Micro Classic Scooter for Adults Review


Micro Classic Scooter for Adults: A Review

Micro gifted us a Micro classic scooter for my teenage son (age 14) and myself to test drive. And we had so much fun!


It gave us the opportunity to give the Micro Classic a thorough review. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this scooter, including what we liked, what we didn’t and who this scooter is best for.

Key Features of the Micro Classic


Large Wheels

On opening the box, the first thing my husband wanted to know is why are the wheels so big. The answer is that larger wheels go faster with less effort. The Classic’s wheels are an impressive 200mm. This is awesome when scooting, as you need fewer kicks to get the Micro Classic up to speed. You go much quicker than on a scooter with smaller wheels. The large wheels also glide over the bumps and cracks in the pavement easily giving a comfortable ride.

The wheels are made of high quality polyurethane (PU) which roll along extremely smoothly. You don’t have to worry about punctures. Bigger wheels mean more polyurethane, so they last a lot longer than their smaller counterparts.


The scooter is quick to fold! Just lift the lever and push two buttons on either side of the scooter to fold. I did find folding the scooter a little tricky at first. It would be easier if there was just one button to press when you folded it or if you could do the folding action with your foot.

Having said this, once I got used to folding it, it became easy and didn’t take any time at all. It’s just a case of finding the knack! A folding scooter is very handy if you need to lift it onto a bus, up some steps or in the car boot.

Low Deck

The deck measures about 5cm from the ground of the floor. It’s important to have a low deck on a kick scooter as the further your kicking leg has to reach down to the floor to push along, the harder you have to work. The Micro classic does a good job of having a low deck without it being too low. Some scooters have such low decks, they scrape bumps in the pavement, which can be dangerous if you’re going quickly. The Micro’s deck is high enough to avoid any scrapes and low enough to give a comfortable ride.

How Does it Feel to Ride the Micro Classic Scooter?

Fun is the first word that comes to mind! Speedy and smooth also sum up the riding experience. If you want a scooter for your commute, it’s a superb choice.

It takes a few kicks to get up some momentum, but then it’s an effortless ride. The Micro can pick up some speed, especially going down a slope. There’s no rattling. You can feel the high quality build of the scooter when riding it. It feels easy to control. I enjoyed resting the top of my kicking foot at an angle on the back of the deck and rolling along between pushes.

My teenage son loved it! He has ridden many scooters in his time and he complimented the Micro for being smooth and fast. He uses it for trips to the local shop and when lockdown is over, it will be great transport to get to his friend’s houses.

If you’re using the scooter for the first time, make sure you practice using the brake before getting up to speed. It can surprise you how fast you’re going when you suddenly need to stop! Luckily the rear foot brake is big, easy to use and very responsive.

Who’s the Micro Classic Best For?

This is a brilliant scooter for teenagers and adults. The telescopic handlebar adjusts to any height between 73cm to 102cm. This means there is a suitable height setting for all four of our family from my 9 year old son (who is 4'4") to my husband (who is 6’ 1”). My husband had it on the highest setting and it was perfectly sized for him. Incidentally, my husband also loved whizzing around on the Classic.


It is an ideal scooter for commutes to work, college or school. Fold it to take on the bus or train. The folded dimensions are 74cm x 12.7cm x 30cm so it’s possible to store this under a desk at work.

It’s also an excellent choice for adults who want to scoot alongside their kids on the school run or at the park. Teenagers will love the speed and the fun factor.

It weighs 4.7kg. This is fine to lift onto public transport, in the car boot or to carry up a flight of stairs. I folded it and carried it for a while on our test drive to see how heavy it was. I could carry it for a fair while (about 5 minutes while walking) but you wouldn’t want to carry it for a long time unless you’re super strong.

Other things to know

The Deck

The deck is wide and has plenty of foot space. It measures 41cm in width and 12.7cm in length. I had enough space for one foot and to rest my kicking foot at an angle in between pushing along. There was also plenty of space for my husband’s size 11 foot.


I love a kickstand on a scooter. It makes it easy to store in a garage, shed or bike stand. One small gripe with the kickstand is that although I could push it back in with my foot, I had to use my hand to pull the kickstand out. It would be even better if you could operate it fully with your foot.


The grips are often overlooked when choosing a scooter. It’s not until you ride a scooter you realise how important they are. You don’t want cheap, flimsy grips that rub on your hands. This isn’t the case with the Micro Classic. The grips on the Micro feel soft, thick and comfortable while riding.


The handlebar was a breeze to adjust. Simply pull out the lever, move the handlebar to the required height and push the lever back in again.

What I’d love to see is a carry strap included with the Micro classic. We had to go up quite a steep muddy incline on our travels, so it would have been brilliant to transport the classic with a carry strap once folded. The good news is you can purchase these separately from Micro to use with their classic scooter, so it doesn’t need to be a problem.

What Else Do I Like about the Micro Classic?

The brilliant thing about Micro scooters is that all their parts are repairable and replaceable. This means you can keep the scooter on the road and out of the landfill for a long time.

Yes, the initial outlay can be expensive compared to some other scooter brands. But whereas a cheaper brand will be off the road in a year or two, you can repair or replace parts on the classic keeping it going for years. This is better both for the environment and for your wallet. All the replacement parts are available to purchase on the micro website.

Alternatives to the Micro Classic

If you are looking for a scooter for commuting it's worth being aware of alternatives and the unique features they offer so you can make an informed decision.

Scooters with suspension

Scooters with suspension offer an even more comfortable ride as the suspension absorbs the shocks and bumps from the pavement. Suspension is good if you’re scooting on rough terrain such as on bumpy paths. The downside of suspension is that it adds extra weight to the scooter. Not so great if you need to lift it up steps or carry it for part of a commute. Scooters with suspension are also more expensive.

If you think you’d suit a scooter with suspension, check out the Micro Suspension Scooter

Scooters with air Filled Tyres

As stated earlier, the Micro Classic has high quality PU tyres rather than air filled tyres. I prefer PU tyres on a commuter scooter for many reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about punctures. Secondly, they offer a smooth glide. Scooters with air filled tyres are heavier, which again isn’t great if you need to carry your scooter. They are often slower too.

The good thing about air filled tyres is that they offer a more cushioned ride, absorbing more of the shocks and bumps from the pavement. They also offer more grip on wet surfaces and you can ride them more easily on rough terrain.

Lighter and Smaller Scooters

I love that the Micro Classic has amazing, large wheels for a fast ride. However, scooters with big wheels weigh more and are bigger when folded. If you want a smaller, lighter and more compact scooter, look for options with smaller wheels such as the Micro Speed. The Speed’s 145mm wheels still enable a quick ride but it’s lighter to carry and more compact when folded.

Smaller scooters can be better if you need to pick them up and walk with them during a commute or if you need to carry them up a flight of stairs or a steep hill.

Overall Verdict on the Micro Classic

We loved the Micro Classic. If you’re looking for a high quality, large wheeled scooter for fun or a quick and comfortable commute, it’s difficult to go wrong. Smooth and fast. Durable and strong. It’s going to last a long time if it’s looked after. It's truly an excellent kick scooter for teenagers and adults alike.

You can buy the Micro Classic scooter direct from their website. It comes in white and black. There's also the option to personalise the grip tape.

If you're still not convinced, this video from Micro shows the scooter in action.

Best Snow Scooters for Kids

Bored of sledging? Looking for something exciting to use on the winter slopes. Thinking about a snow scooter?

Snow scooters are fun. They make the perfect accessory to have on snow covered hills during the winter months.

And when the snow’s gone, many snow scooters can ride down grass hills too.

What is a snow scooter?

Snow scooters are like scooters in that they have a handlebar to hold onto and a deck to stand on. The big difference is they don’t have wheels. Ride them down snow-covered hills. They make a great alternative to sledging. A snow scooter isn’t for everybody. They may take a bit of practice to get use to riding them. And it's important to start off slowly. But if you are prepared go give a snow scooter a go, it may be the most exciting activity you do all winter.

Snow scooters are particularly good for gentle slopes. When the bigger hills are very busy with sledgers, you can take your snow scooter somewhere quieter. The smaller hills that aren't particularly good for sledging can be the best for your snow scooter.


Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter

Geospace recommended for kids aged 6 years and up but it can hold up to 220lbs (100kg) so adults can use it to.

It has a one size handlebar at 79cm.

Perfect for use on snow covered hills. Easy to use, just use one foot to push off and ride the slope down to the bottom. The unique thing about this scooter is that you can even use it on grass and dunes, so it’s not just for the winter. Riders will also find the circular handlebar easy to grip

The scooter folds down to a compact size, so it’s easy to carry and store. Another cool feature is the LED lights, so other people can see you coming. You’ll definitely stand out from the ground. And it’ll help keep you safe too.

The super-tough polyurethane deck flexes slightly for a superior ride.

Boyz Toys RY676 Kid's Snow Ski Scooter

The scooter does the job of tackling snow covered hills and can also work on grass hills too.

It's made of ABS plastic so it tough and durable for the slopes. However, the board may lack the flexibility of the polyurethane board on the Geopace scooter (featured above).

It folds and is lightweight for kids to carry. There's a non skid foot rest to provide extra traction. The handles feature grips for extra control when riding.

It's not the most technical snow scooter, but if you're looking for something that does the job - this might be the one.

You can pick up comparable scooters with slightly different features at varying prices, so it might pay to shop around for similar models if price is a consideration.

Scooter Ski Converter Kit

Let’s face it, in the UK, we get don’t get much snow. So rather than spending your money on a snow scooter that can only be used in the winter, why not turn your kick scooter into a snow scooter with a ski kit. ,

The ski scooter kit can be interchanged quickly. And then your scooter can slide over the snow. When you’ve finished with the kit, just change the wheels back.

