About – Best Scooters for Kids

My website best-scooters-for-kids.co.uk aims to give information about scooters including recommendations and reviews. It's aimed at people wishing to buy scooters mainly for kids but there are articles on adult scooters too.

I started the website as a parent who has gone through many scooters with my own children (some cheap, mini micros, stunt scooters etc). I wanted to understand what made a good quality scooter so I could make better decisions when I purchased a scooter for my kids. I couldn't find the information readily available on the internet, so I did my own research and wrote about it on the website for others to read.

The overall aim of the site is to provide information so consumers can understand scooter specifications and what they are getting for their money. Armed with this information plus reviews and recommendations, the site's overall goal is to make it easier for people to choose the best scooter for their particular need.