Razor E200 vs E300

Razor E200 vs Razor E300 - Which is the Best Electric Scooter?

Looking for a speedy scooter for an older child, teen or even an adult? Can't decide whether the Razor E200 or the E300 scooter would suit you the best?

Both models are great for speedy rides across the neighborhood, leisurely rides at the park or short journeys. But with slightly different specifications and price points, it can be hard to decide between them.

To help make a decision read our comparison of the Razor E200 vs E300.

Age Recommendation13 plus13 plus
Price Check Price on amazonCheck Price on amazon
Tyres/Wheels8 inch pneumatic wheels (front and rear)10 inch pneumatic wheels (front and rear)
Ride Time40 minutes40 minutes
Acceleration ControlTwist grip acceleration Twist grip acceleration
BrakeHand operated rear brakeHand operated rear brake
Frame and fork materialAll steel frame and forkAll steel frame and fork
Maximum rider weight70kg100kg
Batteries24V (2x12V)24V (2x12V)
MotorHigh torque, chain driven motorHigh torque, chain driven motor
Assembled Product Dimensions37"L x 16"W x 42"H41"L x 17"W x 42"H
Top Speed12mph15mph

Age Guidance

Both scooters are officially recommended for kids aged 13 plus. Having said this, there are many reviews of much younger kids using both scooters. The Razor E200 is smaller and has lower speeds making it a better choice for younger kids. The speedier and slightly larger E300 is the better choice for older and bigger kids, teens and adults.

Whether the faster E300 is suitable for your own child is a personal parental decision. It's will be a judgement call according to the person riding the scooter, taking into account their confidence and abilities.

Top Speeds

If you want a speedier scooter, than go for the E300 which has a maximum speed of 15mph compared to 12mph on the E200.

Neither scooters need a kick-off, just step on, twist the throttle and off you go. Both scooters have twist-grip acceleration to control the speed.

Bear in mind that the weight of the rider will have an effect on the max speed of the scooter. Heavier riders will go more slowly. Also, the terrain may slow the scooter down as well as weather conditions.

Going uphill and on more uneven terrain will always affect the speed of the scooter whichever one you choose. Also as the scooter battery charge wanes it may cause the scooter to slow down somewhat.

Lighter, smaller kids will always go faster on these scooters than heavier adults.

How Long Do The Batteries Last?

Both scooters have a 40 minutes maximum ride time and the batteries take approximately 12 hours to charge. Heavier riders will run the battery out much quicker on both scooters so this is something to bear in mind.

There are a few things you can do to help you take care of the batteries on both the E200 and E300 scooters which very much applies to all electric scooter batteries.

1.)  Always make sure the scooter is turned off when it's not in use.

2.) Try not to deplete the battery to completely zero charge. Try and leave some charge in the battery at the end of each ride. Even if you don't burn the battery charge over the course of one ride, charge it in the evening anyway. Charging the battery regularly and not leaving it discharged for a long time will help lengthen the battery life.

3.) Store it at an optimum temperature and in dry conditions. Don't leave it in very low temperatures such as in a garage or shed during cold nights overnight. Likewise, keeping it out in the hot sun during the day won't help the battery life either.

4.) Finally, if you don't use the scooter for a significant period of time, occasionally charge it. Once every 30 days is a good guideline.

Frame Size and Weight Capacity

The E300 is slightly bigger in size and weight than the E200. The E300 has a supersized deck and frame, making it the best choice for older, taller and heavier riders. It weighs 23.7kg so it is heavy! You don't want to have to carry the E300 for very long at all.

The E200 still features a full sized deck which is fine for teens and adults up to 70kg. It is lighter but at 18kg, it's not one to carry for long distances either.

These scooters aren't ones to get for taking on public transport as they aren't foldable and they're heavy to lift and carry. Much better for leisure and fun use than commuting!


The E200 features a 200 watt high-torque, chain-driven motor compared to the 250 watt high-torque, chain-driver motor on the E300. Obviously the motor is more powerful on the E300 helping it reach a 15mph top speed.

The motors do make some noise when riding but aren't particularly loud.

Watch the video below to hear how much noise the E200 makes and what the rider can hear. (It also shows you the top speeds rideable by a 6ft 4 in adult - kids should go much faster due to being lighter!).

Some maintenance may be required such as lubrication and chain alignment at times.


Both scooters have pneumatic tyres which offer a comfortable and smooth ride. The pneumatic tyres will brake better than urethane tyres in the wet and on slippy surfaces. They offer more traction which is what you want at higher speeds.

The difference in the wheels between the two electrics scooters is the size. The E200 has 8 inch wheels compared to 10 inch wheels on the E300. The bigger wheels on the E300 mean that it will get you further much more quickly.

The tyres work best on smooth, flat surfaces such as pavements. They will work on terrain such as short grass but aren't really designed for use on rough ground, so don't get either of the scooters if you want an off-road electric scooter.

Other Features

Both scooters have a kickstand which will allow you to stand the scooters anywhere for while you take a break. It also means it can be stored upright.

There is a hand-operated rear brake on both scooters for easy stopping and extra control.

Can Adults Ride the E200 and E300?

In a word yes, but there are things you need to be aware of. Adults are heavier. Therefore they are likely to find the scooter will go much slower than when a child is riding it. A 40kg child will speed around whereas a 100kg adult won't. Adults will also find the battery life runs out much more quickly.

If you're looking for a commuter scooter, the bigger E300 might be okay for very short journeys but it's probably better to look for another model in most cases. However, if you want just a bit of fun, it could be the scooter for you.


See the E200 in Action

See the E300 in Action 


Overall Verdict

There isn't much to choose between the two scooters with the two major differences being the speed and the size.

If you want a speedier scooter go with the E300. It will also last longer for many kids and teens as it has a bigger frame to suit growing riders.

If you want something a little more steady, lighter and smaller or if budget is a top consideration go for the E200. It's a good choice for more cautious kids, teens and adults.

Razor A5 Vs A6 – Compare Razor Big Wheel Scooters

Razor A5 vs A6 - Which Is the Best Scooter for You?

The Razor range of big wheel scooters are great for older kids, teens and adults. But it can be confusing as to what the exact differences between each scooter is and which is best. This article answers these questions and compares 3 scooters the Razor A5 Lux, the Razor A5 air and the Razor A6.

Comparison Table

FeatureRazor A5 LuxRazor A5 AirRazor A6
Scooter Pic
PriceCheck Price on amazonCheck Price on amazonCheck Price on amazon
Handlebars (height adjustment)75 - 97 cmAdjustableUp to 106.7cm
Deck Size32cm x10.5cm34cm(l)34cm (l)
Scooter Weight3.83kg5.6kg5kg
Max Rider Weight100kg
17.5 stone
17.5 stone
BrakeRear Fender BrakeRear Fender BrakeRear Fender Brake
Deck Height
(from ground)
Other FeaturesKickstandKickstandKickstand


The Razor A6 is the latest model of the scooter. But the A5 is still a good big wheel scooter if you prefer something lighter and smaller. And the A5 Air is a good option if you want air filled tyres.


Pehaps the biggest differences between the three scooters are the wheels.

The A6 has the largest wheels at 254mm compared to the 200mm wheels on the A5 scooters. The bigger wheels are great for commuters and for scooting longer distances as they will get you up to speed more quickly. They will also get you further and faster while expending less effort. Of course, the downside of bigger wheels is that they add weight to the scooter and it makes it more bulkly when folded but we'll come onto this later.

The A5 air wheels offer another difference. They are air filled. The advantage of air filled/pneumatic wheels is that offer a more comfortable ride absorbing the bumps and shocks as you go along the pavement, making them a good choice if you value a comfortable ride. Additionally, the tyres offer more traction when it's raining or wet.

On the downside, the tyres need more of a kick off to get up to speed and therefore the A5 Air scooter tends to be slower than the A5 Lux and the A6. Air filled tyres also require some maintenance such as making sure they are inflated correctly and dealing with punctures. Finally, they are heavier and add additional weight to the scooter.

Handlebar Height

The A5 scooters are smaller than the A6 scooter. The maximum height on the A5 handlebars is 97cm compared to 106.7cm on the Razor A6. This means that the Razor A6 is a much better choice for taller teens and adults as it has one of the tallest handlebars on a kick scooter.

Weight of Scooter

The A5 Lux scooter is the lightest of the scooters coming in at 3.83kg. This makes it easier to carry if you need to. Consider you may need or want to carry it more if you use public transport with the scooter or you will be using your scooter uphill.

The Razor A6 weighs 5kg , but the air tyres on the Razor A5 Air make it the heaviest of all at 5.6kg

Anti - Rattle Technology

One of the criticisms of the A5 Lux is that it can sound noisy and rattly. Therefore Razor updated the a5 Air and A6 have with anti-rattle technology. The A5 Air and A6 feature patent-pending, anti-rattle handlebars and an anti-rattle folding mechanism which means there is a reduction of rattling when riding the scooter as compared to the A5 Luux. This can be a major consideration when choosing the scooter.

Other Considerations

The maximum rider weight on the A5 Lux is 90kg whereas it goes up to 100kg on both the A5 Air and A6.

All 3 scooter are foldable.

All 3 scooters have a kickstand so no worries there.

The Razor A6 tends to be the most expensive of all three scooters, with the A5 air coming in second and the A5 being the cheapest.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Great for older kids and teens
200mm big wheels give a quick, smooth ride. Much faster than scooter with smaller wheels.
On the lighter side for a big wheel scooter making it a good choice if you have to carry on short commutes


Can be a bit noisy / rattling when scooting

Razor A5 Air Scooter


Air filled tyres are good for shock absorption and offer a comfortable ride.
The tyres offer better traction on slippy or wet surfaces.
Features anti-rattle handlebars and folding system.

