JD Bug Or Micro Sprite Scooter

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JD Bug Vs Micro Sprite Scooter - Which is the Best?

JD Bug and Micro scooters are two of the most popular scooter brands in the UK.  This article compares the JD Bug Original Street Scooter with the Micro Sprite Scooter to see which one is the best.

The main question many people will be asking is that the JD Bug original street scooter is lot cheaper than the Micro Sprite. So is the Micro sprite worth the extra cost, or will the JD Bug fulfill all the requirements a child needs on a scooter.

Comparison at a glance

FeatureJD Bug Original Street ScooterMicro Sprite Scooter
Age Recommendation4 plus5 to 12
Handlebars (height adjustment)63cm-95cm64cm-93cm
Wheels100mm wheels
86a durometer
PU wheels (clear hub)
120mm front wheel and 100mm rear wheel
87a durometer
PU wheels
BearingsABEC 5 ABEC 5
Weight of scooter2.7kg2.7kg
Max rider weight100kg100kg
AccessoriesMulti mount clip and shoulder strapKickstand
BrakeRear FootbrakeRear footbrake
Deck510mm x 100mm480mm x 100mm

JD Bug Original Street Scooter - A summary


The JD Bug original street scooter is one of the most popular scooters in the UK for kids and looking at the stats it’s not hard to see why. It’s been around since the year 2000. It's one of JD Bug's first scooters so it’s a scooter that has already stood the test of time.

Easy to fold- it has a quick-release clamp which makes it easy and quick to fold the scooter. The handlebars also fold down on the scooter, meaning it's easy can fit easily in a car boot, in a small storage space or in the scooter rack at school.

Lightweight - one of the outstanding features of this kick scooter is that it is so lightweight. At 2.7kg it’s one of the lightest 2 wheel scooters on the market along with the sprite. This means it will be easier for the younger kids to manoeuvre (lift up kerbs when they need to etc). It's also easy for parents to carry.

Deck - the deck measures 510mm by 100mm so it's slightly longer than the deck on the Micro sprite scooter. This means that it will be better for older kids and adults to have a go as they will have a slightly longer footplate.

Price - the JD Bug is a mid range priced scooter, more expensive than many budget scooters but it's true when they say you get what you pay for. It can be worth paying a bit more for some of the features this scooter has. However, it's obviously a lot cheaper than the micro and offers most of the same features and some unique ones.

Handlebar height adjustment - the handlebars have a huge height adjustment range which is slightly more than the Micro sprite. This means that it will accommodate kids of all ages. It also has a quick release clamp so you can adjust the scooter to any height that you want.

Open the clamp, move the handlebar to the height you require, close the clamp when it's done. It’s so easy to change the height that you can have two different sized kids have a go, on the same scooter one after the other. Adults under 100kg will be able to have a go on this scooter too.

Handlebar grips - the handlebars have soft foam grips which are very comfortable.

Wheels - the 86A 100mm PU wheels are the perfect size for kids to cruise. They are made of PU, which is the best material for these kinds of scooters, offering a smooth, comfortable ride. They 86A number refers to the wheel durometer measurement. This measurement normally varies from around 75A to around 88A. The lower the measurement the softer the wheel. A softer wheel will give more comfort when riding but it will wear out more quickly.

Material - The scooter is made out of aircraft grade aluminium which is lightweight but also super strong.

Other nice features -  a unique offering of the JD bug is that it comes with a carry strap. This is great for adults who may need to carry a scooter for a young child if they have had enough. It's also good for school kids who want to carry their scooter home and walk home with a friend for example.

Reviews - Reviews for the JD Bug are generally excellent. Some minor criticisms have been that the paintwork on the scooter does chip easily and the grip tape can wear a little bit quickly too. But grip tape is easy and quite cheap to replace.

Verdict- this is a great all round choice for an excellent price point. It’s good for younger children who are looking for their first 2 wheels scooter because it's so lightweight and easy for them to control. It’s good for older children as it has a long height adjustment on the handlebar so it can be adjusted to the right height. Adults can have a go as well as long as they are under the weight limit of 100kg.

Micro Sprite Scooter - A Summary

Micro is a very well known and popular scooter brand well known for their well designed, high quality and well built scooters. It’s difficult to go wrong when buying a micro scooter as they are so well engineered and built to last and the micro sprite is no exception.

Easy to fold- exactly like the JD Bug this scooter is super easy to fold. Again the quick release clamp will fold the scooter quickly and easily.

The handlebars also fold down on this scooter, again making it easy to store at a locker at school or transport in the car.

Weight - as light as the JD bug, at 2.7kg. There is not much to separate the two here.

Deck  - the footplate is 480mm by 100mm which is a good size for children's growing feet.

Handlebar height adjustment - the handlebars can be adjusted from which is an excellent range to cover kids and even an adult who is under 100kg but a little bit less than the JD bug. However, there is not a lot in it.

Handlebar grips - the handlebar grips are also soft and very comfortable for riders.

Wheels - the scooter has a front wheel of 120mm and a back wheel of 100mm. This will give a smooth ride that is power-driven at the front. This means that it will easily power over all those cracks and bumps in the pavement. The wheels of the Micro Sprite scooter are made from 87A polyurethane which means the wheels are extremely solid.

Designed to last- the scooter has been designed to last. One major plus point of the Micro sprite is that each key part of the scooter can be repaired or replaced. This means you can always substitute worn out parts when needed, ensuring the scooter has a never-ending life and doesn't end up in a landfill.

This is great if you want something that is eco-friendly. It also means that the scooter can easily be passed onto other siblings. The other great thing about the Micro sprite is it has a good resale value, so once you are done with it, you can sell it on ebay and recoup some of the initial cost.

Other nice features - a unique feature to the micro sprite is that it has a kickstand. This makes it easy to store wherever you want. You don't have to lean it against anything or worry about it knocking over and scratching the paintwork.

Verdict - the Sprite scooter is a brilliant recreational and foldable scooter for adults and kids which is fab for things like the school run. With the name Micro behind it, you can be sure that the scooter has a quality build and will last for many years to come.

So, is it worth paying the extra money for a micro sprite?

This really is a personal question that will depend on your budget and what you want out of a scooter. On paper, there is little to split the JD bug scooter from the Micro Sprite. And in fact the JD bug scooter comes out on top on many features. For example, the JD bug has a carry strap and adjust slightly higher. Although there is a kickstand on the sprite - so take your pick as to what you would prefer!

However, one thing that stands out about the micro sprite is it really is built to last. If you want the scooter to last many years and intend to pass the scooter down to siblings, you could actually save money by going for the Sprite as the same scooter will last and you can replace parts. This is obviously better for the environment as well especially if it saves many scooters going to landfill.