The Best Stunt Scooters

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The Best Stunt Scooters For Your Child

Obviously the best stunt scooter for your child will depend on many factors: Here are some  considerations:

Budget – obviously the more money you spend will generally buy you a higher quality, more durable scooter. Having said this there is no point in spending more than you need for your child’s requirements. For example, many higher end scooters will have reinforced decks and quad clamps to withstand the impact of professional scooter but if your child is light and not likely to be doing lots of ramps and jumps from them they won’t need a scooter that is designed to take this kind of impact.  

What the scooter will predominately be used for – will it be mainly used for cruising with the occasional tricks or will it be mainly used for doing stunts. If this is the case, you can probably compromise a little and get a stunt scooter that is a little cheaper than the pro style. 

If they are doing more stunts and tricks it may be worth paying a little bit more and getting a scooter that is designed for lots of wear and tear from skatepark use. 

Child’s age, height and weight

The stunt scooter you get will also depend on how old the child is. Older children and teenagers in particular may be concerned about the coolness factor of the scooter. Teenagers may appreciate the finer details of the design of the scooter. 

Most scooters are designed for kids aged 8 and up. If you are buying for a younger child than 8 it may be worth checking the handlebar height of the scooter to make sure it will be suitable. The handlebar should come up to about waist height for comfort and safety. 

Younger children will probably don’t need the reinforcement on some of the top end scooters as their tricks and weight won’t be making the same impact on the scooter. This will probably mean the scooter is slightly cheaper too. 

All scooter have a maximum weight limit. Most kids will be with the weight limit although some teenagers may be over the limit. So it’s worth just double checking before you buy. 

Find below some suggestions of stunt scooters for different age ranges, abilities and needs. You may also appreciate my guide on what to look for when buying a stunt scooter

Stunted Kids XT Stunt Scooter

This is a great budget stunt scooter – great for younger kids and beginners.
It’s aimed at kids from age 8 and up. 
Despite being on the lower end of the price scale it has some nice features.

 They include:
A triple clamp – great for extra strength to join the handlebar, forks and deck together. 

100mm, 85A PU wheels – sturdy, durable wheels. 
A great scooter for trying out those first tricks as well as scooting along on the school run. 

Fox Pro Raw Zest Stunt Scooter

For the price of this scooter it does boast some really good parts and design. 

It features a quad clamp. 

It has threadless forks (as opposed to threaded forks). The forks attach the wheel to the frame of the scooter and threadless forks are stronger and tend to be found on higher end models of scooter. 

The wheels have an alloy core, which offer more strength and durability. 

It also features a deck which has been heat treated for extra strengh but is also lightweight made out of aluminium. 
There’s a flex brake which is much better than a spring brake which can become noisy.

The handlebars are also super strong and are made of 4130 chromoly. 
The scooter weighs 3.7kg which is a good weight for a stunt scooter. 

There’s also a hidden internal compression system (you also only tend to find these on higher end scooter models). On paper this  looks like a really nice, solid scooter at a competitive price too. The reviews are good for this too.