The air filled tyres can make it a lot slower than the urethane tyres on the A5 and A6
It's the heaviest of all 3 scooters making it harder to carry when you need to.

Razor A6 Scooter


The handlebars extend to a whopping 106cm making this an awesome option for taller riders. Fantastic if you're offer 6 foot.
The 230mm wheels are fantastic for commuting, offering the quickest ride of all 3 scooters with the least effort. It is extra zippy so perfect for getting to places quickly.
The anti rattle handlebar and folding mechansim means it offers a quieter ride than the A5 Lux scooter.
The extra long 34cm deck make it a good choice for longer feet.


It's heavier than other scooters as the bigger wheels add weight.
The rear brake isn't the best for stopping on a wet surface.

Excellent Video Comparison of Razor A5 Lux Vs A6

MGP VX9 Scooter Series Review – Pro, Team, Nitro, Pendulum & Extreme Stunt Scooters

Madd Gear Pro VX9 Scooter Series Reviews

Madd Gear Pro is a well-known stunt scooter maker and their brand is well known and respected in the stunt scooter world.

In 2019, Madd Gear brought out the VX9 series of scooters. The scooters are designed with different bar heights and deck sizes, so you can pick the right one for your height and style. It's almost like having a custom scooter ready-made for your scooter needs.

One thing that MGP has done is to make these scooters ridiculously lightweight. This means a scooter which is easy to control, super light beneath the feet, perfect for use at the skatepark.

There are five different scooters in the series are

Pro - for around kids 6 plus

Team - for around kids 8 plus, it comes in 2 editions. The Team has a 4.5" wide deck and the Team Fuel has a 4.8" wide deck.

Pendulum - made for the streets. Aimed at kids from aged 10 plus. This comes in 2 deck sizes with a choice of 19.5" in length and 21.5 inches in length.

Extreme - Aimed at the 12 plus age group, another light stunt scooter perfect for the skate park. This comes in two deck sizes (the 4.5" wide and the nitrous which is 4.8" wide)

Nitro - Also aimed at the 12 plus age group with a slightly larger deck than the extreme.

The article below looks at each scooter in the VX9 range to help you pick the right one for you.

Madd Gear VX9 Pro Scooter


The MGP VX9 Pro scooter is perfectly sized for kids, ideal for both beginner and intermediate riders. The awesome thing about this scooter is it's super light under your feet, perfect for learning and performing tricks. It's probablyone of the best entry level scooters you can get. I

Age recommendation - MGP recommends the pro for ages 6 and up with a height range of between 4'3" to 5" (the 6 to 11 age group).

Bars - This is the smallest of the VX9 range aimed at younger riders with chromoly low rise bars at 58cm high and 53cm across. (23" by 25")

Grips - soft mixed grips. They look cool with a two-tone colour scheme which matches the design on the rest of the scooter.

Deck - heat-treated and fluted - 4 inches across - 19.5inches long. There are inserts on the deck which helps makes the deck a lot lighter than previous models (about 20% lighter than before). Grip tape is high quality

Weight - the scooter's weight is 3.16kg so really is light.

Wheels - the two-tone wheels look exceptionally cool. They are 110mm hollow corrupt core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings

Brake and clamp - a nylon brake and a standard double clamp.

Madd Gear VX9 Team

A step up from the Pro scooter is the VX9 Team scooter. It's recommended for riders from aged 8 and up or with a height of 4 feet and above. Like the Pro scooter, the Team is amazingly light (nearly 10% lighter than it's predecessor). There's' 8 different colours to choose from so a look to suit everyone.

Weight - 3.41kg - a light scooter for a much speedier ride which offers more control.

Bars - steel Chromoly bars which measure 25" tall and 23" across. (63cm by 58cm) They are strong and light.

Deck - 4.5" across and 19.5" in length. Slightly wider than standard which offers more stability.

Wheels - durable 120mm corrupt core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings, giving a fast, smooth ride.

Summary - this is an awesome scooter which is suitable for kids aged 8 and up who are serious about improving their skills at the skatepark.


MGP VX9 Team Edition Neo X Stunt Scooter

If you want to stand out from the crowd, than the two tone design of the Team Neo scooter could be the choice for you.

MGP VX9 Pendulum

The Pendulum is a new edition to the MGP VX9 range in 2019 which has been designed for the street rider. It's recommended for kids aged 10 and up or for riders over 4 feet and 6 inches tall.

It's an MFX inspired scooter for the streets and the specifications reflect this.

✔️ Wheels - 120mm neo cartel alloy core wheels with alloy cores.

✔️ Light - the weight comes in at 4.29kg which is slighly heavier than the other scooters in the VX9 range but street scooters tend to be slightly heavier and stronger.

✔️ Handlebar- A standard sized MGP Chromoly t-bars measuring 26 inches high and 23 inches across.

✔️ Deck - the deck is strong. It's 21.5 inches long and 5 inches wide. The scooters's deck is sized for the streets. Scooters for the street have slightly wider decks than scooters aimed for the skate park. This is because, it's more comfortable to ride a wider deck on the streets, whereas lighter and smaller decks are better for doing whips and other tricks at the park.

The strong deck is heat treated and fluted with a box size which again is perfect for the streets.

✔️ Verdict - If you're looking for a strong scooter which can meet the demands on the street this is the one for you.


MGP VX9 Extreme Scooter

Aimed at the skate park rider from ages 12 and up, the extreme is super lightweight making it perfect for all serious skate park riders.

✔️ Bars - Standard MGP Chromoly handlebars measuring 26 inches high and 23 inches across. They have soft TPR swirl grind grips which match the look, design and colours of the scooter.

✔️ Wheels - 120mm alloy core, ABEC 11 high speed bearings.

✔️ Weighs - 9.3% lighter than last year making your arial trips, whips and tricks even easier.

✔️ Deck - Fluted and heat treated. 19.5 inches by 4.5 inches. The MGP team have also produced a version of the extreme with a slightly larger deck at 4.8" wide and 20 inches long to accomodate for the preference of different riders.

MGP VX9 Nitro

The Nitro is a stunt scooter perfect for the skate park aimed at kids aged 12 and up.

✔️ Wheels - 120mm neo cartel alloy core wheels with alloy cores.

✔️ Light - the weight comes in at 3.55kg making it one of lightest nitro scooter every produced by MGP.

✔️ Handlebar- A standard sized MGP Chromoly t-bars measuring 26 inches high and 23 inches across. The bar style is straight across rather than the y shaped bars of the extreme scooter.

✔️ Deck - the deck is 20" long by 4.8"across.

✔️ Verdict - If you're looking for a strong scooter which can meet the demands on the street this is the one for you.


Best Stunt Scooter Ramps

Stunt Scooter Ramps For Kids


Are your kids crazy about learning and practising new stunts, jumps, hops and tricks? Then having a scooter / skateboard ramp is a must. Check out our top picks of scooter ramps for kids, enabling beginners to increase their confidence when they are hitting the ramps at the skate park.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Scooter Ramp

1.) Size - make sure it can fit in your garden (or anywhere else you wish to use it) so that there's enough space around it for tricks. The bigger the ramp, the more landing space you'll require. You may also need to think about where you are going to store the ramps.

2.) Portability - if you require the ramp to be portable, ensure it's light enough to carry and transport. If you wish to take it in the car to transport make sure it can fit in easily too.

3.) Stunt scooter ability - beginners will probably prefer mini ramps which are smaller and more portable. Small ramps are also easier for beginners to get to grips with and increase confidence. Intermediate and advanced scooter riders may prefer a large ramp.

4.) Weatherproof - can you leave the ramp outdoors in all weather? This will depend on the type of material it's made out of.

5.) Level of use - ensure that it's designed for the level of use that you require. Mini ramps that are made of lightweight moulded plastic are great for beginners and smaller riders but for an intermediate, taller rider you may require something stronger. Larger ramps are able to withstand impact from greater weights.


Most of the ramps featured in this article are from Rampage. Rampage is the biggest selling ramp brand in Europe and has quite a few different types of ramps to choose from.

There are other manufacturers of ramps suitable for stunt scooter use that are featured towards the end of the article.

Rampage Single Mini Launch Ramp

This small ramp is perfect for scooter riders who are beginners at stunts. Ideal for building confidence before trips to the skatepark.

It measures 56cm (1) by 39cm (w) and 15.5cm in (h).

At 1.3kg, it's lightweight and easy to carry wherever you need to, from the garden to the front of the house to play with friends or to the park.

It's made from high impact polyurethane and is designed to withstand impacts with a maximum weight load of up to 90kg.

It can be left outside without any worries of being damaged as it's resistant to hold and cold temperatures.

Ready to use with no assembly required.


Rampage Unisex Double Mini Ramp


A double ramp has two opposing ramps so kids can scoot up one side and then scoot down the other.

The double ramp features has the following dimensions 81cm (l), 39.4cm (w), 15cm (h).

Like the single ramp it is designed to portable, so perfect for use in the garden or on flat ground anywhere safe.

Rampage Mini Airbox Launch Ramp Set

Box jumps are two ramps with a flat surface in between them, and the offers a lots of opportunities for different kinds of stunts and tricks.

The rampage airbox, is a mini styled box jump which is perfect for use outdoors in the garden.

It's easy to put together, takes just a few minutes to assemble without any tool.s

It's fairly compact, measuring 135cm (l), 39cm (w) and 16cm (h), and lightweight so can fit in most people's gardens or use for anywhere else wth a flat surface. Easy to transport from the back garden to use with friend's in the local partk.


JumpStar Large Skate Stunt Ramp

Looking for a single stunt launch ramp that is a little bit bigger than a mini ramp but just as affordable?

