Scooter decks

Scooter Decks 

What size should the Scooter Deck be?

Standard sized decks on scooters normally measure of 4″- 4.5”(10cm to 11.5cm) wide by 19″ – 21” (48cm to 53.5cm) long. If you’re buying a standard sized scooter the smaller the rider, the smaller the deck within the above sizing limits.

The benefits of longer deck is that you have more footspace to move around on and balance on. So a longer deck are better for people with larger feet. They can also be better for street scooters as opposed to stunt scooters as there is more room to rest your feet when cruising, move around on and balance on. Again a rider with a bigger foot will want a wider deck. A wider deck can also help you prevent your feet from scraping and getting bruises.
A wider deck will hug your foot and give you a better ride. There are very lightweight decks that are wider too. Some riders prefer narrower decks as well. Sometimes it just comes down to personal preference.  
However, young children will not have a standard sized scooter and the size of deck may be very different. For very young children a wide deck is often considered optimum as it offers more stability and ultimately safety for the child. But the length of the scooter may be shorter as children have smaller feet and a long deck will obviously be harder for them to manage. 

What is a Scooter Deck Made Of?

For older kids and adults most scooters will have lightweight but strong aluminium decks. They are also often covered in a slip proof cover such as rubber. This will ensure them to ride and give the scooter some abuse without it breaking. 

On scooters for younger kids the decks are normally made out of a light but strong material.  It’s important that kids for younger kids that a scooter is lightweight so they are able to manage the scooter which is why other materials are chosen, normally some kind of re-inforced plastic. For example, the deck of the mini micro, one of the most popular scooters for the 3 to 5 year old age group, is made of a flexible fibreglass reinforced footplate (also known as glass reinforced plastic) which is designed to absorb the impact from bumps in the pavement offering a smoother ride.  

Weight of the deck

​The decks of standard scooters normally weigh between 2 to 3 pounds whereas there are decks that are 3 to 4 pounds. Decks for kids scooters are generally a light lighter. 
Lighter decks are better for not doing a lot of impact with their tricks and are normally better for cruising. 
A heavier deck is more solid and secure for harder tricks and impact. A heavier deck will wear out less quickly and be quite solid under a rider’s feet.