Globber vs Mini Micro

Globber vs Mini Micro Scooter

Globber scooters entered the scooter market a few years ago and have become a key brand in the scooter market rivalling longtime brand Micro scooters.

So can Globber give Micro a run for their money? This article compares some of the Mini Micro and Globber versions.

Firstly, we compare the Globber Go Up Series for toddlers vs Mini Micro 3 in 1 Series aimed at kids aged 1 plus.

Secondly, we compare the Globber Primo and Mini Micro Deluxe and Mini Micro Classic for kids aged 2 or 3 and above. Scroll down toward the end of the page to see the comparison.

Globber Go Up Series vs Mini Micro 3 In 1 Series

Age Range

Globber Go Up Series

There are 3 types of Globber Go Up scooters, 1: Sporty 2: Comfort and 3: Deluxe. They have varying age ranges. All the scooters are recommended for kids aged 15 months plus. The Sporty has an age recommendation of up to 6 years. The Comfort and Deluxe up to 9 years.

Mini Micro 3 in 1 Scooter Series

There are two types of scooter in the Mini Micro 3 in 1 series. They are the Classic and the Deluxe versions. Both have an age recommendation of 12 months to 5 years.


Compare the different stages / levels below:

Globber Go Up Series

Level 1 - A seat with a parent-controlled push bar. The push bar is height adjustable (2 heights settings on the Sporty version, 4 height settings on the comfort / deluxe versions). Footrests are available on the Deluxe and Comfort versions

Level 2 - The parent handle is removed for a ride-on version with a seat. The seat is height adjustable (2 different heights on the Sporty version, 3 different heights on the comfort and deluxe versions)

Level 3 - The Globber becomes a scooter (aged 3 years plus). The scooter's lowest setting is 67.5cm (which is suitable from around 3 years). The highest setting on the Sporty version is 77.5cm and the highest setting on the Deluxe and Comfort versions is 82.5cm.

Folding Versions - Gl0bber has a folding version of the Deluxe scooter. There are also versions of the scooter with light up wheels and a horn on the handlebar.

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Globber 4 in 1 Scooter Ride On (Sporty Version)


Globber Go Up Folding Scooter (Deluxe Scooter)


Mini Micro 3 in 1 Series

Level 1 - The Deluxe version has a ride on scooter with an adjustable parent steering handle and footrests. The Classic version has a seat with 2 height adjustments and an obar.
Level 2 - On the Deluxe version you can remove the parent handlebar on the scooter and your child can then use the seat as a ride on. The seat is height adjustable to 2 different heights. Level 2 on the Classic version allows you to remove the seat and have a small obar to start scooting.
​Level 3 - The Deluxe version converts into the Micro Mini Deluxe with an adjustable handlebar (aged 2 to 5 years). The Classic version converts into a Classic scooter with one fixed handlebar height (aged 3 plus years)

Mini Micro Classic

Mini Micro 3 in 1 Deluxe Plus


Feature Comparison of Globber Go Up Series and Mini Micro Scooters


Seat height adjustment is important. The right seat height ensures it's easy for little legs to reach the ground to push along on the lower seat.  The higher seat ensures that longer legs won't be bent too much when pushing along

The Globber has two seat heights on the Sporty version and 3 on the Deluxe and Comfort versions. The Comfort and Deluxe versions have a wider seat.

The seat on the mini micro scooters is adjustable to two different heights.


When converted to scooters, both the Globber and the Mini Micro scooters have a lean-to-steer mechanism. This means that kids lean to steer left and right rather than turning the handlebar.

One feature the Globber has that the Mini Micro doesn't is a steering lock. Press a button and the steering can be locked, so the scooter can only move forwards and backwards and doesn't turn. The idea is that when kids are learning to scoot, they don't have to worry about steering until they have mastered scooting in a straight line.


Both scooters feature polyurethane wheels, which give a smooth ride and are speedy once they have mastered scootering.