Then check out the Jumpstar.  It's a large launch ramp measuring 99cm (l), 71cm (w), 31cm (h) and has 135º transition to easily launch and land stunts

It's bigger so weighs a lot more than the mini ramps at 10kg but it's still portable so can be taken from the garden to the driveway or wherever you can transport it.

It's made of high impact pp (polypropylene plastic). It has anti-slip grip strips to adhere to multiple surfaces to prevent ramp sliding around.

The maximum user weight is 100kg and it's suitable for ages 8 and up.

Rampage Mini Four-Way Fun Box Launch Ramp Set

A mini sized ramp with lots of opportunities for action.

The Rampage mini four way box ramp measures 151 cm (l) x 119 cm (w) x 16 cm (h).

Like all the rampage ramps, it's high impact injection moulded and made from polyethylene (a type of plastic). It can withstand weight loads up to 90kg.

It's ready to use, only two minutes tool free assembly to put it together.

Icebreaker Ramps

Check Price on ebay(#affiliate link)


Another manufacturer of ramps made of high impact plastic is the Icebreaker range.

They make a number of different sized and types of mini ramps including single launch ramps, double ramps, 2 and 4 way box jumps with varying dimensions.


Stunted Mini Scooter Ramp

Another option of mini scooter ramp is the stunted ramp. Its easily portable and comes with anti-skid pads. It's robust and hard wearing and made with high impact PP material.

Easily portable, it features anti-skid plates for easy and secure positioning. It's single-moulded and there are no parts to assemble or attach.

The dimensions measure 56.5cm x 39.5cm x 15.5cm.

Top 7 Best JD Bug Scooter – Street, Stunt and Pro Scooter Reviews

Top 7 JD Bug Scooters - Kick, Stunt and Commuter Model Reviews

JD Bug have been a popular scooter brand with kids and adults in the UK for many years.

JD Bug produce some of the most well designed, durable and well though out scooters available on the market today. Their kick scooters in particular are a grade above the rest. They tend to be very lightweight, speedy, easily foldable and strong but available at very competitive, affordable prices. There is little to compare them with in the same price range.

There are quite a few JD Bug scooters available with models availabe for kids, teens and adults. They include kick scooters, stunt scooters and commuter models.

Check out the top JD Bug scooters below.

JD Bug Junior Street Scooter

The Junior street scooter is a smaller kick scooter which has been thoughtfully designed for kids aged between 4 and 8. It's the most affordable stunt scooter that JD Bug do so is an excellent choice for the youngest child. Here are some of plus points:

✔️ Super lightweight - at just 2.3kg, this is one of the lightest 2 wheels scooters on the market. As it's so light, it makes it a breeze for younger children to learn to scoot on a 2 wheeler and is easy for them to control and manoeuvre. As it's so small and light, it's no problem to put in the boot of a car and take it with you wherever you want to go. Even take it on holiday. It's very light for parents to carry when needed too.

✔️ Small Footplate for smaller feet - the footplate is smaller than a standard scooter footplate at just 44cm in length by 9cm in width. A smaller footplate is again a lot easier for little kids to control.

✔️ Wheels - there is a 120mm wheel on the front which gives the scooter some extra power up front, making it easier for little kids to get places. The 86 A durometer PU wheels offer a smooth ride and are speedy too.

✔️ Height adjustable - the handlebar can be adjusted between 63cm to 84.5cm which is quite a range. The scooter really does grow with your child and will last them a few years if you buy it when they are young.

✔️ Foldable - easily folds when you need to store it somewhere compact or for carrying.

JD Bug Original Street Scooter

A step up from the Junior scooter is the original street scooter. This scooter is aimed at 6 plus years but the height adjustable handlebar goes right up to 94cm which means there is no reason that younger teens shouldn't be able to use this scooter.

✔️ Built in Shoulder Strap - the shoulder strap is quite unique to JD bug scooters but super useful. As the scooter is very light, it makes it easy to carry when needed. You could even take it onto public transport very quickly and easily without obstructing anybody.

✔️ Light - like all JD bug street scooters, this original is very light. It weighs just 2.8kg making it one of the lightest scooters for school age kids and teens out there. This makes the scooter ideal for travel.

✔️ Height adjustable - this scooter has an impressive height range with a miniumum height of 63cm and a maximum height of 95cm. The height range will suit kids of all ages so it really can last years.

✔️ Foldable - like most kick scooters, the scooter is quick and easy to fold.  The folded dimensions are 65cm by 19cm by 11cm so this scooter could fit in a bag or luggage of the appropriate size if needed. It could also fit under a school desk.

✔️ Wheels - the high quality 100mm 86a PU wheels give a super smooth ride.

JD Bug MS 120 Street Scooter

The MS120 Street scooter is similar to the orginal street scooter with two main differences:

✔️ Wheels - The wheels are slightly bigger at 120mm. Bigger wheels can be advantageous as they will go faster and get you where you need to be more quickly. The downside is that bigger wheels can add more weight to a scooter. However, they MS120 compensates for this by having a handlebar which doesn't adjust quite so high, so the weight of this scooter is actually slightly lighter than the original but the handlebar doesn't adjust as high.

✔️ Handlebar - The handlebar adjust from a miniumum of 64cm to a maximum of 87cm, so there is not quite as much growing room on this one as on the original street scooter.


JD Bug Street Pro Scooter

This is an excellent recreational kick scooter which has excellent build quality and is super value at an excellent price point. If you are buying a kick scooter for a child or teen, this should definitely be in your list of ones to consider. Like all JD Bugs it has some brilliant features:

✔️ Wheels - the scooter features 100mm / 90A  wheels with black strengthened hubs. The 90A measurement refers to the durometer (or hardness) of the wheels. The durometer measurement on scooter wheels is always a number followed by an A. On scooter wheels you will normally see a number between 84A and 90A. The higher the number the more hardwearing the wheels are. The lower the number the softer the wheels. Harder wheels are more durable and generally faster, whereas the softer wheels absorb some more of the shocks from the road. So, the 90A durometer wheels on this scooter are extremely durable and will last. They will also give a speedy ride.  Reviewers report the wheels give a quiet and smooth ride

✔️ Light - approximately 3kg, easy to carry and transport.

✔️ Height Adjustable - the handlebar adjusts from 63cm all the way up to 97cm. This is quite tall - even adults can adjust the scooter for their own use. So there is tons of growing room and this is a great choice of kick scooter for teens (unless they would prefer a model with bigger wheels)

✔️ Strong - everything about this scooter has been designed to be strong, durable and to last. The scooter has been upgraded from previous models to include  black double collar clamps and a reinforced fork (JD Bug pro series fixed fork). It's been constructed from aircraft grade aluminium so it's frame is strong but light.

✔️ Other Features - it's foldable, fully foldable handlebars and a removable carry strap - so it's super portable. It also features a spring loaded brake. The scooter has also been awarded several safety awards, it's simply one of the safest folding scooters in Europe.

✔️ Verdict - this is an excellent kick scooter with no much else that compares with it in it's price range. The only reason to get something different is if you would prefer a scooter with bigger wheels or need a stunt scooter as the scooter is not designed for use at the skate park.


JD Bug Novato Pro Stunt Scooter

JD Bug have a lot of stunt scooters perfect for beginners and entry level riders. The Novato Pro Stunt scooter is one of their excellent entry level range. It's the ideal option for kids who want to try out a few tricks on the street or at the skate park.

✔️ Bars - one piece t bar measuring 79cm in height by 46cm in width.

✔️ Wheels - the wheels are 100mm with a resin core. This resin core is okay for an entry level scooter but intermediate riders would want a stunt scooter with an alloy core.

✔️ Weighs - just 3.2kg which is very light for a stunt scooter, perfect for younger kids to manoeuvre.

✔️ Deck - a lightweight alloy deck measuring 48.5cm by 10cm which is a nice size for beginners. A fully printed anti-slip grip tape covers the deck.

✔️ Fork - a threaded steel fork for maximum strength.

Verdict - a nice strong but light scooter perfect for younger kids doing entry level stunts.

JD Bug Pro Stunt Scooter


The JD Bug Pro xtreme t is a good entry level / beginner scooter aimed at the 8 plus age group.

✔️ Design - it has an aircraft grade aluminium frame, meaning that it's strong but lightweight and it has a threaded steel fork for maximum strength. This is a strong scooter for beginner level stunts at the skate  park.

✔️ Wheels - it features 120mm wheels with a resin core, which is a good entry level scooter wheel. The 120mm wheels are bigger than the standard 100mm wheels. Many stunt scooter riders prefer bigger wheels as they are faster but it comes down to a rider preference. Bigger wheels also get you from a to b more speedily, so fab for a kick scooter as well.

✔️ Scooter Dimensions - the scooter is 80cm high by with a bar width of 46cm. Ideally stunt scooters sit a bit lower than a kick scooter would with the handlbars ideally coming to around hip height.

JD Bug Series 200 Commuter Scooter

This is an impressive commuer scooter, great for the school run or commutes to and from work. Quick, speedy, comfortable to ride and easy to fold up to take on public transport. All this at an affordable price. There are not many comparable commuter scooters in this price bracket.

✔️ Wheels - the big 200mm 85a PU wheels with ABEC 9 rated bearings will give you a super quick, smooth and effortless roll from a to b. Bigger wheels are advantageous on commuter scooters as they will always give you the fastest ride from a to b with fewer kicks. Therefore the rider doesn't have to expend as much energy on their commute.

✔️ Comfortable To Ride - the scooter has a low footplate which is one of the most important features on a commuter scooter because it makes it more comfortable to ride.