Perhaps the downside of a ski scooter kit is that the scooter you have may be quite heavy. It's going to be easier to manage a lighter scooter like some of the others featured. So younger kids in particular might do better with a dedicated snow scooter rather than a converting kit.

Having said this, it's a good option for just trying out a snow scooter without too much of a price tag. Start off with some easy slopes and older kids can pick up the skills needed with a bit of practice.

There are many ski kits available during the winter months. The kit featured is compact and lightweight. It’s easy to install. It’s made of high quality PE material.

GPH Kid's Snow Ski Scooter


Stiga Children's Snow Kick Scooter

This foldable snow scooter has a height adjustable handlebar of between 77 and 87 cm, making it a superb choice for growing kids (from around aged between 5). The maximum rider weight is 50kg.

As it can be folded, it takes up much less space in the boot than a sledge.

The scooter is constructed of an aluminium / steel frame so is more sturdy and durable than it's plastic counterparts. It also features foam grips on the handlebars for extra comfort.

Sencillon Snow Scooter

The Sencillon snow scooter is suitable for teens and adults up to to 90kg (200lb).

It features a tilt steering system and lightweight design provide better control when turning, and make it easier to to coordinate and balance.

A reinforced wide board makes it easy to get on and. The scooter is tough and durable. Its non-slip extra-wide board is wide enough to put your feet on the board when riding, so the rider can switch from pushing to enjoying riding.

Quickly adjust the handle, it’s foldable, easy to carry and store.

How to Learn To Use a Snow Scooter

Here are two ways you can learn how to use a snow scooter.

1.) Try sitting on the scooter

You can sit on most snow scooters to get used to it. If you plan on doing this, check that you can use it sitting down before you buy - but most scooters allow you to use them in this way. Once you've had a go sitting on it, then try standing up. You can come back to sitting down when you're tired or if you going down a particularly steep hill.

2.) Stand up on a gentle slope

Get used to balancing on the snow scooter on a gentle slope first. Once your confidence has increased you can graduate onto something steeper. Increase the steepness of the slope as your skills develop.

3.) Pull the scooter along a flat surface gently

Another way for kids to get used to balancing on a scooter is to pull them along gently. You can walk alongside them and pull them along with the handle. This can help them build up their courage before having a go independently.

Can Adults Have a Go?

Parents and other adults don't want to miss out on having fun. But it will depend on the snow scooter as to whether they can have a go. Many snow scooters have a weight limit of 220 pounds so many adults will be within the weight capacity and can step on without breaking it. Look for a snow scooter that will support the weight of an adult before buying.

Want to Maximise the Fun?

If you enjoy using your snow scooter, you can maximise the fun by learning a few tricks. This may be especially great for older kids and teens. Build a snow ramp and have fun riding down from the top of your slope. And learn a few tricks. Obviously you need to take care and take it easy but if you’re used to riding on the ramps at the stunt scooter park, this could be the activity for you. And if you get very serious, you can even get a professional snow scooter.

Check out some epic snow scooter tricks on the video below.

Razor A5 Air Scooter Review

Razor A5 Air Scooter Review

The Razor A5 Air scooter is best for riders who want a comfortable, smooth ride on flat surfaces.

Recommended for older kids and teens, it can also be ridden by adults who are within the weight capacity.

There is an awful lot to like about this scooter. It's competitively priced, easily foldable and fun to ride.

However, there are a few minor issues which aren't always a deal breaker but may affect whether it's the scooter for you.

Read on to find out more.

Specifications at a glance

FeatureRazor A5 Air
Scooter Pic
PriceCheck Price on amazon
Handlebars (height adjustment)Adjustable
Deck Size34cm(l)
Scooter Weight5.6kg
Max Rider Weight100kg
17.5 stone
BrakeRear Fender Brake
Other FeaturesKickstand

What's the Ride Like On the Razor A5 Air?

There is a lot to like when riding the Razor A5 Air. Overall, you will get a comfortable and quiet experience. It's also robust, well built, foldable and portable. However, there are a few niggles.


The unique feature of the Razor A5 Air is, of course, the wheels. The scooter is fitted with a pair of 200mm 60PSI pneumatic tires. The air-filled wheels have many advantages. Pneumatic tyres always offer a more comfortable ride with better shock absorption. You won't feel the bumps, cracks and gravel on the pavement. It offers similar comfort to the tyres on a bike.

The tyres also work better on wet surfaces. Whereas urethane wheels may skid and slid on wet pavements, the air filled tyres on the Razor Air will not.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides. Firstly, air filled tyres will require some maintenance. For best performance ensure they are correctly inflated. The wheels also tend to need significantly more kick power to get up to the speed of a scooter with urethane tyres. In a nutshell, Razor A5 is slower than similar-sized scooters with urethane wheels. Therefore if you're looking for a scooter that will whizz from a to b, there are probably better choices. The Razor air rates better for comfort over speed.


The deck measures 340mm in length and is very low to the ground. The main advantage of this is that your leg has less to move down to reach the ground and kick the scooter along. This can lead to a more comfortable ride compared to a scooter with a higher deck and your kicking foot doesn't have to reach as far.

However, some reviewers have found that the deck is a little too low to the ground in some circumstances. There isn't a lot of ground clearance when going over bumps which can scrap the bottom of the scooter deck which can halt your ride rather quickly and send you flying!  If you're likely to be scooting on pavements which have lots of bumps and ramps it's not ideal.

Generally, scooters with air filled tyres will handle harsher terrain well. However, the low deck Razor A5 Air scooter may get caught on bumps on uneven terrain, which makes it a better choice for flat pavements. There are definitely better dirt scooters if you want to go off-road.

Anti Rattle Mechanism

A feature you will really like on the Razor Air is the anti-rattle folding mechanism. This stops the rattling when riding around, which means a quieter (and frankly less annoying!) ride.


How portable is the Razor A5 Air?

You can easily fold the scooter which is great when you need to put it in the car and for storage.

It weighs about 5.6kg, which isn't the lightest of scooters but that is to be expected as the air-filled tyres will always add a bit of extra weight to the scooter. Having said this, it shouldn't be a problem to pick up and carry to take on public transport or carry for short distances.

Age Recommendation and Weight Capacity

Razor age recommendation is 8 years and up. It holds a maximum weight of 100kg

Adjustable Handlebar

There is a height adjustable handlebar so you can adjust it to suit the rider. The handlebar extends up to 980mm and is 425 mm in width should accommodate most adults within the weight limit unless they are exceptionally tall. The tallest scooters have handlebars which extend up to 106mm, so you can get higher if you need something for a taller adult.

Other Features

Brake: A rear fender brake provides excellent stopping power when needed.

Handlebar Grips:  Riders like the soft rubber grips which provide enhanced comfort and control and are superior to the foam grips you find on other kick scooters.

Kickstand:  a retractable kickstand which conveniently allows it can be stored upright.


The scooter comes ready assembled but you may need to inflate the tyres to the correct tyre pressure before riding.

How Could the Razor A5 Air be Improved?

As you may have guessed from the rest of the article, a slightly higher deck may be an improvement. Low decks are good as scooters with low decks are more comfortable to ride. But it's not ideal if your deck gets caught on a bump. If the pavements you are riding on a flat, this shouldn't be a problem, but something to be aware of.

Overall Verdict

The Razor A5 works best for a comfortable shock absorbing ride on flat pavements and surfaces. Avoid for surfaces with a fair few big bumps. It's most definitely a scooter that works wll on urban terrain.

It may be frustrating for riders who want to go very quickly, but if you are comfortable with a slower but steadier smooth ride, it could be the choice for you.

It's good for running short errands, fun for the kids as well as commutes on the shorter side.


There are many alternatives to the Razor A5 Air scooter. Both the Razor A5 Lux and the Razor A6 are worthy alternatives if you prefer a scooter with urethane wheels. Check out a comparison between all 3 Razor scooters.

If you are looking for another scooter with pneumatic tyres, consider the Hudora air 205 scooter. For something that handles off-road consider the Osprey dirt scooter (#amazonaffilatelink)

Razor A5 Lux Scooter Review

If you're looking for a fast, effortless ride for older kids, teens and adults, definitely check out the Razor A5 Lux.

It's competitively priced for a big wheel scooter. The 8 inch wheels ensure a smooth, quick ride. Plus, it's easily folded and lightweight so perfect for taking on trains and buses.

Ideal for fun rides, commutes and weekend jaunts.

Who's It For?

The Razor age recommendation is 8 years and up. Kids, teens and adults can all use this scooter. It can and has been used by many people for daily commutes but it's not suitable for every adult. If you are on the taller side, it may be worth checking out the Razor A6 instead as the handlebar extends up to 106cm.

There's also a maximum weight capacity of 220Ibs (100kg).


The handlebar extends up to 97cm. This is fine for most adults, but as previously said if you want something taller, check out the Razor A6 as it's handlebar extends quite a few cms higher.

The quick release handlebar adjustment works well enabling riders to adjust the height quickly and easily. You can adjust the handlebar within the height range to any point and make it the perfect height for your size.


The footplate is big enough for most adults to fit one foot on the board at a time. Experienced riders will be able to change over feet while riding. And you can rest the non pushing foot on the side of the deck slightly when you are cruising if you wish.

Some people may find the footplate a bit too narrow, especially if their feet are on the larger side. However, it's worth bearing in mind that larger decks can make it easier for the kicking foot to catch on the footplate while scooting, which can be annoying and may hurt!

What's the Ride Like?

First, the big positive is the extra large wheels. The 200mm (8") polyurethane wheels ensure a quick and smooth ride. The wheels are larger than on standard sized scooters which makes the A5 great for commutes and longer rides. Bigger wheels get you where you want to go faster and with less effort. Fewer kicks are needed to travel further.

The bigger wheels are also less likely to get stuck in cracks and bumps in the road. This ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride compared with scooters with a smaller sized wheel.

