Razor power Core E90 Scooter Vs Razor E100 - Which One is Best?

If you're looking for a first electric scooter for your child, it is likely you've come across the Razor Power Core E90 and the classic Razor E100. They are similar in many regards, They are both recommended for kids aged 8 and up and they both can reach speeds of up to 10mph.  They also have a lot of differences, one being the price. They have different tyres, motors and run times. So how do you know which one will be best for your child?

Read on to compare and undersand the differences between these electric scooters. *Please note we are writing about the classic E100 scooter and NOT the power core E100.

Comparison at a Glance

E90 Power Core
Age Recommendation
8 plus
8 plus
Up to 10mph
Up to 10mph
Tyres / Wheels
8" pneumatic front tyre
Urethane rear wheel
 Ride Time
80 minutes
40 minutes
Acceleration Control
Push Button
Twist grip acceleration
Hand operated front brake
Hand operated front brake
Frame and fork material
All Steel frame and fork
All steel frame and fork
Maximum rider weight
24 V (2x12V)
Kick Start In Wheel Hub Motor
Kick start chain driven motor
Frame Height
Frame Width
Scooter Width

The table may or may not help you make a decision as to which scooter is best for your child so read on for some explanation of the different features and more comparison.

Razor Power Core E90 - Summary

The E90 has a smaller frame and is lighter so will be easier for a younger child to manage. If you are on a budget it is also cheaper although there isn't too much in the price. The push button control may also be easier for younger children to use rather than a twist grip acceleration.

The E90 features 2 urethane wheels whereas the E100 has a pneumatic front wheels. Pneumatic wheels give a smoother ride over pavement bumps but urethane wheels don't run the risk of puncture.

A cool advantage this scooter has over the E100 is a significantly longer ride time at 80 minutes.

Verdict - great choice for the younger child and if you are on a budget. If you are buying for an older child and you have more to spend it may be worth paying that bit extra for the E100, especially if having a more comfortable ride with a pnuematic tyre is important to you.

Classic Razor E100 - Summary

The frame size is slightly bigger and is heavier than on the Power Core E90 which may make it a better choice for an older, taller child.

Many other features are the same on the scooter including the top speed of 10mph. However one area where the E100 superedes the E90 power core scooter is the front pnuematic tyre. Pneumatic tyres offer a more comfortable ride over pavement cracks and bumps than urethane wheels. However you may need to deal with a puncture.

The ride time is a lot shorter than the E90 power core scooter so you will need to charge this scooter more often.

​Verdict - a larger frame makes this a good choice for an older or taller child. The pneumatic tyre is also a big plus point. However is the extra price and shorter ride time worth the extra features for your child?

Age Recommendation and Maximum Rider Weight.

The scooters are recommended for kids age 8 plus. However, there are younger kids who have used the scooter, so it may be okay for a mature 7 year old. It would be up to parents and carers to make a judgement. The E90 has a smaller frame so may be better for younger children.

The next scooters Razor make are recommended for ages 13 plus but again, 11 and 12 year olds may find these better options. So it’s worth considering the Razor E200 and E300 for these children.

The maximum weight limit for use on both scooters is 54kg, so this may give you some idea of the length of use your child will have. If you have an 10, 11 or 12 year old getting close to this weight limit. It may be worth going for another scooter.
These scooters are obviously not for use by teens or adults.

Motors and Ride Time

 The Power Core E90 has a in wheel hub motor and the E100 has a chain driven motor. The advantage of the in wheel hub motor is that there is no maintenance to worry about ( (no alignment, no chain, no chain tensioner).  It also delivers a more efficient ride. Even with a smaller battery if gives 80 minutes continuous ride time.

​However, a chain driven motor which is what the E100 scooter has is very reliable so this should be fine as well. It just has a shorter ride time of 40 minutes per charge.

Kick Start and Acceleration.

Both scooters require a kick start of 3 km/h in order to get started. Once the motors have kickstarted the E90 has a push button which kids will press in order to start the motor. The E100 has a twist acceleration on the handlebar.

Neither of these have variable speed. Younger kids may find the push button slightly easier than the twist control but it should be fine for most kids.

Size and Scooter Weight

The E100 is heavier and has a bigger frame than the Power Core E90. This won't probably make a lot of difference to most children but if you're buying for a younger, smaller child it may make be worth considering the Power Core E90 for this reason.

Also older taller children may do better with the E100

Wheels and Tyres

The Power Core E90 has urethane wheels. The main advantage of urethane wheels is that you don't have to worry about punctures. The downside is they wear quicker than pnuematic tyres. They also don't absorb the impact from bumps in the pavement as well.

The E100 does has a larger front wheel with a pnuematic tyre which will result in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Run Time

The Power core E90 beats the E100 hands down when it comes to run time with 80 continuous minutes vs 40 continuous minutes. As the E100 is heavier and has a chain motor it needs more power to run it, which is why it's ride time isn't as long.

A good way to get around a shorter ride time is to have a spare battery which you can charge while the other one is being used.

Other Features

Both scooters have a kickstand which is really useful when storing the scooters.
The E100 comes in one red colour. There is a choice of green or pink for the power core E90.

Still Undecided?

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