✔️ Height Adjustable Handlebar - the handelbar adjusts from 74cm to 106cm so it can be adjusted to the ideal height for adults of all sizes as long as they are under the maximum weight limit of 100kg.

✔️Folds quickly and easily - there is a single lever that folds the scooter, making folding a breeze. Very convenient for taking on and off public transport.

✔️ Weight - it weighs just over 4.5kg which is very comparable to similar commuter scooters. Light enough to carry when needed such on and off the bus or train.

Verdict - this an solid, durable and well designed commuter scooter for teens and adults.


JD Bug Pro Commute 185 Complete Scooter

The JD Bug 185 is another awesome option of commuter scooter. JD Bug believe it's the best commuter scooter they have ever designed. Why?

1.) It has a new dual Bearing System for a Faster, Longer, Smoother Ride
2.) It features a new sleek Design taken from our popular e-Scooter range.
3.) An integrated stand.

Other great features include:

✔️ It folds! A single lever mechanism makes it easy to fold.

✔️Big and fast wheels. 200mm 82a wheels with speed hubs and chrome Abec 5 bearings

✔️ Ergonomically designed. Reduces stress on the lower back when scooting.

✔️ Height adjustable handle bars. Ranging from 74cm to a maximum height of 106cm.

✔️ Other Cool Features. 100mm soft foam grips with bar ends, full grip tape, rear flex fender brake to bring you to slow and controlled stop.

3 Wheel Scooters for Older Children

3 Wheel Scooters for Older Children

3 wheel scooters are becoming popular with older children for many reasons. Some children prefer the stability of being on 3 wheels. Other children may have dyspraxia or other conditions, which means they prefer using 3 wheels.

The good news is there are many options of 3 wheel scooters for the older age group.

The scooters below are 3 wheel scooters designed for older children from around aged 5 or 6 to 14 years old.

✔️ Top Tip - When choosing a scooter the handlebar should be adjustable so that it is around hip to waist height on the rider. A handlebar which is too low or a too high makes the scooter very difficult to control. 

Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter (5 to 12 years)

The Micro Maxi Deluxe is a high quality, 3 wheel scooter with outstanding construction and design. It's smooth, agile and quiet, making it a joy to ride. A telescopic height-adjustable handlebar ensures the perfect height for kids of all ages up to 12 years or a height of 152cm.

Long Lasting
One of the things I love about Micro scooters is that all their parts are repairable and replaceable, keeping scooters out of the landfill and on the road. You can pass it onto younger siblings or sell it second hand when finished with.

Age Recommendation
It's designed for kids aged 5 to 12 years old who are between 110cm and 152cm tall. If your child is towards the end of this range, also check out the Globber scooters and the 3 wheel Micro kickboard scooter further on in this article (the handlebars on these scooters extend even higher than the Micro Maxi)

Adjustable Handlebar
You can adjust the handlebar at any point between 67cm to 93cm. It's super easy and quick to adjust with a quick-release clamp. Ideally, the handlebar should adjust to around waist height on the rider. The lowest height setting of 67cm will be fine for small children. Likewise, the highest handlebar setting of 93cm is fine for many 12 year olds. Micro constructed the bar with anodised aluminium, protecting against wear and tear.

The Ride 
The high quality PU wheels measure 120mm at the front and 80mm at the rear, giving a smooth and quiet roll along the pavement. There's no rattling on the Maxi Micro! Kids control the scooter by leaning to steer, so you lean to turn left and right. This allows them to "surf the sidewalk", making the ride is quick and agile. The scooter is super light at just 2.5kg making it easy to control. It's also a doddle to pick up and carry to the top of a steep hill or up a flight of stairs.

Safety is paramount on the Micro Maxi Deluxe. It features a raised silicone Micro branded deck which improves grip. A substantial rear brake makes it easy and quick to stop without scuffing shoes.

Is it foldable? 
The Maxi Micro Deluxe featured above isn't foldable. However, you can remove the bar from the base for easy transportation and storage. If a folding scooter is important to you, there is another version of the Maxi Micro that folds (#amazon affiliate link)

Are there any other upgrades?
You can upgrade the Maxi Micro Deluxe to have chopper handlebars, which give even more control and easier balance.

Or why not stand out with LED wheels?


Best for - This is a great scooter for all age ranges. Its low handlebar setting accommodates younger, smaller children and the highest handlebar height many tall children. It is lightweight and built to last so it's difficult to go wrong. You won't need to buy another 3 wheel scooter for your child.

Not ideal for - those on a tight budget.​

✔️ Top Tip - Lightweight scooters can be advantageous. They are easy to carry and easy for younger, smaller children to control. For example, it's easier for them to lift up and down steps and kerbs. 

3 Style Scooters (5 to 8 years)

The 3styles RGS2 scooter is recommended for children age 5 to 8 years old with a weight capacity of up to 50kg. It's much cheaper than the Maxi Micro so a good option if you're on a budget. Although the handlebar doesn't extend to as high as the Maxi Micro scooter so it won't last kids as long.


The handlebar has 5 adjustable height settings which are 52cm, 72cm, 76cm and 80cm. This should accommodate most kids in the recommended age range (and perhaps a bit younger too). The handlebar is foldable, making the 3style scooter easy to transport and store.

Weight of Scooter

The scooter weighs 3.5kg so it's not as light as the Maxi Micro scooter but still should be fine to carry when needed.

There is an easy glide, tilt to lean steering system. Kids lean to go left and right to change direction.


The PU wheels offer a smooth ride and features LED lights that light up as the wheel spins. Great for being seen on dark evenings. They don't need charging or batteries to work. The front wheels measure 120mm and the back 80mm double wheel offers stability when riding.


The handlebar only extends up to 80cm (which is 13cm less than the Maxi Micro), so it will be fine for most kids up to 8 years old (and maybe a bit older - it will depend on how tall your child is). You can measure your child and see how high 80cm will be against their body. Ideally, you want the handlebar to come up to around waist height as this is the most comfortable. height when scooting.

You can get some replacement parts for this scooter, such as wheels and hand grips. This helps keep the scooter on the road for longer if these parts need replacing. However, unfortunately not every part can be replaced like on the Maxi Micro.


Overall, if you are on a budget and looking for a scooter for the 5 plus age group, this is a good choice. Kids love the LED light up wheels and there are 6 bright colours to choose from too.


Yvolution Y Glider Nua Scooter


The Yvolution Y Glider Nua is a beautifully designed 3 wheel scooter for kids aged 3 to 10 years old. Unique features make it an outstanding scooter that is unlike any others.

Height adjustable

You can adjust the handlebar to 3 different heights, with the lowest being 62cm and a top height of 85cm.


The scooter comes with an accessory slot which allows it to be hung onto the wall, keeping the Y Glider Nua off the ground. It’s fantastic for storing in small places. You can keep it behind the door!

The Ride

The 120mm front wheels and 100mm rear wheel are extra wide and roll smoothly, ensuring a comfortable and speedy ride. The wheels have LED lights. However, the lights aren’t as visible as LED wheels on other scooters so don’t purchase this scooter just for the light up wheels. An extra wide deck with high grip rubber offers extra stability when riding. No worries about slipping! A rear brake ensures easy stopping.


The Nua has a smooth design with no sharp edges or visible screws for safety reasons. Y Glider Nua is the winner of the 2020 Good Design Award.

Folding Mechanism

The smart design of the folding mechanism allows you to quickly fold the scooter without the worry of little fingers being trapped. Just touch a button and fold into place.

Trolley Mode

Once folded your child can easily pull the scooter behind them wherever they go for extra portability.

Best For:
The age recommendation is pretty spot on with the scooter. It’s good for kids from age 3 up to age 10
Not Ideal for - Taller 10 year olds. Although it will suit most 10 year olds, it may not be long until they grow out of the scooter. If you’re buying for a 10 year old and want some growing room, look for a scooter with a slightly higher handlebar setting.
✔️ Top Tip - 120mm are slightly bigger than standard sized 100mm wheels on two wheel scooters but bigger wheels will give a smoother ride over bumps and cracks in the pavement.

Globber Master Scooter (4 to 14  years)


The Globber Master scooter is suitable for kids aged 4 to 14 who are under the 50kg weight limit.

Adjustable Handlebar

The wide adjustable t-bar can be set at 5 different height setting, starting at 74cm and reaching up to 94cm. It's easily foldable with a safe and easy-to-use side push button. This makes transporting the scooter a breeze when you need to.


The extra wide deck topped with soft anti-slip EVA foam makes riders feel stable and comfortable. An extra-long composite rear brake add to a child's safety as they ride.

Steering Lock Button

There's a steering lock button. When pressed in means the scooter can only go forwards and backwards. This is helpful when kids start scooting as they just have to concentrate on moving in a straight line before worrying about steering.


High quality PU casted 120mm front wheels and an 80mm back wheel ensure a smooth ride along the pavement. Super soft dual-colour PR handlebar grips also add to the comfort while scooting.

Globber has become a household name in the scooter world and this is just one of their many offerings. Perfect to see kids scooting until their teenage years.

Globber Ultimum (age 5 to adult)

The Globber Ultimum scooter's unique selling point is its longevity. Amazingly it adjusts up to 101cm high. It will last most kids well into their teenage years. And adults can also hop on and have a go.

Height adjustable handlebar

It has a 6 height adjustable t-bar from 76cm to 101cm, which suits kids from aged 5 up to adults who are under the weight limit of 100kg.


One of its unique features is a patented adjustable steering angle control system. In simple terms, you turn a dial to make the turning circles tighter or looser. It allows you to adjust the steering to suit the rider.

The deck and foldability 

For safety, there's an extra wide deck with anti-slip grips.

There's also a patented, elliptic folding system. Easily fold it down into trolley mode where you can pull it along (or carry it if you prefer).