The deck is just 2.5" off the ground which is very low. This can be very advantageous as it means that the kicking leg doesn't need to bend as deep when you are kicking, making the ride more comfortable. However, sometimes, the bottom of the deck can be scrapped. Be careful when you are going over speed bumps and the like.

Perhaps one of the major criticisms of the A5 Lux is that it can be noisy. There is rattling as you ride, which can be distracting for some. Something to bear in mind.

Another disadvantage is that it's not great in the rain. It can feel slippery as the wheels don't offer much traction on wet roads. So you will need to go slower for safety and allowing more stopping time in wet conditions.

The foam grips offer comfort when you are riding. They should be fine for most adult hands, although some adults with bigger hands may prefer foam grips which are slightly larger.

Like most scooters, the A5 features a rear fender brake which is very good. Just press on the brake on the back wheel to slow down. Another method of slowing down is just to use one of your feet to stop. You have both options, so use the one which feels more intuitive and comfortable on your ride.

What about Portability

The A5 Lux scores highly on portability. It's easy to fold and is fairly compact when folded given the large 8" wheels. Additionally, the handlebars can be folded down for compact storage.

It's also light to carry weighing just 8.38lbs or 3.83kg. Razor have done a good job of creating a big wheel scooter that isn't too heavy.

Many big wheels scooters can be quite heavy due to the larger size and extra weight of the wheels. Heavier scooters are more cumbersome to pick up and take on public transport. The A5 Lux overcomes this problem, being both light and has big wheels which can be considered a rare combination in a scooter. This makes it a good choice if you do need to take it on a bus or a train.

Other Features

There is a handy kickstand. No longer do you have to lay your scooter down where you stop. Keep it upright when stopping and in storage.


One of the plus points of this scooter is that practically no assembly is required. Just pop the handlebars up and you're good to go.


The great thing about the Razor A5 Lux is that for a good quality big wheel scooter, it is extremely competitive in price. Generally, you can always pick this up for under £90. Yes, you can get scooters that offer more traction with air filled wheels. You can also get scooters with bigger wheels and handlebars which will extend higher. But you will pay more for the extra features.

If you're looking for a light commuter or fun filled, big wheel scooter which is foldable with an adjustable handlebar, it's hard to compete with the Razor A5 Lux on price. You may find cheaper big wheel scooters but it's likely you will be compromising on quality or features such as how heavy it is to carry.

The Razor A5 Lux has been around for many years, so it's really stood the test of time.

Who are Razor?

Razor are based in the USA and manufactured their first scooter in 2000, so have now been around for 20 years! They were part of the movement that made the kick scooter so popular. Since they made their first scooter, they have sold over 34 million products.

Razor are one of the leading brands of scooters both in the USA and the UK. Their products have around for so many years that many people can testify to their high quality and durability.


Specifications at a glance

FeatureRazor A5 Lux
Scooter Pic
PriceCheck Price on amazon
Handlebars (height adjustment)75 - 97 cm
Deck Size32cm x10.5cm
Scooter Weight3.83kg
Max Rider Weight100kg
BrakeRear Fender Brake
Deck Height
(from ground)
Other FeaturesKickstand

Overall Verdict

If you're looking for a reasonably priced commuter scooter from a reputable brand, it's very hard to go wrong with the Razor A5 Lux. It offers a smooth, quick ride and is extremely portable being lightweight with an easy to fold handlebar. The low deck and adjustable handlebar ensure the ride is comfortable for each rider. It's durable and retails at an excellent price point.

Having said this, the A5 Lux is certainly not for everyone. It won't be the right choice for taller and heavier teens and adults who are over 100kg. You may also prefer a scooter that works better on wet surfaces such as the A5 Air which has air filled wheels. And there are most certainly scooters with quieter rides.  However, any extra features need to be balanced out with the price you pay.  Some of the downsides may bother some riders but will not matter to others.

Overall, it's certainly a well thought out big wheel scooter and most older kids, teens and adults will absolutely love it.

Where to Buy?

You can currently pick up this scooter on amazon. It comes in several different colours including black, blue red and pink. It's well worth checking out the reviews on amazon to see if this scooter will work for you as well.


If you aren't sure that the Razor A5 is the scooter for you, there are other scooters to consider.

Razor make various models of scooter including the Razor Air A5 scooter which has air filled wheels so offers more traction on wet surfaces. They also make the A6 which has even bigger wheels and a higher handlebar. Check out a comparison of all three scooters. 

Over the recommended weight limit? There are many other amazing kick scooters for heavier adults too. 


Best BMX Scooters for Kids and Adults


What is a BMX Scooter? 

A BMX scooter is a hybrid between a bike and a scooter.  Essentially what you get is a strong, durable kick scooter with hand controlled brakes and large pneumatic tyres. They are brilliant for off-road terrain. Air-filled tyres offer cushioning on uneven roads for a comfortable ride.

Some BMX scooters are durable and light enough to perform jumps and tricks on dirt paths.  They can be a lot of fun on weekend adventures.

BMX scooters work well on grass, canal paths, cobbled paths, dirt paths and generally anywhere where there are bumps and more difficult riding conditions. Constructed out of stronger materials, they can withstand extra punishment from more difficult conditions. However,  they are heavier than a traditional kick scooter.

Who Should Go for a BMX Scooter?

If you want a versatile scooter that can be ridden on streets as well as rough terrain - a BMX scooter will be ideal.  However, they are not designed to be extremely portable. Yes, they can be lifted onto public transport or put in the boot of a large car. But they can't be folded down and are heavier with much larger wheels than a scooter designed for urban kicking.

Remember the BMX bikes of the 1980s and how kids of all ages would use them for wheelies and jumps. Many BMX scooters of the 2020s also offer the capacity of a few tricks, some even have 360 degree handlebars. You can learn some moves and impress your  friends.

There are lots of BMX scooters available for both kids and adults. Find a selection of the best ones to suit different ages and budgets.

Osprey BMX Adult Scooter

The Osprey is a solid bmx scooter designed to have both the manoeuvrability of a scooter and the all-terrain coverage of a bike. In other words, this scooter will easily handle off-road terrain, rolling easily over grass and other paths. Use it for a fun off-road jaunt. It also works well for commutes and journeys with challenging terrain along the way.

So, who is this scooter for? Osprey has tried to cover all ages, kids from age 5 plus as well as teens and adults.  Does it work for all of them? Well,  the minimum handlebar height is 88cm which will be too high for a 5 year old but will accommodate older kids without a problem. The top handlebar setting is 96cm so it will work also for some adults. But if you're on the taller side you will have to stoop when riding which won't be very comfortable. So smaller adults, yes - taller adults will want something with a higher handlebar.

The maximum weight capacity is 100kg which should work well for most adults who are in the right height range.

The scooter is well designed, strong and durable. It features a 20 inch large spoke front wheel and a 16 inch spoke rear wheels. The wheels have a strong grip and are ideal for off road. Front and rear caliper brakes offer quicker stopping power than other scooters. The high quality steel frame and deck is built to last. There is also a handy kickstand to keep it upright when stationary

The general consensus is that assembly is a nightmare, especially if you're not used to building bikes and scooters. However, there is a very helpful assembly video that Osprey have on Amazon and Youtube. Another alternative is to pay for a bike shop to do the hard work and factor this into the price.

Overall, if you can get over the assembly issues,  the Osprey BMX scooter is a decent off road scooter which offers good value for the price.

Bike Star Kick Scooter

The Bikestar is an all terrain scooter for kids aged 7 plus who measure between approximately 120 to 15ocm. This is a solid scooter which has received rave reviews from parents and carers. And there really is a lot to like about the Bike Star.  The steel tube framework is strong and sturdy and it's finished with a glittering metallic paint.

It's 12" (30.5cm) wheels on quality rims can handle woodland rides, rough ground and grass as well as smooth surfaces.

Who's the scooter for? 

This scooter is very much designed for kids in every aspect. The height adjustable handlebar will grow with kids and can be adjusted from 76cm to 90cm. The handbrake is suitable for children. Young kids can offer struggle with a handbrake at first as they tend to be quite big and hard for smaller hands to control. However, with a bit of practice, the Bike Star's handbrake is easy for young kids to use.

The Bikestar is also quite light in comparison to other scooters with air filled tyres. It weighs just 7.2kg. - yes that's much heavier than most rubber wheeled kick scooters but a lot lighter than other kick scooters with pneumatic wheels. A lighter scooter will be easier for young kids to handle and control.

Additionally, the skid proof footboard gives kids the confidence to ride safely.

The maximum weight capacity of the scooter is 100kg, so even though the handlebars may be low older kids, teens and adults under the weight limit can have a go.

How Quickly Can You Assemble the Scooter? 

Bikestar say the assembly can be done in 10 minutes with 90% of the assembly completed out of the box. Be aware you will need your own tools. It may be easy for people who are confident in assembling bikes and scooters but it likely to be more difficult if you aren't. There is an assembly video you can watch over on amazon that will help.

To sum up, this really is an amazing well-built, BMX style scooter for young kids. It's a perfectly designed and durable all terrain scooter for children with a super smooth and comfortable ride. 5 stars!


Swifty Air Scooter

If you're an adult looking for the creme de la creme of scooters for difficult terrain, the Swifty air scooter is just amazing. It isn't cheap but it's tough and has a superb design. Its light and will handle off road riding including canal paths, roads, streets, sandy coastal paths and dirt trails.

Who's it for? 

The Swifty is for adults. It will accommodate riders up to 6' (182cm) with riser bars available for 6'2" (188cm). The weight capacity goes up to 150kg, which is much more than the load capacity of standard kick scooters.

This is a scooter that has been designed with maximum strength and durability in mind but at 8.9gk it's also light enough to carry when you need to. Athletic riders could carry it uphill over the shoulder for a downhill trek. Swifty has had riders test the air scooter on mountains, rather impressively blasting down the rocky paths of Mount Snowdon. This thing can certainly take a lot of punishment.

