The Best Adult Scooters For Riding With The Kids

What is the Best Adult Scooter For Riding With My Child

It's quite handy to have a scooter so you can keep up with your child on the school run or at the park. There are also tons of scooter adventures you can go on with your child.

If you're looking for an adult push scooter there are lots to choose from. For a good idea of the things to look for when buying a scooter, check out my adult scooter buying guide which has lots of tips and suggestions of scooters for adult use. There is also some advice below:

If you're buying just for the trips out with the kids, there is less to consider.  If you are likely to just be using it for short trips such as around the park , to the shops or the short commute to school you may not need a really expensive scooter.

You will probably want to spend more if you're going to be using the scooter for heavier use so as when commuting.  Or if you plan to use it for years to come, an expenditure on a scooter can be seen as in investment.

Beware of Load Capacity / Weight Limit
Make sure that the scooter has a weight limit that will take your weight. Many scooters have a weight limit of up to 100kg, some 120kg. There are many scooters for heavier adults. 

It can be handy if the scooter is foldable, so you can put it in your car for those trips to the park, store it easily and carry it when you need to. Also check how heavy the scooter is to carry if you think you might be carrying it a lot.

For durability, look for wheels made out of polyurethane or similar. Many adult scooters have bigger wheels of 200mm or more. The larger the wheel, the quicker they can go and the further they can take you with less kicking effort! Bonus! However, if you are scooting with the kids, then a bigger wheel is of less importance as you will only need to be able to keep up with the children. Scooters with bigger wheels can be more expensive and heavier too.

Adjustable handlebars are often good to make sure that the scooter is comfortable for you to ride at your height. The height of the handlebars should ideally come up to waist height.

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Hudora Big Wheel Scooter - 205cm wheel

The Hudora is a great scooter budget scooter for going out with the kids. It is foldable and had an adjustable height handlbar of between 79 to 104cm.

The wheels are 205cm so are large but great as you will need to kick less to keep up with the kids but b able to do higher speeds if you want to.

The wheels are PU which is good and they are 87A in durometer. This means the wheels are quite hard and durable. Although softer wheels may provide a comfortable ride, harder wheels will last longer.

The size of the wheels (205mm) are a good size for scooting along. Bigger wheels will take you a longer distance with less effort and in a shorter time. They also tend to absorb more the cracks and bumps in your  ride. So the wheels will be find for keeping up with the kids.

The scooter weighs 4.7kg which is comparable with other adult scooters with large wheels.

IScoot Ultimate X50 Adult Scooter


Looking for a scooter for light usage and on a budget? The iscoot is unbeatable on price and is ideal for short scoots with the children.

It has 200mm PU wheels to give a smooth but speedy ride. And the suspension (which is generally often seen only on higher end scooters) gives unbeatable comfort, sucking up the vibrations from bumps on your journey.

It's foldable, weighs 4.7kg and easy to carry with the removable carry strap.  The mud guard will save your trousers from splashes on the road, keeping them stain free for the day ahead.

The handlebar has three height adjustments at 89, 97 and 105cm so you can make sure it's the perfect size for your comfort.

OUTCAMER Adult Scooter

The Outcamer scooter ticks all the main boxes for short rides with children. It has 3 adjustable height settings that allows kids, teens and adults to be able to use this scooter. It will accommodate people between 120 to 185cm tall.  The big PU wheels offer a smooth ride over the pavement. It's foldable with just one click and it has a carry strap for easy portability. Additionally it is competitively priced, so it won't break the bank!

The handelbars can be set to either 89, 94, or 100cm.