Finally, extra wide 125mm PU cast wheels to ensure a speedy, comfortable and safe ride.

Choose this scooter if adults want to have a go as well!

Boldcube Scooter

The eye catching Boldcube 3 wheel scooter with bright, colourful light up wheels, will definitely make riders stand out from the crowd.

Height Recommendation

The Boldcube 3 wheel scooter is recommended for kids aged between 6 and 10 years and in the height range of 75cm to 135cm. The handlebar can be adjusted to 5 different heights, 65cm, 70cm, 76cm, 83cm and 89cm.


It features an easy fold design. In just 2 steps, fold down the scooter to fit it in the car boot,  on your buggy, in the corner of a cafe or wherever you need to store it.


Large 135mm front wheels add stability. The advantage of having bigger wheels is that they go further in a shorter amount of time. Larger wheels also go over small bumps and cracks in the pavement more easily. The wheels also light up when scooting.


The brightly coloured wide deck is 13cm across at the widest point. This gives kids lots of stability when scooting.

Weight and Steering

The scooter weighs 3.2kg so is fine to carry when needed. It has a lean to steer steering mechanism, so lean in the direction you want to turn.

Micro Scooters Kickboard Scooter

The Micro Kickboard is a 3 wheel scooter aimed at ages 12 plus and adults. It's a unique scooter, as it has interchangeable handlebars. Scoot freely and quickly with the joystick handle or take full control with the traditional t-bar handle.

It's a lean and steer scooter so it's manoeuvred by leaning in the direction of intended travel and with a shock-absorbing, flexible, wood and fibreglass deck and 120mm wheels you're in for a smooth ride.

The scooter has an adjustable handlebar (71cm-100cm) meaning you can find the perfect scooting stance for you.

As with all micro scooters, the key parts can be repaired or replaced, helping keep the scooter out of the landfill.

Homcom Tri Scooter

Another option of 3 wheel scooter for older children are tri scooters, also known as flickr or caster scooters.

The Homcom works by sliding your feet, twisting your hips and moving from side to side propel the scooter forwards. The scooter allows the rider to propel forward without ever having to pedal or touch the ground, a low-impact exercise.

It's ideal for use on smooth flat surfaces.

It's great for building strength on legs, body coordination and balance.

The scooter can be folded up for easy storage and transport.

Top 6 Best Dirt Scooters – Buying Guide


Top 6 Best Dirt Scooters - Buying Guide

Dirt scooters are an awesome addition to a scooter collection. They are different to kick or stunt scooters because they designed to be ridden off road on rough terrain. They can cover ground including mud tracks, drops, grass, canals, woodland and other terrain which is inaccessible on a traditional scooter. Scooting on off road terrain adds an additional fun factor to the scooting experience. In order to cope with off road conditions, dirt scooters are heavy, strong and have big wheels with air filled tyres to absorb the off road shocks.

Older kids, teens and adults may want to use dirt scooters on bmx trails and dirt tracks where they can try out jumps and high impact manoeuvres. Dirt scooters are amazing for adventurous kids who want to try out something fun and exciting away from the skate park. It's important to choose the right scooter which is strong but lightweight to cope with the extra force required in landings.

Skip the buying guide and go straight to the top dirt scooter picks.

What to Consider When Buying an Dirt scooter.

Like all scooters, there is much to consider when buying a dirt scooter. Some questions will be can the rider cope with the extra weight of a dirt scooter?


If you are buying for a child, than the age, height and weight of the child needs to be taken into consideration. It is important the scooter is strong enough to withstand off road riding.  However if it is too heavy, it may be difficult for younger and smaller kids to control. If this is the case, look for a dirt scooter which is specifically made for younger riders. The scooter should be light enough for them to use. Some dirt scooters have a recommended age range.

Weight of the Scooter

Some dirt scooters can be very heavy. This is fine if you are an older, stronger rider. However, ultimately you want the lightest dirt scooter that your budget can accommodate as lighter dirt scooters tend to be easier to control and nicer to ride. More expensive scooters tend to be made with stronger materials but are designed in such a way that they are more lightweight.


The main difference between traditional scooters and all terrain scooters are the wheels. The wheels are bigger with high pressure. all terrain tyres that can cope with rough ground. Like car tyres, they will have different treads and patterns. The type of tread may offer increased traction when riding so is something to consider.  Look for nobbly tyres which offer increased traction.

Wheel size

The wheel size is a factor to consider when choosing your scooter. Larger wheels offer a smoother ride on the toughest terrains which is why dirt scooters all have larger wheels than you'll find on a standard kick scooter. If you want extra control to do off road jumps and stunts (perhaps on a bmx trail), consider slightly smaller wheels.

Wheel Hubs

If you're want dirt scooter to do jumps, tricks and stunts along dirt and bmx trails, look for a wheel that has a metal core to withstand the extra external force demanded when landing

Split Core Hubs

Split core hubs on dirt scooter wheels make it easier to change tyres. However, they do tend to be on more expensive models and are not a necessity.

Maximum Weight of Rider

Like all scooters there will be a maximum rider weight. This is important as you want to make sure a dirt scooter will last for a growing child. You also want to make sure that it will accommodate a teen or adult if that is what you want from the scooter. If possible get the lightest scooter that will accommodate your weight.

If you or your child are not very heavy, a scooter with a high maximum rider weight will normally be more expensive, heavier to ride and you won't need it, so look for something lighter. As well as the maximum rider weight you may also see a maximum rider weight for aggressive riding which will be lower. The maximum weight for aggressive riding is for people who jump and perform drops and tricks on the dirt scooter.

Type of Terrain

Most dirt scooters can be ridden on pavement and smooth surfaces as well as on uneven terrain. However, dirt scooters may take more effort to ride on smoother surfaces and won't be as quick due to the extra traction for the wheels.

Some dirt scooters are designed to be super strong so that they are perfect for heavier rides who want to do jumps on BMX trails. If you have this in mind, make sure that the scooter will take your maximum weight when riding aggressively. Also look for a dirt scooter with a fully welded aluminium construction which is light enough to do tricks but strong enough to take the impact. It's possible to get a scooter that could be used for the school run in the week and off road fun on the weekend. If this is the case look for one that is easy to ride on smoother surfaces like pavements as well as off road.


The handlebars should be at a comfortable height so it's easy to control the scooter. This tends to be around mid hip to waist height although some people prefer them to sit lower. The handlebar will be fixed, not adjustable. This is because the scooter needs to be strong. A foldable or adjustable handlebar creates weak points in the bar which can snap under pressure.

Most riders prefer wide bars for stunts and tricks. The majority of handlebars have soft grips for comfort when bumping over the ground. All scooters should feature hidden internal compression.

There are y style handlebar or straight handlebars. Either is fine and is a matter of preference.

Kick Stand

Not all dirt scooters features a kick stand. It shouldn't be a deciding features but a kick stand is nice to have so you don't have to store it lying down.


The decks should offer superior grip. Decks vary in length and width. Like all scooters a shorter deck is better for smaller riders. Small decks are better for tricks and jumps too. Some riders will prefer a longer deck for more foot space. Choose a deck which is more comfortable for you. Ideally all decks should be strong and lightweight.


Most scooters features a spring brake so you can slow down. Look for one which is easy to change if you expect to use this scooter a lot.


High end scooters have stronger and more durable parts and should last longer. Top end scooters will be made out of strong materials which are also light which costs more. The amount you pay will very much depend on how much you will use the scooter, your budget and what specifications are important to you.

Which Brand Should I Get?

Despite being such a new innovation, there are now quite a few scooter manufacturers which make dirt scooters. The brands including Osprey which has been making dirt scooters for a number of years.  Lucky is another manufacturer which also makes of high end stunt scooters. The one to buy will depend on what specifications are important to you. Check out the options below.

​Osprey All Terrain Off Road Dirt Scooter

The Osprey all terrain scooter is perfect for scooting off road and over all kinds of terrain. Ride it over dirt, grass, along canal paths. Tackle dirt tracks and downhill runs. It's aimed at kids age 12 plus to adult.

Wheels and Tyres
The thick (200mm) off road tyres are perfect for scrambling around off road. The nobbly tyres with 3 to 3.5mm anti-skid tread depth offer excellent traction. The wheels feature three piece CNC aluminium metal hubs which are strong to withstand high impact manoeuvres.

Handlebars and Deck
The chrome handlebars feature large rubber grips to keep you holding on and comfortable when riding.  The fixed handlebar is 97cm high which is a good size for adults and teenagers. The hardwearing aluminium deck is designed to take the punishment of any flying rocks and gravel on dirt tracks.

Stopping Power and Terrain
The stainless steel rear brake is built to offer you durable and reliable stopping power whatever the terrain. ​

Scooter Weight - the scooter weighs 7.39kg which is fairly heavy. This is still fine for jumps and tricks but if you're serious about stunts look for a lighter scooter (like the Lucky dirt scooter featured below).

Rider Weight and Age Recommendation
The maximum user weight is 100kg. It's recommended for older kids through to adult.

If you're looking for something which is solely for off road scooter use, occasionally try out a few dirt tracks or BMX trails and/ or do a few jumps and tricks - this is an excellent choice.

Bikestar Kick Scooter with Brakes, Mudguard and Air Tyres

The Bikestar scooter is a solid and study scooter for young children (around 7 year plus) to go off road over grass, muddy paths and uneven terrain. It can also be used as kick scooter on pavement and smooth tarmac. It's not a great choice for BMX trails and couldn't be used to do jumps, tricks or at the skate park because it's too heavy.

Wheels, Weight, Brake and Steering

It features 12 inch (approx 300mm) wheels with pneumatic tyres which are great for handling grass and rougher terrain. It weighs 7.2kg so is heavy. It's not a scooter you want to carry for long distances.