You can use the scooter for commuting, going to the shops and weekend off road adventures. Having said this, if you're just looking for a light, portable commuter scooter for city streets there are lighter options that can fold and will do the job better.

The Swifty has 16-inch pneumatic wheels that are built for fast all terrain riding. The wheelsets are strong which makes them suitable for tough terrain.

If you're an adult looking for a scooter to push your riding to limit with off road trails, jumps and dirt riding, look no further - the Swifty air is the scooter for you.

Xootz BMX Scooter for Kids

The Xootz BMX scooter is designed specifically for kids with an age recommendation of 6 plus. The scooter has a weight capacity of 50kg and a top handlebar height of 84cm so it should accommodate the majority of kids up to around 10.

So why would you choose the Xootz BMX? 

It's perfect if you want a scooter for uneven terrain. Perhaps the paths aren't smooth near you or you need to go over gravel, a dirt path or other tricky terrain on the school run. The large pneumatic wheels will offer a cushioned ride, and roll over the bumpy terrain where smaller wheeled scooters would get stuck. It's also a fab scooter for exploring the outdoors, ideal for young adventurers.

What about size and weight? 

The scooter is large and heavier than most kick scooters for kids, weighing 8.5kg. It's fine to lift when you need to but you don't want to be carrying it around for long periods. It's not the scooter you want if portability is a required feature. You can't fold it. It measures 123 x 64 x 84cm, so you may get it in the boot of a car or you may not, depending on your car size. The front wheel is 16" and the back wheel is 12".

And the brakes? 

The Xootz features front and back caliper brakes, so it's easy to stop when needed. Many kids will prefer the hand controlled brakes of the Xootz.

One of the criticisms of the scooter is that the paintwork scratches easily so don't expect it to stay pristine. However, it is a scooter for the rugged outdoors so maybe the look will fit in with the purpose of the scooter.

Overall, if you're looking for a decent BMX scooter for kids this will tick the boxes.


Mongoose Expo Scooter

Mongoose is a US brand which is popular over in America and in the UK too. The Expo is Mongoose's all terrain offering to kids and teens. If kids are fed up with a scooter which gets stuck in the cracks on the pavement and want something that can handle dirt tracks and other tricky terrains this does the job!

It features 12 inches air tires which perform well when riding on paved and unpaved surfaces. Bmx bike style alloy caliper hand brakes offer confident speed control.

What is the Age Recommendation?

There are internet reviews of adults riding the Expo and whilst it can accommodate riders who weigh up to 100kg (220lbs), it's handlebars will sit too low for most adults to ride comfortably for long periods.

The scooter sits at 85cm (33.5") high which in my opinion will be fine for most kids around the 6 to 11 year age group (although there are reviews of some older teens ride this thing as well). The bars can be adjusted by 3" but you will need a 14 mm open-end wrench to do this. There is a stem nut that loosens a head stem quill. Pull bars up and retighten, there is a max height position stamped in the stem. The instruction booklet gives detailed steps on how to adjust the height if you need to do it.

Bear in mind that the scooter is heavier than standard kick scooters at 9kg (20lbs), this means that younger, smaller kids may find the heavier weight a little harder to manoeuvre.

Assembly is fairly straightforward with brake cables probably being the most difficult part to assemble. The owners manual is brilliant and provides written information and diagrams for building, maintaining and adjusting the scooter. If you do struggle, you can always pay a bike shop to do it for you.

How does it ride?

The fat, smooth air filled tyres are great for a comfortable ride. They absorb all the imperfections in the road easily and work well on all kinds of terrains such as grass and hiking trails too.

With sturdy and solid construction, the scooter feels durable to ride. It goes quick enough. Additionally, the front wheel turns 360 degrees which means it's fab to try a few tricks on as well.  Older kids will enjoy having a go at a wheelie or small jump. It is heavier than a stunt scooter, so you can't really go flying with this thing. If kids want to go on the skate park, I'd go for a dedicated stunt scooter. But for trying a few fun things on some trails it's great.

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints is that the braking could be stronger. Many kids will slow down with their feet, but this could be a deal breaker if you're trying to decide between this scooter and another one.

One other small gripe, there isn't a kickstand but this isn't a problem if you don't mind laying it flat for storage.

The overall verdict? It's a decent off road scooter for kids with a lovely, comfortable smooth ride. It's fun to ride especially if you're willing to have a go at a few tricks. But you will need to forgive the subpar braking capability and rely on slowing down before you stop.

Homcom Pink or Black Air Filled Tyres Scooter

If you're looking for a pink BMX style scooter, the Homcom comes is the right colour and it also comes in black if your prefer. But what else does it offer in terms of off road capability?

Who can ride this scooter? 

The scooter has an age recommendation of age 5 plus to adult. Personally, I think for there are better choices for 5, 6 and 7 year olds as the lowest handlebar height is 92cm which is quite high for a child. However, it should accommodate most adults as the handlebar extends up to 100cm. The maximum weight capacity is 100kg.

What's it like to ride? 

The 16 inch front tyre and 12" rear tyre give a smooth, comfortable ride. You won't need to worry about potholes and bumps in the road. The large wheels roll smoothly and will get you to your destination quickly and easily.  It can handle twigs, stones and cracks effortlessly. It manages uneven terrain but you may find that the hand grips aren't the most comfortable for the impacts off-road riding. The V type front and rear brakes aren't the highest quality but decent for the money you pay


You're going to need to spend some time assembling the scooter as it arrives flat packed and the instructions aren't the best, so if you're a novice at assembling scooters and bikes you may need some help putting this together.

Overall Verdict

If you're looking for a scooter to handle the uncomfortable terrain on a school run or short journeys, it does the job well. If you're looking for a scooter to soak up the punishment of lots of off road riding, you probably want to look into another option. Comparing this scooter to the Swifty air is unfair as the price difference is great but you can see how the Swifty has really been put through its paces when designed and tested.

Overall, it's a decent scooter for the price but it lacks the quality finish that you will find on a more expensive option.


Razor Flashback BMX Style Kick Scooter

This bright retro inspired BMX scooter is made by Razor which are a well known scooter brand based in the US. The unique colours of the scooter are sure to make kids stand out from the crowd.

Age Recommendation

The scooter has fixed handlebars which are 88.5cm high from the floor to the ground. The scooter is recommended for kids from aged 8 and up. It's probably best for the 8 to 12 age group.

The Ride

12" wheels offer a smooth ride over pavements soaking up the bumps and cracks along the ride. There's minimal rolling resistance. It won't go as fast as Razor scooters with rubber or plastic tyres but it's still pretty speedy. It's a good scooter for kids who require extra stability.

The deck measures 12cm by 44.5cm so there is plenty of footspace for kids feet. There's full surface grip tape to prevent sliding and slipping.

The scooter has hand controlled brakes like you would find on a bike.


The scooter requires some assembly. If you're not used to assembling bikes, the brakes can be a hard to assemble. It may be worth getting it assembled in a bike shop if you struggle.

If you're looking for a bright retro inspired option from a well known brand  - this is an excellent choice.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter Review: Worth the money?

Everything You Need to Know About the Xiaomi M365 Pro Scooter

Do you have unanswered questions about the Xiaomi M365 Pro?

It can be difficult to know if you're investing in the right scooter when you're unsure what all the specs mean and how they will affect your ride.

That's why we have come up with an easy to read and understand guide explaining the pros, cons and specs of this remarkable e-scooter.

Specifications at a glance

FeatureXiaomi M365 Pro
PriceCheck Price on amazon
Age Recommendation16 plus
Rider Height120cm to 200cm
Motor 300W
Max Speed25km/h
Weight of scooter14.2kg
Wheels8.5" pneumatic tyres
BrakeDual braking system
Battery LifeA riding distance up to 45km
Charge Time8 to 9 hours
Scooter Dimensions113cm x 43cm x 118cm
Scooter Folded Dimensions113cm x 43cm x 49cm

Is the Xiaomi M365 Pro E-scooter for you?

The Xiaomi M65 Pro been designed with adults who are looking for an e-scooter for commutes and all round journeys with a purpose.

If you're looking for a scooter with an excellent range and decent power at a competitive price, this is a good choice

If you want a recreational electric scooter, it will also work. Although you may find something cheaper which will fulfill your requirements.


Let's start with the spec most of you want to know! The Xiaomi Pro has an impressive top speed of 15mph (25km/h). Bear in mind, like with most electric scooters, the closer you are to the 100kg maximum weight capacity, the more likely you will see a drop in the top speed of the scooter. But speed wise it offers so much more than a top number.

There are three speed modes. Firstly the energy saver mode (ECO). The default mode for this scooter is ECO mode and this will reach a top speed of 10 miles per hour. This mode can be very useful when driving on busy roads. Obviously, the eco mode is best for extending the battery life on each charge.

The other two modes are drive mode (with a top speed of 12 mph) and sports mode (15mph). Riders easily switch between modes by double-pressing the power button.

A gentle kickstart is required to start up the scooter. When you are moving to around walking pace (about 2mph), hold the accelerator button and speed away!  The Xiaomi Pro has excellent acceleration on flat ground.

The M365 Pro is Bluetooth enabled so it can be paired with a smartphone app. The app gives extra features including a cruise control feature. When switched on, this feature automatically maintains a constant speed when it detects that you have been riding at this speed for a significant period. This allows riders to take their thumb off the throttle when riding longer distances.

Control Panel / LCD Display

The control panel is outstanding. It's bright, easy to read (even in full sunlight) and has 6 displays. This display includes your speed and the speed mode you are currently in. The remaining power display will remind you when it's time to charge your battery. It also displays repair warnings and bluetooth.


The power button 

The power button is between the handlebars and below the display. Tap the power button to turn the scooter on and hold it for three seconds to turn it off. While the scooter is on, tap once to turn the light on/off, or tap twice to switch between speed modes.

