Top 5 Best 3 Wheel Scooter for Adults

Looking for a 3 wheel scooter for adults?

3 wheel scooters are ideal for a quick way to get around with no worries about balance and falling off. They can be perfect for the commute, doing the school run with the kids, or just  getting around. With more stability than their 2 wheel counterparts, they also offer peace of mind.

There are a few things to check before getting a 3 wheel scooter for an adult

  • Weight capacity – some 3 wheel scooters that are fine for adults to ride are designed for kids. To make sure an adult will be okay to ride it too, it’s essential to check the weight capacity. Many will hold adults up to 100kg so if you are under that you will be fine.
  • The Tallest Handlebar Height  – adults also want to make sure that the 3 wheeler has a handlebar height that is tall enough for them. Ideally, you want the handlebar height to reach up to around waist height as that is the ideal height for comfort and control.
  • Steering – Some three-wheel scooters for adults have lean to steer steering. You lean right to go right and left to go left. There can be a learning curve, when using lean to steer steering but once you’ve got used to it it makes scooter easy to control and manoeuvre. However, it may be that you would prefer a scooter with handlebar controlled steering.
  • Scooter weight You may also want to consider how heavy the scooter is to carry. This may be of importance if you want to to pick it up to take on public transport or to carry when you’re going up a steep hill.
  • Foldable Most 3-wheel scooters are foldable. Something that is quick to fold is easier to carry on a bus or train. Some scooters aren’t foldable but you can remove the handlebar from the base. This is good when you need to store it, although it can be a bit fiddly to do this to take on public transport.
  • Use of Scooter Is the scooter for short commutes to work, to run errands or just to have fun with the kids? We have options of all 3!

With this in mind here is a round-up of 3 wheel scooters for adults.

Micro Original Kickboard Scooter

Want to bring out the surfer in you? Then you can't go wrong with the micro kickboard.

Designed with older children and adults in mind the micro kickboard 3-wheel scooter is ideal for running errands and short journeys.

Emulate the feeling of surfing with the lean to steer steering. Super fun! This method of steering may not suit everybody but once you get used to it, it's a great way to navigate the pavements.

The scooter has two interchangeable handlebars. The t-bar handle is a traditional handlebar giving you more control when scooting. The joystick handle allows you to surf the pavement in style.

With a fully adjustable handlebar (from 71 cm to 100 cm) the kickboard will suit most adults except possibly the very tallest.

The flexible fiberglass footplate is exceptional and will help smooth out the bumps in the road. 120mm polyurethane wheels roll along smoothly

In addition, the scooter is foldable. The perfect pick for those who want to satisfy the surfer in them whilst enjoying the stability of three wheels.

Micro Monster Kickboard Scooter


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If you like the look and feel of wider, fatty wheels, you'll love the micro monster kickboard scooter.

It's similar to the Micro kickboard featured above but has a slightly higher handlebar height, fully adjustable between 69.5 and 102 cm which makes it a better choice for taller adults.

Like the kickboard above there are two interchangeable handlebars, a tbar for more control and a joystick for surfing fun.

Extra wide wheels and a painted wood and fiberglass footplate ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Conveniently, it's foldable. 

If you like a unique design, feel and look this 3-wheel scooter is for you.

AODI Swing Scooter

Looking for fun with the kids? Or a unique way to exercise? Then, check out the AODI scooter.

It's different from traditional scooters. But easy to use. Simply put your feet on the pedals and twist your hips from side to side to steer. This unique action is a great workout.

The great thing about this scooter is you can share it with the kids. The handlebar is height adjustable between 95 cm and 110 cm.

It looks big! But don't worry it can be folded down for storage and transportation.

A quick response break gives riders increased control. So you can safely enjoy drifting, carving and pulling off crazy moves.

The weight capacity is 100 kg and for peace of mind at the time of writing, this scooter comes with a one year free warranty.

La Sports V2 3 Three Wheel Tri Scooter

If you're a small adult who wants to share a scooter with the kids this could work.

With a maximum handlebar height of 90 cm and a maximum weight capacity of 80kg, the scooter can be used by older kids, teenagers and some adults.

What is there to like about this scooter?

Firstly it's lightweight. At only 3 kg, it's easy to carry and pick up to put in a boot or to store. It's not foldable but you can remove the t-bar for easy storage and transportation.

If you're particular about colours there are four to choose from.

The two 120mm front polyurethane wheels and 100mm rear wheel ensure a smooth ride. Satisfy your inner child with the LED lights in the wheels which flash they roll, keeping you more visible during the darker evenings.

As the scooter is designed with primarily children in mind, it is at a much lower cost than three-wheel scooters made solely for adults.

Unfortunately due to the lower weight capacity and lower handlebar height, this won't work for most adults. However, if you’re on the smaller side, need it for short journeys and maybe want to share it with a child, this could be a good choice.

Yvolution Y Fliker Carver C5

Serious about carving, having fun and pulling off insane stunts and rolling wheelies?

The Yvolution Y Fliker C5 carver scooter works just like you would if you were downhill skiing. Simply twist your hips and push down through your legs. This is not for the fainthearted, you can reach top speeds of up to 25km/h.

This scooter isn't cheap but what you get is industrial casters and reinforced steel tubing for strength, performance rated PU wheels for speed and a quick response front hand brake for optimum control.

Additionally, it folds up so you can take it wherever you want.

The scooter height is 104cm so all in all a good choice for teenagers and adults.