Razor E100 vs E200

Razor E100 vs Razor E200 - Which is the Best Electric Scooter?

Not sure about which scooter to purchase the Razor E100 or Razor E200. There is quite a significant price difference, so is it worth spending more on the E200?

The answers will depend on who you are buying the electric scooter for and what factors are important to you. There are differences in the speed, size, charge time, motor and weight of the scooters.

Compare the Razor E100 and the E200 at a glance.

FeatureE100 Power CoreE200
Age Recommendation8 plus13 plus
Price Check Price on amazonCheck Price on amazon
Tyres/Wheels8 inch pneumatic front wheel
125mm Urethane rear wheel
8 inch pneumatic wheels (front and rear)
Ride Time60 minutes40 minutes
Acceleration ControlTwist grip acceleration Twist grip acceleration
BrakeHand operated front caliper brake. Hand operated rear brake
Frame and fork materialAll steel frame and forkAll steel frame and fork
Maximum rider weight54kg70kg
Batteries24V (2x12V)24V (2x12V)
MotorKick Start In Hub MotorHigh torque, chain driven motor
Assembled Product Dimensions33.7" L x 16.5" W x 35" H37"L x 16"W x 42"H
Weight12kg 18kg
Top Speed11mph12mph

Age Recommendation

The Razor E100 is aimed at kids from aged 8 plus. Like many scooters, there are many kids who are younger than the minimum age recommendation using the scooter. Whether you want your 6 year old or 7 year old using the scooter is a personal choice. But if you are buying for a younger child, the E100 will most likely be sufficient in speed and have many advantages including being lighter and having a greater charge time.

The Razor E200 is recommended for kids aged 13 plus. As with the Razor E100, there are many kids younger than the minimum age using the scooter with kids as young as 9 using it. Some 9, 10 11 and 12 year olds might very much enjoy the quicker speed but safety is paramount and it again is up to the adult in charge as to whether or not it will be too speedy for them. It may also depend on the size of the child. As discussed later the E200 has a bigger frame size than the E100 so it may not be the best choice for smaller kids.

Scooter Speed

The top speed of the scooter is going to be the number one factor for many on which scooter to choose.

The Razor power core E100 has a maximum speed of 11mph whereas the E200 is 12mph, so there isn't much to choose between the

What is different is the start. The E100 requires a kick start. Riders must get up to 3mph before the motor starts. In comparison the E200 does not need a kick-off. It has an automatic start which means that your child can just jump on it and go, no kicking required!

Both scooters have twist grip acceleration and both scooters have a single speed. There is no variable speed on either scooter, it's one speed or nothing.

The speed will be affected by factors such as the weight of the rider and terrain you are riding on. Smooth, flat surfaces will mean kids can pick up more speed, whereas elevation and bumpy roads can mean a slower ride.

Ride Time and Battery Charge Time

The E100 out performs the E200 in terms of battery power. The ride time on one charge on the E100 is up to 60 minutes whereas the battery won't last more than 40 minutes on the E200.

The times stated are the maximum ride times. Bear in mind that if you are using the scooters uphill or are loading the scooter with more weight than usual (such as carrying a heavy load like a backpack) this may shorten the ride time.

Both scooters take approximately 12 hours to charge. Always charge the battery immediately after riding. The other suggestion in the manual is that keep charging it for the full 12 hours even when the fully charged green battery light comes on. This will help lengthen the battery life.

Size and Weight

The E200 is longer, taller and heavier than the E100.

The handlebar measures 63.5cm (25 inches) on the E200 compared to 53.3cm (21 inches) on the E100 . So the E200 is better sized for older and taller children.

The E100 is much lighter weighing 12kg compared to 18kg. This means it will be an easier ride for younger, smaller kids. A lighter electric scooter will be easier for them to control as well as easier to carry if when kids have had enough.

The E200 has a full deck size 65cm (26") by 19.2cm (8") compared to a much smaller size on the E100 measuring 53cm (21 inches) by 18cm (7 inches).

Both decks are quite wide, which will give more stability to kids when they are riding at speed.


The E100 has a power core in-hub motor. It has a higher torque motor so promises better acceleration and a higher top speed that the previous E100 model. The advantage of the power core motor is that it's maintenance free. There's no chain, no alignment and no chain tensioner.

In comparison the motor of the E200 features a high torque chain driven motor, so some maintenance may be required such as lubrication and chain alignment at times.


The E100 has a pneumatic front wheel and a rear wheel made of urethane. The 8" air tyre at the front means the scooter offers a smoother ride than electric scooters which have two urethane tyres.

However both wheels on the E200 are 8 inches and pneumatic. This means that the ride on the E200 is superior to the E100. The two pneumatic tyres equate to a smoother and more comfortable than the E100. On the downside, two pneumatic tyres may mean more maintenance. You will need to ensure they are both inflated correctly and sort out any punctures. Air filled tyres also add more weight to the scooter, making it heavier to carry when needed.

Even though the E200 has pneumatic tyres, it's not really designed for off road use. It will go over grass and uneven terrain more comfortably than scooters with urethane tyres. However, it will slow up when going off road and works best and more quickly on smooth surfaces and pavements.


Some assembly is needed for both scooters but it's fairly straightforward and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes tops.


Both scooters have a kickstand which will allow you to stand the scooters anywhere for a quick pause. The kickstand is also good for easy storage.


See the E100 in Action

See the E200 in Action

Overall Verdict

The E100 is a smaller, lighter scooter which is better for younger children whereas the bigger frame of the E200 is more suited to older kids, teens and young teenagers.

If you're still stuck in choosing between the two. Remember the E200 will require more maintenance to look after with a chain driven motor and two pneumatic tyres as opposed to one. It's also more expensive. Having said this, it may be a better investment if your child is likely to outgrow the E100 scooter soon.

The pneumatic tyres do offer a more comfortable ride, so if that is a consideration the E200 would be a better choice.

I hope this article has helped you make a decision. Good luck