Design and Build

If you want an e-scooter that is visibly pleasing, you'll like the Xiaomi Pro's striking grey/black colour highlighted with distinct red accents. The scooter is covered in a super durable powder-coated finish which enhances the look.

The build quality is excellent, solid, well designed and built to last.


In a word, the deck is spacious. It has 19 by 6 inches of useable space for your feet. This helps increase comfort and is particularly good for riders with larger feet.

What you'll also like about the deck is that it has a rubber lined footboard with added grip and durability. Although it’s not advised to use the scooter in the rain, it can help keep you on the road during the cold or wetter winter months.


Safety is paramount with the Xiaomi Pro. It features built-in front and rear lights to keep you be visible in the dark.

The red tail lights flash distinctively as a warning to pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

The ultra bright LED front headlight is mounted high up and can light up the road ahead. Added safety for riding at night or in the dusk.

There is also an auto dimming function when the lights are turned on

Extra design features

The scooter is jam-packed full with extra design details which include a bell and a handy kickstand. The rubber handle grips are high quality and durable which is another nice added touch. These kinds of features mean the Xiaomi Pro doesn't feel cheap.


Foldability and Portability

Is it easy to fold and carry? 

Weighing just 14.2kg (31 pounds), the Xiaomi Pro is fairly light compared to many electric scooters. Having said this, it's hefty to carry the pro while you are walking. But taking just 3 seconds to fold with a single lever, it's easy enough to lift up and take on public transport as well as put in the boot of a car.

When folded, the scooter's dimensions are 1130mm x 430mm x 490mm which is small enough to fit in the boot of a standard car. It should also be easy to find enough storage space at work and/or at home.


One minor gripe is that the handlebars themselves can't fold down, which makes the folded dimensions bigger than they otherwise could be. Perhaps an improvement Xiaomi could consider for future scooters.

Bluetooth and Smartphone App

As already mentioned earlier, the scooter can be paired with a smartphone app via bluetooth. You don't need to use a smartphone app to use the scooter, but it opens up some exciting features if you do

Cruise control is one feature that can be unlocked with the smartphone app but the app also allows you to turn the lights on and off and lock the scooter.

The app also lets you effectively turn your smartphone into a dashboard. Update the firmware, view mileage, remaining power and current speed,
or enable cruise control to save energy and give your wrist a break.

Motor and Battery Performance

Perhaps one of the most impressive specs on the Xiaomi M365 Pro is the extensive battery life. Featuring a highly safe 18650 power lithium battery, 474Wh capacity, large power supply and efficient acceleration, the scooter can take you up to a whopping 45km on a single charge. Additionally, you can easily check the health of the battery via the mobile app.

The battery takes about 8.5 hours to charge

The deck houses the charging port. The LCD display will show you how much the scooter is charged while it is plugged into the charger. This can be useful for charging the scooter just enough for short journeys.

If you're worried about noise, you don't have to be, the motor on the scooter is quiet. It does get a little noiser when going faster or uphill but is never excessive.


The scooter has efficient, responsive braking with two braking systems, a mechanical disk brake for added braking power which is also assisted by regenerative braking. If one fails you’ll still be able to stop which gives added peace of mind when whizzing around.



The 8.5" by 2" pneumatic tyres are superior to airless tyres on performance
Pneumatic tyres offer better ride quality. They allow you to stop faster, turn harder and maintain better traction in wet conditions. They absorb the shock when going over bumps and potholes.

Perhaps one of the biggest downsides of pneumatic tyres is they are prone to getting flats, but this is pretty much outweighed by the superior ride quality of air filled tyres.

The tyres aren't suitable for off road use, but they should handle bumps in the road without a problem.

Weight Limit

The max rider weight is 100kg. Bear in mind, the closer you are to the weight limit the more likely you'll notice a drop in mileage, slower acceleration, a slower top speed and longer stopping distances.


How Does the Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro cope with hills?

Due to the scooter's extra power most urban hills won't be a problem, although they may affect performance. Gentle hills are absolutely fine. The scooter may slow on steep hills but can generally keep going. Officially the maximum hill climbing angle is 12 degrees (which is fairly steep) so only the steepest hills will stop it. A kick can help the scooter along in these cases. Expect the scooter to perform slower on hills the nearer you are to the weight limit.

Where Could the Xiaomi Pro be Improved

In a perfect world, we would have liked the Xiaomi Pro to feature suspension to add to the comfort of the ride. However, suspension would have meant a more expensive scooter and it would have added to the weight. So it's a compromise worth making in our opinion.

It is worth adding, that if you plan to drive the scooter on roads with a lot of bumps and potholes, it may be worth looking at an electric scooter with suspension. But for roads which are generally looked after and smooth, the Xiaomi Pro should be fine.


Perhaps the most obvious alternative to the Xiaomi M365 Pro scooter is its predecessor, the Xiaomi M365 scooter.  The previous version is less expensive but also less powerful which is noticeably slower when going uphill. You will also find the battery life is longer on the Pro but the earlier version is lighter to carry. So there may be reasons why a rider would prefer the original version.

Xiaomi M365 Pro VS Xiaomi M365 Comparison

FeatureXiaomi M365 Pro Xiaomi M365
PriceCheck Price on amazonCheck Price on amazon
Age RecommendationAdultAdult
Motor 300W250W
Max Speed25km/h25km/h
Weight of scooter14.2kg12.5kg
Wheels8.5" pneumatic tyres8.5" pneumatic tyres
BrakeDual braking system
(Electrical + Mechanical)
Dual braking system
(Electrical + Disc brake)
Battery LifeA riding distance up to 45km A riding distance up to 30km
Scooter Dimensions113cm x 43cm x 118cm108 x 43 x 114 cm
Scooter Folded Dimensions113cm x 43cm x 49cm108 x 43 x 49 cm



Best Scooters for College


What Are the Best Scooters for College?

Why get a scooter for college?

For several reasons. You'll save money on travel. It’s excellent for the environment. They are brilliant for keeping fit. No sitting in traffic jams on the bus or in a car. Perfect for getting to and from college. And ideal for scooting around campus.

Ten of the best scooters for college students are featured below. You might also want to check out our guide on what to look for when purchasing a scooter for college before you decide which one is right for you.

Razor A5 Kick Scooter

Reasonably priced, big and fast 200mm wheels, lightweight, foldable with an adjustable handlebar - there's a lot to like about the Razor A5.

Having said this, a maximum handlebar height is 97cm, which means it's probably not the best choice for the tallest of college students. Check out the Razor A6 (below) for a taller handlebar.

Need to take it on a bus or train? It easy to fold down and weighs 4.2kg, so it's convenient for hopping on and off public transport.

The extra large urethane wheels mean you can get to where you need to go quickly and speedily with fewer pushes.

Another useful feature is a low to the ground deck. A ground clearance of just 6cm means your kicking leg doesn't have to go down too far when you're pushing along. This leans to a more comfortable ride.

There's a kickstand for easy storage on a college campus.



Razor A6 Kick Scooter

Check Price on ebay

The Razor A6 excels in 2 areas:

  • it's big 254mm wheels are awesome for commuting. They will get you to college quicker and faster than scooters with smaller wheels. And fewer kicks are needed!
  • Its extendable handlebar reaches up to 106cm accommodating the tallest of college students.

It's handy kickstand A means it's easy to store on campus. it's also foldable. Weighing 5 kg it's not the lightest scooter but light enough to pick up, fold and take on a bus.


✔️Overall Verdict

The only choice for very tall people. the best choice if and speed and long commutes are what you're looking for.

Micro Black Scooter

The Micro Black is a top of the range all-rounder. Where this scooter stands out is it's designed to last. It's high-quality components and parts are all replaceable meaning this scooter can last through college years and beyond.

It's outstanding features include:

  • A superior and comfortable ride. The micro black features a low to the ground deck. This means you're kicking leg doesn't have to reach far to push along making scooting much more comfortable.
  • Outstanding 200mm polyurethane wheels that offer a quick, enjoyable ride and glide smoothly.
  • A fully adjustable handlebar. Find your optimum height between 73 cm and 102 cm.

Portable and foldable, this scooter weighs 4.7 kg which means it's no problem for most college students to pick up to take on public transport or transport in a car.

✔️Overall Verdict

The Micro range are the crème de la crème of scooters. It's difficult to go wrong with this well designed, high quality choice.


JD Bug Scooter

The JD Bug 150 is ideal for a nifty ride around campus. Something lightweight to pick up, carry and is easily folded.

In fact, one area where it surpasses big wheel scooters is how compact it is when folded up. Measuring 69 cm by 10 cm by 20 cm. it's a good choice if you need to fit a scooter in a locker or another small space.

The midsize 150mm wheels aren't as quick and fast as the large 200mm wheel scooters. However, they still offer a speedy ride. Additionally, they are smooth rolling and comfortable to scoot on

If you're looking for a scooter that you need to pick up and carry a lot, perhaps to go on the bus or around campus you won't find a much lighter scooter that can accommodate college students

The maximum height of a 99 cm is tall enough to accommodate a wide range of students but not the best choice for tall or very tall people.

✔️Overall Verdict

You won't find a lighter scooter which is such good value for money. The mid-size wheels make it ideal for short commutes and getting around campus.


Hudora Big Wheel RX-Pro 205

The Hudora big wheel scooter is competitive on price but ticks lots of boxes for the college student.

205 mm PU wheels ensure a speedy durable and comfortable scoot to and from college.

The height-adjustable handlebar extends from 79cm to 104cm which will be ideal for most students including all those who are tall.

Equipped with the carry strap, you can carry the Hudora on your shoulder around campus. A kick stand means it can be stored upright too.

The Hudora doesn't exude the same quality as a scooter such as the Micro black and it's parts and aren't so easily replaceable. But if you're looking for a scooter that does the job at a reasonable price this could be the best choice for you.