There's a big and strong rear and front wheel handbrake. The steering bearings make sure the scooter is easy to steer

Two Bare Feet Dirt Scooter

The Two Bare Feet dirt scooter is a mid range priced scooter for kids who wants to have a go at navigating a few dirt trails. This scooter is a good choice for younger children and those who are just out beginning and want an introduction to off road scooting. If you are serious about the dirt tracks and doing tricks, go for a higher end scooter which will have metal wheel cores and other features to withstand jumps and tricks.

Wheels - The wheels have 190mm x 40mm pneumatic off road tyres. The wheels aren't as knobbly as some other dirt scooters but they do offer grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.

Weight - It weighs 5.5kg and has a total height of 76cm so it's should be fine smaller kids to manoeuvre and control on off road terrain.

Age Recommendation - it's suitable for ages 7 plus and has a weight recommendation of 100kg. The overall height of the scooter is 91cm.

Lucky Warthog Dirt Scooter

If budget isn't a problem, the Lucky dirt scooter is top of the range and extremely well designed and durable. This is an expensive dirt scooter, so what are you getting for your money? Firstly it's extremely strong while still being lightweight. If the kid you are buying for is serious about doing tricks and jumps on BMX trails and dirt tracks, this is an excellent scooter. It's a stylish too.

Construction - the bar is made of 4130 chromoly and TID welded so at 5.1kgs is extremely lightweight for a dirt scooter but super strong too.  The deck is long and wide (25" by 5") and is made from aircraft grade aluminium. The scooter has a total height of 97.5cm and the bars measure 58cm high and have a width of 58cm.The scooter features an SCS compression system which is the strongest compression system out there.

Brake - the brake uses 18 gauge spring steel. It's the perfect angle and comes with an anti-vibration pad which is brilliant.

Grips - the scooter uses Lucky Vice Grips. They have been designed to be "super grippy" but are also super comfortable and durable. Fab when flying around over the mud.

Wheels - Lucky partnered with Kenda to add dirt-gripping 200mm wheels with strong aluminium cores which will have you flying down the dirt tracks.

Ascent Dirt Scooter

This is an excellent solid mid-range budget dirt scooter perfect for kids scooting off-road. If you are serious about tricks, the Lucky dirt scooter or Osprey are probably better choices. But this is great for younger kids who want to try out some off road scooting, along grass and uneven terrain.

Wheels - Heavy duty nylon 2 piece wheel hubs, (not metal hubs so not the strongest for withstanding aggressive impact) The wheels are fitted with 200 x 50mm pneumatic tyres

Scooter Weight is approximately 5.8kg which isn't too heavy and should be fine for scooting along off road.

Full scooter height - it measures 83.8cm from top to bottom. It's recommended for kids (aged 7 and above) through to adults. Ideally, the handlebar should come up to between hip and waist height for better control.

Xootz Dirt Scooter

Another great mid range dirt scooter for kids, the Xootz stunt scooter is a competitively priced and is great for off road use over canal paths, woodland and cobbles. The large pneumatic wheels are ideal for off road scooting. However this isn't a great choice for BMX trails, tricks and jumps. This is because the wheels have plastic cores which aren't as strong as metal cores for withstanding the impact from harsh landings.

Wheels The thick 200mm (8") pneumatic tyres are fantastic for scooting on all terrain. Some reviewers have said the tyres are hard to pump up because the valves aren't easily accessible. To fix this other reviewers recommend the use a quick release pump rather than a normal bike pump for the job. Once the tyres are pumped up you rarely need to top them up which is  a bonus.

Handlebars The handlebars measure 88cm from the floor to the top of the bar, which is a better size for kids from around 8 years old rather than adults.

Deck - The wide aluminium deck size is 10cm by 48cm which is a nice size for kids to rest two feet. There is fully printed grip tape on the deck.

Brake - a very responsive aluminium rear brake for quick stopping

Handgrips The hand grips have a soft and textured rubber coating which helps grip when holding on and the handle

Best Scooters for Teens


What Are the Best Scooters for Teens?

The best scooter for a teenage girl or boy will very much depend on what they want to use it for. If they want to use their scooter to do jumps, stunts and tricks at a skate park, then it's important to get a stunt scooter which are designed to withstand the impact.

Other teens may just want something cool to get the from a to b (perhaps to school) and then you can consider a traditional kick scooter or an electric scooter if speed is their aim.

This article has tons of information to help you choose the best scooter for a teenager depending on their wants and needs.

Micro Classic Scooter

The Micro Black scooter is tall and quick, ideally suited for teenagers and adults. It's 200mm fast rolliing wheels make it an ulitmate choice for commuting or getting anywhere you want speedily and comfortably. In fact, it's been the scooter of choice for many commuters for several years.

Perhaps one of the most important features for a growing teen is a fully adjustable handlebar which adjusts from 73cm to 102cm . This will suit taller riders as well as ensure lots of growing room for younger teens.

The Micro classic's outstanding features include a low to the ground deck, so that the kicking foot doesn't have far to travel to push along - giving the rider comfort when riding.  Conveniently there's a kickstand , quality shock absorbing hand grips and the scooter folds for easy storage.

It weights 4.7kg, for a scooter with such big wheels this is light, making it easy to lift on and off public transport or into a car boot.

But maybe one of the best things about Micro scooters is that all of the high quality components and parts are replaceable. This means that the scooter can stay on the road for years - possibly forever meaning it's kept out of landfill which is ultimately good for the environment.

Overall the Micro black is quality - smooth gliding, portable and foldable. It's twice as fast as walking - there's a lot to like.

Here is 14 year old Ethan putting the Micro Classic through it's paces. '

Read our full review of the Micro Classic scooter and find out Ethan's verdict.

✔️Overall Verdict

A folding scooter with a smooth and fast ride. The handlebar extends so that it will grow with teenagers. Perfect for the school run.


Hudora Big Wheel RX-Pro 205

The Hudora Big wheel scooter is a big wheel, sturdy kick scooter which is competitive on price. It is suitable for older children, teens and adults. It's big wheels mean that it can pick up some speed when travelling to friend's houses or school. It also has an adjustable handlebar height from 79 to 104 cm so will be ideal for growing teens.

The 87a 205mm PU wheels are durable, offering speed and comfort when scooting along paths and pavements. The bigger the wheel the faster you can go and big wheels also offer a smooth ride even if you go over bumps in the pavement so the wheels are a good size for gettting places.

The handlebar adjusts from 79cm to 104cm so it suits kids from about age 8, through the teenage years and even adults who are under the maximum rider weight of100kg.

Other notable features include a practical folding mechanism, a carry strap and a kick stand for upright storage.

✔️Overall Verdict

An excellent choice if you want a big wheel scooter but don't want to break the bank. The big wheels make this a good option for speedy school or college runs.


Razor A6 Kick Scooter

The Razor A6 scooter has everything a teen will need to get him or her from a to b quickly. The urethane 254mm big wheels take you faster, further and it's easily foldable for taking on public transport or storing under a desk.

The height adjustable handlebar suits teens of different heights. It adjusts up to 106.7 cm so if your teen has a massive growth spurt, this scooter accommodates the very tallest of teens.

If your teen is planning to travel long distances, the 254mm wheels will get him there in no time at all. Bigger wheels are better if you want to go further and faster. And it takes less effort to get up to speed with bigger wheels too.

The scooter is foldable and the folding mechanism doesn't rattle.

The Razor isn't the lightest of scooters at 5kg (bigger wheels will always add extra weight to the scooter). However, most teens will have no trouble folding a 5kg scooter. They can take it on and off public transport and put it away into storage when they needed.

The Razor also has a kickstand and rear fender brake for quick stopping.

✔️Overall Verdict

A great big wheel scooter from a well known brand which will suit teens who want to go far and travel quickly and on their kick scooter.


JD Bug Scooter

If you're looking for a recreational scooter for a smaller teen - this is a brilliant scooter, in its price range there isn't much to compare to it. It has a fully adjustable handlebar which extends up to 95cm. This should suit teenagers up to around 5 foot 6 in height.

The 100mm PU wheels are smaller than other scooters on this page so it won't be quite as speedy but still quick to get teens to school or college. However, the smaller wheels mean the scooter is lighter than it's bigger wheeled counterparts. This makes it superior for carrying as it's much lighter. Perfect for quickly folding and carrying onto public transport or into school. It will also take up less storage space than scooters with bigger wheels.

It's super easy to fold and as a bonus it comes with a convenient shoulder strap so teens can carry it when they need to. As it's only 2.78kg carrying the scooter will be a breeze for most teenagers.

Finally it comes in many different colours.

✔️Overall Verdict

Exceptionally good bang for your buck! JD Bug is a leading brand and the street scooter is perfect for smaller teens, particularly if it's used for short commutes to and from school. PU wheels offer a smooth ride while being very light to carry and fold down compactly too.


Beginner Stunt Scooter for Teens​ - Chilli Pro Reaper Stunt Scooter

If you're looking for a quality beginner stunt scooter for a teenager the Chilli  Pro Reaper Stunt scooter is a fantastic all-rounder. Its construction and design is top notch at a competitive price.

Scooter Size

The overall height of the scooter is 84cm. Teenagers vary hugely in size so what's good to know is most beginners do well with a scooter between hip and waist height. Having said this, it may depend on the preference of the teen whether they prefer higher or lower bars on their stunt scooter. Many pro riders like their scooter bars to sit quite low as they have better control when doing tricks.

The right scooter for your teenager will depend on their height and riding preference. A very tall teen may prefer a taller bar.


The Reaper features robust 110mm wheels with alloy cores, ideal for withstanding the impact of tricks and jumps at the mark.

