Mini Micro Scooter vs Mini Street Cruz

Mini Micro Vs Mini Street Cruz

These two scooters are often compared due to their similarity in appearance. Yet, the mini street cruz is much cheaper so you may be wondering which one to buy.
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One of the main differences is that the mini micro has wheels made of high quality polyurethane whereas the mini cruz's wheels are made of PVC.Polyurethane wheels tend to offer a quicker, smoother ride. PVC is a harder material which tends to offer a little less comfort with the ride.

The wheels of the mini micro can also be ridden indoors as they are non marking and my son's mini micro scooter really does offer a smooth and quick ride.

Having said this, the reviews of the street cruz's wheels on amazon are very good and nobody has mentioned the ride isn't smooth.

The micro is lighter than the street cruz (3.3Ibs vs 5.3Ibs).

They both work with a lean to steer mechanism. The mini micro is more expensive but tends to have a higher resale value if its kept in good condition. The mini micro has a modular design so all the parts are easily replaceable and it should therefore last for a long time (through siblings too). The both have a wide deck which is low to the ground, so easy to for toddlers to get on and off. The street cruz has grips on the foot deck.

They are both good scooters, which one you buy will depend on your budget and the features you consider important.