✔️Overall Verdict

A competitively priced all rounder that will suit most college students and get you to college quickly


Razor A5 Air Commuter Scooter​

What's different with the Razor A5 air commuter scooter? The obvious answer is the air filled tyres.

Pneumatic tyres have a lot of advantages. They give greater traction on wet surfaces so are better when it's been raining. More cushioning ensures a very comfortable ride. They offer a superior ride on a commute with cobbed paving or other uneven surfaces.

On the downside, they tend to add more weight to the scooter. They can also be slower to start off when scooting. You may also have to factor in the additional hassle of maintenance, such as ensuring the tyres are correctly inflated and dealing with any punctures.

What you also get with the Razor A5 air commuter scooter is anti-rattle handlebars and soft rubber hand grips.

Like most scooters it's foldable. At 5.6 kg this isn't the lightest of scooters, but that is to be expected due to the extra weight of the air filled tyres.

At 5.6 kg this isn't the lightest of scooters to carry but this is to be expected with heavier air filled wheels.

✔️Overall Verdict

A good choice of college scooter with air filled tyres which give or an extra cushioned ride. Ideal for extra traction on wet surfaces and absorbing the bumps from uneven surfaces.


Razor E300 Electric Scooter

The E300 is a good electric scooter for short journeys to and from college or trips from one end of campus to another. It has a kickstand for storage when you arrive.

The battery has up to 40 minutes of continuous use for one charge and there is a top speed of 15 mph. Both the battery life and the top speed are dependant on many factors including the weight of the rider and the terrain the scooter is on.

One downside of the E300 is that it weighs 19 kg which is heavy. You won't want to be carrying this scooter around campus.

The wide, pneumatic tires offer a cushioned, speedy ride. Slow down when necessary with the hand-operated rear brake.

✔️Overall Verdict

A reasonably priced electric scooter. Best for short journeys. Comfortable and Speedy


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro

If you're serious about getting an electric scooter for the college commute this one is definitely worth considering.

Sure it's not cheapest, but the features are amazing and it has a decent amount of good quality reviews to stand behind the price.

There's a lot to like about this scooter:

Impressively, the scooter can fold down in 3 seconds! Now, it’s not the lightest scooter at 14.2kg but it’s light enough to pick up when needed and take on the bus or train. Conveniently, fold the scooter up on campus when you get there.

The battery life is good! You'll be able to ride up to 45km / 28 miles on one charge. There’s an indicator to alert you when it's running out.

8.5 inch pneumatic tyres roll along for a smooth ride. They add a bit more cushioning, help prevent slips and absorb shocks.

A bright headlight and red rear lights give peace of mind when driving in tusk or in the dark.

3 speed modes offer flexibility to use at different times. There's an energy-saving mode a standard mode and a sports mode. It's super easy to change between modes just tap the switch twice continuously.

For more information read a full review of the Xiaomi Pro scooter. 

✔️Overall Verdict

An impressive, foldable electric scooter with excellent battery life. Ideal if you're serious about getting to college quickly on two electric wheels

JD Bug 200 Scooter

Another competitively priced scooter that's worth a closer look is the JD Bug 200mm commuter scooter.

It has big 200mm smooth rolling wheels with speed hubs and ABEC 9 rated bearings Get where you need to go quickly and comfortably. Perfect for easy rolling for students to and from college

Where this scooter scores highly is it's portability. It's easy to fold and even though this is a big wheel scooter it is lightweight compared to its competitors, weighing in at only 4.5 kg.

Therefore if you are looking for something to take on public transport, carry up hills or flights of stairs this is a good option.

A low to the ground deck means the rider doesn't have to stretch his foot too far to kick along. This helps ensure a comfortable ride and lessens the strain on your back.

✔️Overall Verdict

The JD Bug 200mm community scooter certainly ticks a lot of boxes. Competitively priced foldable, lightweight, big smooth rolling high quality wheels - it's difficult to go wrong with this one.

Scooter Buying Guide For College Students

What should you look for in a scooter for a college student?

The features you should look for on a scooter for college will depend on how you will use it. For example, a scooter for long commutes may have different features than one which you just use on campus. Read on for some considerations.

How high does the handlebar adjust?

Most handlebars are adjustable. However, you want to make sure the handlebar can adjust to the optimum height for you. Ideally, this will be around waist height. This is particularly important if you are tall. Make sure the handlebar adjusts high enough.


It's likely you will need a lightweight scooter. It's also advisable that your scooter can fold down quickly and easily.
This is especially true if you need to pick it up to carry it for any part of your journey, perhaps you will need to go uphill or take it on a bus.
You may also need to carry your scooter around campus.

Where will you store your scooter

When you arrive on campus you need to consider where you will store your scooter. Is there a bike shed? if so you may be able to store it there and a kickstand will be useful to keep upright. Alternatively, you might have a large locker where you can keep a small scooter. If you have to take it with you to your lectures or lessons you will need to make sure it can fold down small enough to put under the desk and is light enough to carry with you.


You will see that kick scooters have various wheel sizes. Scooters with wheels of 200 mm or more are quicker and faster than their smaller wheeled counterparts. However bigger wheels will add weight to the scooter so won't be the lightest for carrying around campus. I would advise going for bigger wheels if you have a long commute. But for the nifty campus scooter go for something smaller - 150mm sized wheels are a good choice.

Some scooters have air-filled / pneumatic tyres. These add more traction when scooting on wet surfaces. They are more comfortable for scooting over uneven terrain such as cobbled paths. However pneumatic tyres add weight to the scooter. You also have to factor in they need maintenance to ensure they are correctly inflated and to deal with punctures.

Electric scooters

Electric scooters are another choice for college students. They are obviously good for quick commutes. You can get to your destination without having to wait in any traffic. The downside is that currently you aren't legally allowed to ride electric scooters on the pavement or in cycle lanes. Having said this, many commuters do still use electric scooters and many areas turn a blind eye. This is because the law on electric scooters is likely to change in the UK in the coming months. However this isn't definite


There are many scooters to suit different budgets. You might find it difficult to tell what the differences are between budget scooters and ones at the higher end of the market.

Generally, the higher cost of scooters means you will get a stronger scooter which is also lighter. The parts will be of top-notch quality so should last longer. Parts on higher end scooters are often replaceable which means that although the initial outlay is more you'll end up saving money in the long run.

I would advise spending as much as you can on your scooter. Remember, the benefits are high. You will save money on transport including the costs to get to college as well as costs when visiting friends. They are great for keeping fit and will reduce your environmental impact.

More FAQs

Which is best? Bike vs scooter

You may be unsure whether to get a bike or a scooter for college. There are obviously pros and cons to each one. The pros of a scooter are that they’re easier to navigate around the campus than on a bike. A scooter is also easier to store. It's very likely you will be able to fold a scooter up and carry it with you to keep under a desk while you're in class. Scooters also tend to be cheaper. They are also easier to take on a bus or train.

On the other hand, a bike is quicker. But generally, they require more maintenance and are more expensive.

Are scooters allowed on campus?

It can very much depend on the rules of the individual campus and is certainly an important thing to check out before you purchase a scooter.  It may be that you can ride a scooter to college but will need to fold it up and carry it when on campus. If this is the case you would definitely need something lightweight and easily foldable.

Some colleges allow kick scooters but have banned electric scooters. So double-check before you buy.

Other useful kit:

A shoulder strap

If you can have to carry a scooter a lot a shoulder strap will be a lifesaver. Some scooters already come with a shoulder strap. If they don't, consider getting one separately. A light scooter is way easier to carry around campus if you attach a shoulder strap.

A scooter lock

Keeping a scooter in a bike shed? Then you seriously need to consider a lock to keep it safe and secure. Scooters are expensive and like bikes are a target for thieves. If you're leaving a scooter unattended a scooter lock is a must.


Riding in the rain or cold? Then you'll want to make sure that your clothing will keep you warm and dry. Keep safe with bright reflective clothing during dusk or in the dark.


Shoes are easily scuffed and worn out when riding scooters a lot. Consider getting a skater type of shoe with a gum rubber sole. Designed for skateboarders, they will also be hardwearing and durable for scooter riders too.

Micro Speed Scooter Review

Everything You Need to Know About the Micro Speed Scooter

Do you have unanswered questions about the Micro Speed?

It can be difficult to know if you're investing in the right scooter when you're unsure what all the specs mean and how they will affect your ride.

That's why we have come up with an easy to read and understand guide explaining the pros, cons and specs of the Micro speed.

Specifications at a glance

FeatureMicro Speed Scooter
PriceCheck Price on amazon
Check price on Micro Scooters
Age RecommendationAge 10 to Adult
HandlebarsFully height adjustable from 68cm to 96cm
Wheels145mm PU wheels
83° Shore A
Weight of scooterJust under 4kg
Max rider weight100kg
BrakeRear foot brake
Scooter Deck Length x Width 34cm x 12 cm
Scooter Folded Length x Width x Height67cm x 12cm x25 cm
Scooter MaterialAluminium
Other featuresKickstand
Strap Holder
(strap sold separately)

Is the Micro Speed Scooter for you?

The Micro Speed has been designed with teenagers in mind but can also be used by older kids and adults.

If you're looking for a fast, agile ride for hop on and off journeys this could tick the boxes you require.

If you want a scooter for longer commutes, there are probably better choices.

What are the best features of the Micro Speed?

The speed does a good job of combining bigger wheels with a scooter which is comfortable to ride and lightweight. The wheels measure 145mm so are big enough to provide a speedy ride (hence the name) but not so big as to add lots of weight to the scooter.

The JD Bug 150 street scooter also has mid sized wheels without compromising on weight but these types of scooters are far and few between.

Additionally, the speed has an integrated shock absorption in the wheel, acting like the suspension on a bike to absorb bumps in the road, offering a comfortable riding experience.