110mm wheels are better scooters than smaller 100mm wheels for the teenage age group. 110mm wheels are faster, last longer because they have more urethane, look good and mean a taller scooter. The wheels can be upgraded to 120mm if the rider in question wants to progress with their skills.


The Chilli Reaper is light at 3.8kg. Lightweight stunt scooters are better for doing tricks as they are easier to control.

The bar is nice and wide at 58cm giving beginners and intermediate riders optimum control.

This is a strong and durable scooter with the unique Chilli Spider HIC Compression system meaning the Reaper is compatible with any brand of scooter so can be upgraded. Ideal for both beginners and intermediate riders.

If you're not sure what any of this means, check out the brief guide to important features on a stunt scooter below or read more in depth detail in our stunt scooter buying guide.

✔️Overall Verdict

A solid, durable and cool scooter, from a well respected stunt scooter brand which will be perfect for trips to the skate park.


MGP Action Sports – MGX E1 Extreme Stunt Scooter

The MGP VX Extreme is aimed at intermediate and advanced riders. It’s an ideal choice for a teen who is serious about the skate park and doing stunts.

Scooter Height

The scooter has an overall height of 89.5cm, making it an excellent choice for the taller or growing teenager.

Super Light! 

The real wow factor regarding this stunt scooter is that despite being tall it’s amazingly light at just 3.4kg. The lighter scooter makes impressive tricks and jumps at the skate park easier to perform. Yet, the MGP extreme is still an industry leader in strength.

Deck and Wheels

The deck is wide and long measuring 20.5″ by 5″ but weighs only 1.2kg making those aerial trips a little easier too. The 120mm wheels with aluminium hollow cores are strong and super fast. This scooter will fly!


Madd Gear has designed an amazingly cool scooter with deck cutouts that not only reduce the scooter weight but look cool. There are many designs to choose from with mixed colour blends. The colour blended wheels match with the dual-compound TPR swirls grips which not only look cool but are durable and comfortable for the rider’s hands too.

✔️Overall Verdict

This is a special scooter. Amazingly light but super strong. Perfect for teenagers who want an intermediate / advanced stunt scooter to improve their skills but being so light also makes it ideal for beginners who are keen to progress.


Nitro Circus Signature 540 Scooter


The Nitro Circus Signature 540 scooter has been designed and ridden by pro scooter rider Ryan Williams. It's the tallest scooter in the Nitro Circus - Ryan William range. It's an outstanding scooter for intermediate and advanced riders.

Scooter height

The overall scooter height is 90cm so this is another desirable option for a tall teenager or even an adult. The bars are wide at 60cm, so wide bars for excellent control - but still super lightweight.


The scooter wheels are 120mm x 28mm. They're wide but still light. They are strong and superfast fast - perfect for advanced users at the skatepark.


The square back deck measures 54cm (l) x 13cm (w) so it's wide with plenty of foot space for larger feet. It's excellent for the skate park and street , a great all rounder - perfect for everything.


The scooter has a total weight of 3.9kg, which is very light for a scooter of this height and size.

What Else is There to Know?

The scooter run SCS compression which is the strongest compression system (find out more about compression systems in my stunt scooter guide article) and features a lightweight quad clamp.

✔️Overall Verdict

The Nitro Circus signature 540 scooter is another feat of engineering as it's huge but super light and strong. You can ride it out the box and it's ideal for serious skate park riders. It has high quality specs and is a great option for growing teenagers.

Blunt Prodigy S8 Complete Stunt Scooter

This is an awesome option for intermediate and advanced riders. It's light, durable and strong and features fast 120mm wheels. There are several different designs to choose from and each colour and look is really unique and nice so you will stand out at the skate park.

It's very light at 3.8kg - not quite as light as the MGP VX9 extreme but still very light for a stunt scooter.  The major cutouts like the fork in the headtube and in the deck cut down the weight on the scooter without compromising on the strength.

The 120mm wheels with ABEC 9 bearings are great for intermediate riders who want some extra speed for their tricks. The bigger wheels also means it's faster when getting from a to b along the streets as well. So it mixes well between the skate park and on the streets.

The bars measure 24.4 inches (62cm) in height and 21.25 inches (54cm) in width. The complete scooter height is 88cm (33 inches).

The deck is 49.5cm (19 inches) by 12cm (4.7 inches).

The long nylon brake with grips will stop your foot from slipping.

✔️Overall Verdict

This is a excellent, high quality, stunt scooter for intermediate and advanced riders. With a unique design for teens who want to stand out. Also great for cruising along the streets.


Razor A5 Air Commuter Scooter​

Razor are a well known brand of scooter and this is their A5 commuter scooter which has air filled / pneumatic tyres as opposed to the urethane / PU wheels that you find on many scooters.

The scooter has been designed for students on campus or for urban commutes. It's recommended for kids from aged 8 all the way up to adult. So it's perfect for the teenage crowd.

The 200mm pneumatic /air filled tyres give a smooth ride over bumps and cracks in the pavement much like a bicycle would.  The wheels are tough enough to withstand the urban terrain (great over cobbles etc). The  tyres are also superior to PU wheels found on other kick scooters when riding over wet surfaces, giving the rider extra grip.

The anti-rattle handlebars add to the comfortable scooter ride and are height adjustable.  They feature soft rubber grips for enhanced comfort, grasp and control.

The scooter is foldable featuring a super strong easy fold t-tube.

The deck measures 35cm (13.4 inches) in length and it supports riders up to 100kg.

The scooter weighs approximately 5.6kg

✔️Overall Verdict

This is a great scooter for teens whether it's for the school run, using around college, running errands or getting to friend's houses.  The pneumatic tyres are shock absorbing so offer a comfortable and smooth ride even over rougher urban surfaces.


Chilli Pro Rider : Archie Cole: Black

If you're looking for a stunt scooter for a growing teen who is already experienced at the skate park this Chilli scooter could tick all the boxes you require. Archie Cole, a pro rider has designed his own signature scooter based on the popular Chilli Reaper model. The overall development of the scooter took 15 months.

With an overall height of 86.5cm Chilli recommend this scooter for riders over 171cm.  Intermediate riders who want to take their tricks to the next level will appreciate this lightweight scooter for honing their moves at the skate park. It weighs just 3.44kg in total.

The scooter features 110mm wheels which are smooth and quick. The deck measures 50cm (l) by 11.5cm in width, a nice size for growing feet and there is a unique design inspired by Archie Cole's hometown on the bottom of the deck.

The scooter features a HIC compression system which is compatible with all other compression systems and allows the scooter to be maintained easily.

✔️Overall Verdict

The Slamm Strobe is another excellent choice for the intermediate / advanced teen rider with premium components, but at a lower price point than the MGP and Blunt scooters.


Electric scooters for Teens

Although not yet legal on UK roads, the government is test piloting many schemes throughout the country, so it looks like it won't be long until you can ride an electric scooter more freely. In the meantime, you still can ride electric scooters legally on private land and roads. An excellent solution is to get a hybrid scooter that can also be used as a kick scooter without the motor. Check out a couple of electric scooter options for teens below:

Segway Ninebot E22E Electric Kick Scooter

The Segway Ninebot E22 electric scooter is an excellent choice for younger teenagers. This is no kid's scooter. It's used by many adults for commuting. However, the maximum speed is 12.4mph, which isn't as fast as other electric scooters on the market. Most adult e-scooters have a top speed of approximately 15mph. The 12.4mph speed limit makes it an attractive choice for teens.

This scooter has many plus points. It only takes 3.5 hours to charge. It can easily be folded with the one-step folding mechanism. It has a 300 Watt motor which is a powerful motor for a scooter in its price range, making it easier to climb hills.

It features a front electronic and a rear foot brake, which are powerful when used together. It's worth teens having a practice with the braking before they go off at speed.

The maximum range on each charge will be dependent on the terrain you are riding on, if there are inclines and the speed of the ride as as well as the weight of the rider. The maximum range on this scooter is 13.7 miles (22km) but the average ride will be around 8 miles (13km). You can extend the range by buying an extra battery that can be attached to the stem.

If you're concerned about safety, there's a bright 2.5W front LED light and rear light that also functions as a brake light allowing teens to be seen on dusky evenings.

The dual density solid tyres are puncture proof. They are comfortable to ride but do best on flat surfaces rather than uneven and bumpy terrain.

The downside of this scooter is that it will void the warranty if you ride it in the rain which can obviously be inconvenient in British weather. However, most e scooters for teenagers will have the same issue.

✔️Overall Verdict

The Ninebot E22E scooter is the perfect first scooter for beginners and teenagers. The 12.4mph speed limit allows parents to have peace of mind as teens can't whizz off too quickly. However, because it's an adult scooter, it still looks the part.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter - Essential

Xiaomi is a leading brand in electric scooters. They recommend the Xiaomi Mi Electric Essential Scooter for people aged 16 years and older.

The Essential scooter features a top speed of 12.5 mph, which is lower than many scooters aimed at adults. It has a front motor with 250W of power. It's not the fastest scooter on the market, but it's certainly fast enough for getting around.

The 8 inch tyres are air filled, so provide a comfortable ride. Air-filled tyres offer a more cushioned and comfortable ride, absorbing the shocks and bumps on the paths. They also have improved grip on wet surfaces. They are also better than their solid tyre counterparts on uneven and bumpy paths. Ensure they are correctly inflated for optimum performance.

The scooter features a minimalist 1 button display for speed and other essential stats.

It can be folded down to carry and store. It weighs 12kg, so you won't want to carry it for long distances, but it's light enough to lift up stairs, onto the bus, or into the car boot.

Overall, it's a great electric scooter, perfect for getting around flat areas.

