Razor Pro Stunt Scooter

Last Updated on July 4, 2022 by Louise Humphries

Razor Pro X Scooter – A Review

We bought the Razor Pro III Scooter for my son’s 7th birthday and it was a fantastic buy. Unfortunately this is no longer widely available but it’s worth looking at others in the Razor Pro scooter range as they offer really heavy duty scooters that stand up to lots of wear and tear and should last through all kinds of use and abuse. They are also good scooters for performing stunts. 

I am going to review the Razor Pro X scooter featured. 

The first thing to say about this scooter is the excellent quality. It’s a strong, sturdy, well made, entry level scooter that will is certain to last. When you spend a bit more on a scooter you can really tell the different in quality to the cheaper makes. 


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The scooter is made of aircraft graded aluminium and is a nice and strong t-bar.

The scooter is designed to be a stunt scooter and it makes a fantastic first stunt scooter in particular.  This means it’s designed to take some abuse from doing jumps and other stunts, which explains the quality of the scooter.

Even though the scooter is designed to be a stunt scooter, my son primarily uses his Razor Pro to cruise to and from school everyday and this scooter is absolutely fine for this purpose too. The scooter offers a quiet, smooth and fast ride (no rattling or bumps here). It features a spring loaded brake on the back too. 

​The Razor Pro X featured is strong and sturdy and a perfect entry level scooter for stunts especially if you have a skate park near it will be great to use on the ramps and do tricks and jumps. It’s also been perfect for cruising to and from school. It is a scooter that will take some punishment and  is brilliant for learning to do tricks on. 
It is heavier than some other scooters so is not one to get if you need to carry it a lot. The typical average weight of a stunt scooter is about 4.5kg and the Razor Pro X is about 4.1kg.

Overall, a good buy and I would recommend.