Bopster 2 Wheel Scooter Review

Bopster Scooter Review - Is the Bopster right for my child?

Looking for pros and cons of the Bopster scooter? Find below the specs, what's good, what's not and all your questions answered below.

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FeatureBopster Kick Scooter
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Age Recommendation
5 - 14 years
HandlebarsAdjustable (4 heights)
Wheels120mm wheels
PU Tyres
ABEC-5 bearings
Weight of scooter2.8kg
Max rider weight100kg
Lever Clip Folding Mechanism
BrakeRear heel brake
Handlebar width33cm
Deck size48cm (l) by 10cm (w)


Lightweight - this scooter is light at 2.8kg. This is very advanatageous for younger children in particular as lighter scooters are easier to handle and control. It also makes it easier for adults to carry when kids have had enough scooting. It's super easy to lift the scooter in and out of the boot or to put into storage.

Foldable - the scooter folds down so it's very portable. It's easy to transport and store. The foldable and lightweight combination means it's a good scooter for kids to take away on holiday. It will easily fit in the boot of a car. Perfect for when camping or for when parents want to walk. Their kids can scoot along by the side of them

Height adjustable - there are four height adjustable height settings, so the scooter will grow with your child.

Wheels - the wheels are polyurethane so will offer a smooth ride. They are 120mm in size which is slightly bigger than the wheels of most other standard scooters for kids this age. There are advantages of having slightly bigger wheels. Bigger wheels will go slightly quicker with less effort. Therefore the 120mm wheels are a perfect size for getting from a to b quickly making it a great choice for the school run.


No replaceable parts - the scooter isn't easy to repair as the manufacturer doesn't provide replaceable parts for this scooter. Therefore, if a part breaks it may be more difficult to fix and shorten the life of the scooter. However, this is quite common with budget scooters. To ensure the scooter in question has replaceable parts you normally have to spend a little bit more. This is why the micro brand is often a good choice of scooter. All the key scooter parts on a micro can be replaced or repaired

Who Is This Scooter Best For?

This scooter is an ideal choice for the younger rider, especially the 5, 6 and 7 age group. The handlebar can be adjusted down to 62cm so it can accommodate even the smallest of 5 year olds. The fact that it's so lightweight means that it is easy for little ones to control and parents can easily carry this scooter when kids have had enough.

Questions and Answers

Is this scooter suitable for a teenager?

The manufacturers recommended age is 5 to 14 years and the maximum weight limit is 100kg so in theory it is suitable for a teenager. However, there are much better choices of scooters for teens available and it isn't the best choice for a teen for the following reasons:

The maximum height adjustment is 84cm. This means that there isn't a lot of growing room on the scooter for a teenager. If they have a growth spurt they will outgrow the scooter quite quickly.

The scooter is aimed at kids from aged 5. Most teens won't want to be seen on a scooter that a 5 year old will also be riding.

There are much better options of kick scooters for teenagers. Teens and adults often prefer kick scooters with bigger wheels as they can get to places much more quickly. Some kick scooters have wheels of up to 230mm so a scooter with a higher height adjustable handlebar and bigger wheels may be a better choice.

Can you do stunts, jumps or tricks on this scooter?

In a word no. This scooter isn't strong enough to withstand the impact from jumps, hops and tricks. A stunt scooter should always have a one piece handlebar to withstand the punishment from jumps. Stunt scooter won't be foldable or height adjustable like the Bopster. These kind of scooters are designed for use on the street and not for the skate park.

Does the handlebar turn 360 degrees?

No. As it's a kick scooter, it doesn't need to turn 360 degrees. The handlebar turns in order to steer it but does not go all the way around. It has 135 degree turning handle.

Is the scooter suitable for a 4 year old?

The manufacturers recommended age is from 5 years. However, if a 4 year old is ready to graduate onto a 2 wheel scooter this could make a great choice. The handlebar can adjust down to 62cm which means that it is an ideal height for small children. The scooter is also very lightweight making it easy to control and handle.

Is the scooter suitable for a 11 or 12 year old?

The manufacturer's age is 5 to 14 years and the maximum load capacity is 100kg so it would be okay. However, it is quite a young looking scooter aimed at kids as young as 5 and the highest bar height is 84cm, so if you have a tall 11 or 12 year old there might not be a lot of growing room. Ideally you want a kick scooter to come up to about waist height, so they can control the scooter easily.  It could be okay for an affordable option of scooter but there are other options.

Who are Bopster?

Bopster are an online website and toy manufacturer based in Dulwich in London. They source some of their toys but also create and develop their own range of toys too.

Are there any good alternatives to a Bopster scooter?

Other scooters in similar price ranges include the Razor S Sports scooter and the JD Bug junior Street Scooter (from aged 4 to 8).

If you don't mind spending a bit more consider the JD bug street scooter (ages 6 plus) and the Globber Flow 125 

The Micro sprite scooter is the crème de la crème of kick scooters for kids this age.


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