Weight Limit

Both scooters have a rider weight limit of 20kg on the seated versions and 50kg on the scooter.

Weight of Scooter

When used as a stand alone scooter, the Globber weighs 2.5kg and the Mini Micro weighs 1.8kg.
​They are both light but the Mini Micro is much lighter than the Globber.

Light scooters give young children who are learning to scoot an advantage. They are able to control the scooter much more easily. They are also able to lift and turn the scooter when needed so don't always need to steer at the beginning. It's also easier for small children to lift the scooter up and down kerbs and steps.

Additionally, a light scooter is easier for parents to carry and move when little kids have had enough scooting.

Scooter Handlebar Height​

The Globber Sporty has a 3 height adjustable handlebar heights from 67.5cm to 77.5cm. The highest handlebar height is taller than the micro. This makes the scooter more suitable for the 3 to 6 year age group so it may last your child longer. It may also work better for toddlers who are taller. The Globber Comfort and Deluxe versions have 4 height adjustable handlebars which extend to a whopping 82.5cm - so potentially your child could still use the scooter at age 9!
Mini Micro
The Mini Micro Deluxe comes with a height adjustable handlebar of between 49 and 67cm. Adjust the handlebar to at any point within this range, making it easy to find the perfect height for your child. The low handlebar height is excellent for very young kids. Your child could use the scooter from as young as 2 (or even younger) if they are ready. Ideally, handlebars should be no higher than waist height. Any higher than this makes it difficult for young children to control.
The Classic version features an obar handle which has a fixed height of 48.5cm. Again this allows very young children to begin to scoot. When they have grown, you can swap the obar handle for a t-bar handle which has a fixed height of 66cm.


Both scooters have a low to the ground deck which makes it easy to get on and off the scooter

Which Scooters Are Foldable?

The Mini Micro Deluxe and the Mini Micro Classic aren't foldable. However you can take the t-bar out of the base for easy storage.
The Globber Go Up Deluxe version is foldable but the Sporty and Comfort versions aren't. You can also take the t-bar out of the base on the Sporty and Comfort versions.


On paper, the Globber looks like it will last longer than the Micro as it can accommodate kids up to age 6 or age 9 (depending on whether you get the Sporty, Deluxe or Comfort versions). However, what I love about the Micro scooters is that all their parts can be repaired or replaced. This means that once you've bought a Micro scooter it can be kept out of landfill indefinitely and passed onto siblings, cousins or sold on eBay. Check out the range of spare parts over on the Micro website.

There are some spare parts you can get for the Globber scooters to keep them going (including wheels and brakes) so it could be possible to use it for some years. However, it doesn't have quite the range of replacement parts as the micro so it won't last forever.

Comparison Chart (Globber Go Up Series vs Mini Micro 3 in 1)

FeatureGlobber Go UP seriesMini Micro 3 in 1 Series
Seat2 heights adjustments on the sporty
3 heights on the comfort / deluxe
Wider seat on the comfort
2 seat height adjusment on classic and deluxe versions
Parent handlebarHeight adjustable
(3 on Sporty, 4 on Comfort and Deluxe)
Adjustable handlebar on Deluxe (any height between 40 and 80cm)
FootrestsOn Deluxe and comfort versionsOn Deluxe version
Handlebar height adjustment 3 height adjustments on sporty (67.5 - 77.5cm)
4 height adjustments on Deluxe and comfort up to (67.5 - 82.5cm)
Deluxe version is height adjustable at any from 49cm to 69cm.
Weight of stand alone scooter2.5kg (sporty)1.8kg (Deluxe)
SteeringLean to steer
Button to turn off steering while learning
Lean to Steer
Age Recommendation15 months to 6 years (Sporty)
15 months to 9 years (classic / deluxe)
1 year to 5 years

Which One?

It's actually very difficult to pick a winner as they both offer different things that appeal to different people.

