3 Wheel Scooters For Young Children

3 Wheel Scooters for Younger Children

We’ve compiled one big list with all the three wheel scooters for young children available on the market. We’ve categorized them, so it's easy to find the one that you want.

Scooters Without a Seat

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Mini Micro 3 in 1 Ride On Scooter

The mini micro scooter is perhaps one of the most well known 3 wheeled scooter. There are several versions of the min micro to suit different age groups, needs and budgets. This one has a seat and  is designed for the 1 to 5 age group and is featured below.

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For ages 1 to 2 - The seat allows very young children to be pushed along on the scooter with the parent handle while they sit down.  When they are ready (which will be different ages for different children) they can move onto the next stage.

For ages 18 months -2/12 - As they get older the parent handle can be removed and they can use the scooter with seat as a ride on toy. They push along with their feet.

For ages 2 to 5 - The seat can be removed and the scooter can be used as a normal scooter. The handlebar can be adjusted from 49cm up to 68cm so you can ensure it's the right height for a growing child. The bar is easy to adjust and the scooter can last up until the child turns

The scooter itself is extremely well built, with excellent design and high quality parts. It's lightweight (at only 1.8kg) but with a strong frame which makes it easy to use and control. It's also easy to pick up and carry when you need to. It has 2 large PU wheels and a slightly smaller one at the back (which offer a smooth and sturdy ride) and a lean and steer turning mechanism which is easy for young kids to pick up.

Globber 5 in 1 Scooter

The 5 in 1 Globber scooter has the following stages:

1. A height adjustabe parent handle which can push baby on the scooter. Footrest so that baby can rest their feet as they go along.

2. Footrests are removed and baby can scoot feet along as parents do the control the scooter

3. The parent handle is removed and baby scoots along sitting on the scooter and using their feet.

4. The seat is removed so toddler stands on the scooter and moves along.

5 The scooter handlebar is adjusted as the child grow.

So why get the globber?

The globber has many unique selling points.

  • Steering lock - there is a button which can be pressed to lock the steering so scooters can just move the scooter in a straight line when they first start to learn how to scoot
  • The handlebar can be height adjusted from 67.3cm to 78.7cm.
  • High quality polyurethane wheels which offer a smooth ride.

BAMNY 3-in-1 Kids Kick Scooter

Bamny scooters are a very new brand of scooter and their 3 in 1 scooter for young kids can be found on amazon. So how does it compare with the other seated scooters on the market?

It's significantly lower priced, so if you are looking for a scooter with a child seat on a budget, it's well worth checking out. However, the quality and durability isn't likely to rival the micro scooters.

The seat can be adjusted to either 22, 25 or 29cm, so it can be set to the most favourable height for each child. Likewise, the handlebar can be set at four different settings (56,69, 75 or 81cm).

The wheels are wide which does offer some stability and absorb shocks and bumps from the round. On the downside, the wider wheels will add weight to the scooter which isn't ideal as lighter scooters are generally easier to carry and control.

The scooter has a lean to steer steering system, is foldable and has maximum load of 75kg.

Mini Micro Deluxe

This is the newest version of the mini micro scooter for children between aged 2 and 5 year olds and it really is the crème de la crème in 3 wheel scooters for the smallest of kids.  It features a telescopic adjustable handlebar which moves from 48cm to 66cm. It can be adjusted to any height between these measurements so is perfect for growing tots. The steering is lean to steer, so kids lean to go left and right.
 The micro scooters all have polyurethane wheels which offer a smooth ride ( I was impressed by how smooth the ride is on my son's mini micro).  It has a wide deck which is low to the ground making it really easy for young children to get on and off. The scooter is extremely lightweight at 1.8kg / 3.3 pounds. This makes it a dream to carry and easy for them to control and manoeuvre.

Although the scooter isn't foldable, the stem removes from the base so you can easily take it apart to store when needed.

Mini Micro Classic

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This is the classic mini micro scooter. It's recommended for the age 3 to 5 year age group. It's the cheaper than the deluxe and has many of the same features but doesn't feature an adjustable handlebar. The handlebar is fixed at 66cm which is fine for the age group it's aimed for. The real plus point of this scooter is that it's super light at just 1.5kg. This makes it really easy for little kids to control. They can easily pick it up and move it to changed direction or move up and down kerbs and steps. This is what young children do when they learn to scoot so being light can make this scooter a real advantage. Like the deluxe, the handebar isn't foldable but you can remove the t-bar from it's stem for easy storage and transportations.

Globber Scooter

If you're looking for an alternative but cheaper scooter than the mini micro, the globber primo featured is a great choice. It comes in several different colours.

It is aimed at the 3 to 6 year old age group with a handelbar which adjust between 67.5 cm. As the mini micro has a lower handlebar height, it’s probably better for 2 year olds but if you have a 3 year old it’s worth considering the globber if you are on a budget. The globber is heavier than the mini micro coming in at 2.5kg in comparison to the mini micro deluxe which is 1.8kg. A lighter scooter is better for younger, smaller children as they will find it easier to control but as they get older and bigger they will manage the extra weight with no problem. The scooter has  lean to steer system. You lean to turn the scooter right and left just like on the mini micro.

