Frequently Asked Questions About Scooters

Last Updated on July 4, 2022 by Louise Humphries

Frequently Asked Questions About Scooters

Where can I find a really lightweight scooter that I can carry for my young child? 

Often people are looking for lightweight scooters for kids because they have back problems or have other children with them and have a lot to carry or a pushchair to push. The good news is that there are  scooters which are lightweight and easy to carry for children under 5.

One of the lightest scooters I can find that I actually bought for my own son and I can personally highly recommend is great is the mini micro scooter.It comes in at 1.5kg/3.3lbs. It’s designed to be light so that young kids can actually pick it up themselves and maneouvre it as they are learning to scoot. It’s aimed at kids aged from 3 to 5 but you can also get a version with a seat that is designed for toddlers from 18 months. The scooter can’t fold. However I have still managed to put it over the back of a pushchair, by resting the seat over the top with the handle hanging down. It may depend on your pushchair whether you could do this but you can get a buggy hook designed to hold scooters if this is a problem.  Check out my full review of the mini micro scooter and this is the one that I would personally recommend

Should kids wear a helmet when using a scooter?

For safety reasons, yes, they should wear a helmet. This is especially true if they are reaching quick speeds.Also if older kids are doing tricks, jumps and stunts at their scooter, a helmet should be worn.

How should I teach my child how to use a scooter?

The great thing about scooters as compared to bikes and even trikes is that it doesn’t take much time to learn how to use them. Kids are pretty intuitive at picking it up. If they’re struggling, they often learn best by imitating, so go where there are other kids using them (perhaps to the park and see how they do it). At first, very young children may feel more comfortable having  a go on their scooter in the house. So don’t take it outside at the beginning. Beginners on scooters may go slowly so be very patient and let them take their time and enjoy it. Before you know it, you’ll be shouting at them to slow down!!

Is it worth spending £50, £80, £100 pounds on a scooter?

That very much depends. Some scooters can seem very expensive but you are often paying for quality that lasts for years. For example, I spent £54 on mini micro scooter for my then 2 year old. He has just turned 4 and he is still using it a lot and it’s functioning very well. It will definitely last until he’s grown out of it height wise at age 5 and I can probably pass it on for another child to use. I know somebody who bought two £20 scooters in the space of a year for her 4 year old son and will probably have to buy another one. If she spend another £20, she would have done better just to spend a bit more money in the first place.

Having said all this, you have to be aware what you are paying for. More expensive scooters have higher quality parts that are designed to last longer and be durable. Spend some time on the website and read about what to look for when you’re buying a scooter and you will get to know the difference between a cheap one that will need to be replacedo quickly and a more expensive scooter that will last.

Some scooter such as stunt scooters will also be more expensive as you are paying for heavy duty parts that have to withstand a lot of punishement.

When is a child too old for scooter?

In my opinion, a child is never too old for a scooter unless they no longer want to ride one. Nowadays there are even adults using scooters to commute to work. There are lots of skate parks around the country full of teenagers showing thier skills on the ramps. So if your child has asked for a scooter, I would suggest get them one, however old they are.

Can an adult use a child’s scooter? 

This will depend on the scooter in question. Most scooters have a weight limit, normally of 100kg but some have a higher weight limit. If you are under the weight limit it should be okay. Bear in mind that the handlebars on some kid’s scooters may not be the right fit for an adult’s height. The handlebars on scooters should come up to waist height so if they are shorter they may not be very comfortable to ride for long. You may have to hunch over.

Also if the scooter isn’t designed for an adult a lot of the parts may get worn more quickly with a lot of adult use as adults will of couse be heavier.

How safe are scooters? 

Like everything there is a risk with using scooters. Kids can fall off them when going at speed. There can be cuts, bruises and grazes. There is probably more risk using scooters on ramps and at skateparks for obvious reasons.

However, the risk of any accidents and injuries can be greatly reduced by taking safety precautions. Don’t let kids go down hills on their scooters as they may be reaching very high speed. Wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads can also help prevent cuts and bruises from falls. Never ride a scooter on the road (it’s illegal and car driver will not be looking out for scooter users). Also be careful using them on pavements. The legal position about using scooters on pavement is unclear but if they are seen to be a danger to pedestrians, the police may use their discretion on whether or not you can scoot. If kids are going too fast they could easily crash into other pedestrians. So don’t use them on busy or narrow streets. Stick to parks and clear paths and pavements.

Which is best? 2 Wheels at the front or the back on a 3 wheel scooter?

Personally I prefer 2 wheels at the front but they both types of scooter offer different advantages and disadvantages. Find out about each type and their pros and cons in this article. 

What is the best travel scooter for kids? 

Ones which are lightweight and can be packed easily. Check out my article to find out which are the best scooters for travelling.