What is the Best Travel Scooter For Kids

Last Updated on January 20, 2020 by Louise Humphries

What is The Best Travel Scooter For Kids?

So summer is upon us and many of us will be packing to go away. Many of us will be hoping to do some walking while we are away and may be keen to take a scooter with us so that younger kids and kids that are reluctant to walk will keep up without moaning. 

However, taking a scooter away with us can bring up many challenges. If you are planning to go abroad you will have weight limits with your luggage or have a limited amount of luggage you can take on an airplane. A scooter may be hard to fit in the car with all the other luggage you are taking. This may put you off taking a scooter along with you. Hwe, there are many scooters that can accommodate for these problems. 

Wherever you are going the important considerations for scooters to take on holiday are one that is lightweight so is easy to carry and will fit inside your luggage. It must be able to fold or have an easily removable handlebar so you can fit it in your suitcase or the car. 

Here are some options of gd scooters for travelling with the kids. 

Mini Micro Scooter

It’s no secret on this website that I love this scooter and I think you will find most people who make the investment and buy one feel the same. It also makes the best scooter for travelling with young children. 

First of all it is probably the most lightweight scooter on the market coming in at 1.5kg. This means it won’t add much to your luggage weight which is great if you are flying and don’t want to pay extra for luggage. Although this scooter cannot fold you can very easily remove the handlebar to fit it in your car or your suitcase too. 

Check out my full review of the scooter. 

Maxi Micro Scooter

For older kids, another great lightweight scooter option is the maxi micro scooter. It’s a 3 wheel scooter which is designed by the same people who make the mini micro above but it’s designed for kids aged 6 to 10 years old. It’s super lightweight for a scooter at just 2.2kg so again shouldn’t add too much to the weight of your luggage. You can also remove the handle for easy storage and transport. 

Folding Scooters

There are tons of folding scooters out there. The weights vary from scooter to scooter but it’s worth checking some out the weights of some  and see if they would be an option for you to take with you when you travel. Another idea is to buy a very cheap scooter and have it delivered to the location where you are going so you don’t have to travel with it.