Different Types of Scooter

Different Types of Scooters

Buying a scooter can be a nightmare, there are many different types of scooter to choose from and it can be confusing to hear lots of different terms to refer to the same type of scooter. You may also be confused as to what kind to buy. Is it worth paying the extra and getting a stunt scooter? Should I get a scissor scooter or a traditional push scooter? What is a dirt scooter or a flickr scooter?

Read on to find out about all the different kinds of scooters in one short guide.

Kick Scooters (Also Known As Push Scooters, Crusing Scooters or Traditional Scooters or Just a Scooter)

A kick scooter is just a traditional form of scooter, where the user uses his foot to kick along and propel the scooter. So you use your foot to push you along. Check out Wikipedia for all the information you need to know.

Generally kick scooters are best to get from a to b. Users will just use them to cruise (hence the name cruising scooters). They tend to be built for travelling along smooth terrain (pavements, parks etc) but not along grass. They are not designed to do tricks, stunts or jumps on.

Three Wheel Scooters

Three wheels scooter are what they say they are, they have three wheels. But it's not quite a simple as that! You can get different types of scooters with 3 wheels.

First of all, you can get three wheel kick scooters, so these are scooters which kids will use to travel along the pavements or a the park. They are quite often designed for young kids to use as they offer more stability and are safer. However, there are also lots of scooters with 3 wheels for older kids around now as well.

You will also see other types of scooters with 3 wheels. Scissor scooters and flickr scooter are both designs which have 3 wheels.

Stunt Scooters

Stunt scooters are designed to be strong to withstand the excessive force required from landings at a skate park and on ramps when doing tricks and jumps. However they are also designed to be lightweight as a lightweight scooter means more control for the rider and it's easier to move the scooter as required to do the tricks. A stunt scooter will always have a one piece handlebar and deck (it will never be foldable or height adjustable). This is because a folding or height adjustable handlebar means there will be weak points in the scooter that might give way under the pressure from tricks.

As stunt scooters have to be both lightweight and strong, the materials used for them are often more expensive then needed on a kick scooter, hence stunt scooters tend to be more expensive too.

Foldable Scooters

Foldable scooters are again what they say on the tin. They are scooters that fold. They are great for storing and transporting as you need less space to store them and they should easily fit in most cars.

However, if you want to do tricks or stunts you should avoid a foldable scooter. This is because they are not strong enough to withstand the jumps and tricks used in the skatepark.

Dirt Scooters

Dirt scooters are generally designed for use on dirt tracks which may include bmx tracks and the like. They tend to be very tough and strong so they can withstand the bumps and jumps that come from off road scooting. Some dirt scooters are designed to do tricks on a track much like those a bmx bike would do.  However, they aren't great for use to do flips, tricks and jumps and a traditional skate park as they are very heavy.

Flicker Scooter (also known as scissor scooters, tri scooters or castor scooters)

A flicker or scissor scooter has a unique way of being ridden. You place one foot on each footplate and then move your legs in and out or wiggle your body from side to side to move the scooter. Kids can also use one foot to push the scooter along while keeping the other on the footplate and move it along like a traditional scooter as well.

Space Scooter

A space scooter works by placing both feet on the board and moving each alternate foot (shifting their weight between each foot) to create momentum and power the scooter. Or it can be ridden like a traditional kick scooter.

Big Wheel Scooter

Big wheel scooters are exactly what it says on the tin! They are scooters with big wheels. Generally they refer to scooters which have wheels of 200mm or more but they could be any scooter with wheels bigger than 120mm. The advantage of scooters with bigger wheels is that they travel further and faster with less effort. The bigger the wheel the faster you will go with less kicks. This makes them a popular choice for commuting. The downside with big wheel scooters is that they tend to be heavier due to the extra weight of the wheels.