to reach speeds of up 10 mph. With a weight of 8.53kg it's an electric scooter on the lighter side. A dual braking system which includes a hand operated front brake and rear fender brake makes it easy to stop quickly. The maximum rider weight of 54kg makes it suitable for most 11 year olds.

Ride Time and Charge Time

It has a slightly longer ride time than the S85 at 40 minutes per charge. However, it still takes 12 hours to charge the battery before each use.

✔️ Frame size - the more powerful scooters do tend to have a slightly bigger frame as they are designed for teens and adults. So, if you have a small 11 year old, a smaller size frame may be better for them.  Although there are reviews of young children using the bigger frame sizes and getting on fine.

Comparison chart

ScooterRazor E90Ripsar Electric ScooterRazor A5E200E300Segway Zinc E10 Scooter
Age Recommendation8 plus8 plus8 plus13 plus13 plus8 to 14
SpeedUp to 10mphUp to 10mphUp to 10mphUp to 12mphUp to 15mphUp to 10mph
Tyres/WheelsUrethane front wheel
Rear tyre made from TPU
6" pnuematic front tyre
Urethane rear wheel
200mm solid wheels8" pneumatic front and rear tyres10" pneumatic front and rear tyresSolid 6.7" rubber-coated
Ride Time80 minutes Not statedUp to 40 minutes40 minutes40 minutes Up to 6.2 miles
Acceleration / ControlButton ControlTwist gripThumb activatedTwist gripTwist gripThumb activated
BrakeHand operated front brakeHand operated front brakeRear fender foot brakeHand operated front brakeHand operated front brakeHand brake and rear fender foot brake
Frame and fork materialAll steel frame and forkMetal frameAnodized aluminium All steel frame and forkAll steel frame and fork
Maximum Rider Weight54kg54kg80kg70kg100kg50kg
Battery12V lead acid rechargeable battery24V (2x12V) lead acid rechargeable22V lithium-ion pack24V (2x12V) lead acid rechargeable24V (2x12V) lead acid rechargeable
MotorKick start in wheel hub motorChain DrivenKick start in hub wheel motorChain driven Chain driven
Frame Height32.9"37.4"40.9"41.3"44.5"37.4
Frame Length33"28.7"34.8"37"40"36
Scooter Weight 12kg13kg7.16kg18kg23.5kg8.4kg
Folding handlebarNoYesYesNoNoYes


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