​If you're buying for a very young child who is likely to want to learn to scoot soon and perhaps is just using the seat for a short while, the Mini Micro may be your best pick as it's lighter and the lowest handlebar height on the Deluxe scooter is shorter. This means that kids can attempt to use the scooter much earlier from when they are 2 or 2.5 (there's even been videos of kids aged 18 months scooting on the micro - although these kids are exceptional!)

With the Globber the scooter height is much more suited to 3 year olds, so it's better for kids who want to use the ride on for much longer and try the scooter as they approach their 3rd birthday.

Another unique feature on the Globber is the steering lock, making it easier when kids first learn to scoot.

If being eco friendly is important and you want to keep scooters out of the landfill and pass them on, the Mini Micro is your best choice. If this is you, you can also consider the Mini Micro Eco version of the scooter.

Globber Primo Vs Mini Micro Classic and Deluxe

If you're buying for an older child, you will most likely be looking at the differences between the Globber Primo and the Mini Micro Deluxe or Classic.


Globber PrimoMini Micro DeluxeMini Micro Classic
Handlebar: 67-78cm
​(Adjustable to 3 different heights)
Handlebar: 49cm to 69cm
(adjustable to any height within this range).
Handlebar: 69cm (fixed height)
Folding & non foldable versions available
You can remove the stem from base for easy storage on non-folding version
Foldable & non-foldable versions available.
You can remove the stem from base for easy storage on non-folding version
Not foldable
But remove the stem from base for easy storage.
Scooter weight: 2.5kgScooter weight: 1.8kgScooter weight: 1.5kg
Lean to steer
Button to turn off steering
Lean to steerLean to steer
3 to 6 years2 to 5 years3 to 5 years

Which one?

The table above makes it really easy to see the differences between all 3 scooters but it may not be easy to decide if you're not sure which features make it best for your child:
For 2 Year Olds - Winner - Mini Micro Deluxe
The Globber Primo and Mini Micro Classic are aimed at kids age 3 and above.​The Mini Micro Deluxe has a really low handlebar height of 48cm so can accommodate kids from age 2. If you are buying for a 2 year old and have the budget it's worth going for the Mini Micro Deluxe as 2 year olds will find the lower handlebar on this scooter much easier to control.​​

Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter

Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter (Folding Version)


Mini Micro Classic - Advantages

The Mini Micro classic may not appear to be the best choice as it's pricier than the Globber and offers fewer features.

However, one area where it scores very highly and which may affect your ultimate decision is how lightweight this scooter is. As it has no adjustable handlebar or folding mechanism, the scooter is super lightweight. This means that kids can easily move and control the scooter. It is super easy for them to pick up and move up and down kerbs and steps independently. It also makes it easier to learn how to scoot with the scooter is lighter. Parents with back issues will also appreciate having a lighter scooter to carry when it's time to put it in the car or carry it when little ones have had enough.

The Mini Micro Classic is also less expensive than the Mini Micro Deluxe. It's fixed height on the scooter suits the 3 to 5 year age group the best.



Other Mini Micro Advantages
Mini Micro ensure that all the parts on their scooter are repairable and replaceable. You can pick up any spare parts you need on the micro website. This is great for keeping the scooter out of landfill. You can keep the scooter on the road and pass it down to siblings and friends. Or even sell it secondhand when you've finished with it. The scooters keep their value over on eBay.

Globber Primo- Advantages

Obviously, the lower price point makes the Globber Primo attractive, especially for those on a budget.

The adjustable handlebar with three different height settings means it will grow with your child. The maximum handlebar height is a lot higher than the Mini Micro Classic and Deluxe so will grow with your child for longer. There is potentially another year of use you can have with this scooter.

It is slightly heavier, which means it may be a little harder for little ones to pick up and down steps.

It's perhaps the better choice for taller and heavier children who won't even notice the extra weight. ​

Globber Primo


Globber Primo (Foldable)