Where can I find a really lightweight scooter that I can carry for my young child?

Last Updated on August 23, 2018 by admin

Where can I find a really lightweight scooter that I can carry for my young child? 

Often people are looking for lightweight scooters for kids because they have back problems or have other children with them and have a lot to carry or a pushchair to push. 

The good news is that there are  scooters which are lightweight and easy to carry for children under 5. 

One of the lightest scooters I can find that I actually bought for my own son and I can personally highly recommend is great is the mini micro scooter.It comes in at 1.5kg/3.3lbs. It’s designed to be light so that young kids can actually pick it up themselves and maneouvre it as they are learning to scoot. It’s aimed at kids aged from 3 to 5 but you can also get a version with a seat that is designed for toddlers from 18 months. The scooter can’t fold. However I have still managed to put it over the back of a pushchair, by resting the seat over the top with the handle hanging down. It may depend on your pushchair whether you could do this but you can get a buggy hook designed to hold scooters if this is a problem. 

Check out my full review of the mini micro scooter and this is the one that I would personally recommend

There are other scooters out there that do fold if this is important to you although scooters with folding mechanisms do tend to be slightly heavier as they have a folding mechanism which obviously weighs a bit more. 

For very young children, you can check out the My Ozboss First scooter (it weighs 1.6kg) but suprisingly some reviewers have described it as heavy and clunky so make of that what you will. It is a great first scooter as it has four wheels which can be changed to 3 and then 2 so will grow with your child as their confidence grows. It is inexpensive at just £20.