Mini MIcro Vs Vokul

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Mini Micro Vs Vokul

You've probably come to this page because you love the mini micro scooter but are not sure you want to spend so much money on one scooter and like the look of the cheaper Vokul VK-1281F scooter as well

​This article compares the two options so you can see if you would be happy with the Vokul or would prefer the mini micro scooter

Vokul 3 Wheel Mini Kick Scooter ​

This 3 wheel mini scooter is a great price and young children will love it's flashing wheel but how does it compare with the mini micro in terms of features.

​There are lots of similarities between the two scooters.
Lean and Steer Mechanism
They both have a lean to steer mechanism so kids have to lean in the direction of travel to go the way they want.

Adjustable Handlebar
They both have an adjustable handlebar. However, on the Vokul there are 3 height settings at 24 inches (60cm), 28.5 inches (72cm) and 31 inches (79cm). The mini micro can be adjusted at any height setting between

Both scooters have PU wheels which are much better than PVC and will offer a smooth ride, absorbing shock from the bumps and cracks in the pavement.

There are also many differences between the two scooters.
Both scooters are very lightweight  the Vokul scooter weighs 2kg compared to the mini micros 1.5kg. This may be the deciding faction on which one you should buy.

For very young children a light scooter is very important. They are able to control and manage a lighter scooter better than something heavier. It will be easier of them to navigate something that weighs less over kerbs and up and down any steps.

When very young children learn how to scoot they often pick up the scooter to turn it around and move it in the direction they want to go while they are learning the basics. If the scooter doesn’t weigh much this is much easier for them to be able to do. Also it’s easier for adults to carry when young children are fed up and have had enough.

1.5kg is the lightest scooter you will find on the market. However, 2kg is still on the light side. Even 3 wheel scooters such as the cheaper Zoom cruzer weigh in at 2.5kg.

The younger and smaller your child the more they might benefit from the mini micro in this respect. If you are buying for an older heavier child the weight of the scooter becomes less important.

Flashing wheels
The Vokul has the added attraction of flashing lights in the wheels which many kids will go mad for.

The Vokul is half the price of the mini micro deluxe. So this may be a huge deciding factor in which one to get.

Steering Mechanisms
Both scooters have a lean and steer mechanism rather than a handlebar which steers the scooter. So children have to lean right to go right and lean left to go left. This is quite intuitive to most children. Although my own son had a bit of a problem has he had been used to riding a balance bike where the handlebars steered the bike and it took him a while to realise the scooter didn’t work in the same way which was quite frustrating for him at the time. However, as soon as he worked it out he was fine.
If your child hasn’t had any other experience steering before they should have no problem with either scooter.

Mini micro deluxe

The mini micro deluxe is the creme de la creme of 3 wheel scooters for toddlers and preschoolers but what makes it the pick of the bunch.
Telescopic handlebar
The telescopic handlebar can adjust to any height between 48cm and 64cm. This means it will always be the perfect height for each child that uses it. It is extremely easy to adjust as well so you can adjust it in between uses.

The anodised handlebar also protects against corrosion.

This scooter has been designed to last. You won't need to buy another scooter, even for a younger sibling. Each main part can be easily replaced or repaired. This is great if you are worried about the environment. Less stuff bought and throw away.
It can easily be resold after the child has finished using it as well.

As already mentioned, this scooter only weighs 1.5kg. This is especially good when kids are learning to scoot as they can easily pick up the scooter when they need to change direction or go up and down kerbs and steps. And this is the unrivalled feature of this scooter. It's super light. Easy for parents to carry and move around as well.

This scooter is expensive but you can be sure it will last, not just for one kid but for several siblings or cousins too. If you don't have anybody to pass it onto you can sell it online and recoup quite a bit of the initial outlay for this scooter too. So it may be expensive to buy but you should get your money’s worth.