Best Crisp Stunt Scooter Series – Reviews

7 Best Crisp Stunt Scooters - Reviews

The Crisp stunt scooter 2019 series is packed full of premium features with stylish looks to match.
Crisp have very much outdone themselves this year, with an option to suit every age and ability of stunt scooter enthusiast.

What we love about Crisp scooters is that they are all solid with outstanding high rebound wheels. They also look amazing with awesome colour ranges, nice looking bars and stylish finishing touches such as neochrome clamps and forks.

We've separated the scooters into 3 categories:

1.) Beginner Scooters

2.) Intermediate Level

3.) Intermediate / Advanced Level

Find out which Crisp stunt scooter is the optimum choice for you.


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Crisp Models For Beginners / Younger Riders

Crisp make various models for beginners from the smallest and youngest of riders to older kids. Check out several beginner scooters:

Crisp Mini Blaster

The entry to the series is the Crisp mini blaster. It's an entry level for the younger, smaller rider to get into scooting but is packed with superior components.

The smallest stunt scooter Crisp make accommodates riders from age 4 or 5 upwards. It's ideal for young beginners who prefer a lighter ride with slimmer bars.

The 110mm super high rebound alloy core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings are solid and smooth.

The bars are nicely sized for the younger rider measuring 17.8" to 20", with a total height of 71.5cm. The 17" (l) by 4.5" (w) deck offers plenty of space for the younger rider to master technique while being small enough for them to manage.

The scooter also features a metal springless brake, weighs 3.4kg, has a double clamp and a hi tensile steel fork. The scooter featured is blue but other colors are available too.

Crisp Blaster

The big brother to the mini blaster is the Blaster! Slightly older beginners (from aged 6 or 7 upwards) will love the Crisp Blaster, perfectly designed for the young aspiring scooter rider.

The Blaster features superb 100mm super high rebound alloy core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings.

The chromoly steel bar measures 22"(h) by 19.7"(w),  and the scooter has  a complete scooter height of 30" (76.2cm).

The aluminium deck measures 19"(l) by 4.5" (w). It features a springless flex fender brake for sharp stops. Light enough for smaller riders at 3.8kg but with all the features you would expect on a pro-level scooter.

Crisp Switch

The Crisp Switch complete scooter is another starter model for youngsters or shorter riders. Cheaper than the blaster but with smaller bars.

The Switch has a clean stylish look with nifty neochrome details on the clamp and fork.

This bad boy has a bar height of 21.25 inches by 19.7 inches and 100mm super high rebound alloy core wheels.

The long concave triple channel deck with double D downtube, flat bottom and sides is awesome for tricks and grinding. Great for both park and street!

The threadless compression is far superior to other scooters at a similar price level.

If the sizing is right, it'll be difficult to find a pro scooter which competes at this price range.


Crisp Surge

Going up another step is the Surge 2019, an entry / intermediate scooter for the rider who wants to hone their skills. It's similar to the Crisp blaster but has slightly bigger wheels.

The ultra-strong hi-tensile raised taper bars are 22 by 20 inches, the deck is 4.5 by 19 inches. The decks have a really nice range of colour chrome finishes.

Featuring great specs including a double clamp and an ultra strong threadless hi-tensile steel fork

Like all the Crisp scooter wheels, the 110mm super high rebound alloy core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings are high quality and hardwearing. They are also extremely fast and smooth rolling.

Light and easy to do tricks, a springless flex spring brake makes stops easy when needed.

Crisp Scooters for Intermediate Riders

The next level of riders will appreciate the intermediate level scooters from Crisp with 110mm to 120mm wheels, bigger bars and longer decks.

Crisp Inception

The Crisp Inception is aimed at the intermediate level stunt scooter rider with the specs to match. An amazing scooter for kids wanting to add flair to their bag of tricks.

The hi-tensile bars are taller and wider than previous scooters in this article measuring  23" height by 22" width. The overall height comes in at 82.5cm.

There is a 19.5" by 4.5" deck which gives you space to play with and hone your technique. It comes with a double clamp and a high tensile curved fork.

Intermediate riders will appreciate the 110mm clear, urethane, high rebound alloy core wheels for quick and smooth tricks.

Crisp Ultima 5


Stepping it up once more, the Ultima 5 pro stunt scooter is extra large, great for the intermediate rider who wants to go bigger.

A tall hive alloy bar measure 24" in height by 23" in width (taller and wider!).

The bigger squared profile deck allows for better grind tricks. It's 20.5"(l) by 5"(w).

Bigger 120mm wheels with high rebound alloy cores and ABEC 9 bearings will offer faster spins for better tricks.

Also features a strong hybrid alloy core fork and a springless flex break with a very nice finish.

Crisp Scooters for Intermediate / Advanced Riders

Taking it to the top of the Crisp range is the Evolution - perfect for the experienced scooter enthusiast.

Crisp Evolution

Last but by no means least is the Crisp series is the Evolution 2019 edition, a top of the range model for intermediate to advanced level scooters. Designed for bigger, taller riders.

It has some amazing components.

The bars are the tallest and widest yet but still ridiculously light. The Chromo t-bar measure 26.4"(h) by 24" (w). Perfect for taller riders looking for a fresh set up.

The integrated deck with squared dropouts with a stylish concave downtube. The end joined infinity down tube ensures more foot space.  It also features the super strong Crisp forged threadless fork.

The Crisp stock standard high rebound alloy core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings are extra large and measure 120mm by 28mm. So extra thick, extra grippy and extra smoooth. Brilliant for guys who want to go extra fast and cruise across the park quickly.