3 Style Scooter RGS 1


Affordable, height adjustable and foldable - there is a lot to like about the 3styles scooter RGS1 which must be why it is one of the bestselling 3 wheel scooters for younger children on amazon.

It's designed for kids aged 3 to 6 years old.

Kids will love that the wheels flash as they spin. There are 4 different height settings at 52cm (for the tiniest of tots), moving to 70cm, 74cm & 78cm.

Like many 3 wheelers, the 3style scooter has a lean to turn steering system and the wheels are made of PU so offer a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Being foldable is a plus for many, store it easily in the boot of the car or under a buggy.

It's lightweight, so easy to carry.



The iscoot is a scooter which has a lean and tilt steering mechanism so kids have to lean to steer the scooter right and left. The scooter has an adustable handlebar with a lowest setting of 55cm and a top handlebar height of 69cm. There are 3 different height settings in total so you can't adjust it to any height you want just one of the 3 settings. A scooter handle height should ideally be about waist height. See this article to compare more features between the mini micro and the iscoot. Obviously an adjustable handlebar is good to grow with your child. The scooter has PU wheels with ABEC 5 bearings which is good. It weights 2.4kg which is fairly light although not as light as some other scooters.

Yvolution YGlider Scooter


Yvolution is a company which makes high quality scooters, balance bikes and other outdoor toys for kids. The Yglider is a 3 wheel scooter is perfect for beginner scooters.

It's easy for adults to put together, just click the handlebar into place and off you go.

It has a fixed handlebar at 67cm, so is ideal for average height kids around the 2.5 to 3 year mark plus.

Other desirable specs include PU casted wheels for durability, an easy touch rear safety brake for quick and easy stopping, a liightweight aluminium handle bar that’s also removable for quick and easy storage

The maximum rider weight is 20kg


Little Tikes Lean To Steer


The Little Tikes Lean to steer has a similar design to the mini micro with 2 big wheels at the front and a smaller one at the back. The wheels on the scooter are made of plastic compared to PU on the mini micro. PU wheels tend to better as they offer a smoother ride but most kids won't moan at plastic wheels. Obviously the price is lower on the Little Tikes so it depends which features are important to you.

It's aimed at kids from ages 2 to 4 years old so a designed for smaller children. The handlebars are fixed at 66cm which is the same height as on the mini micro scooter. The maximum user weight is 20kg. The base is designed to be wide (10 to 13cm) for extra control for young users. It's low to the ground so easy for little ones to get on and off. The scooter doesn't fold but it does have a quick release handle for easy storage. Like the mini micro you lean to turn on this scooter, so lean left to go left and right to go right.

The scooter weighs just over 2kg, which is fairly light but there are lighter options. Lighter scooters are easy for little ones to use. The lightest scooter on the market (the mini micro) comes in at 1.5kg so you can see the difference It is probably best for 3 and 4 year olds. The handlebar height is around 69cm from the ground to the top. The handlebars are not adjustable. The maximum weight is about 20kg.

Zoom Cruzer


The Zoom Cruzer has a catchy name? But how does the scooter itself stand up to zooming and cruising?

The defining characteristics of this scooter is it's reasonably priced, it's stable with a wide footplate and a chunky rear wheel and it has a height adjustable handlebar. It also features robust, durable wheels (2 x 120mm front, 1 x 100mm rear). The steering is lean to steer.

There are some comprises to be made. The footplate isn't maybe as low as some of the more expensive scooters which means it may be a little less comfortable to ride. It's a bit heavier than some other scooters at 2.95kg and it's not one that can fold.

However, this scooter has been around for a few years now, so has been well and fairly reviewed on amazon and the reviews are generally very good, which are well worth checking out.

Overall, this is a good option to consider if you are buying a scooter on a budget.

Four Wheel Scooters which Convert to 3 or 2 Wheels

There are scooters which have been designed to convert from having 4 or more wheels to a scooter with 3 and than 2 wheels. These are perfect for kids not quite ready to make the transition to 2 wheels. They are also great for a scooter that will grow with your young child.

Ozbozz My First Scooter

This is a budget first scooter for young children (2 plus) which converts from four to three and then eventually to 2 wheels.  Unlike many other scooters for this age group it's not a lean to steer scooter. Riders use the handlebar to change direction. The footplate is quite small which is good for very young children although they will grow out of it quite quickly. It isn't the lightest of first scooters at 2.7kg which may make it difficult for some kids to manoeuvre. Reviews suggest that some kids find the weight of the scooter fine while others struggle so it will really depend on your child. Ther is no brake but the plastic wheels won't pick up as much speed as on other 3 wheel scooters and kids tend to slow down and stop scooters with their feet when learning to use as scooter anyway. Overall it's a good budget scooter to help kids gain confidence moving from 4 to 3 to 2 wheels.

Evo Move N Groove

The Evo Move and Groove Scooter is a budget scooter The handlebar height is 67cm which is a nice height for a 3 year old plus. It's a lean to steer scooter. It is a budget scooter and there is no information about the material used for the wheels and it's bearings. So, these are the kind of areas where you will probably notice the quality when comparing it to scooters like the mini micro.  This may also affect the speed and quality of the ride. However, if your looking for a budget scooter this could be an excellent choice. The reviews are very good over on amazon so well worth checking out if a low price is your number one consideration.