An extendable handlebar which extends from 68cm to 98cm will help you find the ideal size for your height.

Many riders will also appreciate that the rear fender brake also acts as a mud guard, keeping the splash off the bottom of your trousers when scooting along.

Foldability and Portability

Like most scooters in the micro family, the sprite is seamless to fold. The scooter weighs just under 4kg, which is light considering it's features and the larger wheels.

You may find that 3.8kg still feels quite heavy to carry for long distances but to pick up and store or take on and off public transport it will be a easy for most people.

Another thing to note is that when the speed is folded down it is quite compact compared to other scooters for teens and adults. It folds down to 67cm x 12cm x 2 5 cm. You'll find this is a lot smaller in dimensions to other scooters aimed at teens and adults. This is because the wheels are slightly smaller than other scooters aimed at this age group.

The small folded size can be advantageous if you want to fit it under a desk or in a small corner for storage. You may even get it in some lockers. But you can measure the space you have to check before you buy.

Conveniently you can attach a shoulder strap to the scooter (they are sold separately) if you have to carry it a lot.


One of the best features of micro scooters is the scooter parts are all repairable and replaceable. This means that you can keep the speed on the road for much longer than other scooters. It also saves putting the scooter in landfill and buying another one down the road - which is great for the environment.


Does the Micro Speed look good? 

In a word, yes. It's slim, sleek with a shine to it.

You can get this scooter in different colours - black and orange,  silver and unusually mint green. The mint green is quite an unique colour for a teen / adult scooter. Great if you want to look a little different and stand out from the crowd. The black and orange looks kind of different and funky too.

Sometimes, you may pay a little more for the black and orange and mint green than the silver. So if you want to save a few pounds look out for those price differences.

Weight Capacity

The max rider weight is 100kg, which is suitable for most adults to ride it.

Other Features

The speed has a handy kickstand which can be used for parking and storage. Stand it up rather than lay it on the floor or against a wall. It means it takes up less horizontal space while storing and prevents scratches to it's shiny surface.

Where Could the Micro Speed Be Improved?

One of the criticisms of this scooter is that the deck is too low to the ground. A low to the ground deck is generally a desirable feature on a scooter because it means that your kicking leg has less distance to go to push along. This means a more comfortable ride for most people. The downside is that sometimes the scooter make get scratched and scraped along the bottom of the deck and this has been a complaint of the Micro Speed for some riders.

Ideally this scooter is better when riding along smooth pavements rather than roads which may have a lot of bumps in it.

What's the Difference Between the Micro Speed and Micro Speed Deluxe

The Micro speed deluxe features a flexible wood and fibreglass deck. This helps smooth out bumps along the pavement and softens the ride. The deluxe tends to cost about £10 to £20 more.

Overall Verdict

The Micro speed is a fairly unique scooter. Scooters which have mid sized 145mm wheels for teens and adults are few and far between. There is only one alternative with similar sized wheels that comes to mind (the JD Bug 150 - see below). So, it's pretty stand alone in the market.

Micro advertise the fact that it's light and agile, and this is what it is. If you're looking for a nifty scooter which is light to carry but comfortable and easy to ride this could be for you.

It's a good scooter for quick, hop on and hop off journeys. Excellent for use on the school run, college or to the shops or a friend's house. For a serious commuter scooter, a scooter with a bigger wheel is probably a better choice. But if you are likely to go on public transport and use it for short journeys either side this could be a perfect option.

I am always a fan of micro scooters as their quality is second to none. And you can also replace and repair parts. Yes, there's a more expensive outlay in the beginning but it's easy to keep this scooter on the road for a long time. Replaceable parts are easily available to purchase online on the micro website.

A Video Review of the Micro Speed

This video gives a good overview of a rider who's used the speed for 3 weeks.


If you aren't sure that the speed is the scooter for you, there are other scooters to consider. The JD Bug 150 scooter has similar sized wheels and features and is cheaper. The Micro black scooter has bigger wheels and a good choice for longer commutes

JD Bug 150Micro Black
Kids to AdultsTeen and Up
150mm wheels200mm wheels
Scooter weight = 3.3kg4.7kg
Max rider weight =100kg100kg
Check Price on amazonCheck Price on amazon

Best Stunt Scooter Gloves

Why Get the Best Stunt Scooter Gloves?

A high percentage of scooter injuries affect the hands. Wearing gloves can help protect the hands from many scraps and bruises while riding a stunt scooter. Some gloves are also cushioned for further protection against injury.

Gloves are also great for keeping your fingers warm during cold weather. But they are also ideal in the summer. They ensure your grips don't get sweaty, so you still have a comfortable grip.

In the hot weather, look for a pair of gloves with maximum breathability to keep your hands and fingers cool. Many are made using breathable fabric and some have vent holes on the fingers too.

Many gloves are also screen friendly, so you can text or use your phones without having to remove them.

If you are at the skate park a lot, getting a pair of stunt scooter gloves is well worth the investment. Check out some awesome options of gloves for pro / stunt scooter riding whether that be at the park, the street or the trail.

REKD Status Protective Gloves

Worried about your hands getting too sweaty while wearing gloves? Looking for a lightweight pair of gloves for the park?

Than these gloves could be good option. They are made using ultra-lightweight materials with a breathable palm material, vent holes on each finger to help your hands stay cool but protected.

Moreover, there's also a sweat absorbing micro-fibre cloth area. Conveniently, the micro fibre thumb, fingers and palm are touch screen friendly.

When you wear them, the super flexible ergonomic fit and the neoprene wristband that keeps the glove in place ensure these gloves - well fit like a glove! They are super comfortable.

Triple 8 Exo Skin Gloves

Triple 8 are a well known brand in the skate park world and part of their range includes the Exo Skin Gloves.

Another comfortable, lightweight skate / scooter glove with excellent grip when hitting the street, trail or park.

The lightweight construction with ventilated mesh upper keep your hands dry and the sweat off your grips.

It's easy to get these gloves on and off with a comfortable slip-on design with pull-on wrist tab.

The palm is reinforced for extra durability and as a bonus there is a sweatsaver brow-wipe on the thumb.

There are lots of different sizing options suitable for kids, teens and adults to ensure optimum comfort and fit.

TOFENR Unisex Gloves

Want a cool design that will stand out. The cool skeleton design on the Tofenr gloves certainly make an impact!

But they don't just look awesome, they're made of premium microfiber material which makes them breathable, comfortable, antibacterial, scratch resistant and skin-friendly.

And they do the job! The thickened pads and breathable material on the palms provide the perfect shock absorption, slip resistance and powerful grips for stunt scooter use.

In addition, the anti-slip fingertip design is convenient to grip the handlebar and brings you the perfect scooting experience

Find a perfect fit with the Velcro wrist which is easy to adjust the tension to meet your personal requirements.

Core Protection Gloves

CORE Protection is another top brand. Their gloves are specifically designed for both scooter and bike use, so perfect for stunt scooter adventurers.

What's really great about core protection gloves is the skin fit design. Make sure you choose the right size and you'll forget you have gloves on. The design allows for maximum feel and responsiveness whilst riding - no bulky glove.

The gloves are touch screen friendly so you can ride your scooter and check social media without removing your gloves.

For durability there's a reinforced thumb area (where most gloves rip) made from 50% synthetic leather and 50% polyester. Like other gloves featured, the material is breathable and comfortable, reducing sweat but still keeping your hands warm.

Lastly, they design looks amazing, you won't look out of place on the skate park wearing core protection!

Fist Demon Cleaner Protective Gloves

When you choose Fist's minimalist. lightweight designed gloves you are also choosing to keep that strong connection between you and your bars.

The fist gloves score highly on fit, with numerous sizes to choose from. The gloves certainly have a close with your hand due to the 4-way stretch twill spandex upper paired with a single layer Clarino palm .

And, as an added bonus you can still take your pics and write your texts with the touch screen conduction indes finger and thumb.

Fuse Protection Chroma Sticker Bomb Protective Gloves

Fuse Protection make gloves and other protective gear for bmx riders but their gloves work well for scooter gloves as well.

Their designs certainly are vibrant and look awesome. The gloves are made out of a wide range of materials. They palm material is hard wearing synthetic leather and has ventilation holes. The upper material is a combination of polyester + PU for optimum comfort and flexibility.

These gloves are durable, there's reinforcement on the index and thumb.

The adjustable velcro wrist strap will ensure they stay in place.

Fox Ranger Gloves

The Fox Ranger gloves are designed for mountain biking but work across a variety of disciplines including at the skate park.

They fit well with a compression molded cuff with hook and loop closure for secure fit and features an bsorbent micro-suede thumb.

You don't need to worry about landing on your palsm while wearing these gloves, with the TruGel strategically placed gel palm protection

And it doesn't skim on touch screen compatibility either with conductive threads at index finger and thumb.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Stunt Scooter Gloves For You!

To make it super easy when picking out the best stunt scooter gloves here is a list of what to look for:

Secure and comfortable fit - this is the most important element of picking the right glove. Make sure you take your measurments correctly and choose the right sized glove.

You want your hands to be able to move freely and not be restricted but too loose a fit may mean they become irritable.

Many gloves also feature a wrist band on the top to keep the glove in place.

Summer or winter gloves - sometimes it makes sense to have a thicker pair of gloves in the winter and a more lightweight pair in the summer, although this may come down to rider preference. Obviously a thicker glove will keep your hand warmer but will make it sweaty in hot weather.

Material - Many gloves are very lightweight, are made of breathable fabric and have vent holes which can make them a better choice in the summer.

Many riders prefer material which is thin enough to give them good connection with the bars while still offering injury protection.

Gloves with micro fibre material can be effective at wicking away the sweat from your hands during warmer weather.

Some gloves feature spandex for stretchy skin like feel.

