Maxi Micro Scooter vs Micro Sprite

Are you considering whether to get the 3 wheel maxi micro or the 2 wheel micro sprite as a child’s next scooter and are unsure which to get?

This article compares the advantage and disadvantages of the two scooters to help you decide which one to get.

Comparison at a glance

FeatureMax Micro ScooterMicro Sprite Scooter
Age Recommendation6 to 125 to 12
Handlebars (height adjustment)67cm to 93cm64cm-93cm
Wheels3 wheels (120mm at the front and 80mm at the back)120mm front wheel and 100mm rear wheel
Weight of scooter2.9kg3.28kg
Max rider weight50kg100kg
FoldableStandard version isn't foldable
but you can remove the handlebar to store.
There is a foldable version of the maxi micro
which you pay a little bit more for.
AccessoriesStands aloneKickstand
BrakeRear FootbrakeRear footbrake
SteeringLean to steer mechanismHandlebar controlled steering

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Maxi Micro Scooter - A summary

Key Features:

3 wheels - offers more stability - great for peace of mind. Kids go fast but a more stable ride. Good for younger children and kids who don't want 2 wheels.

Lean to steer steering - a good option for kids who have used the lean and steer mechanism before and are used to it.

Weight Limit - 50kg. Fine for children up to around 12 years. No adult use.

Lightweight - very lightweight. Easy for children to control and manoeuvre. For example, they can lift up and down the kerb.

Price - Expensive but built to last. All parts can be replaced. It has a good resale value secondhand.

Micro Sprite Scooter - A Summary

Key Features:

2 wheels - it may be a learning curve for children to go from 3 wheels to 2 but will they still be happy with 2 wheels in years to come? Consider if would be happy to have 3 wheels as they get older.

Handlebars control steering - great for kids who already use this type of steering on bikes. However, it's a learning curve for those that aren't used to it. But it will be beneficial to learn this type of steering for bike riding in the future.

Weight limit - 100kg. Kids of all ages and even adults can use this scooter. Potentially could last kids until their teen years.

Handlebar height - lowest handlebar height is 64cm so can accommodate very small children as well as adults.

3 wheels or 2 wheels

3 wheels will offer your child more stability. The maxi micro isn't a slow scooter and many parents will prefer to have more stability for their child if they are going fast especially if their child is young.

Learning Curve
2 wheels may be a learning curve for many children. However, if you are purchasing a scooter with the idea in mind that it will last for many years to come, it may be worth getting 2 wheels. Yes there will be a learning curve. But if you want your child to be using this scooter at age 8, will they be happy to be on 3 wheels at this point. The answer isn't straightforward, it will vary from child to child.

The age of the child you are buying for may also come into factor. If you are buying for a 4 year old, they may be happy to have 3 wheels for the next 2 or 3 years. A 6 year old may not be as keen.

Also the confidence of the child is important to consider. My eldest son was very confident on a 2 wheel scooter at age 4. My youngest son who is now age 7 still wants to use a 3 wheel scooter and s very happy to do so.


The maxi micro and the micro sprite both have different forms of steering. The maxi micro has a lean to steer mechanism whereas the sprite uses the handlebars in order to steer. This may affect which scooter you purchase.

If your child has been used to the lean to steer mechanism on another 3 wheel scooter and has no experience of using the handlebars to steer on a bike or other ride on, then using the handlebars to steer will be another learning curve. However, it may be a learning curve that is necessary. Learning to use the handlebar to steer on a scooter may also help them get used to riding a bike.

Likewise, a child who has no experience of using a lean to steer mechanism and is used to the handlebar method of steering on another scooter, bike or ride on will have a learning curve to use the maxi micro.

Age Recommendation

Both scooters have an age recommendation. The sprite is recommended for kids from age 5 to 12 and the maxi micro from age 6 to 12. However it is probably better to look at the specs for the scooter to determine who can use it.

Weight Limit
For example,  the weight limit varies considerably. The maxi micro has a weight limit of 50kg. So kids will really need to stop using this scooter as they approach age 12. Whereas, the sprite has a weight limit of 100kg. This means that kids could potentially still be using it in their teen years as the handlebar adjusts quite high. It also means that adults under 100kg can have a go on this scooter. Older kids could also borrow this scooter from their younger siblings (if this doesn't cause any problems!).

Handlebar settings
The sprite has a lower handlebar setting than the maxi micro. This means that kids can start using the sprite when they are younger and smaller than the maxi micro as the handlebar can be adjusted to a lower height.

Ideally the handlebar height on scooters should be about hip to waist height for a comfortable ride. So if you have a tall 4 year old they might be fine on the maxi micro  or the sprite as the lowest handlebar bar height may be just right for them. However a small 4 year old may struggle on the same scooter if the lowest handlebar height is too high.


As is common when choosing a scooter, there is no one size fits all and it will really depend on your child and your requirements.

If you want the scooter to last for many years, it may be worth going for the micro sprite as most kids (although not all) will want to graduate onto a 2 wheel scooter at some point and the 100kg weight limit means that they will be able to use it for years to come.

If you want an interim 3 wheel scooter for a child who's not quite ready for a 2 wheel yet, the maxi micro is an excellent choice. And it can be passed on to younger siblings or sold secondhand (it holds it's value well) when you have finished with it.


Still Not sure

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