Osprey All Terrain Off Road Dirt Scooter

The Osprey dirt scooter is ideal for teens who want to go off road for scooting fun. It's great for scooting on dirt tracks, bmx trails, grass and other rough terrain. The Osprey is strong and durable and can also withstand the impact of jumps and tricks along the trails you ride.

The scooter features tough pneumatic rubber all terrain tyres and is supported on aluminium core wheels. The tyres have excellent traction so they can withstand the impact on different terrains.

The strong aluminium deck is designed to withstand the punishment of flying rocks and stones hitting it.

And the stainless steel rear brake offers durable and reliable stopping power in road conditions.

The handlebars have strong rubber grips for comfort and extra control.

✔️Overall Verdict

A superb scooter for off road riding. Ideal for teens who are open to trying a new way of scooting over trails or bmx paths. Also great if your journey includes scooting over grass or dirt tracks.


BELEEV Scooter

If you're looking for a budget kick scooter with large wheels for your teen, it's worth checking out the Beleev.

It has 200mm PU wheels. They're extra large, great for gliding over cracks and bumps in the pavement offering a smooth and quick ride.

The scooter is foldable. You press the folding mechanism to fold. Some reviewers have reported the folding mechanism can be stiff when folding, but it should still do its job. It weighs 4.64kg, which is comparable with other scooters with similar sized wheels. It's easy to pick up and carry, although it may not be something you'd want to carry for a very long time.

There's an adjustable handlebar that adjusts to 4 different heights. These are 81cm, 89cm, 98cm and 103cm. The scooter reaches up high so will be great for adult use too.

The scooter also features a textured non-slip deck and a handy kick stand.

There is a rear fender brake for slowing the scooter down. However, reviews suggest taking extra care on steep hills as it might not be quite as effective when going at speed.

The question with this scooter, is all this budget scooter too good to be true for the price? Yes, it does the job. Although, you may notice some areas aren't quite the quality you'd get on a higher-end scooter.

✔️Overall Verdict

A very competitively priced lightweight scooter with big 200mm wheels and some impressive features including suspension, carry strap, kickstand, mudguards and easy folding system. Good for beginners who want to try scootering for the first time without parting with serious cash. Less durable than other scooters such as those in the Micro range.


JD Bug Pro Commute 185 Complete Scooter


The JD Bug 185 commuter scooter has a handlebar that extends from 74cm to 104cm making it ideal for a growing teen (kids, teens and adults can all use it as a kick scooter). It's lightweight, easy to fold and comfortable to ride. This makes it an excellent choice for commuting to and from school and college. The big 200mm wheels make it a fast and smooth ride so also great for the ride who needs to be somewhere quickly. The overall weight of the scooter is 5.4kg, which is a pretty standard weight for a scooter with wheels of this size.

The comfort of the rider is an important feature in the scooter design. It has a low footplate, so the rider's kicking leg doesn't have to reach too far to push along. The scooter is designed to prevent curvature of the spine, making longer journeys more comfortable for riders of all ages and heights.

An excellent commuter scooter, the large 200mm wheels roll for longer with less effort. The wheel size is the ideal size for getting from a to b and is brilliant for any fast journey. Perfect for scooting around the town or city.

Perhaps the only downside of the scooter is that there is no kickstand, so it will have to be laid on the floor or propped up against a wall when not in use. Obviously, it can be folded down for storage.

It comes in 3 different colours, black and gold, black and red or black and green.


✔️Overall Verdict

A great all rounder which ticks plenty of boxes. The height adjustable handlebar which extends up to 104cm is particulary great for fast growing kids and teens. An investment which is perfect for commuting quickly to school and college or whizzing around towns and college.

Self Balancing Scooter

Another type of scooter with a high fun factor that will appeal to many teens is a self-balancing scooter. Also known as a hoverboard (although they don't actually hover in any way!).

On a self balancing scooter, everything is controlled with your feet, legs and torso rather than handlebars.

The Geek Me Hoverboard featured goes up to 15 km/h (9.3mph). The maximum speed is dependent on the weight of the rider and the terrain the scooter is used on. Another plus is the scooter can tackle 15-degree climbs.

The built-in battery generates 12-15km in range after around 2 to 3 hours charge.

The scooter also comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers and colourful LED lights. The lights are brilliant for keeping riders visible on dusky evenings. There is also a go-kart attachment for extra fun!

The scooter featured weighs 10.5 kg. Bear in mind, this is quite heavy to carry for a long time. However, there is a low battery alarm, so it will warn riders when they need to get back home to charge the scooter.

If you want more information on a self-balancing scooter, check out the self balancing scooter guide for what to look for when purchasing the best model.

Scooter Buying Guide For Teens

All the Info in One Place! 

✔️ Big Wheels vs Small Wheels on Kick Scooters  - The wheels sizes on scooters vary from 98mm up to around 254mm. Bigger wheels (around 200mm and higher) are popular on commuter scooters as they get you from a to b quicker. Bigger wheels will wear out less quickly as they have more urethane. However, some people prefer smaller wheels as they add less weight to a scooter so they scooter will be lighter to carry when needed. Scooters with smaller wheels also fold down more compactly. They tend to be less expensive as well.

✔️ Pneumatic Tyres - some scooters have pneumatic (air filled) tyres. The advantage of these is that they will offer a very comfortable ride over bumps and cracks in the pavement or path. They are particularly good if you have to go over rougher surfaces such as cobbles on your journeys. They also offer more grip when it's wet. The disadvantage of airfilled tyres is that they will require some maintenance to ensure they are pumped up to the correct pressure (like you would have to do on a bicycle) and you might have to deal with punctures. They also tend to add some weight to the scooter so will be heavier to carry when needed.

✔️ Handlebar on a Kick scooter - When looking for a kick scooter for a teenager, consider that the handlebars should really come up to waist height for a comfortable ride.  A foldable handlebar is fab for easy storage and for carrying and taking onto public transport.

✔️ How Much To Spend? - scooters vary wildly in price so it can be difficult to know how much exactly to spend and what you are getting for your money. The level of use may dictact how much you spend on a scooter for a teen. If they are likely to be using it everyday it makes sense to spend as much as you can afford to make sure that the scooter is durable and lasts. Brand name scooters like Razor and Micro often make good choices as they are built to last and Micro scooters in particular can be easily repaired and have parts replaced. If they are only using a scooter occasionally it makes sense to go with a less expensive scooter.

✔️ Kick Scooter Vs Stunt Scooter - Kick scooters are designed to get you from a to b whereas stunt scooters are primarily designed for doing jumps and tricks at the skate park. Therefore a stunt scooter has to be stronger but still as lightweight as possible to withstand the extra impact needed. This means a stunt scooter will often be more expensive than a kick scooter. Kick scooters tend to be lighter, foldable and have height adjustable handlebars. You won't see folding mechanisms and height adjustable bars on a stunt scooters as these would be weak points when doing tricks. Stunt scooters will always have a one piece handlebar.

✔️ Handlebar height and width (stunt scooters) - the handlebar on a stunt scooter generally comes up to around hip to waist height. However, some teens may have a preference to whether they like taller or shorter bars. But generally you don't want bars that come up over your waist or really low to your thighs. Beginners will probably feel more comfortable with bars about waist height but as they get more skilled with their scooter, they may develop a preference for a lower bar. The width of the bars should be about the same as the width of your shoulders.

When choosing a stunt scooter, it's best to look at the height of your teen rather than their age. If they are very tall, it may be better to go for a scooter with taller bars. Bars generally range from 58cm in height to 68cm, with 58cm being good for older kids and younger teens (10 to 14) and bars from 68cm plus being good for taller teens and adults.

✔️ Wheels on Stunt Scooters - You will see 100mm, 110mm and 125mm wheels on stunt scooters for teenagers. The bigger the wheel, generally the more expensive the scooter. 110mm wheels tend to be the best choice for the beginner and intermediate teen. They go slightly faster than 100mm wheel, last a bit longer (more urethane) and look better. But a cheaper scooter with 100mm wheels may be fine for a younger teen and 125mm wheels a top choice for an advanced rider. Always go for wheels with a metal rather than a plastic core. Metal cores can withstand the impact from jumps and tricks whereas plastic cores won't last as long.

✔️ What level of use on a stunt scooter?  Whether you buying for a  beginner, intermediate or pro will affect how much you spend. A beginner will want something they can just get started on, you can upgrade parts such as wheels if they pursue the hobby.

✔️ What about an electric scooter for a teen?  Electric scooters are fun and will enable teens to get use them without breaking out a sweat which is good if you need to be somewhere and looking good! The downside is that at the time of writing it's not currently legal to ride them in the pavement in the UK. However, due to the fact that electric scooters are an eco friendly way of travel an overhaul of travel laws may mean that it may soon be legal to allowed on British roads.

✔️ Off road or dirt scooters - are great fun, teens will love them. They are great for going on dirt tracks, bmx trails, on the grass and other off road terrain. Dirt scooters tend to have bigger wheels with pneumatic tyres as they offer a smoother ride on rougher terrain. There is no reason why you couldn't ride an off road scooter on the pavement and use it on other terrains at other times. Check out the dirt scooter guide for more information on what to look for in a dirt scooter.

More Advice on Scooters for Teens

There are  a few other points worth considering when buying a scooter for a teen.

1.) Coolness factor - let's be honest, most teenagers want to look and feel cool. A scooter that isn't cool is likely to stay in storage at home. There may be brands of scooters that they would prefer. If in doubt, just ask them. Or if it's a surprise, ask their friends.

2.)Safety - consider helmets, knee and elbow pads.

3.) Ramps - they may appreciate a small ramp to practice tricks and jumps at home. A perfect compliment to a stunt scooter.