Durability - which areas or reinforced. If you are breaking your falls a lot with your hand, it's important to look for a glove with a reinforced palm as this is area which can take the most impact.

Read reviews - if you buy online, it can be quite good to read a few reviews before you buy to get an idea of how durable they are.

Best Scooter Shoes For Kids

Best Scooter Shoes For Kids

Do your kids scooter adventures ruin their shoes?

Are they getting scuffed? Worn down? Or even worse, have holes?

Yes, I hear you cry.  Then your child needs a pair of shoes designed for scooter riding.

What Type of Shoes Should You Get? 

They need to be hardwearing to withstand the scuffs from riding along the street and / or the impact from jumps and tricks at the skate park.

Whatever scooter adventures they parktake in all scooter shoes should be flat. The upper shoe area should be made of sturdy and hardwearing material. The areas between the different parts of the shoe should be at least double stitched  (or even triple stitched).

Having said this there is not a one size fits all approach. The best shoes for their scooter trips may vary between when and where they use their scooter.  Skate park shoes will be different than shoes used on muddy or wet surfaces. The later need to be waterproof and many shoes for the skatepark are not.

It should go without saying but the shoes also need to be comfy!

Another consideration is the shoe style. No tween or teen is going to want to be seen in something that isn't fashionable. But function is of course just as important.

Luckily there are numerous shoes designed for kids which are perfect for scooter riding on all kinds of terrain and surfaces.

We have 10 ideas below which have been divided into 3 categories

1.) Shoes for the Skate Park
(these should also be good for kick scooting)

2.) Shoes for the School Run
(shoes they can wear also wear at school)

3.) Shoes for Muddy Terrain
(great for dirt scooters)

Scooter Shoes for the Skate Park

If your scooter enthusiast spends all of their time at the skate park, check out some shoes below. All of the shoes are designed for skate park use and generally come under the category skate shoes but they are perfect for stunt scooter use as well.

Vans Atwood Canvas Skate Shoe


It's difficult to go wrong with Vans Atwood low top snaker / trainer. They are super competitive on price, super comfortable and look amazing. The sole is made of gum rubber so is perfect for skate park use and the diamond waffle pattern on the sole gives added grip on a scooter.

The shoes are strong with a vulcanized construction with a lace up closure. The outer material is canvas so the shoe moves well with the foot and the inner material is textile which is comfortable to wear.

As it's canvas, Vans aren't the best shoes to wear in very wet weather but for summer scooting they're awesome!

Vans Boys' PALOMAR Trainers


Another option of Vans are the the palomar. These are inspired by modern skate silhouettes and feature Vans iconic side stripe branding.

One of the overiding features of the Palomar is they are designed with comfort in mind. The padded collar and heel area are two features which offer increased comfort and fit for a kids who loves to scoot.

They are strong and durable for skate park with a vulcanized construction, Van's original waffle tread design and legendary gum rubber compound.


Nike Unisex Kids’ Stefan Janoski (Gs) Skateboarding Shoes


A longwinded name for this shoe! It features a low top and a low profile with little padding but this ensures maximum freedom of movement and a soft flex right out of the box.

It's made of a leather upper and cushioned midsole for a comfortable fit and excellent sensitivity when scooting.

Scooter riders will love the Nike Zoom Air unit in the insole for responsive cushioning. There's a vulcanised style rubber outsole with classic gum rubber and a soft flex right out of the box.

The full rubber outsole has a special pattern for better traction.

The finishing is also excellent with 4 metal outlets and  double reinforced style stitching.

This is one cool skate shoe!

Adidas Unisex Kids Gazelle



The Adidas Gazelle shoe has been around for a while. And you can see why. How awesome do these shoes look? The burgundy is a fantastic unisex color. They look amazing for skate park wear and everyday casual wear too.

They have an outer materialof leather and a gum rubber sole for durability. Super comfortable for daily wear and durable for the skate park too.

Perfect for kids, tweens or teenagers.

This is one cool skate shoe!

Etnies Unisex Kids Marana Skateboarding Shoes


The Etnies is one of the most durable skateboard shoes but not it's now even more durable - 3 times more durable to be precise!
Etnies has teamed up with the top rubber maker michelin and made a new Marana outsole. The shoe has a rubber toe cap and a hidden lace-up pocket to protect the laces.

The Marana has a lined tongue, a lined shoe collar and one per foam 1 insole for more comfort. Thanks to michelin, the shoe has a durable cup sole made from chicheling rubber.

Cupsoles are better for kids who do a lot of aerial jumps. Cupsoles have more cushioning and a thicker sole, designed for skaters who jump from higher distances. Kids who do more grinds and Ollies will probably prefer the flexbility of a scooter with a vulcanised construction as opposed to cupsoles.

DC Shoes (DCSHI) Boys’ Court Graffik-Shoes


Perfect for boy from aged 8 to 16.

Like the Etnies shoe, these have cup construction which makes them more suitable for withstanding landings from aerial tricks.

The features include: leather upper, large DC heel logo, foam padded collar and tongue for comfort, vent holes for breathability and a lightweight mesh tongue.

DC Kids' Pure High-top Ev Skate Shoe



Since 1994, DC shoes has represented a balance of skate meets street casual.

The pure high top skate shoe look cool and are comfortable.

They feature hook and loop strap and elastic laces. A foam padded tongue and collar give added comfort. DC's trademarked pill pattern tread offers grip on the scooter.

Designed to withstand the test of child and skateboard! So perfect for scooter use!

Adidas Unisex Skateboaring Shoes

The Kids Seeley J from adidas combines a leather & synthetic upper with a durable rubber sole. Comfortable and durable for both the skate park and for scooter commutes.

The trainers feature lace up  fastening, cushioned insole and textile lining.

And finished with adidas branding. Cool styling for tweens and teens.

Scooter Shoes for the School Run

There are hardwearing shoes that are perfect for the school run as kids can wear them to scoot to and from school but also throughout the school day.


Vans Boys' Atwood Leather Low-Top Sneakers

If you're looking for a black shoe that could be for scooting on the school run and for school itself, check out the Atwood black sneakers.

They are lightweight and most probably better for the summer term. The outer black material and metal eyelets gives them the "school shoe look". They feature a double-stitching for extra durability.

The signature rubber waffle outsole make them durable and comfortable for scooting. The padded tongue and collar, along with vulcanized construction, offer increased comfort for general wear.


Adidas Unisex Kids’ Running Shoes

Another trainer type shoe which is also suitable for school so perfect for the scooter school run is the adidas unisex running shoe.

They are ultra-light running shoes and ensure a comfortable and safe fit thanks to the soft cushioning technology.

The breathable upper made of mixed materials and the cage on the arch support provide extra support.

They have a synthetic fabric upper material and a manmade inner material. The rubber sole make this great for kick scooting along the road.

Scooter Shoes for Muddy Terrain

If your child, likes to ride a dirt scooter or take their scooter along uneven terrain, trail shoes may be the way to go. They aren't lightweight so wouldn't be a good choice for the skate park but if you want a shoe fora muddy / wet surface trail shoes could be the way to go.


Adidas Unisex Kids’ Terrex Ax2r K Trail Running Shoe

The adidas unisex kids trail / running shoe is an example of the type of shoe that would be great when using dirt scooters.

Created for young hiking enthusiasts, these kids shoes are a versatile model suitable for all types of outdoor activities.

Featuring a low-cut ankle profile and a fabric upper with protective lining. The soft EVA midsole ensures lightness and cushioning, while the traxion sole provides superior grip on rocky surfaces.

Guide To Buying Skate Shoes for Stunt Scooter Use

Here are answers to all your questions when getting stunt scooter shoes for the skate park as well as lots of information about what to look for in skate shoe construction.

Do I really need skate shoes for using my stunt scooter?

Not really. Most flat pumps will be fine for stunt scooter use at the skate park. However, if you are using your stunt scooter a lot, ordinary pumps / sneakers will wear out quite quickly due to the extra impact they will be put under. Therefore skate shoes tend to be more durable for stunt scooter use.

Vulcanized Construction Vs Cup Sole Construction

There are two main types of skate shoe vulcanized construction and cup sole construction. The best ones for you will very much depend on the type of stunt scooter tricks and use.

Vulcanized shoes
Vulcanized shoes are thinner, lighter and more flexible. They are better for tricks like grinds as they are better with a flexible shoe so you can have greater control over the board. Vulcanized shoes don't have as much cushioning as cup soles but they offer more mobility.


Cupsoles are better for performing aerial tricks, where the impact from landing is hard. Cupsoles offer more cushioning and a thicker sole.

What Material Is Best for the Skate Shoe Sole?

The sole of a skate shoe is very important as it is the main point of contact between the scooter deck and the shoe. The sole should be flat. The best material is gum rubber. Gum rubber offers a lot of grip and is durable.

What about Comfort?

There are many factors which make a skate shoe more comfortable.

You will find that skate shoes have different levels of cushioning that can give added comfort when stunt scooter riding.

Most skate shoes have a midsole which is made from lightweight EVA foam that can help with impact when your foot or board hits the concrete. However, midsoles made from PU foam may last longer.

Some skate shoes have dual heel cushioning. Vulcanized shoes often have this extra layer of cushioning at the heel to make up for their thin soles.

Many skate shoes have a padded heel collar for added stability around the heel which will prevent the shoe from slipping off during a stunt scooter session.

A padded collar and heel area will also offer an increased fit for kids who loves to scoot.

You may also see a padded tongue which also adds to the comfort level.

Explain Profile (low – mid – high)

This is essentially how high the shoes comes up against your ankle. It really comes down to personal preference.

A low top shoe will offer more mobility and flexibility. Mids offer a bit more support but they aren't quite as flexible as a low top but not as supportive as a high top. Finally high tops will give you more support around your ankle but can also feel restrictive and bulky.

The best advice is to try out different types of shoes and see which one feels the best for you.