Best Stunt Scooters for Kids

Last Updated on August 23, 2018 by admin

Choosing the Best Stunt Scooters for Kids

If your child is serious about wanting to do learn to do tricks and stunts on their scooter, they will need to get a certain type of scooter. Generally a push scooter is not strong enough to withstand the jumps needed to do tricks. A stunt scooter is stronger and designed to be extremely durable. 
Stunt scooters tend to be heavier than push a long scooters as they have parts which have been reinforced for strength. For this reason they are better for older kids to control and manoevure from about age 7. 

Heres is what to look for: 

A fixed deck design (the deck and head tube are welded together) – stunt scooters can’t fold because scooters with folding mechanisms aren’t strong enough to withstand the force of tricks. And you won’t see adjustable handlebars on a stunt scooter as this also weakens the set up.
Wheels – most stunt scooter have wheels of around 100mm to 110cm size are about the right size to do tricks for kids. Some higher end stunt scooters will have 120mm to 125mm wheels. Bigger wheels offer more speed and generally a smoother ride. Also look for a durometer rating of the wheel. This refers to the wheel hardness and the high the rating the better. Look for scooters with wheels with a metal core too. 

Material – most stunt scooters are made with lightweight aluminium as this is a strong metal but light enough to fly through the air when doing tricks. The lighter stunt scooters tend to be better but also more expensive. 

Handlebars – thick foam or rubber handlebars will help absorb vibrations from heavy landings. 

Price – more expensive models of scooter tend to be stronger and are generally made of stronger metals which tend to be lighter.